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                                             General Membership Meeting
                                              Marginal Notes With Moxie
                                                         February 12th, 2009

The Mission of the Boyne Arts Collective is to encourage and support artists, expand their
opportunities, and promote art education and appreciation in the community.

The General Membership Meeting opened at 6:50 PM by April Raycraft VP.
Members in attendance were Carole Brisson, Sandra Cantor Cook, Ward Collins, Dale Henderson, Nan Howard,
Larry Kazyak, Chris Fall-Knight, Jeremy Kuhn, April Raycraft, Gail Stoltz, Diane Strzelinski, Dorothy Talberg,
Anne Thurston

Guests: Trisha and Jeff Foltz

The Cultural Economic Development Plan Meeting convened at 5:00 PM at City Hall, and a number of BAC
members were in attendance. Several BAC Board members are on the steering committee of the CEDP. The
meeting was very lively and productive, and addressed the following issues through brainstorming and group
interaction techniques: the assets of Boyne City (about forty people submitted four or five ideas apiece) and how
the group envisions Boyne City ten years from now. Energy, passion and creativity were zinging over the
airwaves! Following the CEDP meeting, BAC members headed over to the BAC ROOM gallery for the monthly
get together, networking and munchies.

Membership dues should be mailed to
Boyne Arts Collective
P.O. Box 972
Boyne City, MI 49712
Martina is working on membership cards.

The second edition of The BAC Quarterly Newsletter will be published in April and sponsored by Boyne
Mountain. Information for the newsletter, and ideas for illustrations are appreciated. Contact Martina
<> If you are aware of any prospective sponsors, give us the word! Current newsletters
are available at the BAC ROOM, the bookstore, and the library.

Volunteer time at the gallery is greatly appreciated, whether it is one hour or several. People are busy; they wear
many hats; they are constantly juggling responsibilities and commitments, and trying to find time to do their own
artwork. The sign-up schedule is on the home page of the BAC website. Scroll down through all of the black
color and click. Notify April at < > to convey the hour(s) you might be available.

At the present time we are in the process of making labels for all items in the BAC ROOM. Information will
include the title of the work, the price, the medium and the artist’s name. If you need to make a change in your
information, or an addition, please notify Sandra Cook: <> Also, if making labels
is a volunteer job for which you have time, let Sandra know.

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Great News: Three things have been sold - two of Anne Thurston’s books and one of Dale Henderson’s walking
sticks. The gallery is constantly changing- thanks to our curator, Jerry Douglas. The new portable display unit,
created, assembled, painted and hinged by Dale and Jerry, has provided us with much needed additional wall
space. Dale has added a leveler system to provide for stabilization outdoors. Jerry continuously has close
encounters with a very tall ladder, in order to engage in creative lighting techniques using available light sources.

The new inventory form was explained by Anne. The following statement is at the bottom of the form: “In
consigning my work to the BAC ROOM Gallery, I understand that 10% of all sales of my work will go to the
Gallery if I volunteer a minimum of four hours per month, or 30% of all sales of my work if I do not volunteer. I
further understand that I must be a BAC member in good standing to exhibit in the Gallery.”
Inventory sheets are available at the gallery and will help us to keep accurate information.

Art Exhibits at the BAC
 In order to give everyone a chance to display at least a few pieces of work, Jerry uses a rotation system. At some
future time, when we have more space, the BAC will be able to feature the work of one or two artists, in addition
to general exhibits. We currently do not have any pottery, sculpture, nor jewelry. (Broad hint)!
Spring and summer will be approaching! Is anyone working on any of the following subjects: Scenes of Lake
Charlevoix, Lake Michigan, The Boyne River, The Farmer’s Market, Produce, Biking trails, Avalanche
Mountain, Outdoor Cafes, Boyne City Street Scenes, Music in the park, Local Store Fronts, The Morel Festival,
The Antique Car Show, Hiking, Nature Scenes, Sunrises, Moonscapes, Subjects with Children’s Appeal, etc.?

501c3 Status
Russ Baugh, the attorney in the office adjacent to the BAC ROOM, has volunteered to help the BAC with the
501c3 application process. Thanks Russ!

The Board Meeting on March 2nd will begin at noon at 210 Lake Street. The Board members and any other
interested BAC members will be inspecting the building as a potential habitat for the BAC. Everyone is welcome
to join the tour. The Board meeting will continue at the library following the inspection. The meeting is open to
all members.

The American Red Cross is using garden benches as its fund raising theme this year. BAC member Chris Fall-
Knight designed the bench. She has also submitted several ideas for paintings that may be selected by potential
sponsors. Chris has suggested that if one of her ideas is chosen by a sponsor, than the BAC as a group might
consider painting a bench. If you are interested in painting foreground or background or doing prep work on a
bench (for even an hour) contact Chris <> (contingent upon acceptance of one of her
Any artist may submit ideas to the ARC for the benches. Five hundred dollars will be available for supplies to an
artist whose painting is chosen by a sponsor.

Coming Soon to Boyne City
Trischa and Jeff Foltz will be opening Foltz’s Country Store in The Lake Street Plaza at 500 North Lake Street,
Boyne City, this coming spring. They attended the BAC meeting and described the types of items they will be

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carrying: local crafted goods, antiques, organic foods, greeting cards, jewelry, artwork, crafts, specialty type
produce and much more. We welcome them to Boyne City and look forward to their new venture.

The Fochtman Building at the corner of River Street and Park Street is scheduled for demolition in the near
future. The City is considering making this area into a parking lot to accommodate down town merchants and The
Farmer’s Market. Some BAC members have expressed an interest in having the building be considered for use by
the BAC, perhaps in conjunction with a studio/cultural center and the crafts people affiliated with The Farmers
Market. This would require investigation. If you are interested in pursuing this matter, contact Jerry Douglas at

A Table and Six Chairs Fund Raiser is also in the planning for the BAC. The idea is to paint the items in the
window as a group project, and have everyone work on it. Suggestions for designs are welcome. April has
donated the table and chairs.

Studio Tour as Possible BAC Fund Raiser?
The idea of having a BAC studio tour during the summer came up for consideration. Give us some feedback on
this idea. It was suggested that people would be interested in seeing what an artist’s work space looks like: in fact,
the more diversified and creative use of space, the better, - anything from “a studio”, a tarp on the kitchen floor,
an easel in the attic, a table in the basement, the trunk of your car, garage set up, etc.

A “Sofa Table” is needed in The BAC ROOM for the guest book, business cards, advertising etc. A wooden
table would probably look interesting. A skinny table would be preferable to a square table because of space
limitations. If you know of something that might be suitable, free or very inexpensive, contact Sandra.
Chris Knight loaned us an antique tall glass fronted cabinet for items that need to be locked.

Bay Harbor will be holding its annual art fair during the summer. The cost of setting up a booth is $300 per
vender. An all day presence is required along with other rules and regulations. Contact them for information.

The next BAC general membership meeting will be on March 12th at 6:30 PM. Dale Henderson will be

Questions? Suggestions? Let us know how the BAC can be supportive.

Submitted by
Sandra Cantor Cook

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