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									Lenny White Bio

                                                      Being one of the newer innovators on
                                                      his instrument, Lenny White has found
                                                      the time to expand and reinvent his
                                                      career by also becoming a great
                                                      producer. His producing talents have
                                                      been sampled by Nancy Wilson, Chaka
                                                      Khan, Diane Reeves, Rachelle Ferelle
                                                      and Marlena Shaw just to name a few
                                                      singers. Chaka Khan was nominated
                                                      for a Best Jazz Vocal Performance
                                                      Grammy as a result of her participation
                                                      on Lenny’s critically acclaimed “Echoes
                                                      Of An Era” project. He’s also produced
                                                      projects for Pieces Of A Dream, the
                                                      late great Grover Washington, Gato
                                                      Barbieri, Wayne Shorter, Wallace
                                                      Roney and hip-hop artist Big Daddy
Kane. Not only has Lenny played with virtually everybody in the music business, he’s also
managed to stay in touch with numerous innovative musicians, helping create some of the most
influential music of the past three decades.

Along with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Al Di Meola he helped define Jazz-Fusion with the
Grammy Award winning group, Return To Forever. With fellow Jamaica Boy band member and
great producer Marcus Miller, Lenny co-scored the music for Reginald Hudlin’s critical and
financially successful film House Party. Additionally, Lenny had a hand in the soundtrack for
Spike Lee’s film School Daze.

Alternating between drummer and producer and always on the cutting edge of the music scene,
Lenny has been continually pushing the musical envelope. 1968 was the year the great Jackie
McLean asked an 18 year old Lenny to be a part of his band. The two drummers Jackie had
employed right before Lenny were Tony Williams and Jack DeJohnette. Everyone said Miles
Davis was next. In 1999, Lenny celebrated 30 years in the recording industry being baptized in
1969 as a teenager on the landmark recording Bitches Brew with Miles Davis. That recording
helped change the face of music for the next 30 years. He was also on trumpeter Freddie
Hubbard’s famous RED CLAY along with greats Herbie Hancock, the late great Joe Henderson
and Ron Carter. Lenny has been a part of more than a few landmark recordings. He’s recorded
eleven albums as a leader and has toured Europe, The Far East and The U.S. with his own
bands. Recently Lenny has participated in a number of Lecture /performance panels at The
Harvard Law School and Columbia University discussing the new directions of Jazz and Hip-Hop
and the effects they have on our culture. Whether it’s as a drummer, producer or composer, we
know innovation and excellence are words synonymous with Lenny White.

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Discography                                            1976 Aurora/Total Tom Harrell Drums
                                                       1976 Caliente! Gato Barbieri Drums
                                                       1976 Elegant Gypsy Al DiMeola Drums
1975   Venusian Summer Nemperor
                                                       1976 Hear and Now Don Cherry Drums
1977   Big City Nemperor
                                                       1976 Jaco Pastorius Jaco Pastorius Drums
1978   Steamline Elektra
                                                       1976 Jezebel Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Guitar
1978   The Adventures of Astral Pirates Elektra
                                                       1976 Land of the Midnight Sun Al DiMeola Drums
1980   29 Elektra
                                                       1976 Romantic Warrior Return to Forever Conga,
1995   Present Tense Hip Bop/Koch
                                                      Cymbals, Drums, Timbales, Bells, Tympani [Timpani],
