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									          Minutes of the Port Stephens Interagency Meeting

                           Tuesday 12th May 2009

                           Port Stephens Council

Stacey Diemar welcomed all and announced the apologies received.
Mark Dewhurst                PSFSS, Tilligerry Network Project
Kylie Tull                   Raymond Terrace Centrelink
Gail Hafey                   Centrelink, Nelson Bay
Natasha Kramanic-Trojah      Centrelink
Robyn Goodman                Centrelink
Lesley Forth                 Salvation Army, Employment Plus
Dyan Thais                   Beacon Foundation
Meeka O’Connor               Department of Housing
Becky Anne O’Leary           Lifestyle Solutions
Nicholle Thomas              Defence Community Organisation
Rose Oku                     Northern Settlement Services
Sharon Taylor                Birra-Li, Birthing Services, HNE Health
Ebony Eulo                   Birra-Li, Birthing Services, HNE Health
Sharon Grunwald              Birra-Li, Birthing Services, HNE Health
Belinda Brown                Port Stephens Children’s Services
Susan Neuner-                Tilligerry Health Project
Andrew Hunter                Department of Community Services
Chloe Beevers                Port Stephens Council
Richard Dash                 Hunter Tenants Advice
Lyn Vatner                   Yacaaba Centre, Information & Counselling

Cr Sally Dover, PSC, Gail Crawford, TSF, Joanne Chater, TNC, Sue Pollock, PSFSS,
Karen Patterson, Samaritans, Barbara Bing, NSS, Corrine Gatehouse, Thou-Walla FC,
Lee Silver, Kup-Poon-Dee, Carolyn Parsons, Local Support Co-ordinator, Joan Gillis,
Hunter Women’s Centre, Kristy Durand, Catholic Care, Wendy Birrell, SPACE Project,
Helen Marquez, The Benevolent Society, Jonathon Holt, Health ONE Raymond
Terrace - HNEH

The minutes from the March meeting were accepted as accurate.

The minutes can be located on the Council website. Click on the ‘Community
Services’ link in the left menu, then the ‘Port Stephens Interagency Network’ link
below that. There you will find all previous documents, members, details on how to
become a new member and the ‘calendar of events’ which is open to the public to
add to.

Outstanding actions from previous minutes –
Fatalities/near misses on Port Stephens roads. A letter of concern will be issued to
the State Minister RTA, RTA Hunter Region Manager and Craig Baumann, Minister
Port Stephens, highlighting incidents, mitigating factors, and potential solutions and
request a response recommended solutions, and
Port Stephens does have a Transport Forum that includes Interagency members. We
need to discuss the issues and develop a closer working relationship in order to find
solutions to the transport issues. Discuss communications options with Steve
Warham, MOT

Guest Speaker 1: Dyan Thais – Beacon Foundation, NSW Coordinator
The Beacon Foundation There are 105 schools
involved with Beacon across Australia, with 20 schools in the Hunter Region. Aim of
increasing school numbers to 200 by 2011. Disadvantaged schools in low socio-
economic areas are targeted. Tomaree was the pilot school in this area. The
Foundation is in its 21st year, first started in Hobart where the head office is still
located. The ‘No Dole’ program has won PM awards and targets kids leaving school
early (13-19 years) and following in their parents footsteps. Schools join the
programs through an application process and they must be committed and have
good links with the local community, council and industry. Year 10 students are the
primary focus. They hold a signature event once a year where the students sign a No
Dole charter and it has become a community event. Their main interest is youth
unemployment. The Foundation is support by Corporate Australia and receives no
Government funding.

Guest Speaker 2: Mark Dewhurst – Port Stephens Family Support
Mark showed a DVD on the Service including staff and community interviews.
The Port Stephens Family Support Service is an indigenous service provided often by
non-indigenous staff. They do not describe themselves as ‘experts’ in culture. The
service has many working partnerships with indigenous organisations.
The C4C information pack is available at a reduced price for people in the Port
Stephens area at $15 which is less than the cost of production. Contact Pam.

Guest Speaker 3: Chloe Beevers – New Cultural Planning Officer, Port
Stephens Council

The Cultural Fund for this year is opening soon for new applications. There is $10,000
available in each of the Council wards.
The Draft Cultural Plan has been on exhibition and will now be reviewed. It is still
available on the Council website. It is made up of what the community values.


InterAgency survey/evaluation
InterAgency is continually growing. We must look at the way the information is being
managed. Stacey is designing an anonymous online survey which will be emailed
soon. The committee was polled and most open, read and print the information that
is emailed to them. In future, if you would like anything included in the weekly
emails, there will be a deadline of 2 weeks prior, especially for events.

