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									                          Pain Society of the Philippines (PSP)
                              Media and Press Kit for 2006

Date: February 28, 2006

What is the Pain Society of the Philippines (PSP)?
The Pain Society of the Philippines (PSP) is a National Chapter of the International
Association for the Study Pain (IASP) based in the United States of America. The
Philippines is one of 5 Asian Countries to have National Chapters. Other Asian countries
included are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

What is the Logo of the PSP?

What is the meaning of the Logo?
The logo of the Pain Society of the Philippines (PSP) is based on the schematic diagram
of the central biasing mechanism, showing the cortex, thalamus, brainstem, and spinal

The black outline symbolizes the reality and immensity of the pain problems in the

The red color symbolizes the sufferings of all those who are in pain.

The yellow color symbolizes the rays of hope and advances that science can offer for the
relief of pain.

Who designed the PSP logo?

What is the Vision of the PSP?
“Pain Free World”

What is the Mission of the PSP?
“Be in the forefront in education , research and best practices in pain management
through disciplinary group of healthcare professionals committed to a holistic approach
in providing relief of pain and suffering towards a better quality of life"

When did the PSP start and who were the previous presidents?
The PSP started on 1989. The Founding President is Cenon R. Cruz, MD. The past
presidents include Francis O. Javier,MD and Mayvelyn D. Gose, MD.

                                 Cenon R. Cruz, MD
                                   President Emiritus

     Francis O. Javier, MD                              Mayvelyn D. Gose, MD
            Past President                               Immediate Past President
            (1999-2002)                                     (2002-2005)

Who are the present officers of the PSP?

The officers for the term 2005-2008 are the following:

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  Henry U. Lu, MD                                  Luzviminda S. Kwong, MD
       President                                         Vice-President

Antonio C. Sison, MD                             Reynaldo R. Rey-Matias, MD
     Secretary                                            Treasurer


                      BOARD MEMBERS:

Lyde M. Alday-Magpantay, MD               Arneil T. Chua, MD

Ludivino G. de Guzman, MD            Ma. Isabel Echanis-Melgar, MD

   Ma. Salome Nicdao-Vios, MD             Amado M. San Luis, MD

                     Antonio Nemesio B. Yap, MD

Who are members of the PSP?
The PSP is a multidisciplinary society which reflects the diverse backgrounds of people
involved in the issue of pain. The membership includes Medical Doctors of various
specialties, Dentists, Nurses, Phds, etc. Majority of the members are physicians

How many members does the PSP have?
A total of 430.

The breakdowns of the membership are as follows:

                                                                 No. of       Total
 Medical                          SPECIALTY                    Member/s
                     Acupuncture and Pain Medicine            1
                     Anesthesiology                           62
                     Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine         44
                     Architecture and Child Life              1
                     Family Medicine                          9
                     General Surgery                          6
                     General Practitioner                     2
                     Neurology                                12
                     Neurosurgery                             1
                     Orthodontics                             1
                     Orthopedic                               4
                     Pharmacology                             1
                     Pain Medicine                            3
                     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation     37
                     Plastic Surgery                          1
                     Psychiatry                               5
                     Pulmonary Medicine                       1
                     Radiation Oncology                       6
                     Medical Oncology                         9
                     Molecular and Nutrition Oncology         1
                     Pediatrics                               1
                     Pediatrics Oncology                      2
                     Rheumatology                             4
                     Surgical Oncology                        1
 Nursing             Nursing                                  16                   16
 Pharmacy            Pharmacy                                 6                     6
 Psychology          Psychology                               3                     3
 Others              Midwifery & Researcher                   1                     1
                     Unknown                                  2                     2
                                                                     Total        243

How many members have updated memberships for 2006?
A total of 69 members only.

Who are qualified to apply as a member? Can a lay person be a member of the
PSP Membership are as follows:
     1. Founding Members. These are physicians belonging to various disciplines
        interested in the study and management of pain, who worked together for the
        organization and recognition of the PSP.

      2. Regular Members. Scientists and physicians and other health professionals
         interested in the objectives of the PSP, are eligible for election as Regular
         Members of the PSP. Election to regular membership shall be accomplished in
         accordance with such bylaws of the PSP as shall have been adopted by the
         Board of Directors. Each regular member of the PSP shall be entitled to one
         vote on matters brought before the membership.

