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Now… Happy 50thAnniversary 50 Fifty Years Then… Happy 50th Happy

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									 Then…         Happy 50th Happy Fifty Years golden anniversary
50 years   Happy 50thAnniversary Fifty Years happy anniversary
Fifty Years    Happy Anniversary        50 Years Happy Fifty Years

 Anniversary Program
   Annual Report

     Happy Fifty Years happy anniversary fifty years    Fifty years
Golden Anniversary     50th 50 Years Happy Anniversary
50   1959-2009         Anniversary happy fiftieth

     Now… .              Happy 50thAnniversary           50 Fifty Years

  Anniversary Program                       1959-2009    fifty    golden
     happy 50 years    2008 YWCA Annual Report                   Now...
      ywca 50th anniversary program
                                          June 16, 2009

               Welcome and Remarks from YWCA President Ruth Tolbert

                        Recognition of Reta Kuyat, YWCA Founder

                            Recognition of YWCA Past Presidents

                  Remarks from YWCA Executive Director Bonnie Lewis

                          Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

                             Recognition of New Board Members

                              Recognition of Theresa Rusbosin
                              Recipient of the President’s Award

                             Recognition of Carlene Williams
                            Recipient of the Racial Justice Award

                    Presentation of the Legacy Circle Charter Members

                                         Closing Remarks

                      “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless
the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” Barbara DeAngelis

 the ywca of westmoreland county would like to thank and recognize…
   Debra Trevellini, Morninglory Boutique in Murrysville. Deb’s Christmas shopping event
   provided funding for our 50th Anniversary celebration. We are very grateful to Deb for her
   generosity and continued support of the YWCA!
   Julie Woodburn, the designer of our 50th anniversary logo! Julie will be a senior at Seton Hill
   University majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Arts. Julie, take a bow!
   Autumn DeLellis, our special guest and anniversary photographer. Autumn owns SkySight
   Photography in Greensburg and won the 2009 YWCA Rising Star Award.
   Red Lobster, Giant Eagle, Sam’s Club, Target, Laurel Nursery and Greensburg Agway
   for their contributions to our celebration!
   Westmoreland Youth Symphony Orchestra for providing lovely music for our special day.
             in the company of women...
past presidents                                      Reta Kuyat                       1984 – 1986
Reta Kuyat                    1959 – 1960            Hester Munden                    1986 – 1987
Ruth Woomer                   1960 – 1962            Carolyn Falcon                   1987 – 1990
Clara Meyers                  1963 – 1965            Arlene Hose                      1990 – 1993
Barbara Templeton             1966 – 1969            Fran Carroll                     1993 – 1995
Carolyn Burns                 1970 – 1971            Carolyn Falcon                   1995 – 1996
Helen Murray                  1972 – 1973            Anne Urban                       1996 – 1997
Vivian Cruse                  1974 – 1975            Gail Malloy                      1997 – 1999
Rita Reese                    1975 – 1976            Arlene Hose                      1999 – 2000
Kay Rodgers                   1976 – 1977            Robin Holmes                     2000 – 2001
Pat Konhaus                   1977 – 1978            Mary Catherine Motchar           2001 – 2003
Phyllis Solomon               1978 – 1980            Anne Aungier                     2003 – 2005
Suzanne Mahady                1980 – 1982            Diane Krivoniak                  2005 – 2007
Hester Munden                 1982 – 1984            Ruth Tolbert                     2007 -

                 “One is not born a woman. One becomes one.”     Simone de Beauvoir

1959 board of directors
president                               Miss Edith Altman                  Mrs. Margaret W. Ingram
Mrs. Raymond A. Kuyat                   Miss Margaret Anderson             Mrs. Charles M. Jamison
                                        Mrs. J. Clarke Bell                Mrs. William Keeler
1st vice president                      Mrs. James S. Blank                Mrs. L. R. Mahood
Miss Margaret C. Bell                   Mrs. V.E. Booher, Jr.              Miss Phyllis McClain
                                        Miss Julia Brunelli                Mrs. Luther Owens
2nd vice president                      Mrs. H. Joseph Bubenheim           Mrs. S. B. Painter
Miss Helen Barron                       Mrs. Rafael Diaz                   Miss Hazel Ruff
                                        Mrs. E.E. Erickson                 Miss Carolyn Stephenson
secretary                               Miss Elsie Hanna                   Mrs. Todd Truxal
Mrs. Glenn A. Newman                    Mrs. Walter F. Haile               Mrs. A. Glenn Wineman
                                        Miss Gail Hebrank                  Mrs. R. E. Woomer
Mrs. Edwin F. George

