88th Anniversary

                     INSTITUTE OF
                  National Association of Accountants, Inc.

                   BUFFALO CHAPTER #012

                       An Association Devoted to the
                         Interests of Accountants

                             Annual Program


                           Membership Roster

        Regular Monthly Meetings Held Third Thursday of the Month

                              Cost of Dinner:
                        Regular Members: $25.00
                        Retired Members: $25.00
                        Student Members: $20.00

               Technical Speaker (Dinner Meeting):     6:30PM

                 Monthly Board Meetings to be announced

           Members and non members are always welcome at the
            monthly meetings without having to order the dinner.

NOTE: Some exceptions to this regular pattern of meeting dates and locations
      are planned. See “Monthly Meeting” section inside for details
                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

National IMA Executive Committee…………………             3

Chapter Officers and Directors………………………             4

Schedule of Monthly Meetings....……………………            5

IMA Vision/Mission Statement and Services……….       6

Members – Alphabetical order…………………….…              7 - 13

Past Presidents – Buffalo Chapter………………..….         14

The Institute of Certified Management Accountants
certification exam information……………………...           15

Standards of Ethical Conduct for
Management Accountants……………………………                   16

Executive Company of the Year…………………….              17
  Institute of Management Accountants
10 Paragon Dr., Montvale, NJ 07645-1718
             Fax: 201-474-1600
               8am-8pm EST
       National IMA - Board of Directors

             John B. Pollara ,CMA

                Dena Botbyl
          Community Support Specialist

                Stephen Shepard
      Global Community Relations Manager

                     Jodi Ryan
     Manager - Student & Academic Relations
      p: 800.638.4427 x1556/201.474.1556

                  Julie Shipley
   Learning Director, Professional Development

        Regional Council Vice President
          Upstate New York Council
              William J. McIntyre, Jr

          Regional Council President
                 Jack A. Lorenz

          Regional Council Secretary
                Ronald S. Irish

    Upstate Council Meetings are held at the
         Canandaigua Inn on the Lake
              Canandaigua, NY
                           CHAPTER OFFICERS

DAVID SHIA                           ROBERT KLEIN
Co-President                         Co-President
1st Conax Nuclear                    Hunt Real Estate Corporation
(716) 681-1973                        (716) 689-9207            

DIANE GRANT                          MICHAEL HILCZMAYER
Team Leader of Admin and Finance     Team Leader of Communications
Member Roster and Advertising        Treasurer
Database Manager                     Director of Newsletter
Co-Webmaster                         Ecology & Environment
Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps, Inc.       (716) 684-8060 x2317
(716) 849-5812 x313        

                                     JOSEPH LALONDE
SUE LEFLER                           Team Leader of Membership
Secretary                            Member Attendance/Meetings
KOMAutomation Inc.                   Public Relations
(716) 691-6400                       Financial Edge Executive Resources            (716) 332-6161

                          CHAPTER DIRECTORS

CMA and CFM Programs                 Member Retention
USA Today                            Wendt’s Dairy Division
(716) 691-9840                       (716) 283-8741        

ANN CZAPLA                           CARL RICKERT
Financial Review                     Co-Webmaster
Midland Asphalt Materials, Inc.      USA Today
(716) 692-0730                       (716) 691-9840          
         Schedule of Monthly Meetings

                  November 15, 2007
                  Franklin Sciortino
           U.S. Small Business Administration
       Topic: “The SBA: what it is, what it does”
     Place and Time: Chefs Restaurant (6:30 PM)

                   January 17, 2008
               John Walczak, CPA and
               Kevin Majchrowicz, CPA
             Brock, Schechter & Polakoff
Topic: “Fraud in the workplace and ideas for prevention”
     Place and Time: Chef’s Restaurant (6:30 PM)

                   February 21, 2008
                Seneca Niagara Casino
                   Niagara Falls, NY
              Joint with Niagara Chapter
            Topic: “Tour and Presentation”
  Place and Time: Seneca Niagara Casino (6:30 PM)

                     April 17, 2008
                     Larry Mietus
                  Murak & Associates
          Topic: “Planning/Managing change”
    Place and Time: Chef’s Restaurant (6:30 PM)

                     May 15, 2008
                 Buffalo Sabres Night
              Joint with Niagara Chapter
            Place and time to be announced
                     INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT
                         ACCOUNTANTS, INC.

