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AAMT SA CPE Event “Wet Lab Presentation Night” by lindayy


AAMT SA CPE Event “Wet Lab Presentation Night”

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									                                        AAMT SA CPE Event
                                     “Wet Lab Presentation Night”
                                                                       Presented by University of Adelaide

  Join other AAMT Members for the last time before the Ray Last Laboratories at the
  University of Adelaide re-model their Wetlab visits and open the class up to include all
  Musculoskeletal Therapists. This visit will be an opportunity to view prosected specimens
  donated to Science, with the main focus being on muscular and neuro anatomy.

  Book early as places are limited to 25 participants.
  Please arrive by 7.20pm as the main doors into the building are locked at 7.30pm.

                       DATE:                               Friday 26th March 2010

                       TIME:                               7:30pm – 9:30pm

                       VENUE:                              Ray Last Laboratories
                                                           School of Medical Sciences
                                                           The University of Adelaide, Frome Rd Adelaide 5005

                       COST:                               $44 AAMT Members $55 Non AAMT Members

                       POINTS:                             5 CPE Points

                       WHAT TO BRING:                      Notepad & pen

                   Please fill in the payment form below and return to AAMT with you payment.
                                            Back by popular demand.

AAMT Wetlab Presentation—Adelaide SA                                                                        Friday 26th March 2010

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  Name                                                                    o Non AAMT             $55 Includes GST            AAMT
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  PLEASE NOTE:                                                            Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd
  This becomes a Tax Invoice (Receipt) when completed,                    ABN 70 104 153 460
  please keep a copy.                                                     Level 6, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
  Cancellations made within 3 business days of the start of the ses-      Fax (03) 9602 3088
  sion cannot be refunded.
  Photographs taken on the day remain the property of AAMT.

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