       “We make a living by what we get but, we make a life by what we give.”    Winston Churchill

legacy circle

The YWCA of Westmoreland County has                December 31, 2009 will be considered Charter Mem-
established the prestigious YWCA Legacy           bers of the YWCA Legacy Circle. Sincere Thanks to
Circle. Individuals who make a deferred gift      our Charter Members to date:
to the YWCA of Westmoreland County in
the form of a bequest in a will, a gift of life   Nancy Pachuta Anderson              Suzanne Mahady
insurance, retirement benefits, or other ways     Carolyn S. Falcon                   Paula Maloney
become members of the Circle. These gifts         Barbara Ferrier                     Janice A. Merriman
provide valuable benefits to our organization
                                                  Betty W. Hammer                     Mary Catherine Motchar
and ensure our future in the community. All
those who make a deferred commitment by           Bonnie Lewis                        Ruth Woomer
    history of the ywca westmoreland county

        On March 22, 1957, a former Johns-       fruitcakes and Christmas greens all brought
town YWCA Member who had moved to                money into the organization. Special events
Greensburg wrote a letter to the YWCA            included bridge parties, bazaars, and food
headquarters in New York City asking about       booths at festivals. A Ladies Day Out program
starting a YWCA in her new hometown. In          hosted by Ruth Woomer was started. Soon Bob
her letter, Reta Kuyat said she was willing to   Woomer joined his wife and the Ladies Day Out
take the necessary steps to start a YWCA.        program evolved to extensive tours all over the
A small group of ladies decided to hold an       world known as the Merri Milers and Y-Tours.
exploratory meeting on May 29th at the
Greensburg High School on Main Street.                    On September 14, 1959, the Association
Ten women accepted responsibility to gather      moved to 323 S. Main Street. During this year,
the necessary information and resources to       the Association was accepted as a United
start a YWCA.                                    Fund Agency. In January, 1960 the YWCA
                                                 established the Outgrown Shop, opened on the
      A membership drive began and on            last Saturday of each month. Business must
October 3rd, Ms Kuyat presided over the last     have been good, because in the November
exploratory meeting. She asked all present       1961 newsletter, members were asked to pa-
to pray for guidance and then called for         tronize the Nearly New Shop, and by May, 1962
a formal vote to establish a YWCA in             the Nearly New Shop was being called the
Greensburg. It was unanimous in favor of a       YWCA Thrift Shop. The shop moved to 221 S.
YWCA.                                            Maple Avenue on September 10, 1963 and is
       Then the real work began. During a        still at that location. The shop was razed and a
“provisional stage” the group needed to          new shop built on the site in 2005. It remains a
determine facilities, program, a budget, a       critical component of both community service
constitution, a nominating committee and a       and income support for the YWCA’s many
membership plan. The fledgling organiza-         programs and services.
tion offered an exercise class (a physical              In February 1970 the board was informed
exam was a YWCA prerequisite) and golf.          that the Katharine Horn home at 424 N. Main
Barbara Templeton was elected as acting          Street was being offered to the YWCA a
executive director and the steering commit-      nominal fee after serving briefly as a manse for
tee decided to rent two rooms above Gordon       Christ Episcopal Church. Negotiations ensued
Kaufmann’s store at $30 a month. The new         and the YWCA acquired the home for its head-
phone number was 6435. Membership grew           quarters that fall with a dedication on Septem-
to 600 with dues set at $2 for adults and 75     ber 12, 1970.
cents for juniors.
                                                        The home continues as the YWCA’s
       With a board of directors in place and    headquarters today.      A 4000 square foot
a constitution adopted, the YWCA received        addition was added in 1996 to accommodate
its charter on March 6, 1959.                    the YWCA’s continued growth and the original
Growth of the YWCA:                              building was renovated in 1999. Today the
                                                 YWCA offers various programs and services in
       Funds to meet the demands of this         10 different locations, and holds the beautiful
rapidly growing organization were the first      William Huff home as an important community
order of business for the new YWCA. Bake         resource for the YWCA and others in need of a
sales, card parties, and the sale of brooms,     beautiful meeting space.
pickles, twine, firewood, cookbooks, candy,

