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     The laws will be those of the International Rugby Football Board (I.R.B.) and the Canadian
      Rugby Union.

     The rules for U-14 rugby will be rules of the rules for 13-aside rugby. See Appendix A.


     The scheduling of games will be done in May for the following year at the annual C.I.S.A.A.
     meeting. There will be League play in Senior Div. i, ii, Junior Div.i, ii and U-14 i ii.

     Forfeitures: If a team in League play is forced to forfeit, the team(s), which
     they were scheduled to play will be awarded 2 points for the win and no points
     for or against will be scored.


     Each team is to provide one touch judge. The home team should train touch judges and
     provide touch flags. Schools must provide properly qualified referees for all games. If a
     qualified referee is not available, the game must not be played. (All referees, qualified to
     Level I at least, must be presently paid up and full members of their referees' society. It was
     recommended that each school have Senior boys trained to Level I. A qualifying clinic
     should be set up.)


     a)      Duration of matches – Senior Div.i and Div.ii teams will play 35 minute halves. All
             other teams will play 35 minute halves, or less by mutual agreement of the coaches.

     b)      Abandoned Match:
             If, for any reason, a match must be abandoned (ie. lightning storm, serious injury,
             darkness, etc.) before full time, it will be considered a complete match and results
             will be official if the abandonment takes place at any point following the completion
             of the first half of play. Every effort must be made to complete the match even if a
             delay is necessary. In a abandoned game, the time limit of the delay will be 30
             minutes. The referee is the only one that has the ability to make a decision on
             whether the game will be abandoned and will keep track of the 30 minute time period.
             Following the 30 minute delay and if the game can still not be played, the game will
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            be won by the team that was in the lead when the game was ruled abandoned.


     See official Law Book.

            See Constitution Guidelines Article XIII, XIV and XV

     Eligibility Rosters must be sent in for all Senior Div 1 OFSSA bound teams to the
     convenor before the first C.I.S.A.A. league game.


     All player’s equipment/clothing must conform to the regulations as stated by the I.R.B.

     All players must wear mouth guards and those playing in the forward should wear shin

     Players must follow the dress code as laid down by the Canadian Rugby Union's Laws of the
     game. All shirts must be numbered.


     All rugby posts must be properly padded. It is strongly recommended that the uprights be a
     minimum of 12 feet (3.4 meters) above the crossbar.

     Flags marking the field should be of a flexible design and at least 5' high.

     Schools are very strongly recommended to obtain a scrum machine in order to teach proper
     scrummaging technique.


     Playoff formats will be determined by the Athletic Directors at the annual scheduling

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      10.        TIE BREAKING FORMATS

            a.     Format and criteria
                   i.    point total from win/loss/tie record in league play
                   ii.   if still tied, result of head to head competition between tied teams
                   iii.  if still tied, point differential in head to head competition between tied
                   iv.   if still tied, fewest points against in head to head competition
                         between tied teams
                   v.    if still tied , point differential using all league games in that season
                   vi.   if still tied, fewest points against in all league games in that season

            b.     Process
                   i.     In the event that two or more teams are tied and the process is able
                          to successfully rank the teams and no ties now exist, this ranking
                          will be used to seed the teams.

                   ii.     If the process is only able to reduce the number of tied teams by
                           one or more and a tie still exists;
                           * the teams that are no longer tied will assume their new ranking
                           * the process involving only the remaining tied teams shall
                           commence again from the beginning with ‘a. i.’

            c.     The maximum point differential in any single game will be 20 points.

            d.     Forfeitures: See Constitution Article XVI section 1

            In the semifinals and final: (2 X 35 minutes halves). If the game is tied at the end of
            regulation time, the game will be decided by the OFSAA penalty-kick tiebreaking format.
            Please see the OFSAA website in regards to Rugby for the parameters.
            NOTE: Only players that are on the field at the end of regulation time are eligible to kick in
            the tiebreaker format.


