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									        Minutes of Local Liaison Group Meeting

       Date Held: Wednesday, 4th February 2009
                     Time: 6pm
           Venue: Shanganagh Park House

                    Cormac Becton
                     Annette Cleary
                      Pauline Davy
                      Patrick Doyle
                    Mike Fitzgerald
                      Sharon Healy
                      Des Houlihan
                    Eamonn Keogh
                     John Latchford
                       Phil Lyons
                    Julie McCluskey
                  Caroline McDermot
                   Elizabeth Messitt
                   Jacqueline Moran
                   Roslyn Nicholson
                       John Nolan
                     Jenny Nugent
                       Gerry Ryan
                      Jenny Storey
                      Anne Traynor
                    Teresa Whitaker
                  Garda Davy Tarpey

                    Louise Fagan
                  Lorraine Pamukcu
                   Jean O Kennedy

      Michael Mangan, Senior Engineer, DLR CoCo
       Liam Coughlan, Project Resident Engineer
     Pablo Canadell García, Project Manager, SDD
      Declan Diamond, Construction Manager, SDD
              Lorraine O’ Rahilly, Facilitator
Mary Murphy, Claire O Hara, RPS Mary Murphy Associates
      Residents approved the minutes from 26th November 2008 and 14th January 2009 meetings.
      DLR Co Co circulated notes from Report at 26th Nov meeting relating to An Garda Siochána and the then
       draft Traffic Management Plan.

Report from SDD

   1. Works are progressing well with the Traffic calming works since Christmas and the current phase is expected
       to be substantially completed by 13th February, weather permitting.
   2. The works have been carried out without any accidents or serious incidents.
   3. The DART car park opened to the public on Monday, 26th January and is working well.
   4. Works are ongoing to complete erecting signage, including the 30kph speed zone from the Shanganagh
       Road to the site. This will be a legally enforceable speed limit on route from Shanganagh Road to the site.
   5. Work is now progressing to install chicanes and traffic Islands between the Rathsallagh Bridge and the
       DART Station
   6. All of the Ramps and Roundabouts have been completed. Line marking is progressing.
   7. The permanent fencing to the extended site and the works compound area is complete.
   8. The ducting for an ESB diversion has been installed and SDD are waiting for ESB to carry out the diversion.
       ESB do not expect residents’ electricity supply to be disrupted.
   9. Piping for Sewer Diversion is 95% complete.
   10. Monitoring equipment on bridge at Shanganagh Cliffs is being installed by sub-contractor this week and will
       be finished by Friday night. Noise levels have been reduced considerably since Tuesday night and are now
   11. Work is on-going on setting up the Compound; offices and storage areas.
   12. New Gates have been erected either end of the emergency access onto Seafield from the Haul Road and
       the track will be laid with stones next week.
   13. A street light pole at the haul road entrance will have to be relocated. SDD will commence works on this next
   14. SDD to take over the pumping station at Bray on 12th February 2009.
   15. Phase 1 works inside the plant will start on 16th February 2009.

Report from DLR Co Co

   1. The roundabout on Rathsallagh Road has been raised and is clearly visible
   2. DLR assessed the issue of disabled parking outside Scoil Mhuire and has made a commitment to install a
      disabled parking bay outside the school where motorists can drive in and park safely
   3. The Parks Department in DLR Co Co has given permission to build a 300 metre access path to beach, from
      the houses, across the green space to main crossing point along the haul road, which will connect with the
      current path.
   4. DLR Co Co discussed the issue of painting kerbs on traffic islands with DLR Traffic Section and concluded
      that it is not a necessary measure
   5. SDD replaced the fencing around the topsoil mounds but it was vandalised again. DLR confirmed that it will
      not be erected again. The fencing was put in place due to request from Parks Dept to mark out the areas
      where SDD would be working and is not required for safety reasons.
   6. Access Officer is part of internal Traffic Dept in DLR Co Co.
   7. DLR Co Co has agreed to install additional lighting at the DART station
   8. DLR Co Co is putting proposals together to upgrade Shanganagh Road, under Part 8 planning
   9. DLR Co Co agree to request from some residents to have a separate preparatory meeting to discuss the
       construction of the Transfer Pipeline. Date to be agreed. The Agenda for these meetings will extend to
       include information on the other elements of the project; the pipeline and the storage tank, when relevant.
   10. DLR Co Co will not hold a Public Meeting to discuss progress on the project.

Issues Arising

   1. Residents expressed their frustration at not receiving notice of works being carried out outside normal
       working hours; essential monitoring work was carried out on the bridge at Shanganagh between 12am and
       3am and lorries transporting 4 prefabs entered the site compound at 5:15am on Wednesday morning.
   2. SDD explained that the work being carried out required complete temporary electrical disconnection. Work
       could not progress until SDD received confirmation from the DART Supervisor on duty that the overhead
       cable was electrically dead. Irish Rail could only give permission to do the work between 12:30am and
       3:30am, as the DART is not in operation during these hours. DLR Co Co and SDD did not anticipate any
       disruption as a result of the night works and accept that the residents should have been notified prior to the
       work being done. Both DLR Co Co and SDD apologised to the residents for the disruption.
   3. SDD explained that the prefabs being transported to the site were 12ft wide, 2ft above the allowed width, and
       therefore required a special transport licence. This licence stated that the prefabs could only be brought in
       between 10pm and 6am. 16 more prefabs will be brought into the site compound over the coming weeks.
       SDD offered residents a choice of the prefabs being brought in between 10pm and midnight, to minimise
       disruption to residents living near the compound and this was more acceptable to residents than 5am.
   4. The Project Team will let residents know as soon as they reasonably can, when works are planned to
       happen in their area outside normal working hours and asked residents what is the best way to notify them.
       The website will be used, email too and residents are to check with local shop to see if notice board there a
   5. SDD confirmed that the Emergency Access road will be in operation next week, weather permitting.
   6. SDD confirmed that the temporary car park by the DART station is there to facilitate drivers who used to park
       on Rathsallagh Road. SDD construction staff will park in the site compound.
   7. Residents requested that the four car parking spaces in front of the shop on Rathsallagh Road be removed
       or a pedestrian crossing be installed there.
   8. Residents raised concerns over security at the site compound
   9. Residents requested that SDD consider employing local residents if any job opportunities arise on the
   10. Residents requested that the Lo-call number be displayed at the site
   11. Residents asked that there be a stronger Garda presence at the works compound, particularly at night, to
       ward off anti-social behaviour.
   12. Residents asked if SCC security personnel could patrol the area more, to ward off anti-social behaviour.

Next Meeting: 4th March at 6pm in Shanganagh Park House.

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