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					                                         Saint Joseph Parish
                                 173 Albion Street, Wakefield MA 01880
                                        Second Sunday of Easter

Sunday Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil Mass
   4:00 PM
Sunday Mass
   7:30 AM,
   9:00 AM (Family Liturgy)
   11:00 AM, 5:30 PM
Daily Mass Schedule
Monday - Friday Mass
   6:45 AM, 9:00 AM
Saturday Mass
   9:00 AM
Chapel Hours
   7:00 AM - Midnight
   Adoration-10:00AM - Midnight
   (Weds 10:00 AM-6:00 PM)
Parish Holy Hour Every Sunday:
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday 3:00 to 3:45 PM or in the
rectory by appointment.
During Lent: Wed 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Pastoral Team
Fr. Ron Barker, Pastor
Fr. Jim Wenzel, OSA, Visitor
Merry Nordeen, Administrative Assist.
Rose Dittmer, Faith Formation
Angelique Bolduc, Music Dir.
Anne Grant, Adult Choir Dir.
Maureen Miller, Bulletin Editor
Caleb, Parish Dog
Phone: 781-245-5770
Religious Education
Elizabeth Collins, Grade 2
Sharon Keith, Grades 3-8
Julie DiAngelis, Grade 9, Youth Min.
Fr. Ron Barker, Grade 10
Merry Nordeen, Administration
Saint Joseph School
15 Gould Street
Dr. Joseph Sullivan, Principal
Alayne Flynn, Administrator                   Alleluia! He is Risen!
Phone: 781-245-2081

                                             April 11, 2010
St. Joseph Parish, Wakefield, MA        April 11, 2010      Second Sunday of Easter

 Dear Parishioners,

 May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

                                     God love you,
                                           Fr. Ron

St. Joseph Parish, Wakefield, MA     April 11, 2010                       Second Sunday of Easter

        Reflection of the Week

                                                               HOLY HOUR
                                                      A time of quiet music & reflection
                                                            Sunday 7:00-8:00 p.m.

                                                            PRAYER GROUP
                                                 Hour of praise and charismatic prayer
                                                           Monday 7:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                              BIBLE CLASS
                                                      Scripture Reading and Discussion
                                                          Tuesday 7:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                              HEALING MASS
                                                            Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
                                                       HEALING SOAKING PRAYER
                                                         Come meet us to pray for healing
                                                             Thursday 2:00 p.m.

                            SCRIPTURAL TEACHING

St. Joseph Parish, Wakefield, MA                April 11, 2010                        Second Sunday of Easter

                                   Teachings on Spiritual Life:

               DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY                            MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES
                       April 11, 2010
                          Schedule                                   NURSING HOME MINISTRY
              Adoration: 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.                St. Joseph’s parishioners currently visit the Bear
        Confession: 2:00 p.m-3:00 p.m.                      Hill Nursing Home, Active Day Care and the
     Chaplet & Rosary: 3:00 p.m.-3:45 p.m.                  Kirkwood Nursing home each week to recite the
   Benediction of Blessed Sacrament: 3:45 p.m.              rosary and celebrate the Eucharist with patients.
                                                                       HOMEBOUND MINISTRY
                                                            We are looking for individuals to visit our
                                                            homebound parishioners in their homes and
                                                            celebrate the Eucharist with them.

                                                                        MEALS FOR THE NEEDY
                                                            We are considering organizing a group to provide a
                                                            weekly meal for the needy of our community to be
                                                            held right here in Father Gillis Hall.
                                                             For information any of these rewarding ministries
                     My Brother’s Table                      please call (617) 697-0888.
           We will be collecting food items for My
           Brother’s Table next weekend (April
 10th/11th). Please bring donations to the library in
 the foyer and have them clearly marked, “For
 Soup Kitchen.” Most needed: individually                            OFFERTORY APR 3RD/4TH $
 wrapped snacks and desserts.
St. Joseph Parish, Wakefield, MA             April 11, 2010                           Second Sunday of Easter

                                                                   Religious Education
                      ADULT                             Grade 9: .
                      FOCUS                             April 4 - No class – HAPPY EASTER
                                                        April 11 - Special class *TIME CHANGE* 2-4 pm
                                                        for Divine Mercy Lesson and Chaplet
       Knitting / Prayer Community                      April 18—No class VACATION WEEK
 We are working on Prayer Shawls,
 Blankets, Sweaters, Baby Booties, Prayer                             Youth Activities
 Squares, Oncology Caps - bring your own                                   Teen Mission Trip to
 work OR share in knitting for those in                                    Peru:
 need. Patterns & Yarn are available OR                                     St. Joseph Youth will be going
 bring your own.    New members always                                      to serve the poor children in Peru
                                                                            this June 26—July 6. Cost:$1200.
 welcome. Meet with us every second and
                                                                            If you are a high school teen
 fourth Wednesday.                                       interested in brightening the lives of poor children
             Bereavement Group                           by sharing your talents, call Julie D or email:
 Please join us for our next meeting on April  