1996   Renderers of Spirit Hip Bop Essence
                                                      Drums (Snare), Assistant Producer, Handbells,
1999   Edge Hip Bop Essence
                                                      Suspended Cymbals, Alarm Clock
2004   Tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire Trauma
                                                       1976 School Days Stanley Clarke Drums
                                                       1976 Sit on It! Jimmy Smith Drums
                                                       1977 Arabesque John Klemmer Drums
                                                       1977 Big City Lenny White Synthesizer, Bass, Piano,
                                                      Arranger, Conga, Drums, Keyboards, Timbales, Moog
                                                      Synthesizer, Producer, Oberheim, Horn Arrangements,
                                                      Roto Toms, Announcer, Mini Moog, Arp Strings, Moog
1967 Milestone Years Joe Henderson Drums
 1969 Bitches Brew Miles Davis Drums
                                                       1977 Don't Stop the Music Brecker Bros. Drums
 1969 Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (August 1969-
                                                       1977 Majesty Music Miroslav Vitous Drums
February Miles Davis Drums
                                                       1978 Adventures of Astral Pirates Lenny White
 1969 Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (August 1969-
                                                      Synthesizer, Bass, Percussion, Arranger, Drums,
February Miles Davis Drums
                                                      Keyboards, Producer, Concept, Syndrum
 1970 Best of Freddie Hubbard [Columbia] Freddie
                                                       1978 Ruby, Ruby Gato Barbieri Drums
Hubbard Drums
                                                       1978 Steamline Lenny White Bass, Percussion,
 1970 Blackstone Legacy Woody Shaw Drums
                                                      Drums, Keyboards, Producer, Soloist
 1970 If You're Not Part of the Problem.... Joe
                                                       1978 Tribute to Monk and Bird Heiner Stadler Drums
Henderson Drums
                                                       1979 Adrenalin David Bendeth Drums
 1970 In Pursuit of Blackness Joe Henderson Drums
                                                       1979 Best of Friends Lenny White Synthesizer,
 1970 Joe Henderson Quintet at the Lighthouse Joe
                                                      Bass, Percussion, Drums, Keyboards, Producer
Henderson Drums
                                                       1979 Brazilia John Klemmer Drums
 1970 Red Clay [Bonus Track] Freddie Hubbard
                                                       1979 Perspective Stefan Grossman/Steve Grossman
                                                      Bongos, Drums
 1970 Red Clay Freddie Hubbard Drums
                                                       1979 Urban Express Michal Urbaniak Percussion,
 1970 Tetragon/In Pursuit of Blackness Joe
                                                      Drums, Keyboards, Producer
Henderson Drums
                                                       1980 29 Lenny White Bass, Drums, Keyboards
 1971 Fenix Gato Barbieri Drums
                                                       1980 Best of John Klemmer, Vol. 1: Mosaic John
 1972 Azteca Azteca Drums, Vocals
                                                      Klemmer Drums
 1972 Caravanserai Santana Percussion, Castanets
                                                       1980 Twennynine With Lenny White Twennynine With
 1972 Children of Forever Stanley Clarke Drums,
                                                      Lenny White Synthesizer, Percussion, Drums, Vocals,
 1972 Compact Jazz: Chick Corea Chick Corea
                                                       1981 Double Rainbow Terumasa Hino Drums,
 1972 For Those Who Chant Luis Gasca Drums
                                                       1981 Fuse One Fuse One Drums
 1972 Return to the Seventh Galaxy: The Anthology
                                                       1981 Just Like Dreamin' Twennynine With Lenny
Return to Forever Percussion, Bongos, Conga, Drums,
                                                      White Producer
                                                       1981 Magic Sylvia Saint James Producer
