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					                                     Joan Marie Kelly
                                          (65) 81260134
                                      96 Nanyang Crescent
                                     02-10 Nanyang Meadows
                                        Singapore 637664

Joan Kelly has been living in Singapore for over three years, teaching painting and drawing at Nanyang
Technological University, School of Art Design and Media. While in the USA besides painting many mural
commissions, selling and exhibiting her work, she also founded and directed an art studio for adults with
disabilities. This studio is still successful today. Her introduction to Asia began in 1986 when she traveled
to Indonesia carrying the pictures, letters and money from Indonesia foreign workers in New York to
their families on Java. Presently, this thread has continued through her portraits of Singaporeans on the
fringes of society. She has painted prostitutes, foreign workers, and maids. The paintings are pictures of
real people as well as “sociological memoirs” with references to her observations and her own life infused
in the story. Sexuality, sensual pleasures, miscommunication, and power struggles all come to the
forefront when engaged in Joan’s work. NYC Art Critic, Barbara Grossman writes,”This series of
paintings is holding up to the viewer and to the Western artist herself, the plight of most of the people in
the world. The research, which entails spending time with her models in their environment and being
able to communicate her interest, is unique; to be completely in the world of those who she paints, Joan
pays them a fair wage. As an artist she is empathetic with a person’s decisions and fate.”

 2003-2005                 Masters of Fine Arts, Western Connecticut State University,
                                            Concentration: Painting studying with Margaret Grimes,
                                            Marjorie Portnow, Ruth Miller, James McGarrell, Suzanne
                                            Coffey, Salina Trieff, Stanley Lewis, John Moore
  1993                    Bachelors of Fine Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art Concentration:
                                            painting, Magna Cum Laude
 1998-1988                Traditional Chinese painting with Diana Kan
 1987                     Studio Art School of the Aegean, on Samos, Greece Studied with Ruth
                                            Miller,Andrew Forge, and Jim Lechey
 1984                     Woodstock School of Art, studied with Robert Angeloch
 1981-1983                National Academy of Design, New York, NY. Studied Sculpture with Jerry
 1979-1986                The Art Students League of New York, studied painting, drawing and
                                             printmaking with Ted Seth Jacobs, Robert Beverly Hale,
                                             and Michael Ponce de Leon

Recent Awards
 2007                      41K NTU Start-Up Grant, Singapore Hero’s and Idols
 2005                                    RCC Grant under 5K Nanyang Technological University

 Erotic Wonders: The private collection of erotic art of Naomi Wilzig, Published by Miss Naomi
 international, LLC Box 1421 Lutz Flordia
Recent Exhibitions
2008 Nov.              Solo Exhibition “Reflex” University Sains Museum Penang Malaysia
2008 Oct.              International Drawing Biennial Pilsen Czech Rep. Juried Competition,
2008 Apr.              Duel Exhibition    “ Influx” Joan Kelly and Eileen Reynolds Post Museum,
2007 May               Duel Exhibition Basheer Gallery, Singapore Joan Kelly & Phillip Baldwin
2006 Jul.              Group Exhibition Burren College of Art, Ireland
2006                   Group Exhibition “14 Emerging Artists” Prince Street Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2005                   Group Exhibition “Small Works” Blue Mountain Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2005                   Group Exhibition “Tour de Clay” Invitational exhibition
                                          Maryland Institute College of Art curator: Ron Lang

Conferences, Workshops
Oct. 2008                Workshop: Drawing into Painting, Sains University Museum
Oct. 2008              Conference: International Drawing Biennial Pilsen Czech Rep.
                        “Survival of the Artist in Singapore
Feb. 2008              Tile Workshop: Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, O Level School, Singapore
Sept. 2007             Conference: Migrating University, Presentation of my research
                       Goldsmiths, University of London UK, Cultural Studies Dept. John Hutnyk
Mar. 2007              Drawing Workshop, ASTI School of Culture and Performance Bandung,

Sains University Museum
World Erotic Museum 1205 Washington Ave., South Beach, Florida. USA
Will Barnet: Artist, New York, NY.
Kidder Peabody: New York, NY.
Diana Kan: Artist New York, NY.
Lady Jane Ashley: New York, NY.
Marla Hanson: New York, NY.

Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media
July 2005-
2005-2008 Foundation Studies Coordinator, Drawing, Writing Curriculum in coordination with
           Foundation Studies
2008       Exhibition Committee
2008       Liaison between The Art School and The Engineering School on new interdisciplinary

Teaching Assistant
2003- 2005 Masters In Fine Arts Western Connecticut University USA
200 4      Teaching Assistant: lithography Prof. Rosalie Appel
200 4      Teaching Assistant: Painting I Marjorie Portnow
2 2004     Naugatuck Valley Community College: Connecticut, taught a two week intensive class
           Ceramics, mono printing painting and drawing
2003-2004 Art Teacher Hudson Valley Montessori School: infant-twelve year olds
Studio Art Coordinator
Keswick Multi Care Center
Baltimore, Maryland USA
            I created an art studio for disabled adults from the ground up. I designed the mission
            statement, and philosophy. I directed fund raising, hired staff, purchased equipment.
            The students were people off all types of severe physical disabilities. I curated
            exhibitions, including “Dreams” at City Hall, Baltimore Maryland. I also had an out reach
            program where I involved the children from the local shelter to work with the disabled
            adults as artist assistants.

Educational Outreach
Mitchell Gallery: St. John’s College
Annapolis, Maryland USA
1995-1997           I designed the educational outreach tours and hands on activities for each
                   exhibition in the Mitchell Gallery
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York USA
1987-1989        Medieval Collection at the Cloisters. Audio/visual and kinesthetic learning
                modes-students of all ages- topic: museums’ collection and architecture.

Art Commissions

2000-2001               Rose Restaurant: Maryland, USA. Architect Frank Grant, eighteen still life
                        paintings in oil
2000                    Brooklyn Park Middle School: Maryland, USA. Architectural firm: Grimm
                        and Parker, three murals in acrylic, 48’ x 10’, 24’ x 38’, 2’ x 30’ 25K
2000                    Belvedere Hotel Baltimore: Maryland, USA. Murals in twelve rosettes of
                        30” x 24” Theme: the nine muses of arts and sciences 10K
1999                     Baltimore, Maryland USA. Gould Architect, PA: series of fire place tiles
1999                    Law Office of Jeffrey Hinze: Baltimore, Maryland USA series of five murals
1998                    Montebello Elementary School: Baltimore City 1% for art USA, mural in oil
                         5” x 25’ 20K
1997                    Sons of Italy: Baltimore, USA mural in oils 6.5’ x 25’ 10K
1995                    The cookie tray for Pope John Paul during his trip to Baltimore, Maryland

December Research Plans/ semester break

December 2008 I will be continuing my research in the brothels of Kolkata India. I have just spent 5
weeks drawing the female sex workers. Dr. Bhaskar Mukhopadyay of Goldsmiths, University of
London and are now seeking funding for our work.