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 The Vineyard                                                                                                                                Volume I - No.2

                                                                                                                                             June/July 2006

                                                                                                                      I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :

1st Church Anniversary                                                                                                 Easter Celebration

                                                                                                                       Daughters of Deborah

                                                                                                                       Father’s Day

                       Still in the FOG (FOG stands for the favor of God)
     Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1                  A Few Good Men                   3

                                               The Prince George’s Community Church                                    The Tribes Ministry              3
                                               (PGCC) celebrated its 1st Church Anniversary                            Calendar                         4
                                               as a full fledged church on April 30, 2006.
                                               The anniversary theme was “Still in the FOG”.                           The Youth Ministry               4
                                               The FOG was evidenced in the tabernacle as
                                               we celebrated the goodness of the Lord.
                                               The guest speaker for the occasion was the
                                               Reverend Dr. Lewis M. Anthony, Senior
       Reverend Dr. Lewis M. Anthony                            Pastor of Metropolitan
                                                                Wesley AME Zion Church,
                                                                Washington, DC. Reverend
                                                                Dr. Anthony taught on the
                                                                importance of “Reaching for
                                                                the Basin”. There is nothing
                                                                that we should be too inse-
                                                                cure or too cute to do. Also,
                                                                that we must learn to be the
                                                                best to the worst and to have                                       Kidz N Praise
                                                                patience with ignorance and
                          Children of Miriam

   The Holy Spirit was welcomed into our midst im-
mediately. The Praise and Worship Team blessed the
congregation during praise and worship. Our souls
were deeply blessed by the Children of Miriam who
praised the name of the Lord through dance. The Mass
Choir and Kidz N Praise lifted the name of the Lord
through song. The congregation was on its feet during
most of their songs. The 1st Anniversary celebration of
PGCC was a praise filled event. The culmination of a
beautiful worship service ended with delectable feast.
We are thankful to God for a momentous celebration
and look forward to many more as we continue in the
FOG and strive to become a Five Star Church.                                                     Kidz N Praise and the Mass Choir
PAGE 2                                                                                                 V O LU M E 1 , ISS U E 2

Easter Celebration—When Sunday Comes
                                          ing love for his people. The
                                          play was a silent depiction of
                                          the Christ’s crucifixion.
                                          There was also a liturgical
                                          dance in the production. The
                                          stage play produced the truth-
                                          ful and honest effect that our
This past Easter, the Youth               Savior Jesus Christ handed
Ministry produced a play ti-              over His life so that we all                 When Sunday Comes captured
tled “When Sunday Comes”.                 can have an eternally fulfilled              a realistic delineation of what
The entire play was a mixture             life with Him.                               Jesus had to go through on
of dance, interpretation, and                                                          your account and my account.
miming. When Sunday                                                                    The production brought new
Comes was an electrifying                                                              thoughts to us on how Jesus
production that grabbed your                                                           was treated because of His
attention within a split sec-                                                          love for us. Review by Tyler Berry,
ond. It portrayed the crucifix-                                                        Youth Department.
ion of Jesus and God’s undy-

The Daughters of Deborah                                                                    New Members
                                                                                               Joined During May

The Daughters of Deborah have been        pm. Thank you to all who came out
quite busy this year. The 3rd annual      and showed their support for the re-
Young Ladies Retreat for the Daughters    markable young ladies of the PGCC,
of Deborah was held in March. The         who are destined for greatness. I’m
theme for this year                                       sure you’re happy that
was Young Ladies                                          you didn’t miss this
Victorious in Jesus.                                      beautiful ceremony.              Mr. Lawrence W. King
                                                                                           Mr. Barry Witmyer
The retreat featured                                      Lastly, the young                Mrs. Loren Carrington-Witmyer
some amazing                                              ladies will end the              Mrs. Carole Fizer
workshops, such as                                        year with an annual
“Scripture Memori-                                        outing in June, which
zation” which was                                         will be announced at a
led by Sister                                             later date. For more
Brenda Marshall.                                          information about the
We ended the eve-
ning with the
                                                          Daughters of Deb-
                                                          orah, please contact                Father’s Day
“Amazing Victori-                                         First Lady Karen C.                        June 18
ous Race” led by                                          Harding.
Reverend Adrienne
Breckenridge of Baltimore, Maryland.      First Lady Karen C. Harding
The following Sunday, we were blessed     Chairperson—OSK
to with a powerful message from Rever-
                                          Prayer Request
end Dr. Debyii Sababu Thomas, who
taught us how to be “Pretty Girls.” We    A Prayer Request Box
                                          and Request Forms are
are currently gearing up for our annual   available in the lobby
end of year “Rites of Passage” cere-      for use in requesting
mony. The ceremony was held on Sun-       intercessory prayer.
                                          Requests can also be given to Sister Flora
day, May 21, 2006, at Flowers High        Rice, Intercessory Prayer Ministry Head or
School in the Science and Technology      by calling 202-829-2032.
Lecture hall from 1:00 pm until 4:00
T H E V I N EY A RD                                                                                                                           PAGE 3