                                     VISION STATEMENT

      “Global Leadership in education, certification, and practice of management accounting and
                                       financial management.”

                                    MISSION STATEMENT

     Provide to members personal and professional development opportunities through education,
   association with business professionals, and certification in management accounting and financial
                                           management skills.

   Ensure that IMA is universally recognized by the financial community as a respected institution
 influencing the concepts and ethical practices of management accounting and financial management


Leadership Training - volunteer service at              Member Interest Groups (MIGS) – The
the chapter or national level gives you                 Controllers Council, Cost Management
valuable leadership experience. Volunteer               Group and Small-Business Council each
leaders begin their service at the chapter              provide a tailored monthly newsletter, a
board level, and may elect to regional council          separate e-mail exchange for networking and
service, national committee service, and                sharing information, and access to the MIGs
national board service.                                 online directory, which allows members to
                                                        locate colleagues by industry, location and
Employment Networking – IMA servcs as a                 special projects. Members participate in
clearing-house for members interested in                surveys on a wide range of relevant, topical
either placing an “open position available” or          issues, with results reported in the newsletters
“position wanted” notice in a local chapter or          and other media.
council newsletter, or in the career center on
the IMA website.                                        Membership Discount Programs – The IMA
                                                        offers savings to members on a wide variety of
The IMA Professional Development –                      services and products including car rentals,
Lefelong Learning Center gives Management               insurance, office resources and financial
Accountants and Financial Professionals                 services.
lifelong learning for “employability” from
hire to retire.                                         To learn more about IMA benefits and
                                                        services, and for information on contacting
Ethics Counseling Service – A counselor will            the IMA and its departments directly, please
assist members in applying the IMA                      visit the IMA at
Standards of Ethical Conduct for
Management Accountants and Financial
Professionals to specific problems. Members
using this hotline service are guaranteed
                          PAST PRESIDENTS

1921       E.A. Becker              1965      LB Schneggenburger
1922       J.H. Patterson           1966      Robert A. Wilcox
1923       ND. Farmer               1967      Clarence A. Leins &
1924       EW. Wesp                           Robert L. Bailey
1925       FE. Mosher               1968 ND   Robert L. Bailey
1926       G.Shipton                1969      Joseph F. Schaefer
1927       H.H. Knapp               1970      DArcy Warren
1928       H.H. Knapp               1971      George R. Grady
1929       H.W. Whitney             1972 ND   Thomas E Hart
1930       D.R. Marsh               1973      Mark A. Reiman
1931 NVP   Claude 0. Rainey         1974      Doris M. Doyle
1932       E.G. Lucker              1975      Charles A. Nieset
1933       E.B. Erase               1976      Charles I. Unger
1934       Gordon F. Gilmore        1977      Robert E. Haberer
1935       A.F. Glassman            1978      William J. Reed
1936       TB. Foot                 1979      Ronald J. Huetner
1937       E. Swick                 1980      Penn R. Watson IV
1938 ND    Raymond J.Lowe           1981      Harold A. Zimmer
1939       H.L. Keller              1982      David J. Olkowski
1940       E.M. Detwiler            1983 ND   Roger 0. Miller
1941 ND    HE. Riordon              1984      Richard W. George
1942       JR Healey                1985      Nick G. Koppmann
1943       R.A. Laub                1986      Donald R. Halt
1944 NVP   G. Howard Ghappell       1987      Paul H. Huefner
1945       Russell Koen             1988 ND   Gerard Mazurkiewicz
1946       Norman E. Lilga          1989      James M. Wright
1947       John H. Goodwin, Jr.     1990      Gary Papa
1948       E.J. Vigeron             1991      Alan E. Boyce
1949       G.T. Hubbell             1992 ND   Dale M. Steinwald
1950 ND    Ralph W. Seller          1993      Jack Amico
1951 ND    Richard C. Abbott        1994      Dave Gonlag
1952       Edw R Klingenmeier       1995      Craig Ansell
1953 ND    Donald H. Murphy         1996      Pat D. King
1954       George A. Leib           1997      Keith Anterline
1955       George A. Potter         1998      Robert Klein
1956       Elwood R. Schmink        1999      Charles J. Wilson III
1957 ND    Joseph H. Terreberry     2000      Lisa Pawlowski
1958 ND    Harold L. Gebike         2001      Patricia J. King
1959       G.E. Geddes              2002      Diane R. Rey
1960 ND    Harold G. Boughton       2003      Diane Grant
1961       Donald E. Chapman        2004      Michael Hilczmayer
1962 ND    Melvin M. Steger         2005      David Shia
1963       Kenneth V. Craw          2006      David Shia
1964 ND    Ross S. Tanner
   The Institute of Certified Management Accountants
                Certification Information

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) established
the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) in
1972 to implement and administer the Certified Management
Accountant (CMA) Program and in 1996 the Certified in
Financial Management (CFM) Program.

