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					                                                                                 Madrid, 27 January 2010

To participate in a workshop as the artist’s assistants

La Casa Encendida receives over 180 Ryan
McGinness candidates through a website and
      Over 180 candidates from 12 countries have applied to participate in a workshop from 8
       February to 5 March as assistants to the US artist Ryan McGinness. Only a few of them
       will be chosen to do the workshop with the artist and just one of them - chosen via a
       video chat with McGinness – will have his/ her expenses paid.

      From 5 February to 4 April, the US artist Ryan McGinness will move his studio to Hall C
       at La Casa Encendida for a project entitled Studio Franchise/ Estudio Franquicia. Over
       the course of a month, the public will be able to view the results from this work in
       progress in Hall B, as well as a selection of recent works by the artist in Hall A.

      The exhibition will coincide with the launch of the publication Studio Manual, an artist’s
       book published in English in which Ryan McGinness lays down a set of rules for
       creating a franchise of his studio. The artist will sign copies for people who visit the
       studio during his stay in Madrid.

La Casa Encendida of Obra Social Caja Madrid will host the project Studio Franchise/ Estudio
Franquicia by the artist Ryan McGinness (1972, Virginia) from 5 February to 4 April 2010. Using
the mechanics of franchise operations as his central theme, Ryan McGinness will recreate his New
York studio in Hall C at La Casa Encendida of Obra Social Caja Madrid. Throughout the month of
February, the artist will create new pieces "live" in association with his "clones", the participants of the
"Wanted: Ryan McGinness” workshop.

By 20 January, over 180 people had put themselves forward as candidates on the website and via a specially created application on Facebook. Each of
the candidates chosen will spend five hours a day for five days at McGinness’s workshop at La
Casa Encendida. One of the most voted candidates on Facebook will have to take a video-chat test
with the artist himself, and the winner will have all expenses paid for the trip to Madrid from his/ her
place of residence and accommodation for the duration of the workshop.

Both the studio and the clones will become symbols for the artist’s studio and McGinness himself, thus
establishing a discourse on the creation and reproduction of original symbols, a theme that
runs through all this artist’s work. The proliferation of duplicates, parallel worlds and different
models of the universe, whereby there is no original with several copies or reproductions, but
numerous originals that exist simultaneously, is present again in this novel proposal.
As the artist and his partners finish new pieces in the studio, these will be moved to Hall B for
exhibition alongside paintings and sculptures in progress. The show will also include a selection of
pieces from different collections – on display in Hall A – thereby offering an overview of the artist’s
recent work.

Studio Franchise/ Estudio Franquicia is a logical extension of Warhol’s factory sarcasm, the Jeff
Koons, Takashi Murakami/Damien Hirst factory sincerity and the artist-as-brand reality of today.

A franchise of forms

McGinness uses screen printing to create a baroque blend of abstraction and representation,
producing colourful compositions with thousands of layers.

It is also important to note that the studio and McGinness clones are not (re)productions of the
original; rather, they are productions based on the original. This is the essence of the franchise
concept: not the deployment of reproductions or duplicates, but the production of originals created
within a set of acceptable predetermined guidelines – symbols with no referent, existing in their
own right.

Furthermore, the creation of the studio in La Casa Encendida occupied and run by actors reflects
Ryan’s interest in parallel worlds and multiple dimensions – models of the universe whereby there is
not one original with many duplicates or reproductions, but many originals existing
simultaneously in parallel. This understanding is reflected in the core of Ryan’s artistic practice, in
which his iconic drawings exist as infinitely producible digital files (vector drawings) that replicate
through different mediums and at different scales. His artwork is a franchise of forms.

Studio Manual
Ryan McGinness has designed a manual containing a set of rules for creating a franchise of his
studio. This artist’s book, which has been specifically published and designed for the project at La
Casa Encendida, will have a limited print run of 500 copies, illustrated and written under McGinness's
The artist will sign and personalise copies for people who visit the studio during his stay in Madrid

Ryan McGinness, biography

Ryan McGinness (1972, Virginia, USA) is an international artist who lives and works in Manhattan
(New York). He spent his childhood years immersed in the surf and skate culture of his home town,
Virginia Beach. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and worked for the Andy
Warhol Museum during his college years.

McGinness is known for the wide-ranging and original vocabulary of his graphic drawings, which use
the visual language of public signage corporate logos and contemporary iconography to create
paintings, sculptures and environments. “I try to convey poetic and complex concepts by using a
cold, graphic and authoritative visual vocabulary. I concentrate on colour, line, form and
composition to communicate from a simplified pictorial angle. As such, the work lies
somewhere in between abstraction and representation.”

Ryan McGinness has exhibited his work at international museums and galleries, and it can be seen at
institutions such as the MoMA in New York, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of
Contemporary Art in San Diego, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de
Castilla y León (MUSAC) in Spain and the Misumi Collection in Japan. He has had solo exhibitions at
the Deitch Projects Gallery, which represents him in New York, and at the Moriarty Gallery in Madrid,
in 2004 and 2006.

Further information

*Workshop: “Wanted: Ryan McGinness”
From 8 February - 5 March 2010, in 5-day sessions
Times: 10am-3pm and 5-10pm
Enrolment deadline now closed

*Exhibition: Studio Franchise/ Estudio Franquicia
Artist: Ryan McGinness
Dates: 5 February – 4 April 2010
Halls: A, B and C
Free admission

Studio Manual
Limited edition, 500 copies (in English)
Price: 30 Euros
On sale at: Solidarity Shop at La Casa Encendida and via
From 4 February

                                                                       La Casa Encendida
                                                                     Ronda de Valencia, 2
                                                                            28012 Madrid
                                                                         Tel: 902 43 03 22

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