 1973 Brains on Fire Heiner Stadler Drums
                                                       1982 Best of Pieces of a Dream Pieces of a Dream
 1973 Crankin' Curtis Fuller Drums
                                                      Synthesizer, Arranger, Producer
 1973 Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Return to Forever
                                                       1982 Griffith Park Collection, Vol. 2 Griffith Park
Percussion, Bongos, Conga, Drums
                                                      Collection Drums
 1973 Legend of Gato Barbieri Gato Barbieri Drums
                                                       1982 Griffith Park Collection Griffith Park Collection
 1973 Pyramid of the Moon Azteca Drums
 1973 Realization Eddie Henderson Drums
                                                       1982 Touchstone Chick Corea Drums
 1974 Cosmic Vortex Weldon Irvine Drums
                                                       1983 Funky Beat Bernard Wright Percussion, Drums,
 1974 Polar AC Freddie Hubbard Drums
                                                      Producer, Mixing
 1974 Where Have I Known You Before Return to
                                                       1985 Best of Return to Forever Return to Forever
Forever Percussion, Bongos, Conga, Drums
 1975 Journey to Love Stanley Clarke Drums
                                                       1985 Best of the Blue Note Years Michel Petrucciani
 1975 No Mystery Return to Forever Percussion,
Conga, Drums, Marimba
                                                       1985 I Must Not Be Kinky Tin Harris Drums,
 1975 Venusian Summer Lenny White Synthesizer,
Bass, Piano, Arranger, Drums, Gong, Keyboards,
                                                       1986 Illusions Eliane Elias Drums
Marimba, Clavinet, Producer, Tympani [Timpani],
                                                       1986 Joyride Pieces of a Dream Percussion,
Drums (Snare), Wood Block, Roto Toms, Mini Moog,
                                                      Arranger, Producer, Synthesizer Programming
Arp 2600, Suspended Cymbals

                                     Jim Wadsworth Productions
                      Steve Frumkin 330.405.9075 wadsworthjazz@sbcglobal.net
                         Jim Wadsworth 216.721.5624 jwadsworth@aol.com
 1987 Denon Jazz Sampler, Vol. 2 Various Artists       1995 Essence of Funk Various Artists Drums,
Drums                                                  Producer
 1987 Fuse One [Japan] Fuse One Drums                  1995 GRP Christmas Collection, Vol. 2 Various Artists
 1987 Obsession Bob James Drum Programming             Arranger, Producer
 1987 School Daze [EMI] Original Soundtrack            1995 Keeper of the Spirit Charles Fambrough Drums
Producer                                               1995 Move to Groove: The Best of 1970s Jazz-Funk
 1988 Fire and Passion Gato Barbieri Drums             Various Artists Drums
 1988 In Touch Amina Claudine Myers Producer           1995 Power Forward Wayman Tisdale Drums
 1989 City of Dreams Gil Goldstein Drums               1995 Present Tense Lenny White Percussion,
 1989 Complete Recordings Fuse One Drums               Arranger, Drums, Keyboards, Programming, Orchestra,
 1989 First Instrument Rachelle Ferrell Drums,         Producer
Producer                                               1995 Primal Blue Kenny Burrell/Ron Carter/Tim
 1989 Music Michel Petrucciani Drums                   Hagans/Crai Drums, Producer
 1989 Spendel Spendel Drums, Rhythm                    1996 Billboard Hot R&B Hits 1980 Various Artists
Arrangements                                           Performer
 1990 Manhattan Project Various Artists Drums          1996 Essence All Stars Various Artists Producer
 1990 Party in the Basement Pete Levin Drums           1996 Hub Art: A Celebration of the Music of Freddie
 1990 Rejoice Bob Baldwin Drums                        Hubbar Freddy Hubbard Drums, Producer
 1990 Spendel Christoph Spendel Drums, Rhythm          1996 Miles 2 Go Mark Ledford Drums, Keyboards,
Arrangements                                           Drum Programming
 1991 Draped Chris Bender                              1996 Mosaic: The Best of John Klemmer John
Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Supervising Producer     Klemmer Drums
 1991 La La Means I Love You! La La Keyboards,         1996 Mr. X Jason Miles Arranger, Keyboards, Drum
Drum Programming                                       Programming
 1991 Look Straight Ahead Straight Ahead               1996 Renderers of Spirit Lenny White Organ,