A Few Good Men by Max Rouzier
It’s the end of the year for us students at        Rodney Curl, and Oscar Merrida, Akil Alex-     when possible, watching films and practicing
nearby Howard University’s Ministry. We            ander, and Uzoma Nwagba. Each of us have       evangelism and community building. Ulti-
were finally able to put to rest the long year     internships in the fields of law, education,   mately, you will begin to see a difference in
of academic struggle, incredible friendships       media and medicine, but plan to dedicate our   the PGCC’s youth as they better themselves
and overall remarkable experience. Leaving         free time and gifts to achieve the aforemen-   and their peers. In the future weeks, we ask
that adventure behind we pick up a new             tioned objective. Using the David C. Cook      for support in presence, mind and prayer to
exciting challenge as Youth Ministry Teach-        curriculum agreed upon by the staff, we plan   maintain a strong, safe and healthy environ-
ers. As Youth Ministry Teachers, we are part       to tackle tough issues facing our developing   ment for Christian learning. As we all know
of the Howard University Ministry, and our         students. As upstanding Howard students and    "it takes a village to raise a child," so your
service at PGCC is led by Reverend Willie J.       future leaders, our example shines through     participation means a lot throughout this
Thompson. We dedicate our time, talent and         our attitudes and behaviors. To that end we    process. As a Church newsletter staff mem-
skills to lend a hand with the youth. Dressed      hope to enrich our youth spiritually,          ber I plan to keep you updated on the weekly
in our Sunday best, we began work May 7th,         and build them academically, socially, per-    events and proud moments of your children
getting to know the children we plan on            sonally and emotionally.                       and Howard agents of change.
working with for the next year.                         On April 30, we began by holding class
     After meticulous planning we are pre-         and an open house where we addressed ques-
pared to see what we can make of it.               tions of parents and parishioners. That day
Through collaboration, our efforts will be         was a great success and launched us into the
dedicated to one simple objective:                 tremendous time to come. Moreover, we plan
“strengthening the relationship between the        to use conventional methods to teach the
child and Christ”. Altogether there are six of     concepts and make it responsive to the chil-
us: Jonathan Armstrong, Marcus Colbert,            dren’s needs. We plan on taking field trips

Tribes—A Smaller Family within a Larger Family
Continued from April-May                         these fourteen years of service that Jacob           The Leaders of the Simeon tribe
                                                 gave Laban. Jacob had two wives, Leah            are Carolyn Ross, Monica Ross and
                                                 and Rachel. Rachel was Jacob’s favor-            Nema Myazi. The Simeon tribe
Jacob’s Geneagology                              ite. Jacob also had two concubines, Bil-         receives new members and assists
                                                 hah and Zilpah who also gave birth to            with the worship service in July.
    Jacob is the second born twin                some of Jacob’s children.
son of Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis                                                                 The Levi Tribe
25:24-26), and the grandson of
Abraham and Sarah. Jacob’s name                                                                   Levi – is the third son of Jacob and
means usurper or deddeceiver. God                                                                 Leah. Levi’s name means “Joined”.
later changed Jacob’s name to Is-                                                                  And she conceived again, and bare
rael.                                                                                             a son; and said, Now this time will
                                                     A Smaller Family within a                    my husband be joined unto me, be-
    Jacob purchased his twin brother
                                                                                                  cause I have born him three sons:
Esau’s birthright for a bowl of stew                         Larger Family
                                                                                                  therefore was his name called Levi.
(Genesis 25:29-34). Jacob and his
                                                                                                  Genesis 29:34
mother deceived Isaac into giving
Jacob the blessing that would have                                                                    The Leaders of the Levi tribe are
gone to Esau. Easu vowed to kill                                                                  Melissa Butler and Candi Peterson.
Jacob, so Rebekah sent Jacob away                                                                 The Levi tribe receives new mem-
to live with her brother Laban.                                                                   bers and assists with the worship
Jacob worked seven years for Laban               The Simeon Tribe                                 service in April.
so that he could marry Laban’s
                                                 Simeon – is the second son of Jacob and
daughter Rachel. Yet, when his
                                                 Leah. Simeon’s name means “Hearing”.
time was paid, Laban told Jacob he
would have to marry his other                    And she conceived again and bare a son;
daughter Leah. Laban offered Ra-                 and said, “Because the Lord has heard            More on Tribes in the next Issue of The Vineyard.
chel to Jacob for another seven                  that I am hated, he hath therefore given         Sister Anita Moore Hackney—Tribe Ministry Leader

