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									Lake Parramatta
Open Day 2004
                                                      Make an
Living Festival
for all the family                       Scarecrow
What is the competition                                     To register your Environmental Scarecrow
To make an Environmental Scarecrow out of recycled                An Entry Form must be faxed, posted or emailed
materials to represent any aspect of the environment,       1     to the Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust
some ideas include biodiversity, water quality, water             by 11 March 2004.
conservation, native flora and fauna, threats to the
                                                                  You will be required to bring your Environmental
environment.                                                2     Scarecrow to the Trust stall at Lake Parramatta
Who can enter                                                     on Sunday 14 March 2004 between 7am – 9am.
                                                                  This will allow time for the Trust to tie your
Any individual, school class or group can enter.                  scarecrow to a star picket already in the ground.
More information                                                  All entries will be displayed at the Lake
For more information contact:
                                                            3     Parramatta Open Day on Sunday 14 March from
                                                                  10.30am – 3.30pm.
Jaki Edwards
                                                                  Entries will be judged between 10.30 and
Community Relations Officer,
Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust
                                                            4     11.00am. The winners will be announced under
Telephone    9891 4633                                            the big marquee at the Lake Parramatta Open
                                                                  Day at 12pm on Sunday 14 March 2004.
Mobile       0404 488 077
                                                                  You will be required to take your Environmental
             9689 2537 or
                                                            5     Scarecrow home after 3.30pm on Lake
                                                                  Parramatta Open Day on Sunday 14 March.
PO Box 3720 Parramatta NSW 2124

                     How to Make an Environmental Scarecrow
 Here are guidelines on how to make an Environmental Scarecrow. Remember the scarecrow can be anything not just a
 person – a possum maybe?
 What you will need             The Frame of your scarecrow               3 Paint a face on with acrylic paint or
 1 wooden stake about 2m                                                    permanent marker, or stitch fea-
                                1 Nail, screw or tie the arms
 long (the body)                                                            tures with wool or thread.
                                  (1 metre stake) to the
                                  body (2 metre stake) about              4 Slide the head onto the short end
 1 wooden stake about 1m
                                  15cm from the top of the                  of the body stake, then attach the
 long (the arms)
                                  body stake in a cross shape.              head to the body by tying tightly
 1 wooden stake about 30cm                                                  with string or wire.
                                2 Nail, screw or tie the waist
 long (the waist)
                                  (30cm stake) to the body                Dressing your scarecrow
 Nails or screws and string       (2 metre stake) 90 cm from the
                                                                          1 Place a shirt over the arms
 or wire.                         top of the body stake in cross shape.
                                                                            crossbar and pants over
 Pantyhose, tights or a small   The head of your scarecrow                  the waist cross bar and
 bag for the head                                                           tie off firmly at the wrist,
                                1 Cut off the legs of a pair
 Needle and thread or                                                       ankles and waist.
                                  of stockings and put
 stapler.                         one inside the other for                2 Push straw or newspaper
                                  extra strength.                           inside the clothes to fill them out
 Straw, or other material
                                                                            and place the hat on his head.
 for stuffing                   2 Stuff it with straw or
                                  newspaper into the shape                3 You can add socks, gloves, shoes,
 Old Clothes (shirt or                                                      by fastening using a safety pin or
                                  of a head. Tie the head with a piece
 jumper, trousers, hat)                                                     sew on with a needle and thread.
                                  of string at the neck end.
Lake Parramatta
Open Day 2004
                                                   Make an
Living Festival
for all the family                      Scarecrow
Title of Entry (name of scarecrow):

Name of Individual, School Group, Organisation:

Category (please tick one):      Individual       School Group        Organisation

Describe how does your scarecrow represents an aspect of the environment?

The following contact details will not be displayed at the 2004 Lake Parramatta Open Day

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