      3. Honorary Members. A limited number of persons who have made
         outstanding contributions in the field of Pain Research, management or
         treatment shall be entitled to election as honorary members of the PSP.
         Nomination to honorary membership shall be accomplished as provided in the
         bylaws of the PSP to be adopted by its Board, but a person maybe elected to
         honorary membership only by a vote of all members of the Board. Honorary
         members shall not be entitled to one vote on matters brought before the

      4. Life Members. Past Presidents of the PSP shall automatically become life
         members. Each life member of the PSP shall be entitled to one vote on matters
         brought before the membership.

      5. Contributing Members. Persons or organizations, including charitable or
         business corporations, who are interested in furthering the purposes of the
         PSP, and who are not eligible for election as regular members of the PSP, may
         apply for Contributing membership. Election to contributing membership
         shall be in either of two categories, based on amount of yearly support
         Affiliate or Supporting, in the manner provided in the bylaws of the PSP, to be
         adopted by its Board. Contributing members shall not be entitled to vote on
         matters brought before the membership.

Type of PSP Membership                      Number
Founding member                             33 but only 18 is active
Regular                                     225
Honorary                                    11
Life                                        3

  How much are the PSP membership dues?

  Present Annual Dues: (For review)
  Founding Members – PhP200
  Regular Members – Php500

  What are the benefits of PSP membership?
  Discounts in the Annual Convention rates. (For review)
  Invitation to Bimonthly Scientific Meeting.

  What are the Activities of the PSP for 2006?
    1. Bimonthly Scientific meetings for Manila based members
    2. Annual Convention and Pain Refresher Course
    3. Global Day against Pain
    4. ASEAPS 2006

  What are the Bimonthly Scientific meetings and the schedule for 2006?

  The PSP Scientific Committee is in charge for organizing the Bimonthly Scientific
  meetings. The framework of the Bimonthly Scientific meetings

  For 2006 the Scientific Committee is headed by Ma. Salome Nicdao-Vios,MD. The
  committee members are:
     1. Lyde M. Alday-Magpantay, MD
     2. Luzviminda Salomon-Kwong, MD

  Dates of the Bimonthly Scientific meetings

      Date                     Topics                 Venue          Pharma Sponsor
March 2, 2006        “A Multi-Disciplinary        New World Hotel   Pfizer, Inc.
                     Perspective of Painful         Makati City
                     Diabetic Neuropathy”
April 27, 2006

June 22, 2006

August 24, 2006

October 26, 2006

December 28, 2006

What is the PSP Annual Convention?
The 2 day PSP Convention includes lectures, scientific symposia and Fellowship
activities for the members. Organizing Committee is responsible for the development of
the scientific content of the convention.

For 2006, the PSP Organizing Committee is headed by Aneil T. Chua, MD (Overall
Chair). The different committees are:

                PSP Annual Convention 2006 Executive Committee:

              Eleanor Chi Ong, MD                 Convention Secretary
              Ma. Luisa L. Aportadera, MD         Convention Treasurer

                PSP Annual Convention 2006 Subcommittee Chairs

              Eleanor Chi Ong, MD                 Scientific Program
              Jose G. Beltran Jr., MD             Hotel Accomodation
              Jean Lindo, MD                      Tours/Transportation
              Elsa G. Villagomeza, MD             Socials/Awards
              Melanie Herrera, MD                 Physical Arrangement
              Maria Luisa Santos-Carpio, MD       Souvenir Program

The theme of the Annual Convention 2006 is “Pag-isipan, Pag-usapan, Subukan,
Giginhawa Kaya?” This will be held on April 7-8 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao
Participating Pharmaceutical Sponsors are:
      Sponsorship Package       Pharmaceutical Companies
      Major Sponsor             Pfizer, Inc.
                                Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
      Sponsor                   Janssen Pharmaceutica
                                Patriot Pharmaceutcals
                                Boehringer Ingelheim
                                Hi-Esai Pharmaceutical, Inc.
                                Merck Sharp & Dohme Phils.
                                Novartis Healthcare Phils.
                                RG Meditron
                                Roche Philippines
                                Shering Plough Corp.
                                The Boots Co
      Minor Sponsor             Transfarma Philippines

What is the Pain Refresher Course?
The Pain Refresher Course is designed to address the basic and clinical needs of the
clinician with regards to pain issues in their patients. This course is always held either
before or after the Annual Convention. The PSP Committee on Medical Education
(CME) is in charge in organizing the Pain Refresher Course.

