Boxing Trainees learn from Olympic hopefuls by taoyni


D4	               November	5,	2009                                                                                                                                                              

Boxing:	Trainees	learn	from	Olympic	hopefuls
Continued from D1                                 his	 first	 deployment,	 “As	 an	 outlet	
                                                  to	keep	me	out	of	trouble.	Besides,	
165-pound	 light-heavyweight	 divi-               it	creates	a	lot	of	character.”
sion.                                                He	 said	 the	 most	 important	 tips	
   After	his	initial	loss,	he	said,	“The	         he	 picked	 up	 were	 to	 “Keep	 your	
coaches	 gave	 me	 a	 bid	 to	 go	 back	          hands	 up	 and	 pay	 attention”	 and	
next	year.”                                       “how	 to	 defend	 and	 parry	 when	
   Hudgins	won	his	weight	division	               you’re	backing	up.”
at	 this	 year’s	 Fort	 Hood	 Boxing	                Margie	 Serrato,	 an	 anthropology	
Tournament.                                       graduate	 student	 at	 Texas	 A&M	
   Warming	up	before	class,	Michael	              University,	said	of	her	participation	
Stoveall,	a	heavy	equipment	operator	             in	 the	 training	 camp,	 “I	 thought	
for	 Co.	 A,	 62nd	 Engineer	 Combat	             it	 would	 be	 a	 good	 opportunity	 to	
Battalion	 (Heavy),	 36th	 Engineer	              improve	 my	 martial	 arts	 skills	 and	
Brigade,	said	he	would	like	to	earn	a	            to	be	around	Soldiers.”
spot	on	the	post’s	boxing	team.                      Serrato	 is	 in	 the	 midst	 of	 a	
   He	 started	 boxing	 in	 2005,	 after	         research	 project	 that	 includes	 “...	
                                                  studying	 the	 differences	 in	 how	
                                                  men	and	women	experience	combat	
                                                  and	 if	 they	 talk	 about	 it	 differently	
                                                  and	how	the	reintegrate.”
                                                     When	 not	 picking	 up	 boxing	
                                                  techniques	 to	 add	 to	 her	 martial	
                                                  arts	skills,	Serrato	will	continue	her	
                                                  research	 through	 December.	 After	
                                                  that,	she	plans	to	interview	Soldiers	
                                                  at	Fort	Bragg.
                                                     Hardrick	 said	 he	 has	 been	 box-
                                                  ing	 since	 he	 was	 12	 years	 old	 in	
                                                                                                   Ruel Pacada, 1-8 Cav. Regt., 2nd BCT, 1st Cav. Div., mimics Olympic hopeful Zaccheus Hardrick.
                                                  Atlanta.	 His	 ring	 credits	 include	
                                                  being	 a	 national	 bronze	 medalist	              The	 6-foot	 four-inch	 tall	 middle-    advancing	real	well.”                        and	 the	 Armed	 Forces	 Boxing	
                                                  and	 Olympic	 Trials	 participant	 in	           weight	 acknowledged,	 “I	 didn’t	 do	       After	 returning	 to	 Fort	 Carson,	       Championships.
                                                  2007	and	2008.                                   my	best	but	I’ll	do	better	next	time.      Colo.,	 both	 boxers	 will	 prepare	 for	       Army	is	the	reigning	Armed	Forc-
                                                     The	 Olympic	 hopefuls	 came	 to	               “It’s	been	a	nice	experience	work-       meets	against	the	best	boxers	in	Ala-        es	 boxing	 team	 champion.	 Since	
                                                  Fort	 Hood	 after	 the	 national	 tour-          ing	with	these	guys	here,”	Hardrick	       bama	and	Tennessee.                          1976,	 Army	 has	 only	 given	 that	
      Photos by Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff   nament	 held	 in	 San	 Antonio	 in	              said.	 “It	 feels	 good	 to	 see	 how	       Their	 next	 stop	 en	 route	 to	 the	     title	up	twice	–	once	in	1978	to	the	
Margie Serrato, a Texas A&M anthro-               which	 Army	 boxers	 picked	 up	 two	            much	they’re	absorbing	despite	just	       2011	 Olympic	 Trials	 will	 be	 the	        Marines	 and	 again	 to	 the	 Marines	
pology student, shadow boxes.                     silver	and	three	bronze	medals.                  having	 three	 or	 four	 days;	 they’re	   All-Army	 Boxing	 Championships	             in	1991.

