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                              AT 7.30PM

Present:                Cllr Chris Brown (Chairman)
                        Cllr Reg Hindley
                        Cllr Derek Allen
                        Cllr Neal Cameron
                        Cllr Jeremy Mackrell
                        Cllr Tony Maw
                        Cllr Val Smith

In attendance:          Mrs Elaine Pearson, Clerk to the Parish Council
                        Mr Michael Kirby, Head of Development Services, Bradford Council
                        (7:30 - 8:20)
                        District Councillor Peter Hill (7:30 – 8:45)
                        Mr Paul Cook, Reporter, Keighley News
                        One member of the public

25/05. Apologies consented to

Cllr Pauline Bedford (family commitments)

26/05. Disclosures of Interest

    Cllr Allen, an allotment holder, declared a personal interest in any discussion re the
    Cllr Mackrell, chairman of Craven Trust, declared a personal interest in any discussion re
    Craven Trust funding for Marsh Common.

27/05. Minutes of meetings held during May 2005
                                                         th     th
  The minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on 12 & 26 May were proposed as a
                correct record by Cllr Mackrell and signed by the Chairman.
Matters arising:-

    Minute 06/05 Page 953 Affordable Housing. Cllr Allen confirmed that a meeting had been
    arranged for 16 June with KWVR and the Housing Enablers.
    Minute 10/05 Page 954 – Proposed Creation Order of Public Bridleway 278 between
    Bank Lane and Kennel Lane. It was reported that the section was walked by Cllrs
    Hindley, Allen, Cameron and the Clerk on Sunday 15 May. It was agreed that the
    proposed Creation Order was welcomed and the Clerk duly advised Bradford Council.
    Minute 12/05 Page 955 Mainstreaming Crime and Disorder development session. Cllr
    Allen confirmed that the Bradford session did not take place and that neither he nor the
    Clerk had been advised. The matter has been reported to Val Priestley, Organisation and
    Workforce Development Team.

28/05. Reports from Invited Guests
       a) Cllr Chris Brown welcomed Mr Michael Kirby, Head of Development Services,
          Bradford Council. Mr Kirby acknowledged that the PC had raised various
          concerns with the district council. With regard to enforcement the district council
          will try to negotiate a best way forward. In particular the council concentrate on
          ensuring public safety, character of listed buildings and conservation areas are
          maintained. Cllr Brown raised that a condition of approval to improve public
          safety at the junction of Lowertown and Station Road had so far not been
          actioned by Skipton Properties. Mr Kirby agreed to investigate the situation.
          With regard to the planning protocol, Mr Kirby confirmed that it may be necessary
          to produce a separate document for enforcement. Cllr Brown confirmed that
          despite the PC reporting many enforcement cases, very few updates were
              SIGNED ………………………………………………………13th July 2005                                  959

             PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………
           received.      Mr Kirby agreed to raise non communication with individuals
           concerned. As regards to staffing, Mr Kirby confirmed that every planning job
           had been analysed which had identified a number of different ways of working.
           This would in turn free up time for planning officers. In addition, due to the
           phasing out of the Planning Delivery Grant (which was determined on an annual
           basis) it has been necessary to increase planning fees. This change will enable
           the financing of the recruitment of additional support staff. And to overcome staff
           absences due to sickness and peak holiday periods it was hoped to ‘parachute’
           staff in to cover. Other concerns were raised such as the castellated wall
           opposite the Post Office, the need to lower the 25 unit limit for the supply
           affordable housing and the need to keep the site of Perserverence Mill as an
           employment site.
        b) Cllr Peter Hill requested sight of the PC’s proposed enforcement section of the
           planning protocol in order to refer the matter with the Chair of the Planning Panel.
           The Clerk agreed to e-mail the section to Cllr Hill. A reminder to Oxenhope
           landlords was then given by Cllr Hill to ensure their replacement licence
           applications are submitted by August.
        c) PC Sheila Kirkham reported that during the last 3 months there had been road
           traffic collisions on Denholme Road, Hebden Road and Blackmoor Road. Of
           serious concern there had been an indecent exposure in someone’s house. The
           pending move of Keighley Police Station to new premises was regrettably having
           an adverse impact on normal Police duties. On a more positive note the
           Neighbourhood Policing is to be extended, which will necessitate a further 13
           PCSO’s being employed, this will result in a further PCSO being allocated to the
           Worth Valley. The letter to the Superintendent highlighting the need for more
           Police cars to be made available had resulted in successful negotiations with
           Colin Appleyard to sponsor two dedicated vehicles for the Police Community
           team use. The bicycle chained to the road sign on Marsh Lane was reported to
           PC Kirkham who had already had the bicycle inspected in an attempt to trace the
           owner. As the bicycle was not causing an obstruction, no further action was
           proposed. PC Kirkham confirmed that the next Ward Tasking meeting would be
           held at West Lane Methodist Church, Haworth on 23 June.

