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					      VOL. XXVII NO. 2                                                                                                 Summer 2008
       The Vision of Nebraska Masonry: Nebraska Freemasonry will establish itself as the premier fraternal organization
                     promoting universally acknowledged values of friendship, morality, and brotherly love.

         Lininger Lodge Honors Namesake on 100th Anniversary
                       by Christopher M. Carter, W.M. George W. Lininger Lodge No. 268
    101 years ago, on the eve of the 1907 Annual Grand Lodge Communication to be held in Omaha, a seven-time
Past Master, Grand Master, and Grand Commander passed from this veil of tears to the unfinished temple beyond. The
Omaha Bee mourned this Nebraska statesman’s death with a massive front-page article. The article spoke of his
national implement business, art gallery, civic achievements as a city councilman and State Senator, Masonic
achievements, ceaseless leadership efforts to establish the Nebraska Masonic Home and much more. All of this at
a time when, just like today, there was constant debate on whether we should Masonically focus on “quantity”
instead of “quality.” You can imagine, in the recently formed State of Nebraska, where gambling, drinking and
carousing were open and prevalent...George Lininger was quoted as saying, “it is better that we cut our membership
rolls by 50% than it would be to admit men into our order who are not worthy of being called a Mason.”
     One-hundred years ago, 28 members of national and international Lodges (including several Past Masters of
Capitol Lodge) demitted from their Lodges to form George W. Lininger Lodge No. 268. To describe George Lininger, they used phrases
such as: “Masonic Moses,” “unshakeable convictions,” “unbendable morals,” “wholly just and right to form a Lodge in his honor.” The
unique challenge Lininger Lodge faces on our 100th Anniversary is to resolve several key issues: recover our history, resurrect buried
memories, restore our Lodge’s identity and “look back, to the future.”
    When I joined Lininger Lodge in 2001, the only thing anyone seemed to know about Brother Lininger was he was an Omaha businessman
& art collector. Doug Lewis joined Lininger Lodge in 2006 and it hadn’t changed. We began to research Mr. Lininger in earnest, uncovering
more information, but fewer answers. Eventually, an extensive Masonic resume emerged revealing why Mr. Lininger was called “a
Masonic Moses.” He journeyed through the great “Midwestern Desert” from Illinois through Iowa and into Nebraska spreading the tenets
of Masonry. He held all of the Blue Lodge positions and several Grand Lodge Officer positions in Illinois and Iowa before coming to
Nebraska territory. We discovered he didn’t start “a” farm implement business, he started three. He didn’t “just” dabble in local politics, he
joined the City Council and became a State Senator. He didn’t “just” become a Mason, he became a Past Grand Master and York Rite
Commander. He didn’t “just” start an art gallery, he traveled the world and brought literally tons of artifacts back to Omaha for free
display. He didn’t “just” support the arts, he paid for Gutzon Borglum’s art education, who later carved Mount Rushmore. We discovered
a humble, well-respected man who evaded the title “teetotaler” and was bestowed with the title of “one of the most admired” men in the
city. Nebraska Masons so respected this man’s character, the Grand Lodge of Nebraska sent a steel-engraved picture of him to Washington,
DC, to be included in the George Washington Masonic Memorial cornerstone!
    To honor this man and its Lodge, George W. Lininger Lodge No. 268 has held (and will hold) three main events this year: The first was
a Table Lodge on April 15. This Table Lodge was the largest tyled Lodge in Nebraska this year, bringing 80-plus Masons to order. A special
flag, flown over the US Capitol exactly 100 years after George Lininger’s death, was presented to the York Rite bodies in honor of Brother
Lininger’s service to the Rite and as a Past Grand Commander. Doug Lewis presented “George Lininger: the man”, and two Masonic
                                         Achievement Awards were given to Brothers Joel B. Reynolds and Robert Q. Falk.
                                             The second was the 100th Anniversary held June 8 at the Omaha Scottish Rite. Brooks Joyner,
                                         Director of Joslyn, gave a private tour of the Lininger Art Collection at the museum, followed by
                                         dinner and a presentation back at Omaha Scottish Rite. Capitol Lodge was honored because George
                                         Lininger was not a “Lininger Mason,” he was a seven-time Past Master Capitol Lodge
                                         Mason. Proclamations from Governor Heineman and Mayor Fahey were read declaring June 8th,
                                         2008, “George Washington Lininger Day” in Nebraska and “George Lininger Lodge Day” in Omaha.
                                         There were also presentations given on the Grand Lodge/Lininger/Monell collection. Micah Evans
                                         also spoke about early Omaha to put into context the era in which early Masons labored.
                                             The third event: George W. Lininger Lodge No. 268 will move it’s July 1st monthly meeting to
                                         the Nebraska Masonic Home and a flag flown over the Nation’s Capitol will be presented. Brother
                                         Lininger’s dying wish was for all Nebraska Masons to establish, and financially support, this
 Brothers Doug Lewis and Chris important institution. It is only fitting and proper for our final event of the year to be held there.
 Carter accept the Proclamation from         Grand Master Reg Kuhn stated at the February Annual Communication that he wanted all
 Governor Dave Heineman (center) Lodges to explore, examine and embrace their own identity, and to share this at next year’s Annual
 declaring June 8 as “George Communication. He said only through this can Masonry have a foundation upon which to build our
 Washington Lininger Day” in future. In other words, before we can set a direction, we must first know where (or who) we are.
                                         For Lininger Lodge No. 268, it may now be fitting to say we must “Look back, for the future.”
                                   Nebraska Masonry - Men putting ethics into practice.
                 rand                                         What I have learned so far…
                 Master’s                        The first four months of my service as Grand Master have flown by. This is an
                                              awesome journey and has affirmed much of what I treasure about our Fraternity.
                 Message                      The following is but a sample of the truths of Freemasonry, which in my travels, have
                                              been reaffirmed by Nebraska Masons.
     Reginald S. Kuhn                            1. There is tremendous unity among the bodies which make up our Nebraska
                                              Masonic Fraternity. We can be proud of how these organizations regularly support
each other’s programs and causes.
    2. Nebraska’s Masonic Education Programs are outstanding. The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education held in
Omaha in April confirmed the commitment of our Education Committee to providing Nebraska Masons with the finest programs
and materials.
    3. Nebraska Masons make tremendous contributions of their time, talent and treasure, towards making this a better world.
This support includes not only Masonic charities, but also many local and state causes.
    4. This is an exciting time to be a Mason. Younger men have a keen interest in our Fraternity. I have experienced this reality
in several encounters with potential members.
    5. Freemasonry promotes happiness. Mark Tabbert from the George Washington Memorial Association reminds us that
one of the tenants of our Fraternity is the promotion of happiness and the social virtues. I have rediscovered that this seemingly
small teaching of our Fraternity needs to be celebrated by the Craft.
    6. The Masonic Fraternity is not forgotten. In my travels, I have discovered numerous non-members who have positive
impressions of our Fraternity.
    7. Freemasons have the privilege to call so many outstanding men not only Brothers, but also friends. In my Masonic
journey, I have been able to associate with so many friends who I simply would not have known, except for the Fraternity.
    8. Freemasonry, on its best days, challenges its members to simply not be ordinary, but rather to be extraordinary and has
members who, likewise on their best days, challenge their Brothers to live a nobler way of life.
    9. Freemasonry’s teachings were, in so many ways, responsible for the creation of our nation. While Masonry cannot rest
on past laurels, Masons should not hesitate in celebrating this heritage.
   10. I am a member of the greatest Fraternal organization in the world.
    Thank you for this opportunity to continue my Masonic education. If you have additional truths which you have learned in
your own Masonic journey, please do not hesitate to share them with me.

                                      Nebraska Masonic Relief
                           by W B     John T. Maxell, Chairman of Grand Lodge Masonic Relief Committee
    As Entered Apprentice Masons, we were taught that there          $20,000 worth of Masonic watches in support of a fundraiser
are three great tenets of the Masonic profession; Love, Relief,      that then Grand Master Dean Skokan spearheaded. These funds
and Truth. When each of these tenets is interwoven, they             will be used to help our community, our brothers in need, or
strengthen our fraternity when applied. Nebraska Masons and          brothers’ families in need. Lodges may also apply for loans for
the Grand Lodge of Nebraska have a long history of extending         improvements or emergency repairs from this fund. Applications
the hand of relief and charity to Brethren both within and outside   may be found on the Grand Lodge web site. The Masonic Relief
of the State’s boundaries.                                           committee will review all applications and all applicants will
    The Relief Fund began in 1873 when the first Nebraska            receive a reply.
Masonic Relief Committee was organized and raised $114.00                The Masonic Relief Committee understands that $20,000 is
for the relief of 18 Lodges that were completely destroyed in        a lot of money, but there is an ongoing need to continue to ask
the infamous Chicago fire of 1871. This $114.00 served as the        for and receive additional funds. With additional funding, the
beginning of a Charity Fund. In 1927, Masonic relief took off        good works of the committee can continue.
when the Grand Lodge and local lodges donated $100,000 to                Watch for the announcement of our new fund raiser this fall
those in need, and a 1930 War Relief Fund reached over $37,000.      which will involve the sale of jackets embroided with the Masonic
In 1932 during the Depression, $16,775 of non-interest loans         emblem.
were made to 87 brothers in Northeast Nebraska affected by
the drought and grasshopper infestation to buy feed and seed.         Patriot Guard Riders & Freemasons
Of that loaned, only $105.00 was paid back in 1939. The Masons               by W B     Stephen Kennedy, Nemaha Valley No. 4
of Nebraska would continue to give, and in 1941 nearly $10,000
was given out to 125 persons for relief.                                 Masonry is one of the most patriotic organizations of which
    After the Second World War, Masonic Relief slowed and            you can be a member, and the principal tenets of the Masonic
only a few loans were made to local lodges for repairs. The          organization are God, Country, family, and relief. It would seem
hand of relief was not as noticeable. An explanation may have        that if a Mason had the opportunity to participate in something
been that more people were beginning to purchase their own           meaningful to his country, he would. The Patriot Guard Riders,
insurance, or perhaps individual personal funds had become so        PGR for short, is an organization formed by a group of military
                                                                     veteran motorcycle riders, originally all American Legion Post 136
tight that it was thought it may not have been worth the effort
                                                                     riders in Kansas. They organized when they noticed some
to ask.
                                                                     unpatriotic acts being carried out by individuals in Topeka at the
    Last year, the Brethren of Nebraska made a statement that
                                                                     funeral of a soldier who died for his country. A group was formed
Masonic Relief is still important to them. They purchased over
                                                                                                                 Continued on page 15
                          A Publication of the Grand Lodge AF & AM of Nebraska
 VOL XI NO 2                                                                                                          SUMMER 2008