                     JUNE 16, 2009

In Honor Of…
    All the original Board of Directors and volunteers who believed in the dream of
    a YWCA for the women and girls of Greensburg.
In Memory of…
    All the following 49 years of Boards of Directors and caring volunteers who
    carried forth the work of the YWCA and made this 50th Anniversary possible.
                                 My heartfelt gratitude forever,
                                exàt fA ^âçtà? YÉâÇwxÜ
In Memory of
Agnes Cummerick                Lilliam Haag Fieldler
  Patricia Cummerick             Gayle Wallbaum
Ann Brown-Payne                Lorraine Johnson
  Lyzona Marshall                Marilyn Rassmann
Arlene Porter                  Louise Rassmann
  Joanne Orengia                 Marilyn Rassmann
Betts Fong                     Margaret Anderson
  Jake Fong                      Nancy Anderson
  Mary Daley                      Ruth Lightcap
  Patricia Schultz             Marge Forinash
  Chhabi DeChoudhury             Sandy Tempo
Carolyn Mack                   Marjorie Ferrier
  Rose D. Mack                   Barbara Ferrier
  Christina Mack               Mary Elizabeth B. Reese
Catherine Vana                   Fran Colby
  Clara Vana                   Mathilda Reid
Dorothy Eileen McDonald Bell     Bernice Reid Hasley
  Dave Bell                    Miriam Dorsey
Eileen Farrell                   Lucille Utley
   Arlene Hose                 Mother
  Carolyn Falcon                  Barbara Kennedy
   Sr. Lois Sculco, S.C.       Mrs. Chester I. Keeler
Elizabeth Serembo                  Betty K. Davis
  Sandy Tempo                  Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Huff
Fannie Mae Marshall              Norma Jean Matvey
  Lyzona Marshall              Mrs. Faye Fong
Fran Kindelan                    Chhabi Dechoudhury
  YWCA Thrift Shop             Patricia A. Urban
Frances K. Damico                Anne Urban
  Jennifer R. Prohaska         Patricia Waters
Gladys Lauer                     Ellen Katter
  Janis Bush                   Peg Honey
Grace Bird                       Carolyn Falcon
  Donna Davis                     Sr. Lois Sculco, S.C.
Grace Ruffner Seanor           Ruth Andrews
  Susan S. Bennett               Marie Schietroma
Harriet Haile                  Ruth H. Hall
  Patricia Schultz               Patricia Schultz
Helen Lamb                     Sandy Neiderhiser
   Michelle Teague               Kim Kramer
Helen J. Policastro            Sharrot Henderson
  Gina McGrath                   Joan S. DeRose
Helen Kramer                   Shirley Hayek
  Kim Kramer                     Joelyn Aukerman
Helen Roemer                   Sophie Bielecki
  Lois Schindehette              Debbie Slattery
Isabelle Kirchartz             Veronica Milowicki
  Mary Ellen Tiberio             Mary Ellen Tiberio
Joanne Burke                   Virginia Philopena
  Diana Basick                   Michael Philopena
Juliet Patricia Dias           Yvonne Grandy
  Thilaka Jayakody               Fran Harbaugh
Kathyrn H. Stemple               Keith Neill
  Ruth Woomer                    Barbara Popek
 Kaye Tiberio
  Mary Ellen Tiberio
In Honor of
Alma J. Demyan                                 Julie Hayek
  Michelle Saunders                              Joelyn Aukerman
  Darlene Burns                                Kate Lewis
  Gerard Demyan                                  Bonnie Lewis
Andee Millstein                                Literacy Program
   Marilyn Davis                                  Fran Harbaugh
Arlene Hose                                       Barbara Popek
  Carolyn Falcon                               Lois Watson
  Bonnie Lewis                                   Sonnie Miller
Bernie Fisher                                  Margaret D. Seabol
 Patricia Benton                                 Paula Maloney
Beth McGough                                   Mary Catherine Motchar
  Anne Aungier                                   James Clayton
Betty Hammer                                     Barbara Tomko
  Joan Beidler                                   Linda Austin
  Elizabeth Constantine                        Mary Louise Hill
  "Tackie" and Teddy Hammer                      Calvin, Meredith and Miranda Hill
Bonnie Lewis                                   Nicole Vonbriel
  Jay Lewis                                      Nikki O'Keefe
  Kate Lewis                                   Norma Skillings
 Jonathon Lewis                                  Elinor Giovannini
 Carolyn Falcon                                Patricia Benton
  YWCA Staff                                     Linda Austin
  Theresa Rusbosin
                                               Phyllis Davis
  Linda Austin
                                                 Marilyn Davis
Carolyn Falcon
                                               Reta Kuyat
  Bonnie Lewis
                                                 Sally Whigham
  Kim McClimans
  Sonnie Miller                                Rita Reese
  Mary Catherine Motchar                         Anonymous
  Michelle Toohey                              Ruth Tolbert
  Helen Torrance                                 Theresa Rusbosin