Community Directory Update
The Interagency Members list needs to be updated, please do so over the next few
months. If you are not on the list there is a simple way to gain access. Go to the
Community Directory page located under Community Services on Council’s website.
There is a comprehensive training manual and a walk through document to get you
started. If you have any problems you can contact the Council’s IT Department who
can help with your username and password.

InterAgency Tour of Significant PS Aboriginal Sites
The Committee has a $500 budget and training/events. The tour is a high priority.
This year we will have to charge a small fee. It is a whole day event and lunch is
provided. Andrew Smith will be the guide and the tour will be organised for after the
winter months.

Service Mapping
There is a report including mapping available on Council’s website. The maps can
give an up to date and concise summary of services.
Under the Business & Community heading on the home page, click Port Stephens
Community Profile. Here you will find specific area information including ABS
The ABS website can also provide social maps for every census questions.

Terms of Reference
The Committee’s Terms of Reference require a ‘massage’.
There are 190 recipients on the email list. We need to be careful when
sending/passing on information. It is not a tool to advertise businesses.

Woods Report Overview – Andrew Hunter, DOCS
The Woods Report on Child Protection was handed down in November 2008. A
whole of Government response was formulated and titled Keep Them Safe, available
on DOCS and various Govt Agency websites. It gives a structure for what’s happening
now and support for the legislation.
Amendments to the legislation have been proposed.

Child Wellbeing Units are being assessed. Changes to whether reports are made to
DOCS or another agency.
DOCS is focussing on reporting and risk. Working under current legislation and new
guidelines and being developed.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Service Reports/Updates

Susan Neuner – Primary Health Nurse
Now able to provide health checks 3 days a fortnight as the funding has been
increased. Sending out a weekly newsletter. Will investigate health checks for
InterAgency members.

Nicholle Thomas – DCO
Support for Defence members and their families.

Rose Oku – Northern Settlement Services
Replaces Mohammed. Advocating for migrant and refugees who are settling in the
area including Singleton/Cessnock/Lake Macquarie. Rose undertakes case and group
work and is current waiting for funding. The Citizen grant program and four others
are finishing soon.

Natasha – Centrelink
Social Worker for Centrelink in the Raymond Terrace and Nelson Bay areas. The
focus is on domestic violence, youth at risk and mental health. Can provide crisis
intervention and brief case work.
Part of the Suicide Prevention team which is launching officially in September. They
have a face to face provision at Raymond Terrace and Salamander Bay as well as a
daily telephone service (intake line) which operates from 8.30-9am.

Providing telephone advice on private and public housing and community education.

Robin – Centrelink
From Kurri-Kurri-Cessnock-Muswellbrook-Karuah. Reconciliation week is in May and
Naidoc week in June.

Kylie Tull – Centrelink, Raymond Terrace
New manager for Raymond Terrace. Kylie has been with the organisation for 13
years in a variety of areas. Centrelink can provide help with funding for community
events. Applications are due by 16 June. Over $100,000 was funded across Australia
last year.

Jodie Cassar – Centrelink, Nelson Bay
Working with a strong focus on community engagement. Families Week this year
includes a ‘draw your family’ competition. Open to ages 1 to 16. The results will be
on display at the Raymond Terrace and Tomaree libraries. Art supply prizes will be
award to age brackets 3-7, 8-10 and 10-15.

Meeka O’Connor-     Dept of Housing
Meeka is in a Community Development Position. Covering East Cessnock/Western/
Raymond Terrace and Woodberry.

Karen – Port Stephens Childcare
PSCC requires more client for the linen exchange and more funding for aboriginal
services who those over 45 or who have a disability.

Ebony – Aboriginal Health Worker, Birra-li
Works alongside maternity nurses. The service provides all home visiting and care for
children from birth to up to 8 years of age. Funding will role out in other LGA’s
including Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. Ebony has started a women’s craft group
which is hoped to develop into a wisdom group. They are making covers for the
neonatal care unit out of aboriginal artwork fabric sourced from Alice Springs. The
project will be ongoing as they have had many requests. The group meets on
Wednesday afternoons.

Chloe Beevers – Cultural Planning Officer, Port Stephens Council
It is planned to turn the Councils mezzanine space into a gallery with a program of
exhibitions already planned. An Expression of Interest is being issued. The wall will
be painted white and it will be promoted as the Port Stephens Art Gallery. Theme
days/weeks/months etc will be considered. Apply under the cultural fund for a
project then complete an EOI for the gallery time.

                                  NEXT MEETING

                           Tuesday 12th May 2009
                  Port Stephens Council Committee Rooms
                              10 am – 12 noon

Please contact Stacey for more info:

Stacey Diemar
Community Development & Planning Officer
Port Stephens Council

Phone: 4980 0288
Mobile: 0419 613035

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Interagency Network Information.


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