                                    “Masonry is a Progressive Science”
                                59 Midwest Conference on Masonic Education

                             by Larry Jacobsen, 2008 President, Midwest Conference on Masonic Education
    There is an incredible thirst for Masonic      What Do Other Jurisdictions Do?               A Revolutionary War Historian
education as evidenced by the Midwest               After a spaghetti dinner catered by the      Reexamines Prince Hall – by John
Conference on Masonic Education held at         Scottish Rite’s own Culinary Masters, the        Parsons of Nebraska
the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Omaha,      attendees gathered for an evening of sharing                   The Keynoters
April 25-27, 2008. Over a hundred Masons        Masonic education ideas and programs                 We were extremely fortunate to have
attended including those from Ohio,             throughout the 13 jurisdictions represented      two of the most preeminent Masonic
Michigan, Manitoba, New Mexico and all          at the conference. It was fascinating to learn   scholars in the country at our conference –
other states in the upper Midwest. Over 50      the diversity of programs under the banner       Dr. S. Brent Morris (pictured bottom right)
Masons represented Nebraska alone,              of Masonic education.                            who presented his book, The Complete
several coming from as far west as                      Education Day - Saturday                 Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry, and a
Alliance.                                           The goal of this year’s conference was       presentation on Dealing With the Media
    Masonic Education Think Tank                to provide as much Masonic education as          in the 21st Century, both highly informative
    It began Friday afternoon with our own      possible in an 8-hour day, and we did exactly    and entertaining. He was followed by Bob
Bro. Bob Whipple facilitating an open           that. After an impressive opening ceremony       Davis from Guthrie, Oklahoma (bottom left)
discussion on many aspects of Masonic           including the posting of the colors by the       who gave a very thought-provoking
education in the 21st century. Topics           Order of the Sojourners, led by Bro. Ed          presentation on Freemasonry in the
centered on “Teaching Masonic Values,”          Nolte, and opening comments from Grand           Modern Culture – Getting Back to
“Should Masonry Be More Public?,” “Joy          Master Reg Kuhn and conference president         Basics. He really got the audience involved
in the Success of Others” and a session         Larry Jacobsen, we launched into 3 hours         in great discussions following his
wrap up. Bob did an excellent job of giving     of concurrent sessions covering 8 Masonic        presentation. We were so honored to have
everyone an opportunity for input, and          education topics:                                had both Brent and Bob with us for the
Bro.Tom Hauder worked his technical             Masonic Education – Past, Present &              conference. They are great facilitators and
wizardry keeping a running outline of           Future by Jack Butler and Craig Hummel           champions of the Masonic education
thoughts that were projected on the screen      of Iowa                                          experience.
for all to see.
                                                Presentation is the Key, by Bob Murphy
                                                of Michigan                                                             Continued on page 4
                                                An Alternative View of Masonic
                                                Education by Chad Simpson of Ohio
                                                Socrates Café & Masonic Education by
                                                Tom Hauder of Nebraska
                                                Virtue Ethics by Dr. Nelson Stone of South
                                                Masonic Customs Then & Now by Tim
                                                Couch of Missouri
                                                Lessons the Church Can Teach Masonry
                                                by Terry Tilton of Minnesota
To Light!                                                                                                                                3
                                         “Freemasonry and the Inner Man”
                      by Mike Webb, Education Committee Member and Past Master Rob Morris No. 46, Kearney
     During my time in Freemasonry, I          others. There was Simmons from a small         saw all and knew all (they knew darn well
have found many parallels with the             town deep in Mississippi who had joined        what was going on and tried to force us
military. Each asks (requires would be a       to “play football,” another guy who would      to a new reality as soon as possible —
better word) that you judge a man by his       proudly insist (to us anyway - not the DI’s)   there was no black, white or red — only
qualities rather than by appearances. To       that he was 4-feet 11-inches AND               “green,” as in our uniform color), we came
paraphrase the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther          THREE-QUARTERS. Heckuva guy, but               to know and respect each other for the
King, Jr.: “...judge them not by the color     sadly for him, couldn’t tell his right foot    strengths, and weaknesses, we all had.
of their skin, but by the content of their     from his left foot to save his life. There     We saw deep into each other as we each
character.”                                    were the few married guys trying for a         dug deep to make it through one more
    I can vividly remember my first night      better life, and a few who had made the        day, relying on our individual and collective
and day of Marine Corps boot camp - 7th        choice of military service or jail. A real     strength.
and 8th of November 1977. The                  hodge-podge of humanity that would, in             Eventually, we came to see each other
darkness, the strangers on the bus, the        11 short weeks, become intimately              for who we were, not what we had
fear, the confusion as the Drill Instructors   familiar with each other, and be able to       been. I find Freemasonry much the
yelled loud enough to shake the rafters in     implicitly trust any of our platoon.           same. We are to accept others with
a language we couldn’t understand                  I made the mistake of pre-judging some     respect, and we are to meet on the
(profanity with a hint of English, as I        people based on their accent (the guy          level. We all have a common ground that
recall) - no time to get more than a           from “Joisey”), or their color (Navajo,        I find nowhere else. And this creates a
glimpse of anyone else. All we knew was        Hispanic, Black). I quickly found out that     bond, one I treasure, much as I do the
that we were from all over the western         we all bled, sweated, hurt, and missed our     memory of that first night in boot
half of the United States. The next day,       loved ones equally. Over time, and with a      camp. As I learned long ago, and is
we all had small chances to look over the      few kicks in the rear from the DI’s who        reinforced today, a person’s character is
                                                                                              what’s ultimately important.
CONFERENCE                - Continued from page 3

                                               Happy Hour at the Goose & Gridiron
    The education sessions were capped off with a one-hour session of small-group critical thinking exercises on topics concerning
Masonic values. Sound boring? It was one of the best received sessions of the conference! Thanks to Bro. Tom Hauder who has
promoted this idea of facilitated group discussions as an alternative to Masonic lectures, we now find even the most reticent of Masons
openly and quite eloquently expressing how they interpret the values of Masonry. All it takes is an informal setting and a facilitator who
asks questions rather than expresses opinions. We learned after the conference that two other jurisdictions are interested in setting up
these programs in their area.
                                                             Masonic Unity
    By all measures, this was an excellent education conference, and Nebraska was honored to host it, but one of the features that
resonated with so many of the visiting jurisdictions was Nebraska’s embodiment of Masonic unity – the idea that Blue Lodges, Scottish
Rite, York Rite, the Shrine and other appendant bodies enjoy working together for the common good of Masonry. This culture of true
brotherly love could be the lasting legacy of this year’s education conference. If that spark catches on elsewhere, then we have
contributed greatly to the sustainability of Masonry in the 21st century.
    The challenge with Masonic Unity is that there are so many people to thank. Forgive me for I will not be able to recognize all who
helped, but let me start:
• The Nebraska Grand Lodge Education Committee that has been working for the past two years to make this the best conference
   ever – Denny Brydl, Tom Hauder, John Parsons, Bob Whipple, Eduardo Casas, Mike Webb, Dan Nonneman, Ron Stites, and Dale
• Curt Edic, General Secretary of the Omaha Valley Scottish Rite, for making the building available and facilitating and hosting of our
   two keynote speakers. Greg Swinarski for taking great
   care of the building and all the set-ups required.
• Pauline Parsons and Ann Hauder for organizing the
   ladies program.
• The Culinary Masters and Mistresses for serving the
   Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and Saturday banquet.
• Knights of St. Andrews for Saturday breakfast and other
   support services required. Special thanks to AJ Johnson
   for handling the transportation of attendees to the hotel
   and back.
    It takes a village, and I’ve never been more proud of
our Masonic citizen in Nebraska!
    Thanks to Brother Tom Hauder who established the
conference website. We have nearly all the conference
sessions posted as well as videos of the sessions. Simply
go to                                    A group takes part in “Socrates Cafe” discussion.