  Esther Yant                                  Ruth Woomer
  Marjorie Pershing                              Kay Guy
Chhabi DeChoudhury                               Chris and Stuart Horner
   Patricia Schultz                              Mary Catherine Motchar
Coach Jeanne Hoffer Kaylor                       Kay Wagenblast
  Charles Kaylor                                 Betty Hammer
Edwinna Confer                                 Sr. Lois Sculco, S.C.
  Sheila Confer                                  Marilyn Fox
Elizabeth Hayes                                Susan Waldrop
  Meredith Hayes                                 Eddy Confer
Fran Carroll                                   Suzanne Mahady
  Marilyn Rassmann                               Patrick Mahady
Helen Lamb                                     Vivian Boak
  Michelle Teague                                Bonnie Lewis
In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the YWCA   Women of First Commonwealth Bank
  2009 YWCA Staff                                First Commonwealth Bank
Jane Hutchison                                 YWCA Presidents 1989-2009
   Hope Sehring                                  Bonnie Lewis
Janis Bush                                     YWCA International Women
  Karen Lauer                                    Patricia Benton
Joan Davis                                     YWCA Staff
  Anne Aungier                                   Bonnie Lewis
Joany Curtis                                   YWCA Thrift Shop Volunteers
  Joelyn Aukerman                                YWCA Thrift Shop
Joelyn Aukerman                                YWCA Volunteers
  Bill, Billy, Marc and Brody Aukerman           Joelyn Aukerman
                                                 Janet Lamb
message from executive director...                          and board president...
I remember my first phone call as the new Executive       The YWCA is the oldest and largest multicultural woman’s
Director of the YWCA in July 1989. Rhea Starr from        organization in the world and the YWCA USA celebrates its
the national YWCA office called and gave me this          150th Anniversary this year. Congratulations to the YWCA
encouragement. “You are now in charge of an or-           of Westmoreland County as we celebrate our 50th Anniver-
ganization that is about empowering women,” she           sary.
said, “and along the way you will find that the organi-   Our local YWCA has served Westmoreland County since
zation will empower you.” How right she was!              1959 and has been very active and highly visible. The as-
                                                          sociation offers over 30 programs as “we create opportuni-
During my twenty years of service, the YWCA has           ties for women and girls to lead purposeful lives and strive
grown and changed and changed again to meet the           for a community that values diversity.” Our annual special
needs in the community. There have been so many           events include: the Mardi Gras Party, the Sportswomen
challenges, and there has never been a dull moment!       Awards and the YWCA Fashion Show. In addition, our
We’ve been through four capital campaigns together        YWCA Thrift Shop continues to be very successful.
and raised two and a half million dollars to better
                                                          On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to congratulate
serve women and girls. I think that we have been
                                                          Bonnie Lewis, our YWCA Executive Director, on her 20th
very good stewards of the money donated to us and
                                                          Year Anniversary. The past years have been challenging at
we’ve shown outcomes that are valued.
                                                          times; however, the Board of Directors, staff and members
                                                          have worked together, under the leadership of Bonnie, to
I am so grateful to wonderful board leadership
                                                          move boldly forward. And, work on our Strategic Plan has
throughout my twenty years. And I’m especially ap-
                                                          recently been completed to assure better service to our
preciative of the caring staff that always goes the ex-
                                                          ever-changing communities.
tra mile for those we serve and each other. The
YWCA is resilient and we will continue to evolve. We      The YWCA looks forward to igniting a new generation of
remain relevant and determined to meet our mission        young women to get involved with important issues facing
to empower women and girls and eliminate racism.          women and the country today. I am pleased to be a part of
I’m honored to be a part of the YWCA. Bonnie Lewis        an organization that continues to strive to fulfill its mission
                                                          and move forward. Ruth R. Tolbert

