Power of One Notes by taoyni


									Power of One Notes
Themes:        Power of One          -originality           pg. 157
                                     -legend of one         pg. 289
                                     -stirring              pg. 246

               Adapting              -change as a constant pg. 142
                                     -camouflage          pg. 207

               Racism                -downfall of men       pg. 265
                                     -brutality             p. 215

Examine the tone pg. 260

Themes:        Adaptation
               Beating the System
               Power of One
               Finding Acceptance
                      - Finds meaning for his life  boxing
                      - Doc - represents first confidante
                              - first person to respect Peekay as an individual
                      - People in Peekay's life
                              - all overcome discrimination of some kind and beat the system 
                              Power of one
                              - characters in Peekay's life help him face a particular problem
                              - give guidance, inspiration, and home

Is the Story Realistic?
                - Coincidence - the text is structured around coincidences with characters
                - Peekay just happens to get what he needs
                - "Tadpole Angel"
                        - Peekay is young (tadpole)
                        - called an angel because he gets tobacco to the prisoners
                        - "Tadpole" shows relationship to Doc (Frog)
                        - Peekay as mythic symbol of hope of uniting African tribes
                        - An epic hero?
                        -Lack of real name makes him a symbolic character
                - Transportation by train
                - Boarding school
                - Mom as seamstress, but a Father Price character - religious
                - Peekay's failure at piano
                - WWII context
                - Historical context is realistic, but individual events are exaggerated
Peekay - A Mythic Hero?
Hero's Journey

       Call to Action   X

Supernatural Guide
                                    X    The Return
Crossing the   _________________________

                              X      Initiation

Call to Action:         Death of Grandpa Chook
                        Judge leaves
                        Meets Hoppie - learning to defend oneself

Supernatural Guide: Medicine man
Sidekicks/Mentors: Grandpa Chook

Crossing the Threshold:       His first boxing match and win - stepping into a new world

Initiation tests:       Uniting the tribes
                               -Peekay as the spirit of South Africa
                               -Learns race does not define a person's character
                        Learning to gamble
                               -Has his own money = independence
                        Boxing Rules
                               -Not learning to street fight
                               -First match at prep. school defines him in a new setting
                        S. Goldman
                               -Box Nanny's son - becomes the myth of "Tadpole Angel"
                        Selected for Sinjun's
                               -Different from what headmaster wanted to be
                        Lasting through Doc's death
                        Crystal Cave
                               -Using Doc's knowledge
                        Ultimate Test: Not to become camouflage; fighting Judge

The Return:        Go back to the beginning
                   Teach others lessons learned
                         -Reward: Getting something in return for the hero's journey
       Peekay's Return -
            Reward - Oxford
Fighting Judge
       -as revenge?
       -fight as a symbol: English vs. Boer, when the English win (Peekay),
       symbolizes hope for the end of apartheid.
       -proves himself
       -facing and winning against Judge returns Peekay's Power of One
       -he doesn't have camouflage
       -"first with the head, than with the heart" comes up again
Return - a culmination of all lessons Peekay learned from Hoppie, Grandpa
Chook, Judge, Doc, Morrie, etc.

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