4                                                                                                                            To Light!
      The 7th Annual Masonic Charities Golf Tournament
                                   “A Day of Golf with the Grand Master”
       Proceeds benefit the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children, The Nebraska Masonic Home,
                                             and the Nebraska Masonic Foundation
                                               Monday, August 25, 2008
                              12:00 pm Registration -- 1:00 pm shotgun start
               North Bend Golf Course, 400 Cottonwood Street, North Bend, Nebraska
                   4-man Team Scramble - $125 a person, including cart and dinner
      Steak Dinner with all the trimmings following the tournament - Awards will be presented after dinner
    Hole-in-One on designated hole nets the golfer and the Masonic Charities with $10,000 each!
                                                         Registration Form
 Check one - Play as a:                          Team                       Individual (Please assign me to a team)
           Player Name                                    Email or Home Address                                 Phone
 1. _______________________________________________________________________________
 2. _______________________________________________________________________________
 3. _______________________________________________________________________________
 4. _______________________________________________________________________________

 Amount Enclosed: $ _____________                                  Mail and make check payable to:
                                                                   Nebraska Masonic Foundation
                                                                   PO Box 83862
                                                                   Lincoln, NE 68501-3862

      CHIP FOUNDATION OFF                                  TO                  WYMORE MEMBER RECEIVES
           GREAT START                                                         SILVER STAR FOR BRAVERY
    At the last annual communication, the membership approved                 Wymore police officer Richard Monfelt received the Silver
the dissolution of the CHIP Committee in favor of the new                 Star for Bravery. Brother Monfelt is a member of Wymore
foundation. The committee members rolled over to form the new             Lodge No. 104 and Violet Chapter No. 105 in Wymore. The
foundation board. The board’s officers were appointed by Grand            Silver Star for Bravery is the highest honor a police officer can
Master Reg Kuhn. Kent Broyhill was appointed Chairman, Dick               receive without being killed in the line of duty.
Corwine was appointed Vice-Chairman and Jim Hyland, Secretary/                Officer Monfelt was called to a home for a domestic dispute
Treasurer for the ensuing year.                                           when he encountered a man holding two knives. The man came
    The foundation now pays an administrative fee for space at            at the officer with the knives, but instead of firing his weapon,
the Grand Lodge office in Lincoln and employs a part-time CHIP            Monfelt established a dialog with the man to calm him down
coordinator, Barb Bruning.                                                and      get     the
    “CHIP event scheduling has gone very well thus far with new           weapons        away
events being added monthly,” Broyhill stated. “We have                    from him. The man
approximately 18,000 alumni of the CHIP program. There have               was found guilty of
been several recent events in conjunction with community health           attempted use of a
fairs and that seems to work out extremely well.”                         deadly weapon to
    The foundation is responsible for raising the vast majority of its    commit a felony;
own operating capitol. Although most events stand on their own            resisting arrest
financially, the continuous expenses of rent, payroll, taxes, insurance   using a deadly
and the constant updating of new equipment strains the budget.            weapon; terroristic
    “We are constantly seeking out funding sources.” Broyhill stated.     threats; and third-
“If any member knows of grants available or could offer the newly         degree assault on
established CHIP Foundation a financial boost, it would be much           an officer.             Pinning the medal on Officer Monfelt is his
appreciated.                                                                                       wife Debbie. Photo courtesy of Wymore
    “Gifts and memorials honoring loved ones are also accepted.”                                             Arbor State paper
                                 The Nebraska Masonic Home Foundation
                                               Anita B. Crisp, Executive Director
                                                    In Memory Of
                                           (September 1 ‘07 thru May 19 ‘08)
Helene Adams                    Marlene Brock                    Jessie Doty                     Arthur Jacobsen
   Mt. Vernon Chapter No. 84      Dawson Chapter No. 33            Lowell & Mary Lou Erickson      William & Betty Trotter
Dewey Adkins & Family           Charles Burnett                  Harold & Edna Eatinger          Mary Lou Jameson
   Shirley & Millard Bennett      Loren & Sondra Burnett           Marvin H. Eatinger              Dwight Jameson
Clarence & Vereili Allen          Janet A. Ditman                Ken Eggleston                   Ivor ‘Ike’ Jenkins
   Wayland & Bernice Den          Richard & Phyllis Maca           Custer Lodge No. 148            Dean & Sylvia Jenkins
Carl Amick                        Bob & Barbara Meanor           Shirley Ellenberger             Victor A. Jensen
   Phillips Chapter No. 204       MetLife Veterans Assoc of NE     Eureka Chapter No. 86           Springview Chapter No. 205
Wilbur Anderson                   Robert & Mary Sue Offerjost    Gladys Elstermeier              Arthur & Mabel Luhrs
   A. Lois Stille                 Donald E. Spinar                 Herman E. Elstermeier           Gordon & Mary Luhrs
LeRoy Ang                         Ervin L. Spinar                Wilbur Evans                    John Clausen
   Ceresco Chapter No. 198      Charles & Lucille Burnett          Patricia C. Evans-Austin        Donald & Joann Boldt
Mildred M. Arn                    Bonnie Keller                  Eugene Farleigh                 Howard Johnson
   Doug & Marji Nash              Daniel & Mary Kay March          Phyllis J. Farleigh             Brownville Chapter No. 263
   James & Walta Ruff           Verla Carlson                    Gordon D. Francis               Irene Johnson
   Marjorie E. Spence             Ceresco Chapter No. 198          Michele Francis-Stine           Albert & Dorothy Johnson
Warren E. Baker                 Edna Carr                        Norma P. Francis                Everett R. Jones
   Lincoln Lodge No. 19           Richard & Shirley Schoettger     Larry & Karen Foster            Beatrice Lodge No. 26
Earl L. Ballentine              Stella Carrie                      Dorothy A. Kuhl               Patricia R. Kernes
   Lincoln Lodge No. 19           Vesper Chapter No. 9             Mt. Vernon Chapter No. 84       Doyle D. Kernes
Mr. & Mrs. John Ballou, Jr.     Edith Cary                         Philip & Mabel Westrom        Cecil F. Keyes
   Mary L. Courtright             Howard D. Cary                 Alpha Frey                        Marion F. Keyes
Laurence O. Barrett             Edythe Christensen                 Anita B. Crisp                Karl & Ruby Keys
   Lincoln Lodge No. 19           Ceresco Chapter No. 198        John H. Frey                      Darold E. Keys
Arthur Becker, Sr.              Leola Clark                        Lincoln Lodge No. 19          Condon King
   Paul & Linda Hayes             Richard L. Clark               Harley & Carmen Gardner           Cotner Lodge No. 297
Nell Beezley                    Wayne C. Cleaver                   Phillip K. Gardner            Margaret Kiser
   Lowell & Mary Lou Erickson     Mary J. Cleaver                Eldon Gockley                     Donald D. Kiser
J. H. Bennett                   Lila Cole                          Mae G. Gockley                Clarence Knack
   Steve & Lynda Bennett          Robert Cole                    Lola Green                        Beatrice Lodge No. 26
John M. Benson                  Ellen M. Collins                   Mt. Vernon Chapter No. 84     George Konopik, Sr.
   Beatrice Lodge No. 26          Connie C. Anderson             Mary Lou Haggart                  George Edward Konopik, Jr.
Neva Bergstrom                    Mary Ann Gardner                 E. James Haggart              Ernest E. Kunkee
   Sunset Chapter No. 300         Norman & Mary Geschke          William & Mercedes Hansen         Temple Chapter No. 271
Harold E. Bessey                  Claudeen & Laurence Gregg        Gerald & Margaret Sorensen    Darrell D. Lahodny
   Maryanna M. Bessey             E. Marion Jacobs               Lavon F. Harriman                 Beatrice Lodge No. 26
Thelma Rose Bierschenk            Barry & Mary Jose                Jolene D. Harriman            Dave Leech
   Jody J. Scheffelmaier          Ray & Ruby Lancaster             Roger & Sherry Stormo           Velma W. Leech
Viola Blaser                      Terry & Patricia Melius        Joyce Harris                    Grace Novak
   Duaine R. Blaser               Keith & Jacquetta Monroe         Chester & Joann Harris, Jr.     Lorna M. Robinson
Paul Bloomgren                    Brad & Rachelle Prall          Gordon E. Hawley                Cora Prentzler
   Margaret Sorensen              Edward & Leah Price              Dorothy D. Hawley               Anita Crisp
Esther Bond                       Michael A. Schuldt             Jack H. Hendrix                 Robert Lind
   Vesper Chapter No. 9           Deloras Shanholtz                Steven & Catherine Mattoon      Benjamin W. Vrana
Helen Brake                       Donald & Mary Skalak           Fred R. Herre                   Hazel Lindenkamp
   Capital City PM & PP           Flora Belle Wehrbein             John & Linda Koppenhaver        Theda Zamzow
   Lowell & Mary Lou Erickson   Gayle D. Condon                  Kathryn Hild                    Everett G. Lingenfelter
   Dona Hurst                     Vivian Condon                    John & Marion Fuller Nelson     Miloma Lodge No. 328
   Robert & Roma Rhodes         Selma Corby                      Geraldine Hirz                  Betty Hult Lopour
   Temple Chapter No. 271         Robert & Norma Corby             Ralph & Nancy Pryor             Daniel F. Lopour
   Union Bank & Trust Co.       Agnes Cornell                    George Holman                   Keith & Bertha Lyons
   Vesper Chapter No. 9           Temple Chapter No. 271           Centennial Lodge No. 326        Thomas & Donna Lee
   Vesper Chapter No. 9 PM      Leola Agnes Crapo                Edna House                      Johnson, Jr.
   Wendell & Cathy Wagner         Betty Kurtz                      Charles & Ruby House          Claire Maryott
   William & Claudia Wahl       Edith Curley Hancock             Howard & Martha Travis            Springview Chapter No. 205
Mary Brandt                       Robert & Patricia Curley         Gordon & Mary Luhrs           Ann Mavis
   Jody J. Scheffelmaier        Ruth Denny                       Mary Jane Jackson                 Eugene & Sharon Winterfeld
                                  Vesper Chapter No. 9             Herman Chapter No. 216        Michael J. McCall
                                                                                                   Terry & Marilynn Kay Theis
6                                                                                      The Nebraska Masonic Home
                                  The Nebraska Masonic Home Foundation
                                                Anita B. Crisp, Executive Director
                                                   In Memory Of (con’t)