            a)     Substitutions: Once a player is substituted from the game, he may only return to the
                   game to replace an injured player.

            b)     Every attempt should be made by the home team to provide qualified touch judges
                   for all playoff games if they are available.

            c)     Schools MUST declare A/AA OR AAA/AAAA OFSAA participation prior to the
                   commencement of the CISAA Senior Div.i playoffs. Since the schedule in the spring

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             term does not allow enough dates for an OFSAA challenge game to be played,
             declaration must be made in advance of the playoffs.

      d)     Red Cards result in immediate expulsion from the game and a suspension from
             the next CISAA game. The red card must be reported to the convenor.


      See the CISAA Constitution, Summary of Convenor’s Responsibilities, Appendix 8.


      See CISAA Constitution, Article XVIII, Discipline.


      Coaches must send in to the convenor the following information:

      1.     The teams that are competing against C.I.S.A.A. opposition.
      2.     Their school Rugby colours.
      3.     The names of their Rugby coaches, the teams they coach and their email addresses
             and phone numbers.
      4.     The home team must send in the results of any league matches between Independent
             schools to the convenor within twelve hours.

      ** The convenor is to distribute this information to all Rugby Independent schools and
      update the standings on the CISAA website..

      Each team should provide its own first aid kit.

      The host school should be fully competent in the procedures for dealing with any injury that
      occurs on the field. All schools must provide qualified medical personal for all home games.
      This personal must be a qualified Sports Therapist or school physician.

      Schools should make sure that there are no objects close to the side of the field, or on the
      field, that could cause injury to players in a tackle situation.

      The host school should provide extra ice for injury purposes.

15.   SAFETY

      The host school is responsible for providing medical care for all games. This person must
      be qualified to deal with athletic injuries and be prepared to handle emergency situations.

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16.   AWARDS

      CISAA plaques or trophies at all levels of play will be awarded to the champion at each
      Individuals on the championship and finalist teams for all Senior and Junior levels will
      receive CISAA gold and silver medals.

             See additional playing rules

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                        RULES FOR CISAA U-14 13-ASIDE RUGBY


1.     Both hookers may contest for the ball.
2.     Neither team is permitted to push.
3.     Only the winning scrum-half may pick up the ball.
4.     Six forwards in a 3:2:1 formation.
       Tap penalty: At place of infringement.


The offside line for the scrum-half at a scrum is the mid-line of the tunnel.
The scrum-half must not follow his opposite around the scrum until the ball is out.
Tap penalty: At place of infringement.

Line Out

1.     No lifting is permitted.
2.     Maximum of five players per side in line out.
       Tap penalty: At place of infringement.


The ball can only be struck by the foot inside a player=s own 22 metre line.
Tap penalty: At place of infringement.

Hand-off / Fend-off
“ A player must not fend-off an opponent in any way…Definition: A fend-off is a stiff armed
movement of the hand or arm to ward off an opponent.”
Tap penalty: At place of infringement.
Definition:   A hand-off / fend-off is any movement of the hand or arm to ward off an

Methods of Scoring
     At conversions, the ball must be kicked from where the try was scored. At penalties, the
     ball may be kicked for touch or points. In open play, the ball can only be struck by the
     foot inside a player’s own 22 metre line.


Unlimited substitutions during any stoppage in play.
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Length of Game

Two halves, 20 minutes in duration, followed by a development period , 20 minutes in duration.
Results stand after 40 minutes.


Shoes must not have a toe cleat.
Mouthguards must be worn.
Regulation sized ball.

Coaches’ Agreement

The primary objective of U-14 rugby is to introduce players to the game. An emphasis on
developing proper skills in a safe and sportsmanlike atmosphere is the priority for all coaches
and referees at this level. It is an expectation that all coaches work together to create an
environment that fosters positive competitions based upon respect.

         etc. as per Appendix A to guideline

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