Synthesizer, Arranger, Drums, Producer                 Arranger, Cymbals, Drums, Keyboards, Programming,
 1991 Manhattan Project [Video/DVD] Various Artists    Producer
Drums, Musical Director                                1996 Set 'Em Up Tony Purrone Drums
 1991 Voyce Boxing Voyce Boxing Drums,                 1996 Some Aspects of Water Geri Allen Drums
Keyboards, Programming, Producer                       1996 Street Jams: Back 2 the Old Skool, Vol. 1
 1992 Classic Jazz-Funk, Vol. 3 [Mastercuts] Various   Various Artists Performer
Artists Performer                                      1996 This Is Jazz, Vol. 12 Return to Forever Drums,
 1992 Manhattan Man Michal Urbaniak Drums              Tympani [Timpani], Drums (Snare)Balance Engineer
 1992 Meltdown: The Birth of Fusion Various Artists    1997 Blue Patches Michael Stewart Drums, Producer
Drums                                                  1997 CTI: Acid Jazz Grooves Various Artists Drums
 1992 Meltdown: The Birth of Fusion Various Artists    1997 Hot Jazz Biscuits Various Artists Arranger,
Drums                                                  Drums, Programming, Timbales, Producer, Performer,
 1992 Milky Way Milky Way Percussion, Drums            Drum Programming
1992 Next Future Eddie Gomez Drums                     1997 Maximum Club Classics, Vol. 1 Various Artists
 1992 Trust The Universe Rachel Z Drums                Producer, Performer
 1993 Acoustic Masters II Bobby Hutcherson Drums,      1997 Porter for Sale Various Artists Drums
Producer                                               1997 This Is Jazz, Vol. 25 Freddie Hubbard
 1993 Acoustic Masters I Charles Lloyd Producer        1997 This Is Jazz, Vol. 31 Al DiMeola
 1993 Body & Soul Straight Ahead Arranger, Drums,      1997 Village Wallace Roney Drums, Producer
Rhythm, Producer                                       1998 Endless Miles: A Tribute to Miles Davis Various
 1993 Compact Jazz: The Seventies Chick Corea          Artists Drums
Drums                                                  1998 Gathering Geri Allen Drums
 1993 Remembering North Kenneth Sivertsen Drums        1998 Hipbop 'N' Funk Various Artists Drums,
 1993 Sun Don't Lie Marcus Miller Percussion, Drums    Keyboards, Producer, Performer
 1994 Essence of Al DiMeola Al DiMeola Drums           1998 Live & More Marcus Miller Drums
 1994 Friday Night At the Village Vanguard Michael     1998 Minh Chris Minh Doky Drums
Urbaniak Quartet Drums                                 1998 One on One Phyllis Hyman Drums
 1994 Phat Trax: The Best of Old School, Vol. 1        1998 Secrets Tricia Tahara Drums, Producer, Mixing
Various Artists Performer                              1998 Somewhere Along the Way Buster Williams
 1994 Phat Trax: The Best of Old School, Vol. 1        Drums
Various Artists Performer                              1999 Best of the Early Years Gato Barbieri Drums
 1994 Tales Marcus Miller Drums                        1999 Edge Lenny White Percussion, Drums,
 1994 Urbanator Urbanator Percussion, Arranger,        Programming, Producer, Horn Arrangements
Drums, Programming, Producer, Group Member             1999 Hip Bop'N Smooth Various Artists Arranger,
 1994 World Tour Jason Miles Drums, Keyboards          Drums, Keyboards, Timbales, Producer, Performer
 1995 Afro Cubano Chant Various Artists Drums,         1999 In Pursuit of Blackness/Black Is the Color Joe
Timbales, Producer                                     Henderson
 1995 All Day Thumbsucker Revisited Various Artists    1999 Jazz That's Easy Various Artists Drums,
Drums                                                  Producer, Performer
 1995 Alone George Garzone Drums                       1999 Street Jams: Back 2 the Old Skool [Box] Various
 1995 Chartbusters! Various Artists Drums              Artists Performer
 1995 Da Funk Various Artists Performer                1999 Vertú Vertú Drums, Producer
 1995 Electric Anthology Al DiMeola Drums              1999 Wonderful World of Cease A Leo [Clean] Lil'
                                                       Cease Sampling
                                    Jim Wadsworth Productions
                     Steve Frumkin 330.405.9075 wadsworthjazz@sbcglobal.net
                        Jim Wadsworth 216.721.5624 jwadsworth@aol.com
2000 Anthology Al Di Meola Drums                        2003 Complete Jack Johnson Sessions Miles Davis
2000 Best of Marcus Miller Marcus Miller Percussion,   Drums
Drums, Vocals                                           2003 Dreyfus Night in Paris Various Artists Drums
2000 Black Box of Jazz [Millenia] Various Artists       2003 Easy Does It Javon Jackson Drums, Producer