Virginia M. McCall              James G. Pickard                 Sons, Denny & Douglas            Carole L. Christ
  Richard L. McCall               Louise G. Pickard              Robinson                         Leone S. Harlan
Donald R. McHargue              Velma Pierce                       Lorna M. Robinson              Steven & Catherine Mattoon
  Arbor Chapter No. 200         Darrel W. Piper                  William Robinson                 Myrtle Chapter No. 94
  Larry & Marlene Kuskie          Patrick & Sandy Piper            Lorna Robinson                 North Star Lodge No. 227
  Gary & Jeanne McHargue        Phil Pitney                      Darlene Roush                    Betty Start
Malah McKnight                    Lowell & Mary Lou Erickson       Virgil Roush                 Don L. Spicer
  Jody J. Scheffelmaier         Shirley & Lynn Pitts             May Salter                       Susan Miller
Esther McPherson                  Linda & Jim Young                Laura Salter                 Marie Srb
  Palmyra Chapter No. 257       Josephine Plucknett              Donald Scholes                   Gwen & John Stirek
Charles Mead                      William & Claudia Wahl           Betty Kurtz                  Charles W. Stava
  Olin & Evelyn Morris          Frank Plymale                    Gail Schroeder                   Lavonne A. Fletcher
Robert A. Metcalf                 Donald & Marilee Ann             Roger & Rosemary Titus       Floyd A. Sterns
  Dorothy Metcalf               Petersen                         Ruth L. Schroll                  Lincoln Lodge No. 19
Mike P. Bogich                  Ray & Ruby Poage                   Donald & Joann Boldt         William & Margaret Stone
  Don & Debra McCord              Raymond & Jeanne Poage         Elva Schultz                     Bill & Chris Stone
Cora Miller                     Mary Portwood                      Ceresco Chapter No. 198      Bernard Strope
  Judson & Joyce Douglas, III     David A. Portwood              Abbie M. Schulze                 Paul & Linda Hayes
Dorothy L. Mote                 Frances Prien                      Nova C. Schulze              John L. Thomas
  James E. Mote                   Capital City PM & PP Club      Charles Schwab                   Lawrence E. Thomas
Charles & Roger                 Ralph & Mabel Den                  Vesper Chapter No. 9         Mary Lois Tolin
  Mary L. Courtright              Wayland & Bernice Den          Bob & Nell Scott                 Alvina Avery
Katherine Neubauer              Mervin Ransom, Sr.                 Don & Shirley Rosenthal        Robert & Ann Wells
  Dawson Chapter No. 33           Mervin & Bonnie Ransom, Jr.    Virginia L. Sellhorn           Neil Trabert, Jr.
Edith Mae Newhouse              H. Sheldon Replogle                Willis H. Sellhorn             Ralph & Ruth Beach
  Charlene & Phillip Tierney      Beatrice Lodge No. 26          Marie Helen Shoemaker            Lincoln Lodge No. 19
Dorthea Niday                   Jack Rezner                        Miloma Lodge No. 328         Bernice Van Matre
  Margaret E. O’Connor            Betty R. Kalber                John R. Sholtz                   Arrow Chapter No. 164
Elsie Nielsen                   Charles Rhamey                     Jeff L. Sholtz                 Robert & Hazel Ferdig
  Douglas A. Nielsen              Robert & Elizabeth Kuhn        Edna Smith                       Donald & Michele Hotz, Jr.
Mervin D. Otte                  Norma Rickel                       Jack & Mary Smith            Beulah Vermazen
  Esther Otte                     Dawson Chapter No. 33          Robert W. Smith                  Ceresco Chapter No. 198
Jeannette Oye                   Dick Ricketts                      Bess T. Smith                Dean Walker, Jr.
  Raymond Oye                     Gladys R. Ricketts             Gerald D. Sorensen               Brownville Chapter No. 263
Thelma F. Pedersen              Rawlyce Rife                       Richard & Leona Boutes         David & Susan Pease
  Raymond O. Peterson             Lowell & Mary Lou Erickson       Keith Lindvall               Leona Way
  Vesper Chapter No. 9          Bob Roberts                        Ronald & Betty Marcellus       Nita D. Babcock
Mary Gwen Peterson                Madine Roberts                   Moab Chapter No. 182           Fred & Eileen Way, Jr.
  Judy C. Stokes                William G. Robertson               Margaret Sorensen            Janet Weed
Mary Anne Petro                   April Robertson                Harry A. Spencer, Sr.            Palmyra Chapter No. 257
  Marlo M. Custer               Bess Robinson                      Karel D. Capek
  Norvald & Edith Nielsen         Mt. Vernon Chapter No. 84

    HAPPY RETIREMENT TO                                         OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO…
        BEN HARVEY!                            Nebraska Order of Eastern Star. The support from the Nebraska Grand Chapter
                                             and subordinate chapters this last year was tremendous. There are so many
   On behalf of the entire staff and Board   ways you have remembered our residents, and it has all been appreciated. Your
 of Trustees, we extend best wishes to       kindness and support to our residents in thought, word, and deed throughout the
 Ben Harvey as he retires July 31st. Ben     year is to be commended.
 has done an outstanding job as the            A very sincere thank you is extended to Past Grand Matron Sister Betty Garwood
 Executive Director of The Children’s        and Past Grand Patron Brother David Thienel as well as the Grand Family for
 Home. Ben’s leadership was always           their support. You have had a very successful year of which you can be proud.
 sincere and professional. We know Ben         Best wishes to Sister Wanda Fisher, Worthy Grand Matron; Brother Lowell
 and Chalice will enjoy their retirement     Erickson, Worthy Grand Patron; and their Grand Family. We look forward to
 years together.                             your annual Masonic Home visit in July.
                                                                                       Mary C. Stapp, Executive Director

 The Nebraska Masonic Home                                                                                                 7
                                MASONIC-EASTERN STAR HOME FOR CHILDREN
                                                 Ben Harvey, Executive Director

                                       THE CHILDREN WE SERVE
    Masons and Eastern Star members often ask about the children we serve. I do not give answers specific to any one child,
because of the confidentiality involved. However, this is a good question and I thought a general explanation might be of interest
to the readers of the Nebraska Mason magazine.
    Children come to live at the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children for many different reasons, but a common factor is the
lack of stabilization in their lives.
    Stabilization is defined as “to hold at a given level.” As parents or caretakers we provide guidance to children by giving them
consistent direction that will maintain the natural growth processes while allowing the child to express individuality within the due
bounds of society.
    Children with whom we work have many times not had this guidance. It becomes our responsibility to provide them with the
necessary help.
    Some examples of the environment from which our children come are those in which the adult(s) take little responsibility for
rearing the child. Many of the things we take for granted are omitted from the child’s life, i.e. establishment of proper sleep
patterns, regular meals, educational support, church attendance, acceptable dress, punctuality, proper hygiene along with general
inconsistency of acceptable social rules. Many of the children have also been involved with tobacco, alcohol or other substances.
    When a boy or girl moves to the Children’s Home it can be very traumatic. This may be dependent upon the number of times
the child has had the living status changed, but in the child’s mind there are many unknown factors regarding a move to this
Home. We are all somewhat resistant to change and, for a youngster, the unknown is very unsettling. When a child becomes a
resident it is time to begin the “settling in” process. The first 30 days a child is with us is an orientation period with no off campus
visits (except for school or church) without a staff member and there is no contact with family or friends. This period of time
allows us to become well acquainted with the child and the child begins to learn and adjust to our program. We start the
stabilization process as the new admission arrives and continue the program during the entire time the child lives at the Home.
    I wish I could state that we are 100% successful. We are not, but in most cases we do very well. It still amazes me to see the
positive differences our staff makes in the lives of the children. In a three to six month
period, many kids make a complete turn around, because of the constant support and
higher expectations our staff requires of the child.
    One child came to us after his parents rejected him. He had already been through one
failed adoption and several failed foster placement situations. Imagine the personal outlook
of a youngster who had been rebuffed so often. Would there be a feeling of trust, honesty,
or love for these new people who were going to be “caring” for you? The answer is
obvious, yet time and again with common sense, consistency and the caring nurture of our
staff, the child begins to grow, not only physically but emotionally and begins to accept the
responsibility for himself and others. Without overstating the issue, we do see a child
change before us into a very positive and productive person.
    As our logo states, “We Grow A Little Each Day,” we are able to grow because of the On a cool spring day Shelby and Josh
continued support of our many Masonic organizations and their members. The Children’s take time to relax at the fence of the
Home in Fremont is something of which all the members of our great fraternity can be Children’s Home 4-H farm.
very proud.

                                                                                                           It is very comforting for a child to
                                                                                                           develop a solitary hobby so they
Each cottage maintains its own                                                                             have the opportunity to complete
                                 All of the children at the Home    Dixie is a popular dog that lives in
kitchen which enables the                                                                                  something individually. Kim has
                                 enjoy listening to music, but      the barn at the Home’s 4-H farm.
children to assist with food                                                                               found her niche in needlework
                                 Amber likes to make her own.       Dixie is always ready to dispense
preparation.     Alicia is just                                                                            and her project challenges have
beginning to brown hamburger                                        a “doggy kiss,” which Ariel enjoys.    increased as she has gained
and onions for the evening meal.                                                                           self-confidence.

