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EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN - PowerPoint by chenshu


“Any act of gender-based violence
that results in, or is likely to result in,
physical, sexual or psychological
harm or suffering to women and girls,
including threats of such acts,
coercion or arbitrary deprivations of
liberty, whether occurring in public or
private life”.
Violence against women and girls in Africa
           is on the increase.

More violent forms, such as
femicide, acid attacks, ritual rapes and
gang rapes, abductions, defilement and
forced early marriages,
Military sexual slavery, rape as a weapon
of war, trafficking in women and girls and
ill-treatment of widows have become more
In spite of treaties, (the Protocol to the the
African Charter) conventions, legislation
and policies against some cultural
practices the situation of women in Africa
continue to be vulnerable to harmful
traditional practices and customs such as
FGM and widow inheritance, which
expose them to the risk of HIV and AIDS
there is a palpable feeling that legislation
alone is not enough to achieve equality in
Africa, that it is not sufficient to change
perceptions, or cultures of sexism – the
types of cultures which are permissive to
gendered violence happening. Even with
an increasing number of women in
parliament in some of the countries and
increasing legislation to prevent
discrimination and violence on the basis of
gender, a culture of masculinity prevails.
Why is that?
 Unequal power relationships continue
Obtaining data on violence against women – use
these to show the economic and social cost of
VAW as well as emotional and psychological
impact on the affected person
It is important that the extent, nature and root
causes of such violence are well-documented.
By analysing such information, concrete steps
can be taken, both legal and charitable, to
reduce the occurrence of such violence and
reduce its effects.
Increase access to opportunities for
women- empower women to avoid abusive
relationships - empower women, free them
to leave behind abusive relationships
Build capabilities of women- including
physical capabilities/ create awareness/
prevention programmes/ crisis counselling
& support groups
Make ending VAW every one’s concern;
everyone’s business: The boys in your life
need your time and energy. Your son,
grandson, nephew, younger brother, your
male colleague. The boys you teach,
coach and mentor. All need you to help
them grow into healthy men.
The girls in your life what are you teaching
them above all what do they see!
THE UN has identified violence against
women and girls "the most pervasive"
human rights violation that we know today.
Statistics from the world over, paint a clear
picture of the social and health
consequences of violence against women.
According to the United Nations
Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM),
violence against women is a major cause
of death and disability for women aged 16
to 44 years
The economic costs are considerable.
Such violence impoverishes not only
individuals, but families, communities, and
governments, and stalls economic
development of each nation
   We had our first argument last
   night, and he said a lot of cruel
      things that really hurt me.
I know he is sorry and didn’t mean
   the things he said, because he
    sent me FLOWERS TODAY.
I got FLOWERS TODAY. It wasn’t
     our anniversary or any other
              special day.
 Last night he threw me into a wall
        and started to choke me.
    It seemed like a nightmare, I
      couldn’t believe it was real.
 I woke up this morning sore and
          bruised all over.
I know he must be sorry because
  he sent me FLOWERS TODAY.
I GOT flowers today, and it wasn’t
 Mother’s Day or any other special
Last night, he beat me up again, it
   was much worse than all the
             other times
If I leave him what will I do? How will I
           take care of my kids?
What about money? I am afraid of him
            and scared to leave.
 But I know he must be sorry because
    he sent me FLOWERS TODAYHow
      do you help someone like this?
How do you empower someone
          like this?
Paulo Freire speaks about
conscientisation process:
Identify the individual
Engage in dialogue/ Reflection
Lead to Action
Is your Neighbour, your sister, your friend
being abused? How do you engage to
facilitate empowerment?
 The answer to ending violence
 against women is first and
 foremost based on unequal power
 relations…The answer to end
 violence lies with you as it is such
 a complex issue

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