About the mine and supporting infrastructure

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					About the mine and
supporting infrastructure
Wandoan Coal Project
Supplementary EIS Fact Sheet

Great care has been taken to minimise
the potential impact of the mine and
its supporting infrastructure on the
surrounding community, environment
and cultural heritage.

The proposed mine site
will comprise:
•	 10 open-cut mining areas with 16 pits
•	 Coal handling, preparation and
   crushing facilities
•	 Mine support infrastructure including
   office buildings, workshops, wash down
   facilities, fuel and oil storage facilities
•	 Workforce accommodation village
•	 Rail spur and train loading facilities

Proposed supporting
New infrastructure will be required to support
the operation of the mine. The Project
proposes to assist with resources to enable the
Western Downs Regional Council to build new
infrastructure or upgrade existing
infrastructure, including:
•	 Upgrading Wandoan’s town drinking
   water treatment facilities so there is
   enough water to meet the project’s             The proposed mine will use draglines and truck and excavator mining methods.
   drinking water needs, without placing
   increased pressure on the current local
   supply, with Western Downs Regional            •	 Either upgrading the Taroom Aerodrome,               Where will raw water be
   Council as the Proponent for the upgrade          to be owned and operated by Banana Shire
                                                     Council, or contributing to a new airstrip in
                                                                                                          sourced from?
•	 Potentially building a new multi-user
   municipal waste facility to meet the long         the Wandoan district                                 The options being considered to meet the
   term waste management needs of the             •	 Installing pipelines to source raw water             project’s operational needs for raw water
   Project, with Western Downs Regional              from one of two possible water sources               (as opposed to drinking water) include
   Council as the Proponent for the                                                                       sourcing water from:
                                                  •	 Relocating local and State roads,
   proposed facility                                 intersections and bridges to meet the                •	 The Glebe Weir, which is proposed
•	 Upgrading Wandoan’s sewerage treatment            traffic management needs of the                         to be raised to accommodate the
   and wastewater disposal facilities to meet        Project and the community                               mine’s demands
   the needs of the project’s accommodation       •	 Potentially upgrading electricity supply lines       •	 Coal seam methane water from the vicinity
   village and the expected growth in                to Wandoan township to bring grid                       of the new Condamine Power Station
   Wandoan township, with Western                    supplied electricity to the mine site and/or            around 100 kilometres south of Wandoan
   Downs Regional Council as the                     installation of a gas pipeline to bring gas to
   Proponent for the upgrade                                                                              See the fact sheet on water for more
                                                     generate electricity at the mine site.               information on proposed raw water and
•	 Potentially building a new multi-user weed        Disruptions to existing power supply to              drinking water sources.
   wash-down facility at Wandoan to meet             occupied properties surrounding the
   the wider community’s weed management             mining areas will be minimised during any
   needs, constructed, owned and operated            upgrade and/or relocation of power
   by Western Downs Regional Council as the          infrastructure.
   Proponent of the proposed facility

For further information free-call 1800 052 797      Email Web                           XTC1372 10/90
Wandoan will manage and reduce impacts on the local environment:
How we Coal Project
Supplementary EIS Fact Sheet: Mine and supporting infrastructure

                                                                                                                                           Proposed layout of mining operations.

 To find out more:                                                                                         Xstrata Coal Queensland
 Talk to a member of our project team, call our free-call information line 1800 052 797. The EIS and the   Level 2, 340 Adelaide St,
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