8                                                                             Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children
                     Wanda Fisher, Worthy Grand Matron and Lowell Erickson, Worthy Grand Patron
           “FAITH IN UNITY”                                                  Sunflower Chapter Celebrates 100 Years
      GRAND CHAPTER YEAR BEGINS                                                 Sunflower Chapter No. 214 of Mitchell celebrated 100 years
    Sister Wanda Fisher, Worthy Grand Matron, and Brother Lowell            with an open house on April 26. The Chapter welcomed 13 Grand
Erickson, Worthy Grand Patron, and the 2008-2009 Officers of                Officers and Companions, including the Worthy Grand Matron.
the Grand Chapter of Nebraska Order of the Eastern Star were                Sunflower Chapter takes great pride in being the Chapter located
installed at an impressive ceremony on May 15 at the conclusion             “farthest west,” being only 14 miles from the Wyoming state line,
                        of the 133rd Annual Session of Nebraska             and members were delighted to welcome so many Grand Officers,
                        Grand Chapter held at Pershing Center in            as well as many members from surrounding Chapters.
                        Lincoln. Sisters Jan Thoman and Mary Lou                The Worthy Matron began the program by reading information
                        Erickson, Past Grand Matrons served as              from the 1908 Grand Chapter Proceedings in which the Worthy
                        Installing Officers with Sister Cyn Norman          Grand Matron, Ellen Dobson described her visit to the panhandle
                        PGM as Installing Marshall, Michael                 to constitute new chapters at Mitchell and Scottsbluff and to visit
                        Donham PGP Installing Chaplain, Jeanne              the existing Chapter in Gering. Those in attendance also enjoyed
                        Krenk PM (153) Installing Organist and              songs performed by the musical group “Yes, Ma’am” from Bayard.
                        Wade Kendall, PP (94) Soloist.                      Sister Cathy Wagner, Grand Secretary and Past Matron of
                            Sister Wanda and Brother Lowell and all         Sunflower Chapter, and her husband Wendell, Past Patron,
                        Grand Officers will travel throughout the           entertained those present with a skit. Dressed as their grandchildren,
state through the summer months, beginning with the first Area              they “investigated” the old paraphernalia of the Chapter, played
Visitation on June 6. The honored station for the year is Electa.           “games” relating to the Chapter’s work as told them by their
Fifty-year and plus members will be honored at the Area Visitations,        “grandparents,” and they read “stories” from the minute books,
which will be in a similar format to those of the previous year.            relating interesting facts on the history of the Chapter.
    The special project chosen by the Worthy                                    The afternoon concluded with the presentation of a 100-year
Grand Matron for the 2008-2009 year is the                                  certificate to Ann Kuncl, Worthy Matron, and Jiggs Evans, Worthy
support of the “Make a Wish” Foundation of                                  Patron, by Betty
Nebraska. Sister Margaret McCall (52) will                                  Garwood.
serve as Chairperson of the project and has
already scheduled the first event—a                                              Pictured are
pancake breakfast and craft boutique being                                       members of
held at the Papillion Masonic Center on June                                       Sunflower
8. Sister Margaret would like to invite all                                  Chapter present
Chapters and members from around the state                                   at the Chapter’s
to visit with her to schedule an event to raise                              100 Anniversary
funds for “Make a Wish” in your area. She welcomes items for                     Celebration.
the craft boutique and says that items not purchased at the first
boutique will, if possible, be used at subsequent fundraisers.              STAR MEMBER HONORED BY GIRL SCOUT COUNCIL
    Funds collected for the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand               by Diann Frahm, Mount Vernon Chapter No. 84, Plainview
Patrons Projects will be used for projects for the Masonic-Eastern
                                                                                The Prairie Hills Council of Girl Scouts recently honored Sister
Star Home (new bedspreads and curtains for the cottages), the
                                                                            Wanda Retzlaff, a member of Mount Vernon Chapter No. 84 of
Masonic Home (fire retardant Christmas trees and decorations),
                                                                            Plainview Nebraska. Sister Wanda was presented with an
the three Youth Groups, and the General Grand Chapter projects,
                                                                            Appreciation Pin, given to those who have performed outstanding
including ESTARL.
                                                                            service to at least one Girl Scout unit. Sister Wanda is an active
    The fun emblem for the year will be elephants and hearts.
                                                                            member of Mount Vernon Chapter serving as Organist. She is
“Pansy Pachyderm” will be the mascot for the year and will help
                                                                            also a Past Grand Organist, having served the Grand Chapter in
the Grand Chapter promote the “Wish upon a Star” pennies that
                                                                            1996-1997. Sister Wanda is the Band Director at the local high
will be sold all year and especially during the Area Visitations.
                                                                            school and has served as the Chairman of the Chapter’s Scholarship
These pennies will help make the wishes of terminally ill children
                                                                            Committee working closely with the high schools in selecting
come true. Since Sister Wanda is a long time collector of elephants,
                                                                            recipients for the Masonic All-Star Marching Band Scholarship
her “Pac-a-derm Power” will be spread throughout the state and
                                                                            and the Grand Chapter Scholarships. Members of Mount Vernon
she hopes that the membership will “exemplify the power of the
                                                                            Chapter are most proud of Sister Wanda’s participation in the
elephant that lies not so much in its size as in its commitment to the
maintenance and protection of the entire herd.” The year will
feature elephants drawn by Sister Carolyn Plants, companion to                                                                  Pictured are
the Grand Sentinel. Colors will be Burgundy, Teal and Silver. The                                                               those
flower will be the pansy. Items to be sold for the benefit of the                                                               recognized by
many projects include elephant pins, several styles of OES shirts,                                                              the Prairie Hills
note cards, note pads and pens.                                                                                                 Council of Girl
    The goal for the year will be to “unite the past, the present and the                                                       Scouts. Sister
future of our Masonic Family.” The year will conclude with the “Faith                                                           Wanda is on
in Unity” Session to be held in Lincoln, May 12-14, 2009.                                                                       the far left.