2000 Concerts Inedits Michel Petrucciani Drums          2003 Echoes of an Era Chaka Khan Drums,
2000 Gato Barbieri's Finest Hour Gato Barbieri         Producer, Reissue Coordination
Drums                                                   2003 Happiness Heartaches Brian Auger's Oblivion
2000 Ken Burns Jazz Miles Davis Percussion             Express Percussion, Drums, Assistant
2000 No Room for Argument Wallace Roney Drums          2003 N-Coded Music Presents, Vol. 3: Smooth Urban
2000 On the One Sammy Peralta Producer, Mixing         Keys Various Artists Producer
2000 One Day in October Kenneth Sivertsen Drums         2003 Passing Ships Andrew Hill Drums
2000 Smooth and Straight Various Artists Drums,         2003 Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology Jaco
Producer                                               Pastorius Drums
2000 Smooth Jazz for the Open Road Various Artists      2003 Stone Jazz Stone Jazz Drums
Performer                                               2003 Timeless Eliane Elias Eliane Elias Drums
2000 Tic Code Original Score Drums                      2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium
2000 Until We Meet Again: Napúa Davoy Sings the        Collection: The Gato Barbieri Drums
Music of A Napúa Davoy Drums                            2004 Contemporary Records Story Various Artists
2000 World of Drums And Percussion, Vol. 2 Various     Drums
Artists Drums, Producer                                 2004 CTI Master Collection, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2001 Houdini Buster Williams Trio Drums                Drums
2001 M² [Limited Edition] Marcus Miller Percussion,     2004 Dreyfus Night in Paris Marcus Miller/Michel
Synthesizer Bass                                       Petrucciani Drums
2001 M² Marcus Miller Percussion, Synthesizer Bass      2004 Essential Jazz Collection Various Artists
2001 New York City After Hours Various Artists         Producer
Drums                                                   2004 Giants of Jazz: Samba Bossa Nova Various
2001 That's Right Victor Bailey Drums                  Artists Drums
2001 Unbreakable Heart Sue Maskaleris Drums,            2004 Griot Liberte Buster Williams Drums
Commentary                                              2004 Guitar & Bass Jaco Pastorius Drums
2002 Charles Fambrough Live at Zanzibar Blue            2004 Live at the Village Vanguard Freddie Hubbard
Charles Fambrough Drums                                Drums
2002 Classic Blue Note Recordings Wayne Shorter         2004 Shades Beyond Dave Stryker Drums
Drums, Producer                                         2004 Tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire The Lenny White
2002 Flying Dutchman Anthology Various Artists         Project Arranger, Drums, Producer
Drums                                                   2004 Trios Freddie Hubbard Drums
2002 Freewheelin' Various Artists Drums                 2004 Undercover [Hip Bop] Various Artists
2002 Jazz for Singers and Dreamers Various Artists     Percussion, Arranger, Drums, Keyboards,
Drums, Original Recording Producer                     Programming, Producer
2002 Ken Burns Jazz, Vol. 2 Various Artists Conga       2004 Very Best Of Chick Corea Percussion, Conga,
2002 Lenny White Collection Lenny White Arranger,      Drums, Marimba
Drums, Keyboards, Programming, Timbales, Producer,      2005 Anthology - The Soul-Jazz Fusion Years: 66-82
Synthesizer Programming                                Freddie Hubbard Drums
2002 Love Affair in Paris Buddy Montgomery All Star     2005 Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey & Lenny White Larry
Group Drums                                            Coryell Drums
2002 Soul Spectrum: Radio Sessions Greg Edwards         2005 Mosaic Select Andrew Hill Drums
Performer                                                  Nemporer Line Various Artists Producer, Performer
2002 Stardust Ron Carter Drums                             Pay Check Working Week Percussion
2002 Tom Browne Collection Tom Browne Arranger,           Somethin' Else Rachelle Ferrell Drums, Producer
Drums, Producer                                            Vaneese Thomas Vaneese Thomas Drum
2002 Tom Joyner's Old School Mix Returns Various       Programming
Artists Performer

                                    Jim Wadsworth Productions
                     Steve Frumkin 330.405.9075 wadsworthjazz@sbcglobal.net
                        Jim Wadsworth 216.721.5624 jwadsworth@aol.com

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