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									            AmCham Elects New State Chairman in Victoria
                                 - Mr Jarmal Richard

Mr Jarmal Richard has been elected as a Chairman of The American Chamber of
Commerce in Victoria.

In welcoming Mr Richard, Chamber Director, Mr Charles Blunt said, “We are very
pleased to have such a dynamic and highly regarded lawyer as Jarmal Richard leading
AmCham in Victoria. I am sure Jarmal Richard will extend and enhance the Chambers’
activities to benefit both our members and Victoria.

“My priority as State Chairman will be to work with the leadership of the US/Australia
business community to ensure AmCham effectively represents its interests to
government, at all levels, but particularly in Victoria.” Mr Richard said, after his election.

“AmCham has a vital role in ensuring effective communication between stakeholders, the
promotion of closer trade and investment links and the sharing of knowledge, to ensure
business and government work effectively together.” Mr Richard added.

“We will be reviewing our activities and the work of our committees. I am looking
forward to working closely with US Government agencies in Australia and in particular,
the recently appointed US Ambassador, Mr Jeffrey Bleich.” Mr Richard said. “We value
our links with the Victorian State Government and I believe AmCham can assist the
economic development of the state. We have extensive links in the US that can assist not
just with investment, but also technology exchange and in particular, clean green and
smart technology.” Mr Richard added.

AmCham is Australia’s largest international Chamber of Commerce. Established in 1961,
with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, AmCham has over 1600
corporate members! The key objectives of the Chamber are:

   1. To promote the two-way flow of trade and investment, primarily between the
      United States and Australia, and to help business links with other countries.

   2. To provide information on trade and business activities its members.

   3. To interpret and present the point of view of Australian interests seeking to enter
      the United States market, or wishing to develop their activities in the U.S.

   4. To distil and represent the business views of its members before government in
      Washington DC and Canberra.
   5. To endorse the standing of its members in the local business and international

   6. To develop a broad range of community-orientated programs, directed towards
      students, labor unions, consumers and politicians – to encourage a better
      understanding of the role of business in a competitive market system and to
      contribute in a positive way.

For further information, please contact:

Jarmal Richard
Founder & CEO
Jdrlegal Pty Ltd

Phone: 03 9614 4111
Mobile: 0439 646 002

Charles Blunt
National Director
American Chamber of Commerce

Phone: 02 8031 9000
Mobile: 0414 321 312

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