 Order of the Eastern Star                                                                                                                    9
 INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF THE                                            Nebraska Job’s Daughters
                                                                                   Shirley Carlson, Grand Guardian
     RAINBOW FOR GIRLS                                                         Phil Edwards, Associate Grand Guardian
             Betty Garwood, Supreme Deputy                                What an awesome year it has been! There have been sparks
                                                                      of enthusiasm everywhere. At our “Believe in the Possibilities”
                                When you read this article, Grand     Workshop in Kearney, we were honored to have First Lady Sally
                            Assembly 2008 for the International       Ganem Heineman present to give our closing address. She stressed
                            Order of the Rainbow for Girls will be    the values that she
                            part of the past. Christine Harriman      learned as a Job’s
                            will be a Past Grand Worthy Advisor.      Daughter and how
                            Christine’s “Home on the Range”           they have helped her
                            session had the country look of a barn,   as she travels across
                            cows, pigs, horses, a tractor and         the state. Our sessions
                            horseshoes. Cafeteria renovation on       on interior design,
                            the Doane College Campus at Crete         Character Counts,
                            gave everything a little different        and working as a team
                            “flavor” as banquet and Grand Cross       were an inspiration to
                            brunch were held in Butler Gym.           all. Those who at-
Christine reminded us to “Cherish the Past, Challenge the             tended will never for-
Present, Chase the Future. She will chase the future as Acting        get the Grand Offic-
Supreme Charity at Supreme Assembly in Chicago in July.               ers and Past Grands who filled in as “Daughters” for a very unique
Congratulations on a job well                                         Bethel meeting. We would again like to thank the members of Rob
done.                                                                 Morris Lodge in Kearney for putting on a CHIP event at the work-
    Now, meet the new Grand                                           shop. All those who were able to complete a kit are truly apprecia-
Worthy Advisor Caryn Stuhr.                                           tive.
Caryn is a member of                                                      Our trips to High Plains HIKE in South Dakota and Mid-
Westside Assembly No. 2,                                              America HIKE in Iowa went very well. What a wonderful feeling
Omaha. Her theme is                                                   to have so many join together in a fundraising effort for this worth-
“Dream Big.” Her motto is                                             while endeavor. We look forward in the coming year to being able
“Faith makes all things                                               to assist more hearing impaired children with the devices they
possible, Love makes all                                              need.
things easy. Hope makes all                                               Also in April, we had the pleasure of attending Grand York Rite
things work.” Her colors are                                          where we were thrilled to see Past Associate Bethel Guardian
aquamarine blue and lime                                              Bob Williams receive two awards. In May, we attended Grand
green, mascot is Tinkerbell                                           Chapter for Eastern Star. Grand Bethel Honored Queen Kylie
and symbol is the star. Her                                           Catlett and Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter Kelsey Holmes were
special project is the Make-                                          able to bring greetings to both groups and GBHQ Kylie was also
A-Wish Foundation. Caryn                                              able to participate in the flag ceremony at Grand Chapter. In
plans to have the Great                                               addition, MNJD Kelsey along with 3 members of Bethel 62 in
Nebraska Rainbow Bake Sale where each assembly would hold             Lincoln (Nikki Retzlaff, Heather Anderson, and Heidi Wall) were
a bake sale with one of their sponsoring bodies. Membership           initiated in the Order. We are now proud to call them all “Sisters”!
growth, the Masonic Youth Leadership Conference in October,               Bethels across the state are now holding Installations for their
toys for Shrine Hospitals and more are part of her plans.             new officers. We want to encourage you to attend one of these if
    Supreme excitement is growing. A large delegation of              at all possible. The girls are always thrilled to have members of
Nebraska Rainbow Girls and sponsors will board the buses for          the Masonic family on the sidelines. To find out about Installations
Supreme Assembly the last week in July. At the invitation of          being held in your area, please go to our website
Mrs. Marie Renda, Supreme Worthy Advisor, Nebraska is                 and check the calendar for dates, times and locations.
honored to be THE Supreme Grand Cross Team for 2008.                      As our year winds up, we hope that you are all imagining your-
Seventeen girls under the direction of Mrs. Laurie Sieg and           selves at the “It Takes A Spark” Grand Session at Midland Lutheran
assisted by Mrs. Sharon McArdle will present the Grand Cross          College in Fremont. We would like to thank all of the Masons and
degree and Nebraska will host the Grand Cross Brunch and              Eastern Star members who are serving as Judges or helping out in
Bread-breaking ceremony. Mrs. Karan Birdsall, Supreme Tour            other ways so that all of the planned activities can occur for this
Director, has many exciting activities planned for the delegation.    session. Your presence makes a difference and sets such a won-
Girls will participate in Supreme Choir and Ritual competitions.      derful example for the girls of what our Masonic Family is all
Grand Worthy Advisor Caryn will be Nebraska’s representative          about. Our GBHQ, MNC, and MNJD projects have been com-
in the jurisdictional skit and will carry the Nebraska flag in the    pleted. Pop cans have been collected, wings have been earned
energetic Cavalcade of Flags march. Junior PGWA Christine             and there are “shoes” waiting to walk around the college campus.
Harriman will serve as Acting Supreme Faith.                          All we need is for everyone to join us June 25-28 in Fremont. Our
    Have a summer full of rainbows, but no more torrential rains.     Grand Formal Opening will be on Thursday evening, June 26, at
    Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.             7:30pm in the Events Center at 10th & Clarkson. We hope that
                                                  -Peter Marshall     many of you will be able to join us as we realize that all we imag-
                                                                      ined and believed possible has come true!
10                                                                                        Nebraska Masonic Youth Groups
           Michael W. Stuhr, Executive Director
    As Brotherhood continues to Evolve, the weekend of April
19 and 20 found Nebraska DeMolay descending on the town
of Kearney, Nebraska for their annual Spring Roundup. Spring
Roundup is a weekend of sports competition among the various
chapters in the state and a time to celebrate the brotherhood of
DeMolay. It has been held in Kearney every April since the
early 1970’s and is one of the most popular state activities.         Mark these dates on your calendar
    Advisors and youth gathered at Kearney’s Holiday Inn for
lunch and a briefing on the weekend’s schedule of events.           for the 3rd Triennial Masonic Youth
Following lunch, the                                                Conference in Kearney on October
group departed for the
Big Apple where
                                                                    18th and 19th 2008. Developing the
competition was held in                                             qualities of self-imaging, managing
Billiards,       Cosmic                                             time, setting goals, serving others,
Miniature Golf, and
Sand Volleyball. The                                                meeting challenges and over-coming
weather could not have                                              adversity is the aim of the Youth Lead-
been better and enabled                                             ership Conference. A contemporary
the Big Apple to open
their Go Karts for the                                              rock band “Fate of Angels” will also be
weekend. Needless to say, DeMolay kept the flagman busy             enjoyed by everyone.
with a caution flag throughout the afternoon. After an afternoon
of activity, the group returned to the Holiday Inn (with ravenous
appetites) for a Buffet Dinner.                                     positive        accountable
    Saturday evening activities were located at the Kearney         Masonic Youth Leadership
                                                                        confident        able to adjust
YMCA. The facility had been reserved exclusively for
Nebraska DeMolay and the evening began with an open swim.
Following the pool, the competition continued with basketball,
                                                                    leader Conference
                                                                                  bright empowered
soccer, and football. Attendees were able to relax between
competitions in the snack bar which featured free video games
and snacks. Midnight found the group heading back to the              The youth will also have the
Holiday Inn for a couple of hours of “shut-eye.”                    opportunity to participate in a service
    Everyone was up bright and early Sunday morning for a
Buffet Breakfast – with teenage boys, all-you-can-eat buffets       project called Kids Against Hunger.
are definitely a hit. Thanks to the generosity of Rob Morris        The Goal is for the youth to prepare
                                     Lodge, we were able to use
                                     the Kearney Masonic Center     100,000 meals for Kids Against
                                     for our full form Statewide    Hunger .
                                     Initiation. Thanks to Nick
                                     Longly who is always a
                                     gracious host. Following the     The Masonic Youth Conference
                                     initiation, trophies were      Committee has planned an excellent
                                     presented and all headed       conference, but we do need your help.
    No state event would be complete without the presence of        What a wonderful thing in which to
DeMolay Sweethearts, who participated in the Sporting               invest: “Our Masonic Youth.” To have
Competition. Who would have known that our State Sweetheart
Kelli Ferguson was such a great receiver? She caught the            a conference of this caliber, we need
winning touchdown in the football finals.                           help from our Eastern Star Chapters,
    With Roundup 2008 ascribed to the history books, our atten-     Lodges and individual contributions.
tion now turns to Conclave 2008, which will be held in Lincoln
on July 18-20, 2008. Highlights of the weekend will include         Please make checks payable to:
paintball, a trip to a                                              Masonic Youth Foundation of
water park, and the
election of State
                                                                    Nebraska, 202 South 20 th Street,
Officers and the                                                    Omaha, NE 68102. Make sure that you
State Sweetheart.                                                   specify that it is for the conference.

Nebraska Masonic Youth Groups                                                                            11
                        Year Pin Presentations                                                         BRONZE JORDAN
               50-Year Pins                                   60-Year Pins                             MEDAL HOLDERS
George R. Anderson, Mid-West No. 317           Harold R. Ansnes, Omadi No. 5
Kenneth W. Becker, Blue River No. 30           William D. Bush, Lincoln No. 19                       John A. Hippe was presented with
Bill G. Beebe, Stromsburg No. 126              Donald R. Cain, George Armstrong No. 241           the Bronze Jordan Medal for Highland
Robert M. Bishop, Cement No. 211               Hollis L. Chalquist, Composite No. 81              Lodge No. 194, Cortland, on March 15,
Ray W. Blackburn, Jachin No. 146               Robert E. Chilcoat, Sr., Northern Light No. 41
George W. Blare, Arcana No. 195                Lloyd E. Corman, Hay Springs No .177               2008. W B Arnie Rudder, W B
Donald L. Brown, Thistle No. 61                William E. Deats, Bennett No. 94                   Norman DeVries, W B Lester
William A. Bryan, Osceola No. 65               Malyn W. DeTurk, Composite No. 81                  Doolittle and W B Daryl Doolittle
David H. Bryngelson, Wisner No. 114            Donald L. Dover, Mosaic No. 55
Robert L. Butcher, Mitchell No. 263            George B. Ernst, Lincoln No. 19                    went to Brother John’s home to present
John A. Carlson, Osceola No. 65                Harold Eyer, Lincoln No. 19                        the medal.
Gary L. Cook, Scotts Bluff No. 201             John S. Frerichs, Craftsmen No. 314
John W. Corman, Nelson No. 77                  Doyle Hollenbeck, Long Pine No. 136                    The Bronze Jordan Medal for
Dean T. Dinklage, Wisner No. 114               Ernest Huettmann, Wisner No. 114                   Craftsmen Lodge No. 314 in Lincoln
John F. Dale, Stromsburg No. 126               Erville W. Hughes, Wayne No. 120
R. Gregg Eklund, Osceola No. 65                James R. Jensen, Mitchell No. 263
                                                                                                  was presented to Frank J. Sacrider by
Perry L. Emmons, Bloomfield No. 218            A. Maynard Johnson, Lone Tree No. 36               W M Tim Dougherty at a dinner
Milton C. Ferebee, Nelson No. 77               Bennett J. Johnson, Hay Springs No. 177            meeting held at Shiloh Lodge No. 327
Marvyn E. Fritz, Friend No. 73                 Gerald Johnson, Wisner No. 114                     in Omaha. Brother Frank also received
Herbert H. Galitz, Mid-West No. 317            Stuart A. Johnson, Hay Springs No. 177
Tom Gonnerman, Stromsburg No. 126              Curtis R. Kasson, Monument No. 293                 his 60-year pin from Past Grand Master
Robert C. Harkins, Trestle Board No. 162       Perry H. Laten, Fremont No. 15                     Ivan Vrtiska.
John C. Hart, Camp Clarke No. 285              Edward H. Littrell, Lincoln No. 19
Mell L. Hammond, Acacia No. 34                 Calvin Mallette, George Armstrong No. 241             Robert W. Wolfe (below at left)
Ronald E. Hanna, Lincoln No. 19                Marlan L. McCoy, Hay Springs No. 177               received the Bronze Jordan Medal for
Richard J. Higgins, Papillion No. 39           William E. Muse, Mitchell No. 263
Norman W. Huber, Mid-West No. 317              Charles H. Norris, Lincoln No. 19
                                                                                                  Acacia Lodge No. 34 in Schuyler on
Warren R. Johnson, Wisner No. 114              Paul A. Owen, Lincoln No. 19                       May 20, 2008 from W M Roger
Harold E. Jones, Long Pine No. 136             Ralph E. Payne, Craftsmen No. 314                  Coufal.
Delwan K. Krob, Nebraska No. 1                 Dean L. Quigley, Bartley No. 228
William C. Krumel, Fremont No. 15              Dale W. Ridgway, Mid-West No. 317
Richard T. Kucera, Camp Clarke No. 285         Frank J. Sacrider, Craftsmen No. 314
Roy M. League, Robert Burns No. 173            John Schiessler, Hooper No. 72
C. Roger Maller, Oakland No. 91                Cleo P. Schroeder, Fremont No. 15
Leland S. Myers, Cedar River No. 89            Ivan D. Stalnaker, St. Paul No. 82
Gerald I. Neely, Mosaic No. 55                 George M. Sutton, Robert Burns No. 173
James N. Norton, Fidelity No. 51               Warren E. Sutton, Robert Burns No. 173
Thomas H. Olson, Oshkosh No. 286               Robert E. Taylor, Craftsmen No. 314
Robert D. Paulsen, Friend No. 73               James P. Teters, Mitchell No. 263
George W. Peterson, Fremont No. 15             Lawrence E. Thomas, Lincoln No. 19
Jack S. Richards, Acacia No. 34                Harold Thorson, Mitchell No. 263
Merle B. Rix, Mosaic No. 55                    Galen E. Trimbath, St. Paul No. 82
Duane M. Sandberg, Hay Springs No. 177         Reynold L. Trosper, St. Paul No. 82
Roland J. Schomer, Papillion No. 39            Glenn B. Weaver, Blue River No. 30
Norman R. Schuttler, Papillion No. 39          William E. Welstead, Fremont No. 15
Harry P. Seward, Lincoln No. 19                Bob L. Wiegand, Fremont No. 15
Ernest Spanhake, Northern Light No. 41
Donald L. Stroh, Papillion No. 39                             70-Year Pins
Gene L. Surber, Mitchell No. 263               William C. Porter, Robert Burns No. 173
John W. Toon, Hastings No. 50
Charles W. Trumble, Papillion No. 39
Warren E. Urbom, Craftsmen No. 314
Ralph H. Walker, Beatrice No. 26
Gilbert A. Wegner, St. Paul No. 82
George W. Wilson, Mosaic No. 55                                            C. Roger Maller, of
Neal E. Wilson, Lancaster No. 54                                           Oakland Lodge No.      W.B. Greg Wells congratulates Delwin Krob
John D. Wieseman, Osceola No. 65                                           91, received his 50-
Wilbert W. Wittmuss, Papillion No. 39                                                             on his 50-year pin. It was presented at the
                                                                           year pin at his home   Nebraska Lodge No.1 Past Master’s dinner
Terry T. Workman, College View No. 320
Donald D. Wright, Cotner No. 297                                           on November 20,        on April 19th.
Warren G. Ziettlow, Lancaster No. 54                                       2007.