——— eliminating racism, empowering women...our mission... we create opportunities for
        women and girls to lead purposeful lives and strive for a community that values diversity.
                                                                  board members
 president                                                        Janis Bush
 Ruth Tolbert                                                     Julie Butler
                                                                  Joan Davis
 1st vice president                                               Joan DeRose
 Norma Skillings                                                  Fran Harbaugh
                                                                  Jerri Holts
 2nd vice president                                               Suzanne Mahady
 Theresa Rusbosin                                                 Paula Maloney
                                                                  Jan Merriman
 secretary                                                        Lyzona Marshall
 Marilyn Rassmann                                                 Mary Catherine Motchar
                                                                  Barbara Popek
 treasurer                                                        Marcia Pratt
 Nancy Anderson                                                   Tonuia Smith
                                                                  Michelle Toohey

ywca executive staff
Bonnie Lewis, Executive Director
Betty Hammer, Fund Development Director
Gina McGrath, Technology Center Director
Maggie O’Leary, Literacy Program Director
Joelyn Aukerman, Community Relations Director
Diana Basick, Fiscal Manager
Marae Johnston, Children's Program Director
Cathy Young, Thrift Shop Director
                     ywca program highlights
         Early Childhood Education and Day Care Programs
                   The YWCA of Westmoreland County provides Preschool, Safety Camp, Young Wonders, Girls Project and Kidz
                   Zone - Before and After School programs to the community. In 2008 our Kidz Zone programs saw significant
                   growth at both locations.
         Advocacy, Education, and Racial Justice
                   The YWCA provides a wide range of social service programs that focus on our mission to eliminate racism and
                   to create opportunities for women and girls. In 2008, the International Women’s Group extended its
                   leadership opportunities for women from many different countries to participate in the planning of their program.
                   The Race Matters Roundtables increased their advanced learning opportunities for “graduates” of the study
                   circle program.
         Technology Education
                   The YWCA Computer Center offers computer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening hours to meet the
                   varied needs of our students. A tech support group called Bagels & Bytes meets monthly, as does our Over 50
                   Computer Club. In our TechGYRLS program, 2008 was the first year that the YWCA sent four all-girl challenge
                   teams to the First Lego League state robotics competition.
         Fitness and Wellness
                   The YWCA of Westmoreland County continues to provide many fitness, wellness, and social opportunities for
                   our members and the community. Our Girls Field Hockey program now provides both spring and winter skills
                   building programs in addition to the regular fall season of competition.
         Thrift Shop
                   The YWCA Thrift Shop was asked by the state of Pennsylvania in 2008 to become the Westmoreland County
                   clothing provider for the new PA WORKWEAR program. This program provides women with interview outfits
                   and a week’s worth of work-ready clothing for their new jobs.
         Literacy program
                   The YWCA Literacy Program gives adults the opportunity to acquire the literacy skills they need in order to be
                   effective in their roles as members of their families, communities and workplaces. In 2008, the Literacy Program
                   received a grant that enabled us to extend English as Second Language classes to early beginners during the
                   summer months.

                                   2008 financial review
Support                                                             Expenses
        Public Contributions      $           55,807                         Depreciation                               41,340
        United Way                            25,185                         Program Services                          617,436
        Program Activities                   256,248                         Supporting Services
        Fundraising (net)                     32,969                          Management/general                        65,479
        Membership Fees                       10,382                          Fundraising                               17,405
        Sales                                206,856                                                                  $741,660
        Building Usage                        10,907                         Increase (decrease)
        Investment Income                     11,271                           In Temporarily Restricted
        Transfer from other funds            190,272                           Net Assets                               (56,426)
                                            $799,897                         Increase (decrease)
                                                                              In Net Assets                              64,069
         Net Assets released                                                 Realized Gains (losses)                    (15,318)
         from restriction                      62,258                        Unrealized Gain (loss)
                                                                               On Investment                            (75,214)
                                                                             Transfer to other Funds                  (190,272)

                                                                             Net assets at end of year              $1,680,711

* A copy of official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll free within PA,
1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.
                            2007– 2008 donors

