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                         Al Amanah Report 2004

                         By: Datu Muamar B Badio
                           Chairman, 2002-2004
[Muamar Badio is among the founding stockholders of the Amanah Islamic
      Bank. He has been an officer of the Islamic Bank since its formal
 organization on April 28,1992. From Assistant corporate secretary in that
year, he rose to become chairman of the bank on July 1, 2002, a position he
 held until December 31, 2004. Mr. Badio is still a member of the board of

Alhamdulillah (Praise is to God-Alone).
Our Amanah is a title of my report to the stockholders of the Amanah
Islamic Investment Bank. Among the important points that I would like to
say to the stockholders of the Amanah Islamic Bank today, I would like to
emphasize first the US$ 2 Billion Bio-Diesel Project. Second, I would like to
reiterate that the National Government consistently failed to contribute its
share in the capital stock of the Bank. This means that the Amanah Is Bank
is a private bank. May I also inform you that in my tenure as chairman of
the bank, we had refrain from accepting deposits from the general public.

On the US$ 2 billion alternative energy project, I would like to preface this
report that much of the information are still classified CONFIDENTIAL It is
covered by a Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention provision in our
Memorandum Agreement with our foreign counterparts more specifically
referred to as The Affiliate Alternative Energy Project (AAEP). The
confidentiality of this undertaking is also in accordance with the Islamic
Bank Policy on Secrecy of vital transactions. Therefore, my report to you is
limited to what can be released as of this General Shareholders Meeting.

   1) The Alternative Energy Project

The activities of the Amanah Islamic Bank under my chairmanship revolve
around the U

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