A 50-year pin was presented to Gary Cook by
W.M. Richard Taedter of Scotts Bluff Lodge                                                        Ernest Spanhake, left, Northern Light Lodge
No. 201 in Gering. Pictured are, front: W.M.    R.W. Russ Reno presented 50-year pins to          No. 41 in Stanton, received his 50-year pin
Richard Taetder and Gary Cook; and back:        Brothers Robert D. Paulsen (left) and Marvin      from W.M. Gerald Kuhn, with George
Dallas Knotts and Leroy Powell.                 E. Fritz (right) of Friend Lodge No. 73.          Benson, Jr. assisting in the background.

                                                                                          Workman Saluted for
                                                                                        Five Decades in Masonry
                                                                                 by Paul Hadley, Junior Warden, College View Lodge No. 320

A 60-year pin was presented to
Robert E. Chilcoat, Sr., middle, of
Northern Light Lodge No. 41 in          William Deats, member of Bennett
Stanton by his son Robert E.            Lodge No. 94, received a 60-yr pin
Chilcoat, Jr., left, also a member of   at his home on March 11th. Present
Northern Light, and his grandson        were W.M. Rick Harris P.M. Roger
Andrew Chilcoat, right, who is          Miner, Bro. Alan Otto, Chap., and
currently a Fellow Craft Mason in       Stu Erickson, Secy. Pictured are
Green Valley, Arizona.                  W.M. Rick Harris, Bro. William
                                        Deats and pinning on the pin is
                                        his daughter Alicia.
                                                                                  On April 2, Brother William Terry Workman received his
                                                                              50-year membership pin from W M Jason Phelps at the
                                                                              regular communication at College View Masonic Temple.
                                                                                  He was raised a Master Mason in 1957 at Lodge No. 673
                                                                              of Normal, Ill. Now retired, he was a captain in the U.S. Naval
                                                                              Reserve and a teacher in the Lincoln Public Schools. His career
                                                                              took him around the Midwest before he transferred his
On March 30th, R. W. Bro. E. David      A 60-year pin was given to Brother    membership to East Lincoln Lodge No. 210 in 1984. Brother
Watts, Grand Junior Warden, made        Stuart Johnson of Hay Springs         Workman has made College View Lodge No. 320 his Masonic
award presentations to three            Lodge No. 177 on March 14.            home since 2006.
brothers of Osceola Lodge No. 65        Members present from left to right:       Here’s how he describes his Masonic history:
for their fifty years of membership.    DGC Les Evert, Tom Marcy,                 “My father, who worked on the Illinois Central Railroad,
The brothers honored were William       Maurice Jones, Wesley Bronson,        encouraged me to join the Masons in my senior year in College.
Bryan, John Wieseman and John           Harry Honstein, Richard McKay,        All the years he worked on the railroad, he felt there was a
Carlson. Pictured left to right are     Stuart Johnson, WM Bryan              close brotherhood of men in this fraternal organization.
W.M. Lucas Carlson,           John      Burrows, Richard Schneider, Alan          “I joined the Masonic Lodge in Normal, Ill. Upon graduating
Wieseman, William Bryan, John           Ferrel. Secretary Vern Platt was      from college, I accepted a teaching position in northern Illinois
Carlson and R.W. E. David Watts.        also present, but not pictured.       where I found the Masonic Lodge there to be very active.
                                                                              Several years later I moved to Wisconsin; due to my job I was
                                                                              not able to participate as actively, but I maintained my association
                                                                              with my Illinois lodge.
                                                                                  My education job took me from Illinois, Wisconsin,
                                                                              Oklahoma and finally to Nebraska, where I have been since
                                                                                  I switched lodges from Illinois to Nebraska because a local
                                        Kenneth W. Becker (center),           Mason asked me to associate with his lodge. Later, the Masonic
John Corman and Milton Ferebee          member of Blue River Lodge No.        brothers in Nebraska encouraged me join the Scottish Rite and
received 50-year pins from W.M.         30, received his 50-year pin from     Shrine. It has been a great experience knowing how active the
Alan Sole (center) of Nelson Lodge      Brothers Dwaine Fosler and W.M.       Masons are here in Nebraska, and I am proud to be associated
No. 77.                                 Gary Brhel.                           with Masonic brothers in Lincoln.”

                                                                                                                   Brothers Doug Rosekrans,
                                                                                                                   Duane Fosler and W.M. Gary
                                                                                                                   Brhel presented Glenn B.
                                                                                                                   Weaver (right center) with his
                                                                                                                   60-year pin from Blue River
                                                                                                                   Lodge No. 30.

                                                                              Melvin Johnston, Master of
Year Pins were presented to Lloyd E. Corman, and Duane M. Sandberg,
                                                                              Monument Lodge No. 293 in
60 and 50-year members of Hay Springs Lodge No. 177, respectively.
                                                                              Arapahoe presented a 60-
The pins were presented at a regular meeting with brethren from
                                                                              year membership award to
Chadron, Gordon and Alliance attending. Sixty-year pins were also given
                                                                              Curtis R. Kasson.
to Marlan L. McCoy and Bennett F. Johnson by mail, who could not be
present at the dinner.

     Liberty Lodge 300 Presents                                               CONTINUING                THE      TRADITION
       Masonic Scouter Award
    On May 18, members of Liberty Lodge No. 300 attended
the spring Court of Honor of Boy Scout Troop 93 to present
Worshipful Brother Dean Lif with the Daniel Carter Beard
Masonic Scouter Award.
    W B Dean served as Worshipful Master of Liberty
Lodge 300 in 1994 and 1998 and has been very active with Boy
Scout Troop 93 since that time. He has served in numerous
capacities, including Scoutmaster and Troop Committee
Chairman. His two boys, Adam and Chris, are the chief reason
Bro. Dean donates his time to the Boy Scouts.
    Boy Scout Troop 93 was chartered by South Gate United
Methodist Church in 1967 and is in its 41st year of operation.
The Troop’s mission is to build character and develop leadership
                                                                        Worshipful Brother Dallas Knotts, center, is passing on the tradition
skills in young men by promoting the ideals of the Scout Oath
                                                                        of Masonry to his four grandsons, left to right, Hayden Colby Green,
and Scout Law. The Troop Committee strives to balance                   Chadwick McKinley Knotts, Keaton David Green and Andrew Jay
community service, outdoor activities, and rank advancement             Green. All are members of Scotts Bluff Lodge No. 201 in Gering.
in the pursuit of its mission. Troop 93 has produced 54 Eagle           Dallas’ grandfather, James McKinley, was raised in Scotts Bluff Lodge
Scouts since its inception and lodge members were pleased to            in 1909.
be there for the announcement of the 55th Eagle Scout of Troop
93, Adam Lif, W B Dean’s son, who has completed all the
requirements of the Eagle rank and will be honored on Aug. 17
                                                                              Fremont Awards Night
                                                                           Fremont Lodge No. 15 held an awards night on April 20 to
at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.                                      recognize 25-, 50- and 60-year members. Fifty-eight Masons,
                                                                        family members and friends were in attendance. Most
                                                                        Worshipful Reginald S. Kuhn presented pins to 25-year member
                                                                        W B Vern C. Gibson, 50-year brother William C. Krumel
                                                                        and 60-year brothers W B Perry H. Laten, Bro. Cleo P.
                                                                        Schroeder, W B William E. Welstead, and W B Bob L.

W.B. Bob Foreman, Ann Lif, W.B. Dean Lif, and W.B. Wade Kendle
pose after Bro. Dean received the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic
Scouter Award for his service to the Boy Scouts. W.B. Wade led the
ceremony with the assistance of W.B. Bob. W.B. Wade is an Eagle
Scout, 3 psalms, of Troop 344, Alliance, Nebraska. Photo courtesy
of Deb Kendle
                                                                          Scholarship Dinner in Hastings
                                                                            The 5th Annual Scholarship Recipient Recognition Dinner
     Sidney Members Gather for                                          was held on May 22, hosted by Mid-West Lodge No. 317, in
                                                                        Hastings. All award winners and their families were invited to
        Award Presentation                                              attend the dinner as guests of the donor body - 113 people at-
                                                                        tended the event. The fol-
                                                                        lowing scholarships were
                                                                        awarded: Mid-West Lodge
                                                                        No. 317 - 8 Academic and
                                                                        6 Band Scholarships;
                                                                        Hastings Lodge No. 50 -
                                                                        1 Academic and 3 Band
                                                                        Scholarships; Acacia Chap-
                                                                        ter No. 39 OES - 6 Aca-
                                                                        demic and 2 Band Scholar-
                                                                        ships; Hastings York Rite -
W.M. Harlan Sage presented W.B. Virgil Nelson, front center, with his
                                                                        1 Band Scholarship; and W.M. Monte Malouf II presented the
60-yr membership pin on March 4. Included in the picture are            Hastings Valley Scottish academic scholarship to Brette A.
members of Frank Welch Lodge who were present at the meeting.           Rite - 1 Band Scholarship. Daiss from Hastings Lodge No. 50.

