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									DM2009 Project Summary

Project Number: 1391                         Booth Number: 8

Age-Old Weather Diviners’ Secrets May Ward Off Climate Catastrophes

ORGANIZATION: Centro de Investigación, Educación y Desarrollo (Research, Education, and Development
Center, CIED)

OBJECTIVE: To verify, validate, and communicate indigenous knowledge that is potentially helpful to
improve resilience, prediction, and adaptation to climate variability and change, and for development based
on an early warning system.

RATIONALE: The specific challenge is identifying how to help indigenous communities use traditional
knowledge, already verified and validated, in order to manage early prevention systems for climate change and
variability and to adapt and plan appropriate farming methods with fewer risks.

The studies we have carried out on indigenous peasants’ knowledge of climate change between 1983 and 2003
in various communities in Puno have been helpful in predicting climate variability. In addition, what helps solve this
problem is the fact that the peasants themselves, as well as local and regional authorities, are interested in this
project, because it is based on traditional knowledge.

INNOVATION: The innovative element is found in the fact that indigenous knowledge for weather forecasting
will be verified or evaluated and validated in other areas. We will also evaluate the ability of indigenous
communities do adapt to climate variability and change. Also innovative will be the creation of a regional early-
warning system, based on indigenous and modern knowledge (such as pluviographs, thermometers and

CONTACT: Julian Ricardo Claverias Huerse

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