For 2006 – 2008, the CME is headed by Benigno M. Sulit Jr., MD. The committee
members are:

   1.   Merlina L. Cabrera, MD
   2.   Merle F. de la Cruz Odi, MD
   3.   Henry U. Lu, MD
   4.   Ma. Salome Nicdao-Vios, MD
   5.   Jocelyn C. Que
   6.   Antonio C. Sison, MD

What is the Global Day Against Pain?
The Global Day against Pain is an initiative of the International Pain Society that
determines the date and theme. For 2006, the IPS has declared October 16, 2006, Monday
as the years Global Day against Pain with the theme: “Pain in Older Persons”. All the
national chapters throughout the world will be organizing activities that will highlight the
plight of pain and humanity.

Previously, the PSP had organized a parade that includes the different medical,
pharmaceutical and patient groups. For 2006, Antonio C. Sison, MD is in charge in
organizing the Global Day Against Pain.

For this Activity the PSP and Hiraya Gallery will be organizing the following activities:

   1. Pre Global Day Against Pain Street Fair. This will be on October 15, 2006 and
      will be held on United Nations Avenue between J. Bocobo and Mabini Streets.
      The Hiraya gallery will be open to offer a preview of the Art Exhibit. Various
      Pharmaceuticals offering leaflets regarding pain will be given. A short program
      will be held late in the afternoon launching the Pain Advocacy of the PSP.

   2. Global Day Against Pain Art Exhibit. This will be held from October 17, 2006 –
      November 15, 2006. Selected painting exhibited will be up for silent auction. 10%
      of the proceeds will be donated to the PSP to support Pain education. Ribbon
      Cutting ceremony will be on October 17, 2006. Guest of honor is Madame

   3. ART and PAIN Exhibit for the ASEAPS Convention. The Hiraya Gallery will
      mount a special Art Exhibit at the Philippine Plaza Hotel, venue of the ASEAPS
      convention from November 29, 2006 – December 2, 2006.

What is the ASEAPS?
The idea of creating an Association of Pain Societies in the South East Asian countries
was first thought about during a lunch hosted by the outgoing president of the IASP in
San Diego for the different countries chapter presidents for the South East Asia. The
following were present.
                      Indonesia – Dr. A Husni Tanra
                      Malaysia – Dr. Ramani Vijayan
                      Philippines – Dr. Mayvelyn D. Gose
                      Singapore – Dr. Cynthia Goh
                      Thailand – Dr. Waraporn Waikakul
Again the following night during the dinner with Dr. Sessle, Dr. Goh was chosen to
prepare the paper requirements of the association.

In 2002, during the Biennial Convention of the Pain Association of Singapore, certain
things had to be threshed out like finances, the difficulty of the registration in Singapore.

In 2003, during the Golden Triangle Pain meeting in Changrai, Drs. Goh, Gose, Husni &
Waraporn were able to meet once again and the same problems still had no solution. It
was then that Dr. Gose suggested following the procedures that were undertaken when
the ASNA (ASEAN Neurological Association) was formed. That all the five (5)
presidents had to do was to sign a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING and that
the member countries need not contribute to a common fund.

Finally, last September 11, 2004 during the 2004 Biennial Convention of PAS, the MOA
was signed by the presidents of PAS, IPS (Indonesian Pain Society), TASP (Thai
Association for the Study of Pain), PSP (Pain Society of the Philippines) and Dr. Ramani,
MASP (Malaysian Association for the Study of Pain) was represented by Dr. Mary Suma
Cardosa, the Secretary of the MASP.

The first business meeting of the Presidents was held immediately after and the following
were accomplished:
   1. Designation of ASEAPS Officers
                         President: Cynthia Goh
                   Vice-Presidents: Waraporn Waikakul, MD
                                     Ramani Vijayan, FRCA FANZCA
               Honorary Secretary: Mayvelyn D. Gose, MD
               Honorary Treasurer: A Husni Tanra, MD, PhD

   2. The council will be made up to 10 members; the 5 presidents of the member
      countries and a designated member from each country. For the year 2004-2005
      (interim period), 5 members – the current Presidents in 2005 and onwards, there
      will be 10.
   3. The association shall hold a convention every 3 years and the 1st ASEAPS will be
      hosted by the Philippines in 2006.
   4. The second annual meeting will be in Bali, Indonesia on August 19, 2009 to be
      hosted by Dr. A Husni Tanra.