Anonymous               Patricia Daehler      Jo Hall              Marilyn McSparrin          Leah Schwet
Norine Allen            Betty Davis           Betty Hammer         Janice Merriman            Lois Sculco S.C.
Elizabeth Anderson      Chhabi DeChoudhury    Fran Harbaugh        Sandra Miller              Mary Ann Seminary
Nancy Anderson          Annamarie Denis       Roy & Helen Hardin   Teresa Minni               Yu-Lin Shen
 Susan Answine          Joan DeRose           Bernice Hasley       Mary Ann Mogus             Chia-Ching Shen
Patricia Appleby        Ruth Dix              Linda Hayden         Carolyn Morford            Marjorie Shields
Linda Assard            Sarah Donati          Jacquelyn Hebrank    Judith Morrow              Ming-Lung Shih
Anne Aungier            Karen Douglas         Sandra Hegan         Mary Catherine Motchar     Jane Sibenaller
George & Linda Austin   Nancy Douglas         Joyce Helmetzi       Solimar Moyer              Norma Skillings
Carolyn Backus          Barbara Eade          Naomi Henderson      Scilene Mraz               Patricia Smith
Sara Bates              Nancy Eddy            Carolyn Highberger   Helen Murray               Cynthia Snodgrass
Carole Beam             Susan Eicher          Calvin Hill          Helen Nitsch               Pam Snyder
Joan Beidler            Linda Emrick          Anke Hinrichsen      Joanne Orengia             Joyce Speck
Patricia Benton         Karen Ender           Hao-Chun Ho          Grace Panigal              James Sprowls
LuAnn Berkley           Trudy Engel           Elizabeth Hoeldtke   Rebecca Parry              Dorothy Steffan
Mary Lou Bick           Mary Ann Ereditario   Arlene Hose          Cindy Patton               Tim Stiles
Maria Bidaros           Richard Etling        Grace Howard         Dianne Pavetti             Nancy Stoner
Michele Bononi          Joan Evans            Mary Ann Hurite      Roberta Penich             Roxie Sumner
Erna Borland            Carolyn Falcon        Diana Irwin          Judi Petrush               Rebecca Thorne
Jennifer Brezina        Barbara Ferrier       Elizabeth Kelly      Rose Planinsek             Ruth Tolbert
Kimberly Bringe         Sandra Finley         Barbara Kennedy      Barbara Ponterio           Dr. Michelle Toohey
Anne Brumfield          Bernadine Fisher      Sandra Klein         Geraldine Poole            Joan Toomey
Emily Burch             Frances Folino        Anita Kozinko        Barbara Popek              Debra Trevellini
Karen Burkhart          Lisa Frederick        Diane Krivoniak      June Prisk                 Carol Truitt
Janis Bush              Linda Frye            Reta Kuyat           Elizabeth Prycl            Anne Urban
Mary Ann Calabrase      Linda Galiffa         Karen Lauer          Marilyn & Frank Rassmann   Clara Vana
Sylvia Carlson          Gudrun Garkisch       Bonnie Lewis         Rita Reese                 Kay Wagenblast
Margaret Carpenter      Lawrence & Janice     Katherine Lewis      Molly Reilly               Nancy Wallace
Wei-En Chang            Garlock               Po-Hsiang Liao       Janet Rhoades              Betty & Meghan Ward
Donna Chanon            Lucy Gazarik          Susanne Lynch        Priscilla Richardson       Helen Waugaman
James Clayton           Kenneth Gehr          PJ Lyon-Patterson    Anne Robertshaw            Betty Weimer
Joyce Clohessy          Tamara Geisler        Rose Mack            Ruth Robinson              Jean Wilcox*
Bernard Cobetto         Richard Gibson        Suzanne Mahady       Anita Rometo               Doris Wood
Fran Colby              Mary Gilmore          Gail Malloy          Joann Rose                 Ruth Woomer
Karen Cole              Elinor Giovannini     Paula Maloney        Catherine Rowe             Esther Yant
Edwinna Confer          Cathy Giunta          Lyzona Marshall      Theresa Rusbosin           Susan Zinkan
Sheila Confer           Sally Gockel          Barbara Martinelli   Marnie Russell             *Deceased
Marilyn Conroy          Shirley Gogol         Kim McCarty          Linda Sampsell
Vivian Cruse Lanier     Susan Goodnight       Dale McCauley        Marie Schietroma
Patricia Cummerick      Catherine Gothie      Regina McGrath       Lois Schindehette
                        Jeanne Griffith                            Patricia Schultz
                                                                   Paula Schultz

