Rules by fjzhangweiqun


1. Rent is due on or before due date.
2. The fee for all returned check(s) is $35.00.
3. The unit will be cleared and swept out, and free of damage at the end of the lease. Vacating of storage
unit should be before the beginning of a next month and notice of end of use would be appreciated. Lock
should be removed and taken with you (you own the lock).
4. Occupant is responsible for removing its trash. There will be a charge for all garbage disposal.
5. No alterations to the unit is allowed.
6. Unauthorized usage of utilities not allowed.
7. Occupant is responsible for providing insurance on their belongings in their storage unit.
8. Okmulgee Mini Storage is not responsible for damages caused by water, snow, vandalism, fire, tornado
or theft.
9. Occupant is responsible to notify the office of any changes to address, phone, emergency contact, and
employment by mailing in or phoning in any and all changes.

What Happens If My Rent Is Late?
5 Days Late: On the 5th day, a late fee will be added to your account and you will be denied access to the
facility and an override lock will be placed on your unit. You will need to pay your rent by cash or cahier's
check to get immediate access. If paying by personal check, there is a 3-day waiting period to clear bank.

30 Days Late: On the 30th day, we will send you a letter notifying you that your lock has been cut off and
operator will take possession of leased space. We will inventory all items and take pictures of the unit and
there will be a $75.00 inventory charge added to your total bill. The Operator may elect to leave the contents
in the unit with rental fees accruing, until sold as herein provided or store the items in a different place.

45 Days Late: On the 45th day, we will send you a "Lien Notice" including an inventory sheet listing all items
in the unit and we will claim a Lien against the property in the storage unit.

60 Days Late: On the 60th day, we will send you a "Notice Of Sale" letter showing the date and time of the
sale of all contents in the unit. In addition; a $100.00 sale fee and a $25.00 publication fee will be assessed
to your account and the information will be published in the paper. Any partial payment for less than the total
amount will not prevent a sale, unless agreed to by the Operator in writing. In accordance with Oklahoma
Law, the sale will be held approximately 90 days from the date of your default and proceeds will be first
applied to the rent due on your account. Any balance remaining after all rent, charges, penalties, and the
expenses of sale will be forwarded to the renter's address as listed in the rental agreement.

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