Football: Outlaws run out of time
in flag football game with Dragons
Continued from D1                             “I	 saw	 where	 he	 was	 going	        down.
                                           to	 throw	 it	 so	 I	 just	 stayed	          After	completing	a	long	pass	
waltzed	 untouched	 into	 the	             back	 and	 floated,”	 Tarishi	            that	put	the	ball	on	the	Drag-
end	 zone	 for	 the	 game’s	 first	        Griffen	said	of	his	stolen	pass.          ons’	 8-yard-line,	 Wade	 faked	
touchdown.	Griffen	picked	up	                 On	 the	 next	 play,	 Zennie	          a	 keeper	 up	 the	 middle	 then	
the	 extra	 point	 shoveling	 a	           Griffen	 handed	 off	 to	 Gall-           flipped	 the	 ball	 over	 his	 head	
pass	 to	 lineman	 Rocky	 Gall-            more,	 who	 passed	 to	 Maurice	          to	Tipton,	who	scored.
more	and	it	was	a	7-0	game.                George,	open	in	the	end	zone,	               The	 extra-point	 attempt	
  Back	 in	 the	 game,	 Tipton	            for	a	13-0	Dragons	lead.                  failed	and	it	was	a	13-6	game	
connected	 with	 Tilman	 John-                The	 extra-point	 attempt	             but	time	was	running	out.
son	 for	 a	 first-and-goal	 just	         failed.                                      After	 the	 touchdown,	 the	
inside	 the	 20.	 But,	 with	 the	            Mixing	 up	 the	 signal	 call-         Outlaws	called	time	out,	stop-
Outlaws	 quarterback	 scram-               ing,	Wade	stepped	in	as	quar-             ping	the	clock	at	1:20.
bling,	 Tarishi	 Griffen	 inter-           terback	 and,	 on	 first	 down,	             But	George	picked	up	a	first	
cepted	 Tipton’s	 pass	 and	               lateraled	 to	 Tipton,	 who	 was	         down	 for	 the	 Dragons	 and	                                                                               Photo by Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff
returned	it	to	the	Dragons’	22.            stopped	 just	 short	 of	 a	 first	       time	ran	out.                          In the second half, Dragons running back Maurice George loses his flag to an Outlaws defender.

                                                                                                   10-miler	teams	recognized                                                                                    Hanging
                                                                                                   Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, III Corps and Fort Hood com-
                                                                                                   mander, presented coins of appreciation Monday in the
                                                                                                   West Atrium of the corps headquarters to members of                                                          Cyndi Tracy,
                                                                                                   both the men’s and women’s teams that represented Fort                                                       a recreation
                                                                                                   Hood Oct. 4 in the silver anniversary of the Army Ten-Miler                                                  assistant at the
                                                                                                   held in Washington, D.C. The post’s men’s and women’s                                                        North Fort Hood
                                                                                                   teams placed second overall in their events. The post’s                                                      Fitness Center,
                                                                                                   senior noncommissioned officer, CSM Arthur Coleman Jr.,                                                      scales the rock
                                                                                                   also attended the ceremony. Team members included:                                                           climbing wall
                                                                                                   Page Karstetter, Stanley Abrahams, Steven Vigil, Andrew                                                      with ease
                                                                                                   Stone, Michael Knapp, Melissa Ramsey, Kimberly Cox-                                                          Tuesday.
                                                                                                   Curry, Matthew Tower, Kacey Miller, Michael Klueber,
                                                                                                   Mark Knous, Javier Casanova, Keldon Walker, Scott Work-
                                                                                                   man, Johnathan Norquist, Abigail Wyant, Faith Strong,
                                                                                                   Joshua Foster, Johnathan Whitworth, Erie Hebert, Jamie
                                                                                                   Dvorak, Mayra Montelongo, Navidad Calderon, Estes
                                                                                                   Morales-Facdol, Brittany Meeks and Belinda Ryman.
                                                       Photo by Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff                                                                         Photo by Andrew Evans, Sentinel Staff

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                                                                                                         Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done
                                                                                        because he wants to do it. Dwight Eisenhower: Famous Military Quotes

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