Advance Program Brief November 2005 The Immigration Museum by taoyni


									                                   Advance Program Brief
                                      November 2005
The Immigration Museum explores the immigration experience to Victoria and Australia and contributes
to a greater understanding of Australia’s cultural diversity. The Immigration Museum is part of Museum
Victoria and is located in the heart of Melbourne on the corner of Flinders Street and William Street.

The Museum focuses on the personal stories of people who have migrated to Victoria over the past 200
years and these personal stories are brought to life through objects, photographs, soundscapes,
computer interactives and interpretative design. The permanent exhibitions at the Museum are based
on common immigration experiences such as leaving home, the migration journey, getting in to a new
country and settling in a new land. The Museum also presents temporary exhibitions such as Greek
Treasures: from the Benaki Museum in Athens, Station Pier: gateway to a new life and Chinese

The Museum's Community Gallery hosts projects developed by community groups, organisations and
special interest groups and encourages communities to create their own exhibitions and to tell stories
that investigate issues and themes relating to immigration, cultural diversity and identity. In 2005 the
Community Gallery has presented exhibitions about the 30th Anniversary of Vietnamese migration to
Victoria, the Anglo Indian migration experience and Australia's first cricket team who's players were all
indigenous Victorians/Australians.

The Museum also works with community partners to develop and present Community Cultural Festivals
three times a year. These festivals provide a forum for various community organisations and groups to
celebrate and present their diverse cultural traditions and heritage. In 2005 the Vietnamese, Irish and
Bosnian Herzegovinian communities presented festivals. In 2006 the Museum will form partnerships
with Pacific Islander, Dutch and Maltese communities to present festivals.

The Immigration Museum’s exhibitions and programs stimulate personal engagement, discovery and
learning within an immersive, interactive and contemplative environment designed to help visitors gain
a greater understanding of Australian history and the migration experience.

Students involved with the Advance program would be encouraged to work in partnership with the
Immigration Museum to develop and deliver an activity or display that explores the aims of the
Immigration Museum. For example, the activity or display may be based on themes of migration,
cultural diversity or family history research. Students may want to be involved in an existing event, for
example a cultural festival, or may want to devise an activity or project of their own.

In addition, students may be interested in the “Small Object Big Story” discovery kit where they can
explore the immigration history of their own community and share that history with a wider audience.
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Georgie Meyer
Visitor Programs Manager
Immigration Museum
Old Customs House
400 Flinders Street, Melbourne
9927 2751

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