 Omadi Lodge No. 5 Celebrates 150th                                          Mid-West Presents Membership Awards
             by Kent Broyhill, W.M. Omadi Lodge No. 5                           M W B Scott Krieger, Sr. presented 50-year pins to
     Lodge members had to set up additional, last minute, seating to         Alan Lee “Skip” Pounds from Nevada and John W. Toon of
accommodate the turnout at Ponca State Park for Omadi’s 150th                Hastings, both members of Mid-West Lodge No. 317.
anniversary celebration. The setting was the beautiful, new educational      M W B Les Seiler attended college with Skip and was in
and resource center in the park.                                             attendance at the presentation. PGP Wayne and Marilyn
     “We had a catered 1850’s style meal served in pie tins,” Kent           Jacobsen were also in attendance, friends of Skip and Sandy
Broyhill, Worshipful Master of Omadi Lodge stated. “It consisted of          Pounds as a result of their involvement with the Order of the
beef or chicken stew, cornbread and cobbler. Michele Haitz, the              Eastern Star.
caterer with numerous Masonic connections, did a marvelous job
with the meal. We even printed up special placemats with a brief
history of Omadi Lodge and my message to the attendees.
     We were extremely pleased with the turnout of members from
Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota lodges. We also had members
from Lynn Broyhill Assembly #12 and Capitol Lodge No. 3 present.
Capitol Lodge supported Omadi’s founding in 1858.”
     “During the afternoon we recognized a 6th generation Mason,
                                        Braden Garwood of Dakota
                                        City,” Broyhill continued. “He is
                                        the son of Scott Garwood and
                                        grandson of Doug Garwood.
                                        The interesting thing here is that
                                        all six generations were
                                        members of Omadi Lodge and
                                        all six generations lived on the
                                        “Century Farm” which was
                                        established in 1868 near Dakota      Pictured left to right are Sandy and Skip Pounds, M.W. Scott
 Sixth generation Mason, Braden City. Braden was also initiated              Krieger, John and Jean Toon.
 Garwood, with W.M. Kent Broyhill into The Order of Eastern Star
at the OES Grand Session in May, under the direction of his                  Patriot Riders - Continued from page 2
Grandmother, Betty Garwood, Worthy Grand Matron.”
     Grand Lodge Officers attending the anniversary were John                to counteract this type of protest and, by that, they developed their
Parsons, Tom Hauder, Stephen Kennedy, Dennis Rix, Jerry Verbeek              mission statement.
and Dave Watts. John Parsons brought greetings and a special                     The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders
message from the Grand Lodge of Nebraska. Tom Hauder delivered               from across the nation. They have one thing in common besides
the Grand Oration. Past Grand Masters present were Ivan Vrtiska              motorcycles. They have an unwavering respect for those who
and Mike Jones.                                                              risk their lives for America’s freedom and security.
     Omadi lodge had special 2-ounce shot glasses made as mementos               It doesn’t matter what you ride, what your political views are,
for the Ladies at the Table Ceremony. The wonderful ceremony                 or whether you’re a “hawk” or a “dove.” It is not a requirement
paying tribute to the ladies and dedicated brethren was conducted            that members are veterans. It doesn’t matter where you’re from
by Past Grand Master Mike Jones of David City. Mike had fun                  or what your income is. You don’t even have to ride. The only
engaging his receptive audience and educated them with tidbits of            prerequisite is Respect.
information and humor between the toasts.                                        The main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen
     After a brief recess to reset the room, Kent Broyhill conducted         American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission
an engaging game of Masonic Trivia. The game is run very much                undertaken has two basic objectives: 1) Show sincere respect for
like a TV game show complete with two 30 second impromptu                    our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities; and 2) Shield
commercials. At the end of the game a new “Pooh Master” is                   the mourning family and friends from interruptions created by any
crowned with all the rights and privileges of his new title.                 protestors or groups of protestors. The latter is accomplished through
     The game panelists were Grand Lodge Officers Dave Watts, Tom            strictly legal and non-violent means.
Hauder and John Parsons. After three rounds of questioning, Dave Watts           The group has expanded to over 100,000 members across the
was crowned our new “Pooh Master.” Dave received an official “Pooh           country, which not only attend the funerals of our fallen, but also
Master” T-shirt, a crown (wire basket),                                      participate in rides to honorably send troops off and welcome them
a scepter (toilet plunger), and a new                                        back. More information can be found at
Teddy Bear.                                                                  Home/tabid/53/Default.aspx, and membership is entirely free.
     In recognition of Dave’s noble                                              Masons can express their fervor for their country and soldiers
efforts, his wife Becky was presented                                        by participating in this organization. I have met many riders who
a sterling silver, diamond cut, Masonic                                      are Masons, and that proverbial double tie to the Fraternity is
pendant.                                                                     expressed at these solemn occasions. As Masons, we should never
     When asked about his version of                                         forget our duties to God and Country, and we all have an obligation
Masonic Trivia, Broyhill replied. “It                                        to show our respect. Being a member of the PGR is a worthy
serves as an educational program, it’s                                       cause and I would encourage all able bodied Masons to lengthen
fun and engaging. It keeps people from Newly crowned Pooh Master,            their Cable Tow to stretch across this state to remember the fallen,
falling asleep and if they do, they Dave Watts, shows off his                to honor those when they return, and to aid the families of veterans
themselves become the entertainment.              title treasures.           in their times of need.
                    We still need
                  Are you ready for some football?
 BAND CHAPERONES Husker Football
                                     You provide the tickets, we’ll
      for July 22-26 in Lincoln.
                                     provide the parking. A new
Any                   day
An y combination of days/nights is
accept       We are
accep table. We ar e in special need
                                     drawing will be held for the 12
   of night chaperones for the       parking spots available at the
          7pm - 7am shift.           Grand Lodge Office located
                  are pro       for
 Room and meals ar e provided for    just two blocks north of Memorial Stadium. Parking
all chaperones. Never been a band places for the season are available for a $80 donation
chaperone? Try it & you’ll be back! to the Nebraska Masonic Foundation. If you would
 haperone? Tr         ou’ll
                     you       back!
                                     like to be included in the random drawing, please call
                                     the Grand Lodge Office by July 31.
 Call or email Michelle at the
 Grand Lodge Off          for more
 Gr and Lodg e Of f ice for mor e       GRAND LODGE CALENDAR OF EVENTS
  information - 800-558-8029           Jun 22    150th Anniversary Celebration,                             Nemaha Valley No. 4, Brownville
                                                                         Jun 25-28 Job’s Daughters Grand Session, Fremont
                                                                         Jul 6     Cornerstone, Central City
                                                                         Jul 12    One-day Conferral, Omaha
                                                                         Jul 18-20 DeMolay Conclave, Lincoln
                                                                         Jul 19    CHIP Event, Russ’s Market, Hastings
                                                                         Jul 22-26 Masonic All-Star Marching Band & Shrine Bowl
                                                                         Aug 9     CHIP Event, Hastings Masonic Center
                                                                         Aug 25    Masonic Charities Golf Tournament, North Bend
                                                                         Aug 26    CHIP Event, Raymond Central Elem., Ceresco
           STURGIS LODGE MEETING                                         Aug 28
                                                                         Aug 30
                                                                                   CHIP Event, Raymond Central Elem., Valparaiso
                                                                                   CHIP Event, Omaha
    Olive Branch Lodge No. 47 in Sturgis, SD, welcomes all               Sep 13    CHIP Event, Plattsmouth VFW
Masons to a special meeting of the lodge during the Sturgis              Sep 13    100th Anniversary Celebration
Motorcycle Rally and Races on Wednesday, August 6, 2008                                Robert W. Furnas Lodge No. 265, Scottsbluff
at 7:30 p.m. Please be prepared to show a current dues card              Sep 20    CHIP Event, All Saints Episcopal Church, Omaha
and respond to a short examination. Dress is casual, motorcycle          Sep 21    CHIP Event, YMCA Trails West, Scottsbluff
attire is acceptable. There will be a Ladies Program in the              Sep 21    Youth Benefit Trap/Sporting Clay, David City
dining room. For more information, contact Thomas Secrest,               Oct 11    CHIP Event, Columbus Masonic Center
605-717-1115,                                        Oct 18    One-day Conferral, Omaha
                                                                         Oct 18-19 Masonic Youth Leadership Conference, Kearney
The Nebraska Mason is produced quarterly and distributed to
                                                                         Oct 21&22 CHIP Event, Meadow Lane Elementary, Lincoln
more than 25,000 members of the Masonic Family. Copy for
articles is due at the Grand Lodge
Office on or before the following THE NEBRASKA MASON                                                                 Non-Profit Org.
dates. Articles received after these OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE                                                      U.S. Postage
deadlines will be held for possible GRAND LODGE A F & A M OF NEBRASKA                                                     PAID
                                      PO BOX 81852                                                                     Lincoln, NE
inclusion in future issues:           LINCOLN, NE 68501-1852                                                         Permit No. 1066
            September 1, 2008
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              March 1, 2009
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       The Nebraska Mason
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