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									Justin Camden                                          My range of services
The most valuable things in your life are
protecting your financial needs, wants, goals and
objectives.                                            Wealth Protection
                                                       Without suitable protection the wealth you have built can
My financial planning process is to help my            erode as a result of an accident, illness or death           ADVISER PROFILE OF
client's structure strategic advice to achieve                                                                       JUSTIN CAMDEN
legacy through key and core processes.                 Wealth Creation
                                                       Investment strategies to provide sufficient capital for
My holistic approach to financial planning in the      immediate or future capital needs
Financial Services Industry has been built on a
stable foundation consisting of Insurance,
                                                       Retirement Planning
Superannuation & Investments.
                                                       So you can maintain a regular income, enjoy life and
                                                       retire with confidence
"I enjoy most meeting & getting to know people,
sharing my wealth of knowledge"
                                                       Personal and Business Superannuation
My holistic approach to financial planning is          Take advantage of both the tax concessions and the
developed through healthy relationships, service,      effects of compounding returns
trust, attention to detail and you are happy with
me being your servicing financial planner".            Business Insurance
                                                       Protect your business interests for you and your family in
                                                       the event of an unexpected circumstance
Are you authorised to provide financial
services and products?                                 Self Managed Super Funds
                                                       Provide benefits to members on retirement or death.
Yes. I am an authorised representative of
WealthSure Pty Ltd. Australian Financial Services
                                                       Maximum flexibility and portability
Licensee No. 238030. ABN 93 097 405 108                UK Pensions
                                                       We help you understand the UK Pension and the
                                                       WYSE WEALTH FINANCIAL PLANNING
                                                                                                                       accelerate and
                                                       Australian Super System so you make the best decision        protect your wealth!

My ASIC authorised representative identification                    JUSTIN CAMDEN: 0424 151 010
number is 342386
I am authorised by WealthSure to provide financial
services including advice on the following financial
  Wyse Wealth Financial Planning Pty Ltd

This Adviser Profile is the second part of the       What are your educational qualifications and                 What fees are charged for implementation of
Financial Services Guide (FSG) and must be read in   experience?                                                  advice?
conjunction with the first part of the FSG.
                                                          Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning 4-8            All fees and commissions relating to the
                                                          Diploma of Financial Planning 1-4                     implementation of advice and the ongoing services I
                                                          Diploma of Business                                   provide will be explained in full detail in the Statement
Financial Planning
                                                          Cert IV Management & Leadership (Distinction)         of Advice. Date of completion of Profile: 3rd February
Financial Planning is the process of                      Marketing Cert III                                    2010
identifying your financial goals and devising a
plan to achieve them. Your goals may include
buying a home, saving for your children’s
education or planning for retirement.

Our financial planners can help you do this.
We take the time to look at your short and
long-term financial goals, and with you,
establish an investment strategy to help you
achieve these goals in your future.
                                                     What fees are charged for initial advice?
As a Wyse Wealth Financial Planner can help                                                                       WYSE WEALTH FINANCIAL PLANNING
                                                     A fee is charged by Wyse Wealth Financial Planning for the
you meet your financial objectives by
                                                     initial advice I provide and for the preparation of a
providing a full range of services.
                                                     Statement of Advice. The fee is based on the complexity of
                                                     the advice provided to you and the value of the funds you
                                                     invest. The SoA preparation fee will generally be between
                                                     $500 and $5,500 although it may be higher in limited         If you would like to make an appointment to discuss
                                                     circumstances.                                               your financial needs and objectives in more detail,
                                                                                                                  please contact me on 0424 151 010
                                                     The SoA preparation fee will be agreed with you before we
                                                     commence work and is payable in full when you receive
                                                     your Statement of Advice.

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