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									Extending Google Earth

           Frank Taylor
Google Earth Blog (Gearthblog.com)

 Discuss how Google Earth can be used
 as more than just a geo browser (not
 just for looking at your house)
 Demonstrate a variety of examples
 Provide developer tips
 Q&A
 Make some Tours / Plugins
     Google Earth - a “Geo”spatial
            visualization platform
 Google Earth is rich in 3D graphics, content,
 features, and extendability
 GE is really a visualization platform
The platform is widely distributed - provides a
 great opportunity for reaching audiences
 Often very complex visualizations can be
 viewed - GE is user friendly
 More than just Geo (Mars, Sky, and more)
            Google Earth Platform

 Most people don’t realize the full extent
 of the GE capabilities
 Combine the capabilities with the reach,
 and there is good reason to keep this
 platform in mind for many applications
                       Extendability of
                         Google Earth
 KML/Network Links, Time Animation, Historical
 Imagery, polygons, lines, 3D, etc.
 Adding your own content: imagery, layers
 COM API (before the plugin)
 Off-line Use / Caching
 GE Pro, Enterprise, SketchUp
 Tours
 Last, but not least: GE Plugin
              KML - Don’t overlook

 KML is powerful itself - few people fully
 take advantage of what KML offers.
 Examples: Network links, lines,
 polygons, 3D, time animation, regioning,
 PhotoOverlays, FadeExtent, time
 animation, ScreenOverlays, historical
 imagery, etc.
                     Example KMLs

 ScreenOverlays - F-16 cockpit by
 Gerardo Paz
 US Flights by James Stafford
 London Eye Shadow by James Stafford
 EarthNC real-time chartplotting with
          Google Earth Plugin/API

 The API was announced a year ago
 Major progress since last year, lots of
 interesting applications coming out
 Again, great untapped potential
 Resources at:
 Examples…
                Example plugins

 Show KML files (some limitations)
 Allow people to create KML content
 through a browser: EarthSwoop
 Paraglider Sim by Dan Hohman
 Real-time satellite debris by James
 Ships Simulator by Paul van Dinther
 (video review)
                          Tips on Tours

 Tours are an amazing new capability - part of
 GE 5 and supported by the Plugin
 Enables fantastic visualization capabilities,
 almost scripting - much untapped potential
 Supports smooth movements, multiple
 streams of audio (music and narration)
 You can synchronize audio with recorded tour
 Need for GUI for editing tours (developers?)
 Combined with plugin - big future
                      Example Tours

   Jimmy Buffet Concert Tour
   Combining Tours and plugins
   Ira Flatow Mars Tour
   Swiss Alps synchronized with YouTube
   Tahina 3D Tour
                 Extending GE into
               Revenue generation
 Variety of consulting opportunities,
 content creation, software, and more
 You can use the plugin to place ads
 around GE content now
 Theoretically you can place ads in KML -
 Google is doing it now.
 I expect to see more ad-based revenue
                              Mix and mash

 Future developments:

   More combinations of sophisticated KML, Tours,
   advanced plugins, mashups with other GeoWeb
   tools in placemarks
   Expect to see more visualizations of real-time
   More social networking apps tapping into GeoWeb
   Even more data visualizations with thematic styles
   More simulations!
            Resources for Learning

 Google Earth Blog (gearthblog.com)
 http://code.google.com/apis/kml/
 http://code.google.com/apis/earth/
 http://bbs.keyhole.com (community)
 http://groups.google.com/group/kml-support
 Google Outreach
 Google I/O
                    Q&A and more

 Discussion
 Tour and Plugin development

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