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Quick Guide for Using Kurzweil by guy24


									Quick Guide for Using Kurzweil
    1. Choose a book that is in fairly good condition
           a. (No words missing)
   2. Open Kurzweil 3000 stand alone
   3. Set the preferences for the book
           a. Size of the page being scanned
           b. Direction to rotate the page
   4. Place your first page down to be scanned
           a. Click on the scan icon
           b. It will take a little bit of time to scan
   5. Check the scanned image on the screen
           a. Is it tilted? Can you see all the words?
   6. If it is good keep scanning the next page
           a. If there are problems rescan the page
   7. Save as you go.
   8. When you finished scanning the book Zone Edit
           a. Make sure the boxes are in the right place and delete any that are not
   9. Next edit the hyphens and anything else you know will read wrong.
   10. Finally listen to the book for mistakes.
           a. If you want to do find and replace to fix a reoccurring mistake SAVE
   11. When you are done and the book is ready put it on the server.
           a. SPSFile1>Projects>ATKurzweil>(Your School)

To Import a document to Kurzweil:
   1. Open Kurzweil 3000 stand alone
   2. Open the word document, PDF or web page you want to import
   3. Click on File Print
   4. At the bottom of your print options Click on PDF
   5. In the list of choices Click on Open as a PDF in Kurzweil 3000
   6. Your document will be sent to Kurzweil
   7. Save it
   8. Edit for mistakes (follow 8- 11 above)

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