The first Congress of the ASEAPS is chaired by Mayvelyn D. Gose, MD, immediate past
president of the PSP.

                       Mayvelyn D. Gose, MD
                     ASEAPS Over-all Chair 2006

The different committees are:
                                Scientific Committee
                            Chair: Merle de la Cruz-Odi, MD
                         Co-Chair: Antonio C. Sison, MD
                         Members: Arneil T. Chua, MD
                                   Ma. Cristina Arenas-Corleto, MD
                                   Romulo S. de Villa, MD
                                   Ma. Dolma Gudez-Santos, MD
                                   Francis O. Javier, MD
                                   Ma. Lourdes Josefina Koh-Cabaluna, MD
                                   Luzviminda Salomon-Kwong, MD
                                   Henry U. Lu, MD
                                   Jose Alvin P. Mojica, MD
                                   Angelo V. Poblete, MD
                                   Jocelyn C. Que, MD
                                   Evangeline Ko-Villa, MD
                                   Dominic Villa

                      Additional Members:
                                   Ramani Vijayan, MD (Malaysia)
                                   Cynthia Goh, MD (Singapore)
                                   Alex Yeo Sow Nam, MD (Singapore)
                                   Husni Tanra, MD (Indonesia)
                                   Pradit Prateepavanich, MD (Thailand)

           Ways and Means Committee
         Chair: Henry U. Lu, MD
      Co-Chair: Francis O. Javier, MD
      Members: Ma. Victoria M. Abesamis, MD
                Betty Dy Mancao, MD
                Rubi K. Li,MD
                Jose Paulo P. Lorenzo, MD
                Josephine Y. Lu, MD
                Edmundo G. Saniel, MD
                Emma Ting Lao, MD
                Antonio N. B. Yap, MD

    Registration and Accommodation Committee
          Chair: Ludivino G. de Guzman, MD
      Members: Ma. Zenaida M. Mariano, MD
                 Mary Anne R. Marcelo,MD
                 Lorlyn A. Alde, MD

         Physical Arrangement Committee
         Chair: Antonio N. B. Yap, MD
      Co-Chair: Salvador E. Brodit, Jr, MD
      Members: Angelo V. Poblete, MD
                Teresa Ludovice-Yap, MD
                Frank C. Nacario, MD

      Publication and Documentation Committee
         Chair: Reynaldo R. Rey-Matias, MD
      Co-Chair: Dante P. Bornales, MD
      Members: Salvador E. Brodit Jr., MD
                Ma. Isabel Echanis-Melgar, MD
                Ma. Jenelyn M. Alviar, MD
                Ramon C. Severino, MD
                Edwin J. Agsaoay, Md

               Socials Committee
        Chair: Ma. Lilybeth R. Tanchoco, MD
      Members: Edwin John A. Cruz, MD
               Luzviminda Salomon-Kwong, MD
               Merlina L. Cabrera, MD
               Ma. Zenaida M. Mariano,MD

                                 Awards Committee
                          Chair: Amado M. San Luis,MD

                                 Security Committee
                          Chair: Eric M. de Leon, MD

World renowned Pain Experts will be attending the convention. These include:
 Name, Institution and Background, Publications
1. Kathleen Foley, MD of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA
2. Michael Bond, MD institution?
3. Troels S. Jenssen, MD institution?

Pharmaceutical Sponsors include:

      Sponsorship Package          Pharmaceutical Companies
      Platinum                     Pfizer, Inc.
      Silver                       Janssen Pharmaceutica
      Bronze                       Merck Sharp & Dohme Phils.
      Sponsor                      Medtronix Med. Supplies & Equipment
                                   Roche Philippines, Inc.

What is the Advocacy of the PSP?
“Pain as the 5th Vital Sign” The PSP Advocacy Committee is chaired by Ludivino G. de
Guzman., MD.

How do I contact the PSP?

Pain Society of the Philippines Office
Unit 205 The Garden Heights Condo
269 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City
Metro Manila
Tel #: (63 2) 721-2700
Mobile #: 0917-621-3705

What is the webpage address of the PSP?


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