29/05. Parish Planning
The minutes of the meeting of the steering committee held on 2        June were noted.

30/05. Marsh Common

The previously circulated Clerk’s report was noted and the recommendations which included
that the completed applications to hopefully secure Craven Trust, Barclays Bank Community
& Bradford Council Community Chest funding are brought to the July PC meeting, were

Cllr Mackrell reported that he had spoken to the Lord of the Manor. The Lord of the Manor
had confirmed that he was going to make contact with his solicitor.

31/05. Naming of Street

The previously circulated e-mail written by Cllr Hindley giving suggestions of appropriate
names for the access road from Moorhouse Lane to Hoyle Syke was noted.

That the name of Merrus Gate was proposed by Cllr Hindley and was accepted by a majority

The Clerk agreed to write to the residents concerned.

32/05. Public question time (8:45)

No issues raised.
              SIGNED ………………………………………………………13th July 2005                                   960

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33/05. Planning Applications

  a) The following applications were discussed:
  05/02552/CAC – Replacement of window frames – properties 1-12, 14 and 15 at Charles
  Court Residents Association 1-12, 14 and 15 Charles Court, Station Road. In order to
  provide consistency to the observations submitted re replacement windows at 16 Charles
  Court (05/01648/FUL), the PC agreed that the remaining replacement windows frames at
  Charles Court should be wood.
  05/03426/FUL – Single storey extension to side of dwelling at 9 Tansy End, Leeming
  Although the PC raised no objections in principle to the application, it is requested that the
  fenestration is altered to match existing and that the roof light be removed.
  05/03265/LBC & 05/03261/FUL – Removal of wood porch and rebuild in materials to
  match house at Yate House, Yate Lane. The PC raised no objections.

  b) The following communications received from Department of Transportation, Design
  and Planning were noted:
  Approved application - 04/04929/FUL – Erection of extension to side and alterations to
  licensed premises at Dog & Gun Inn, Long Causeway
  Withdrawn application - 05/00157/FUL – Two detached dwellings with amended siting and
  design at land to the south east of Wycken Dene, Best Lane