The ICMA evaluates the credentials of candidates, administers
the examination, grants certificates, and ensures that CMAs
and CFMs continue to meet the professional requirements
necessary to retain their certificates in good standing.

All ICMA certification exams will be given in a computer
based format through Prometric Technology Centers.
Candidates are authorized for an examination by the ICMA,
and will then schedule the exam at a Prometric Technology
Center through their national registry. All examination parts
(Parts 1, 2CMA, 2CFM, 3 and 4) are now available at all
locations on a continuous basis (except Sundays and holidays).
Candidates receive immediate feedback on their performance
before leaving the testing center. New applicants to the ICMA
should seek admission 60-90 days before they wish to take the
exam. Continuing candidate should register for parts 4-6
weeks prior to taking the exam.

Prometric Technology Ctr.
4927 Main Street
Amherst, NY
                           STANDARDS OF ETHICAL CONDUCT FOR
                               MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS

Management accountants have an obligation to the organizations they serve, their profession, the
public, and themselves to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. In recognition of this
obligation, the Institute of Management Accountants has promulgated the following standards of
ethical conduct for management accountants. Adherence to these standards is integral to achieving
the Objectives of Management Accounting. Management accountants shall not commit acts
contrary to these standards, nor shall they condone the commission of such acts by others within
their organizations.


Management accountants have a responsibility to:
          Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence by ongoing development of
their knowledge and skills.
          Perform their professional duties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and
technical standards.
          Prepare complete and clear reports and recommendations after appropriate analyses of
relevant and reliable information.


Management accountants have a responsibility to:
          Refrain from disclosing confidential information acquired in the course of their work
except when authorized, unless legally obligated to do so.
     Inform subordinates as appropriate regarding the
confidentiality of information acquired in the course of their work, and monitor their activities to
assure the maintenance of that confidentiality.
          Refrain from using or appearing to use confidential information acquired in the course of
their work for unethical or illegal advantage either personally or through third parties.


Management accountants have a responsibility to:
          Avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest and advise all appropriate parties of any
potential conflict.
          Refrain from engaging in any activity that would prejudice their ability to carry out their
duties ethically.
          Refuse any gift, favor, or hospitality that would influence or would appear to influence
their actions.
          Refrain from either actively or passively subverting the attainment of the organization’s
legitimate and ethical objectives.
          Recognize and communicate professional limitations or other constraints that would
preclude responsible judgement or successful performance of an activity.
          Communicate unfavorable as well as favorable information and professional judgements
or opinions.
          Refrain from engaging in or supporting any activity that would discredit the profession.


Management accountants have a responsibility to:
         Communicate information fairly and objectively.
         Disclose fully all relevant information that could reasonably be expected to influence an
intended user’s understanding of the reports, comments, and recommendations presented.
                     EXECUTIVE COMPANY OF THE YEAR

Since 1989, The Buffalo Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants has
recognized a leader in our local community as Business Executive of the Year. This
award was created in an effort to recognize those executives or their companies that
demonstrate leadership, professionalism, support for our community, and support for
our organization.

Prior winners of this award:

         1989     Wildred J. Larson
         1990     Paul A.Willax
         1991     Gerald T. Mazurkiewicz
         1992     Bernard J. Kennedy
         1993     Herbert Ladds
         1994     Graphic Controls Corp.
         1995     Rich Products Corp.
         1996     Tops Markets
         1997     Ingram Micro
         1998     Robert Half International
         1999     Delta-Sonic Car Wash Systems Inc.
         2000     USA Today
         2001     Variety Club of Buffalo
         2002     Fedex Trade Networks
         2003     State University of NY at Buffalo
                  School of Management
         2004     No Award Presented
         2005     No Award Presented
         2006     No Award Presented

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