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									                        AFWA CEO Position Description

        Position Title:               Position Type:         Location:
        Chief Executive Officer       Permanent Full-time    West Perth

          Reporting Relationship:

                                            AFWA Board

                                           Chief Executive

          Corporate Services               Health Services     Corporate Partnership
              Manager                        Manager                 Manager

AFWA CEO Job Description 091125.doc
1.    AFWA CEO - Purpose of the Role and its Responsibilities.

      Responsible to the AFWA Board for the operational management of the full range of regulatory
      responsibilities of the Asthma Foundation of Western Australia in accordance with the direction
      set by the AFWA Board. Plays an integral role in the development, implementation and
      monitoring of progress at regular intervals of the AFWA Strategic Plan.

      Responsible to the AFWA Board for the effective development and efficient implementation of
      business plans, human resource development and management, research and development
      initiatives and the community education role of the Asthma Foundation of Western Australia.

2.    Reporting/Working Relationships

      Working with AFWA President
      The relationship between the AFWA President and the AFWA CEO is of paramount importance.
      Regular meetings and communication between the CEO and the AFWA President is a pre
      requisite of this role and a clear expectation.

      The role of the AFWA President is to represent the disease of asthma publicly in a generic
      sense. The AFWA President represents AFWA on the national level via a seat on the Board of
      Asthma Foundations of Australia (AFA).

      The AFWA President shall liaise with key government ministers, relevant commercial and
      corporate supporters, community groups, media agencies, volunteer groups, etc. The President
      shall be involved in publicly promoting fund raising initiatives and engendering community
      awareness and support for the work of asthma.

      The CEO’s role is to represent AFWA in matters specific to the disease and the activity of the
      Foundation to address it. In a manner complimenting that of the AFWA President, the AFWA
      CEO represents AFWA publicly and plays a key role in the development and delivery of the
      AFWA strategic plan, operational and business plans, marketing initiatives and media relations,

      Whilst the AFWA President represents AFWA at a national level via the AFA, the AFWA CEO
      shall represent the Foundation at an operational level nationally and represent the AFWA
      Board’s position in relation to strategic and philosophical issues.

      Reporting to the Board
      The Chief Executive of the Foundation reports to the AFWA Board and works with them as a
      collective. Regular and concise communication (usually in tandem with the President) is a

      The CEO will consult with other key members of the AFWA Board on matters requiring
      direction as appropriate. For example, the Honorary Treasurer and Finance & Audit Sub-
      Committee on financial matters.

      In association with the AFWA Board, the CEO has statutory and legal responsibilities as well as
      the leadership, operational and management responsibility of staff employed by the Foundation.

      The incumbent will work closely with committees of the Foundation including the Finance &
      Audit Sub-Committee, the Investment Review Committee, the Research Advisory Committee
      and the Future Funds Committee.

      It is the role of the CEO to have strong links with the Western Australian Health Industry,
      Executives of State Government Agencies, the CEO of Asthma Foundations of Australia, other
      State and Territory Foundation CEOs as well as major corporate, industry, professional and
      consumer groups.

AFWA CEO Job Description 091125.doc
3.        Special Conditions

      •      Frequent out of hours work
      •      Intra-state travel essential
      •      Some inter-state travel

4.    Statement of Key Responsibilities/Duties

      The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be responsible to the AFWA Board for the strategic
      leadership and management of all legal and regulatory responsibilities as directed by the
      AFWA Board.

      The incumbent will:

      •      establish and develop a strong working relationship with the AFWA President, AFWA
             Board and related AFWA Sub Committees.
      •      assume a lead role in the development, implementation and regular monitoring of the
             AFWA three (3) year strategic plan
      •      report on a monthly basis on AFWA’s progress against the AFWA strategic plan to the
             AFWA President, AFWA Board and relevant sub committees and stakeholders.
      •      develop ongoing, positive, strategic partnerships with the WA government, WA health
             industry, relevant professional and consumer groups
      •      judiciously manage the AFWA financial budget and AFWA trust funds in accordance with
             AFWA Board direction and appropriate legislation
      •      generate significant revenue resulting in net profit for AFWA each year through a
             professional, commercially focussed approach to the areas of fund raising, event
             management, sales of asthma related products, sponsorship, membership, grants, etc.
      •      report to the AFWA President on a regular basis on operational matters, matters relating
             to the image and reputation of AFWA (especially those in the public domain) and on
             significant issues that affect the successful implementation of the AFWA Strategic Plan
      •      provide comprehensive financial reports (in association with FASC) to the AFWA Board
             and utilise this data in strategic planning for AFWA
      •      manage the corporate affairs and business programs in accordance with AFWA Board
             objectives, statutory obligations and contemporary governance principles
      •      provide advice and recommendations to the AFWA Board on important asthma related
             issues, policies, trends and develop strategies for integration this information into the
             AFWA strategic plan
      •      as the ex-officio at monthly AFWA Board meetings, manage the formulation and
             distribution of AFWA agenda Board papers at least seven (7) days prior to each meeting
             complete with AFWA Board minutes and other relevant documentation
      •      identify and examine educational opportunities in the marketplace, and manage the
             revenue generation process with relevant parties, where appropriate
      •      play a lead role in the identification of unique and profitable funding opportunities for the
      •      support AFA on the successful implementation of national government contracts, national
             cause related marketing initiatives and community fundraising activities from time to time.
      •      represent AFWA at national meetings of other State and Territory Foundation CEOs on
             National planning initiatives.
      •      attend CEO interstate meetings of Asthma Foundations of Australia, as required
      •      represent AFWA throughout Western Australia and ensure that the facets of the AFWA
             strategic plan in rural WA are effectively and efficiently implemented.
      •      work with the Health Services Department to ensure the development of appropriate
             education and support services for the Western Australian community
      •      work with Health Services and Business Development to provide the public with
             information on the management of asthma, its causes and harm minimisation procedures
AFWA CEO Job Description 091125.doc
             via our website and other media formats
      •      in association with the AFWA Board, ensure compliance with all government regulations

      •      serve the AFWA Board on all appointed AFWA sub committees including FASC, the
             Investment Review Committee, the Research Advisory Committee and the Future Funds
      •      develop and implement a state wide, fully integrated AFWA marketing and
             communications plan that publicly and professionally communicates the core objectives
             of the AFWA Strategic Plan.
      •      develop an innovative and state wide approach to community education in key
             stakeholder areas such as schools, community centres, government bodies, aged care,
      •      in association with the AFWA President, represent AFWA publicly on all matters relating
             to asthma in Western Australia. Such responsibilities include media engagements,
             industry and public forums, community health centre visits, etc.
      •      ensure a harmonious, safe and healthy work environment whilst fostering professional
             development of staff and ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and Safety
      •      judiciously manage the performance of suppliers, contractors and third parties that
             conduct work on behalf of AFWA (eg. Event contractors) protecting the intellectual
             property, rights and reputation of AFWA at all times.

AFWA CEO Job Description 091125.doc

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