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					                                                    AGDA Membership Application
Application Details                                 This document will be a tax invoice for GST purposes. Please keep original and send a copy to AGDA.
Please copy for additional members                  ACN 060 227 287 ABN 13 813 089 272

 First Name                                          First Name                                                   First Name

 Surname                                             Surname                                                      Surname

 Title                                               Title                                                        Title

 E-mail                                              E-mail                                                       E-mail

 Mobile                                              Mobile                                                       Mobile

 Field of Expertise                                  Field of Expertise                                           Field of Expertise

 Age              Years of Experience                Age             Years of Experience                          Age                Years of Experience

 Membership Category                                 Membership Category                                          Membership Category

 Nominating member

Membership Categories                   Fields of Expertise                     Mailing/Contact Details
STUDENT                                   art director
Student at recognised full- time          graphic designer
or part-time course.
Student status will extend for a          design manager                          Address
maximum of one year after                 illustrator
course completion.                        educator                                Suburb                                     State                  Postcode
APPLICATION FEE            $27.50                                                 Telephone                                  Fax
                                          copywriter                              Web Site
Graphic designer or design                film/video
specialist (eg. illustrator,              multimedia/internet                   Students
multimedia, educator, design
                                          paper merchant                          Educational Institute
manager) with less than three
years relevant experience.                prepress
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP          $220           printer                                 Graduation Date
APPLICATION FEE            $110           software/hardware
                           $330                                                  I support AGDA’s mission of developing excellence in graphic design and do hereby
                                          other                                  agree to be bounded by the AGDA Constitution and abide by the rules, by-laws and
PROFESSIONAL                                                                     codes of practice of the Australian Graphic Design Association (see our web site or
Graphic designer or design              Member Benefits                          contact the AGDA National Secretariat for the Constitution and Code of Ethics).
specialist with three years or more     News on local and                        I agree that my membership of AGDA does not allow the use of the AGDA identity,
professional experience. Must           international design events              name and logo for endorsement of my business, products or services.
be nominated by an existing             and many opportunities to
professional member.                    meet and learn from local,
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP          $220         interstate and international
APPLICATION FEE            $110         colleagues.
                                                                                 Signature                                                   Date

AFFILIATE                               AGDA is a member of
                                                                                 Applications                                        AGDA National Office
Individuals in design-related           Icograda, the International
                                                                                 Send this form with your credit card                PO Box 816
fields such as prepress, print,         Council of Graphic Design
                                        Associations.                            details detailed below or a cheque                  Unley BC South Australia 5061
paper merchanting,                                                               covering annual membership and
photography, etc.                                                                                                                    Tel: +61 8 8411 3888
                                                                                 application fee to:
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP          $220         Discounts or free entry to our                                                               Fax: +61 8 8276 8003

APPLICATION FEE            $110
                                        state seminars featuring                 If for any reason an application is                 E-mail:
                                        design speaker tours, the                unsuccessful, fees will be fully                    Web:
                                        AGDA National Awards and                 reimbursed.
GROUP                                   the AGDA Design Conference
Two or more individual member-          plus discounts for AGDA
                                                                                                                          Visa                  Mastercard
ships paid for and owned by a           Award Books.                             Please Charge
company. Available to both design
and non-design organisations.           National and State
For groups with more than five          newsletters, access to the
members, a 10% discount on the          Members Only section of the               Card number
total annual membership fee             AGDA web site, Icograda web
applies. If a member leaves the         site and free AGDA Practice
company, that membership can be         Notes.
transferred to another within the                                                 Cardholder’s name
company at no extra cost.
                                        The AGDA Foundation,
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP          $220         which provides overseas
                                        fellowships and scholarships              Expiry date           Signature                                    Total amount
APPLICATION FEE            $220         for professional and student
(PER GROUP)                             members.

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