 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the rectory. Continuing             Soulfest: Aug 4—7
 to be Easter people even in the face of loss            A 4-day Concert
                                                         & Camping Experience!
 of our loved ones, please come to hear
                                                         Tickets on Sale Now.
 what others have experienced and would                  Call Julie D. 781-245-5770
 like to share.
 Singles, Divorced & Widowed Group                         SAINT JOSEPH SCHOOL
 Join us for the following upcoming events:
     My Fair Lady, Stoneham Theatre
                                                                    Saint Joseph School ~ Celebrating 85
                                                                       Years of Academic Excellence        C
            April 16th at 8:00 p.m.
                                                                    As Saint Joseph School approaches
                                                                    it’s 85th year of educating students,
               Brunch at Jags                                       parishioners, alumni, students,        R
            April 18th 12:00 noon
                                                                    parents, and faculty can feel proud
      Oldies Night, Chevalier Theatre                               knowing that Saint Joseph School
              May 8 at 7:00 p.m.                                    continues to prepare its students to   E
                                                        meet the challenges of secondary education
        Gaslight, Stoneham Theatre                      while at the same time giving its students the     R
            May 29th at 8:00 p.m.                       morals and values needed to lead good lives in
                                                        the example of Jesus Christ.
  Please call 617-697-0888 for information on any               Our students in grades PRE-K through Grade
               of these Adult Programs.                 8 are provided with an excellent faith-based
                                                        curriculum that prepares them well for high school
                                                        and beyond. They are challenged academically,
  THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL COLLECTION                        nurtured faithfully and inspired to develop a concern
               Clergy Benefit Trust                     for others through our community outreach
The collection this week supports the retirement,       programs. We are currently enrolling in all grades
medical and financial needs of priests of the           from our 3 and 4 year old Pre-K programs through
Archdiocese of Boston. Please be generous to            Grade 8. For more information about the school or
                                                        to register, please call 781-245-2081 or visit our
these priests who have given their lives to
                                                        website at .
faithfully serve Christ, the Church and you.

St. Joseph Parish, Wakefield, MA           April 11, 2010                       Second Sunday of Easter

                   Your prayers are requested
                   for the benefactors of our                  Please pray for those currently
                   parish, and the deceased of                 serving in the war against terrorism:
 our community especially Marion Smith &                       especially Patrick Carney, Jennifer
 Alice Berry. Also, please pray for the sick                   Coale, Mark Gauthier, Shane
 among us and all those who have asked us            Harrington, Joey Hopkins, Kevin Houlihan,
 to pray for them this week. Their names             Ryan Jenks, Jeffrey Kausek, Will King, Andrew
 have been inscribed in our parish Book of           Lafferty, Keith Marfione, Kelsey McLennan,
 Intentions in the Chapel. Please contact the        Trevor Nadile, Jim Papagni, Allison Perkins,
 rectory if you wish to add a name.                  Timothy Perkins, Michael Rowe, Stephen
                                                     Rowe, Christian Santos, Bruce Whinery,
                                                     William White & Mathew Wilkinson.

Saturday, April 3 Holy Saturday                                     Next Weekend’s
   7:30 Vigil : No Intentions                                      Celebrant Schedule
Sunday, April 4 Easter Sunday                                       Saturday, April 10
   7:30 Easter Mass                                          4:00 PM           Fr. Ron
                                                                     Sunday, April 11
   9:00 Easter Mass                                          7:30 AM           Fr. Ron
  11:00 Easter Mass                                          9:00 AM           Fr. Ron
   5:30 Easter Mass                                          11:00 AM          Fr. Ron
Monday, April 5                                              5:30 PM           Fr. Ron
   6:45 Mary Mayhew, Memorial Mass
   9:00 John Donovan, Memorial Mass                     Scripture for the week of April 4, 2010
Tuesday, April 6
                                                       SUN         Acts 10:34a, 37-43/Col 3:1-4 or 1
   6:45 Mass of Thanksgiving                                         Cor 5:6b-8/Jn 20:1-9 or Lk 24:1-
   9:00 Georgette Shami, Month’s Mind                                12 or, at an afternoon or evening
Wednesday, April 7                                                   Mass, Lk 24:13-35
   6:45 Bertha Fougere,                                Mon         Acts 2:14, 22-33/Mt 28:8-15
          Birthday Remembrance                         Tue         Acts 2:36-41/Jn 20:11-18
   9:00 Theresa Keith, Healing Mass                    Wed         Acts 3:1-10/Lk 24:13-35
Thursday, April 8                                      Thu         Acts 3:11-26/Lk 24:35-48
   6:45 Souls of Purgatory                             Fri         Acts 4:1-12/Jn 21:1-14
                                                       Sat         Acts 4:13-21/Mk 16:9-15
   9:00 Rosalie Szmyt, 2nd Month’s Mind
Friday, April 9
   6:45 Frederick Kelly,
         Birthday Remembrance
   9:00 Joseph Hagan, 1st Anniversary                It is with great joy that we welcome into the family
Saturday, April 10                                   of St. Joseph’s the newly baptized:
   9:00 Salvatore Misuraca,
                                                     Anna Grace Cavanaugh, child of Tara & Paul
         15th Anniversary
                                                     Jonathan David Cavanaugh, child of Tara & Paul
   4:00 Mary Grace Doucette,                         Chloe Jeanne Murphy, child of Caitlyn &
         1st Anniversary                             Christopher
Sunday, April 11                                     Michael Patrick Yianacopolus, child of Kimberly
   7:30 Mary Dubé, 1st Anniversary                   & Paul
   9:00 Patricia Ann Butler, 5th Anniversary
  11:00 Virginia & Gail Kenney,
          Memorial Mass
   5:30 Joseph Caruso, 2nd Anniversary                      I. Melissa Drews & Richard LaRochelle


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