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									         Accelerated Integrated Geometry
         Homework Conics
  Date              Section Title                    Word of the Day                               Essential Questions                               Homework

1-Mar    Review--Conics Intro         panacea: n: a remedy for all ills; cure-all; an                                                   Conics Sheet, Review for Test
                                      answer to all
                                      intrinsic: adj: belonging to someone or
                                                                                      Given 2 points, how do you apply the midpoint
2-Mar    Inequalities Test            something by its very nature, essential,
                                                                                      and distance formula?
                                                                                                                                        Midpoint/Distance worksheet
                                      inherent; good for its own sake
                                                                                      What is the standard form of a circle? How do
3-Mar    Circles                      skulk: v: to move about stealthily; to lie in   you convert an equation into standard form of a   Circle Worksheet
                                      hiding; to be Gollum like                       circle?
         Ellipses Intro/More Circle   altruistic: adj: unselfish, concerned with the What is the standard form of an ellipse? How
4-Mar                                                                                                                                   p. 188 1-9
         Practice                     welfare of others                               do you graph an ellipse?
                                                                                      How do you write an equation for an ellipse       Ellipse Notes worksheet, Begin
5-Mar    Ellipses                     diffident: adj; shy, lacking self-confidence;   given a vertex and co-vertex? Given a vertex
                                      modest, reserved                                                                                  midterm review
                                                                                      and focus?

                                      redolent: adj: fragrant, smelling strongly;                                                       p. 188 10-22, p. 189 13-15,
8-Mar    Ellipses                     tending to arouse memories or create an                                                           midterm review
         Hyperbola/ Quiz on Circles                                                What is the standard equation fro a hyperbola?
9-Mar                               temerity: n: rashness, boldness                                                                     p. 192 1-7, midterm review
         & Ellipses                                                                How do you graph a hyperbola?
                                    accede: v: to yield to; to assume an office or
10-Mar   midterm Review                                                                                                                 midterm review
                                    weltschmerz: n: sorrow that one feels and
                                                                                                                                        p. 193 1-6, beginning of
11-Mar   Midterm                    accepts as one's necessary portions in life;
                                                                                                                                        hyperbola worksheet
                                    romantic or sentimental pessimism
12-Mar   student holiday

15-Mar   Hyperbola                                                                                                                      Hyperbola worksheet

         Hyperbola                    deific: adj: of or characterized by divine or                                                     p. 192 8-19, p. 193 9-13
16-Mar                                godlike nature
         Quiz on Hyperbolas/ Begin extirpate: v: to tear up by the roots; to
                                                                                                                                        p. 178 1-23 odd
17-Mar   Parabolas                 destroy totally
18-Mar   Parabola                  solace: n: comfort, relief                                                                           Parabola worksheet
                                   propriety: n: the state of being proper,
19-Mar   Review                    appropriateness                                                                                      p. 209 1-31, 35-38

                                      supple: adj: bending easily; bending with
         Review Packet/ GHSGT         agility; readily adaptable; servile
                                      expiate: v: to make amends, atone, make up
         Review Packet/ GHSGT         for; to ward off or avert
         Accelerated Integrated Geometry
         Homework Conics
  Date          Section Title                        Word of the Day                                Essential Questions                            Homework
                                      venal: open to or marked by bribery or
         Review Packet/ GHSGT         corruption
                                      thaumaturgy: n: the working of wonders or
         Review Packet/ GHSGT         miracles; magic
                                      accrue: v: to come as a natural increase or
         Conics Test                  advantage
           recognize, analyze and graph the equations of the conic sections (parabolas, circles, ellipses and hyperbolas) (GPS) (MAA2_C2009-31)
           convert equations of conics by completing the square (GPS) (MAA2_C2009-32)
           graph conic sections, identifying fundamental characteristics (GPS) (MAA2_C2009-33)
           write equations of conic sections given appropriate information (GPS) (MAA2_C2009-34)

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