years of work. Jacob agreed. The                 me this son also: and she called his
children of Jacob were born during               name Simeon. Genesis 29:33
                                            Calendar                                                 Capital Campaign Goal               Tribes Schedule
                                                                                                                                         Assists with worship service
                                                                                                                                         and receives new members.
                                            June                                                                                           January—Issachar
                                            Men’s Ministry Mtg. (10)                                                                        February—Joseph
                                            Youth Sunday (11)                                                                                 March—Judah
                                            Youth Picnic (11)                                                                                  April—Levi
               Worship Location             OSK Ministry Mtg. (17)
      Charles Herbert Flowers High School                                                                                                    May—Naphtali
                                            Father’s Day (18)
         10001 Ardwick Ardmore Road                                                                                                           June—Reuben
             Springdale, MD 20774           Youth Conference (19-22)
                                            Couples Ministry (23)
                                            Phat Friday (23)                                                                                August—Zebulun
                Church Office                                                                                                              September—Asher
     10111 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway   Kidz Zone (24)
                  Suite 200A                Parents in Action Mtg. (25)                                                                    October—Benjamin
              Bowie, MD 20720                                                                                                               November—Dan
            301-306-0064 (Phone)                                                                                                             December—Gad
             301-306-0944 (Fax)             July
     Sister Deneen Worrell, Administrator   Men’s Ministry Mtg. (8)
             Dworrell1@aol.com              Youth Sunday (9)
                                            OSK Ministry Mtg. (15)
         Rev. Dr. Edward P. Harding, Jr.                                                                                                          Capital Campaign
                  Senior Pastor             New Members Class (15)
              pgcchurch@aol.com             Parents in Action Mtg. (23)
                                            Session Mtg. (25)
                                            Couples Ministry Mtg. (28)
                                            Phat Friday (28)
                                            Kidz Zone (29)                                                                                  “Not equal giving….Equal Sacrifice”

                                            Student Life College (29)
                                                             Youth Ministry Corner
    This newsletter is devoted                                                                                                  Represent Youth Conference,
to the events and activities of                                                                                                 Atlanta Georgia: Join REAL (Grades
                                                                                                                                6-12) and Student Life Groups
the Prince George’s Commu-                                                                                                      (College Ministry) as we travel to
nity Presbyterian Church.                                                                                                       REPRESENT 06: THE REMIX, June
Our newsletter focuses on                                                                                                       19-22, one of the greatest gatherings
                                                                                                                                of young people is taking place again
what’s happening with our                                                                                                       at the New Birth Missionary Baptist
members, upcoming church                                                                                                        Church, located outside of Atlanta,
                                                                                                                                Georgia. The total cost per youth is
events and our church minis-                                                                                                    $250, which includes travel, hotel,
tries.                                                                                                                          full conference admission, confer-
                                                                                                                                ence t-shirt and bag, unlimited pass
                                                                 The 7 Sons of Thunder
    Church members are in-                  One June 11, The 7 Sons of Thunder delivered the Word passionately,
                                                                                                                                to RE/P Game Land, four (4) on-site
                                                                                                                                conference meals and one ticket to
vited to participate by sub-                prophetically and powerfully for the annual Youth Day celebration. The
                                            celebration ended with a cook-out at the West River United Methodist                Six Flags Over Georgia. Join us!!!
mitting interesting articles.               Church Center and Park in West River, Maryland.
Articles may be sent via
email either :                              Congratulations to Tyler Berry who was inducted
                                            into the National Junior Honor Society on Thursday,
Edna Greene                                 April, 20, 2006, at the Jericho Christian Academy.
                                            Tyler maintains a 3.75 grade point average.
                                            Acknowledgements: Chelsea Cochrane is the 4th
or                                          best gymnast in the state of Maryland for her age
                                            group. She competed in Churchville, MD at the
Florence Wood                               State’s Finals gymnastics meet. Chelsea also com-
champagnewood@comcast.net                   peted in the Prince George’s County Science Fair.
                                            Chelsea was invited to participate in the science fair
                                            because she won 1st place in the Woodmore Ele-
                                            mentary School science fair for her project titled:
All photos are courtesy of Oscar            “Rapid Ripe—Can you speed up the ripening of                     The following persons completed confirmation classes in April (pictured
                                                                                                             left to right): Alonzo Mable, Tori Gresham, Tyler Berry and Tuere S.
Merrida, PGCC photographer.                 bananas?”                                                        Harding. Also completing the confirmation classes were Vanessa May-
                                                                                                             field, Eliot Johnson, II, and Edward P. Harding, III.

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