34/05. Reports from Parish Councillors

   a) Cllr Tony Maw re the Community Centre / Recreation Ground. It was reported that a
      provisional date of 14 July had been set for the members of Oxenhope Village Hall
      and Recreation Ground Improvement Committee (OHRIC) to meet with the Village
      Hall Trustees and representatives of the PC.
   b) Cllr Tony Maw re Village Hall Conference on 14 May 2005. Cllr Maw’s previously
      circulated report was noted and that WREN funding was being investigated.
   c) Cllr Chris Brown re Lowertown superloo. A recent meeting with Cllr Kris Hopkins had
      confirmed that Bradford Council have a spare superloo and will make it available to
      the PC on the basis that the PC will have to meet the maintenance and insurance
      costs. It was noted that Penistone Hill toilets remain closed and that the matter
      should be referred to Cllr Hill.
   d) Cllr Chris Brown re Oxenhope football pitches. It was confirmed that in order for
      Oxenhope Football Club to meet the league’s requirement for a flat pitch, the bottom
      pitch would need to be extended and improved. Cllr Brown agreed to speak to Mel
      Smith to request a costing. As the Clerk had obtained an entry pack for The People’s
      Millions and that submission of the entry for upto £50,000 worth of funding was
      required by 11 July, it was agreed that the Clerk should complete the entry on behalf
      of the Football Club.
   e) Cllr Derek Allen re Worth Valley Contact Point Management Meeting. It was reported
      that the Countryside Agency funding was coming to the end in August. Members of
      the PC are invited along with representatives from Oakworth and Haworth on 20
      July to an event at the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway to mark the success of the
      Contact Point. More volunteers are sought for Speedwatch. Due to the perceived
      lack of co-ordination a meeting is to be arranged with the co-ordinators of
      Neighbourhood Watch. Display boards and a bubble jet printer have recently been
      purchased. Oakworth Contact Point is due to be up and running by the Autumn.
   f) Cllr Val Smith re Board of School Governors. It was confirmed that the school is now
      fully staffed, and that proposed amalgamations of classes have been advised by
      letter to all parents.
   g) Cllr Reg Hindley re Rights of Way. It was reported that although the abutments of the
      Bridgehouse Beck footbridge had been replaced, it was likely that another contractor
      was awaited to replace the footbridge.
   h) Cllr Brown reported that he had attended the West Yorkshire Rural Forum. A
      presentation relating to a group of farmers in the Pennines improving farming viability
      had been well received and that Cllr Brown proposed to invite the presenter to the
      next YLCA South Pennine’s meeting.

             SIGNED ………………………………………………………13th July 2005                                      961

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35/05. Correspondence

   a) Letter received from Julie Robinson-Joyce re Bradford District Legal Advice Service
      Directory was noted.
   b) Letter received from Clerks & Councils Direct re Market Town agreeing to set up 100
      Parish Council websites totally free of any set-up costs was noted.
   c) Letter received from Andrew George, Senior Archivist, and completed list of the PC’s
      records held at West Yorkshire Archive Service was noted.
   d) Letter received from Alan Mainwaring re concerns raised by the PC with regards to
      current staffing levels at Keighley Planning Office was noted.
   e) Invite received from Loraine Shaw, Civic Affairs Manager, re Service to mark the 60
      Anniversary of the end of the Second World War at Bradford Cathedral on Sunday
      17 July 2005 was noted.
   f) Letter received from Mr & Mrs Lees and e-mail received from Sue Holmes in
      response the PC’s letter to all allotments holders dated 27 May 2005 were noted.
      Cllr Brown volunteered to respond, all in favour.
   g) Letter received from the Co-op in response to Cllr Hindley’s letter expressing the PC’s
      dismay in Oxenhope Co-op selling newspapers and magazines was noted. Cllr
      Mackrell volunteered to respond, all in favour.

36/05. Financial Matters

   a) To authorise the signing of orders for payment

       Treasurer’s Account:
       Walker Office Products   100602 Stationery                           £21.71
       Elaine Pearson           100603 Clerk’s fee & expenses              £480.05
       Allotment’s Account
       Yorkshire Water            D/D      Water rates                      £30.02

          That the orders for payment be signed was proposed by Cllr Brown, all in favour.

   b) To note bank balances

       Treasurers Account:              £490.50
       Hi Interest Account:             £10,000.74

       Allotment Account:               £348.21
       Hi Interest Account:             £2,866.65

       Project Account:                 £4,388.64

          That the accounts for the last month be noted was proposed by Cllr Brown, all in

37/05. Distribution of the Annual Report

   That the Annual Report be hand delivered to each Oxenhope household by the Clerk’s
          suggested member allocations was proposed by Cllr Brown, all in favour.

             SIGNED ………………………………………………………13th July 2005                                  962

             PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………
38/05. Minor items and items for the next agenda

   a) Maintenance of the Oxenhope web-site to be an agenda item for the next monthly
   b) The installation of upvc windows at Sykes Mill to be reported by the Clerk to the
      Enforcement Officer.
   c) The Clerk to check the planning application relating to the Bungalow next to the
      Church re the roof light.

39/05. To note dates, times and venues of the next parish council meetings
     Planning Meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday 23 June 2005 at Oxenhope Methodist

     Monthly Meeting at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 13 July 2005 at Oxenhope Methodist


The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.39 p.m.

             SIGNED ………………………………………………………13th July 2005                            963

             PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………

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