       “I have found that among its other benefits,
  giving liberates the soul of the giver.”-Maya Angelou
                                thank you donors
ywca 2008                              Pepsi Bottling Group
                                       Personalized Colors                      special recognition
donors                                 Premier Plastic Surgery,
                                          Dr. Francis Johns                     The YWCA would also like to
                                       Private Industry Council                 give special recognition to all
Anonymous                                                                       of our Thrift Shop donors.
AAUW                                   The PT Group
                                       Quick Kleen                              Without your contributions, the
Academy Hill Historic District, Inc.                                            YWCA would be unable to
Allante Salon and Spa                  Red Robin Restaurant
                                       Red Star Brewery & Grille                offer this important service to
Annamarie Denis, DMD                                                            our community.
Arbor Industrial Supplies              Sam’s Club
Beeghly & Company                      Seton Hill University
Bella Pasta Restaurant                 Shop N Save—Rt. 66
                                       St. George Crystal                       honorarium gifts
BE Unique                                                                       received
Biscotti Bros. Bakery                  Stewart, McArdle, Sorice, Whalen,
Bob Evans Restaurant                   Farrell, Finoli & Cavanaugh, LLC
                                       TGI Friday’s Restaurant                  In Honor Of:
Bononi & Bononi, P.C                                                            The International Women
Carmike Cinemas, Westmoreland          The Coffee Bean Café
                                       The Thorne Group                          Patricia Benton
Chick Fil A, Greensburg                Tribune-Review
City of Greensburg Recreation Dept     Tuesday Literary Club
                                       University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg   memorial gifts
Classic Car Wash                                                                received
Cozy Inn Pet Resort                    Vallozzi’s
Curves for Women                       Versatech Inc.
                                       Wal-Mart – Delmont and Latrobe           In Memory Of:
DeBernardo Antoniono McCabe &                                                   Carolyn Burns
      Davis, P.C.                      Wal-Mart Super Center Greengate
                                       WCCC                                       Sandra Beak
Descendants in Greensburg                                                         Nancy Eddy
The Earnest Gourmet                    Westmoreland Museum of
                                          American Art                            Bonnie Lewis
First Commonwealth Bank                                                         Anna Betetto
First Student                          Westmoreland Paralegal Services
                                       Wigs n More                                Mary Catherine Motchar
Giant Eagle—East Gate, Hempfield                                                Homer McCarthy
   and Latrobe                         WIN: Women in NAACP
                                       YWCA Bowling League                        Gail Malloy
Glengarry Golf, Latrobe                                                         Helen Policastro
Golf For Her, Greensburg               YWCA International Women
                                       YWCA Thrift Shop                           Mary Catherine Motchar
Greensburg Central Catholic Girls’                                                Gina McGrath
    Tennis Parents Club                foundations/grantors                     Arlene Porter
Greensburg Country Club                                                           Bonnie Lewis
Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library      Anonymous
                                       Bruning Fund                               Joanne Orengia
Greensburg YMCA                                                                 Rusty
Grossman Yanak & Ford, LLP             Community Foundation of
                                        Westmoreland County                       Barbara Tomko
Healthy Inspirations                                                            Mary Potocnik
Kaylor Display                         Greensburg Foundation
                                       Heinz Endowments                           Mary Catherine Motchar
Latrobe Country Club                   Katherine Mabis McKenna
Laurel Nursery & Garden Center          Foundation, Inc.
Mahady & Mahady, Attys.                Lulu Pool Education Trust
Mancuso’s                              McFeely-Rogers Foundation
                                       Rachel & James Armstrong                 Any errors or omissions
Medco Health                                                                    are unintentional and
Model Cleaners                          Fund
                                       Richard King Mellon Foundation           should be reported to the
Morninglory, Murrysville                                                        YWCA office for
Palace Printer                         Robertshaw Charitable
                                        Foundation                              correction.
Penn West Toyota Lift
PEO Sisterhood—Chapter AJ              Thrivent Financial For
                                       United Way of Westmoreland
                                       Wal-Mart Foundation
                                       Women’s Sports Foundation

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