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Towards Rio+10 – 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development


									Concept Paper


      Preparation for
    2002 World Summit
on Sustainable Development
   Asian Pacific Region

          DRAFT 1.5
        25 August 2001
                        Table of Contents


1. Decision of the 55th Session of General Assembly of the   1
   United Nations (UNGA)

2. Global Preparatory Process                                1

3. Regional/Sub-regional Preparatory Process                 1


4. Asia and the Pacific with 5 Sub-regions                   2

5. WSSD Preparation Partnership                              2

6. Sub-regional preparations                                 2


7. Proposed activities/Schedule (April-November 2001)        3

8. Detailed Activities/Time Table                            4

9. Budget                                                    5

1. Decision of the 55th Session of General Assembly of the United Nations

The 55th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) decided: (a) to
hold the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg,
South Africa in 2002; (b) to organize the 10-year review of progress achieved in the
implementation of Agenda 21 to reinforce the global commitment to sustainable
development; (c) CSD to launch a preparatory process at regional and sub-regional
levels to establish a provisional agenda and possible themes for WSSD. It further
decided that the Summit, including its preparatory process, should ensure a balance
between economic development, social development and environmental protection
as these are interdependent and mutually reinforcing components of sustainable

2. Global Preparatory Process

UNGA has invited the United Nations Secretariat, in close cooperation with relevant
organizations, agencies and programmes from both within and outside the United
Nations system, to support preparatory activities in a coordinated and mutually
reinforcing way. These include the UNEP, UNDP, the Regional Commissions and the
Secretariats of Conventions related to the UNCED, and international and regional
financial institutions, including the Global Environment Facility. The UNGA has also
encouraged effective contributions from and the active participation of all major
groups, as identified in Agenda 21, at all stages of the preparatory process.
International level preparations will include: (i) a series of CSD10 meetings in its
function as the Summit Preparatory Committee, and (ii) a number of Thematic Global
Roundtables that will be organized and coordinated by the CSD Secretariat in
collaboration with various partners. Four meetings planned by CSD for the WSSD
preparations include: first PrepCom in 30 April-2 May 2001 in UN Headquarters, New
York; the second and third PrepComs in UN headquarters, New York, in late January
2002, and late March 2002, respectively; and the fourth PrepCom meeting in
Indonesia in May 2002.

3. Regional/Sub-regional Preparatory Process

There are two key regional preparatory processes envisaged over 2001: (a)
intergovernmental meetings at regional/sub-regional levels; and (b) a series of
roundtables at regional/sub-regional levels consisting of non-governmental
stakeholders active in the field of sustainable development. It is suggested that the
roundtables will take place prior to intergovernmental meetings to assure that
outcomes will receive considerations. The sub-regional/regional reports should be
available by January 2002 for the first substantive CSD meeting. The regional/sub-
regional preparatory meetings will undertake two main tasks:

a) Prepare regional assessments on main achievements since UNCED in the
implementation of Agenda 21 and other outcomes of UNCED, including major
regional, sub-regional and national initiatives towards sustainable development;
prospective outlooks and main constraints; and new initiatives and commitments
towards overcoming constraints and fostering further progress; and

b) Formulate "regional platforms" which would outline key policy issues, priorities and
follow up actions, including specific proposals regarding strengthening or raising the
effectiveness of international cooperation and international institutions.


4. Asia and the Pacific with 5 Sub-regions

Asia-Pacific, the world most populated region, comprise 54 countries. Because of the
vastness and diversity in terms of geography, topography, climatic, ecological, and
other natural conditions as well as differences in socio-cultural, economic and
political systems, the region is grouped into 5 sub-regions: South Asia, Southeast
Asia, Northwest Pacific, Central Asia, and South Pacific (with Australia and New
Zealand). The sub-regions have a history of cooperation in the environmental sector
either through an intergovernmental agency or directly through sub-regional
meetings. The intergovernmental agencies at the sub-regional level include: SAARC
and SACEP for South Asia; ASEAN for Southeast Asia; and SPREP for South
Pacific. Intergovernmental level action programs include: the Northeast Asia Sub-
regional Programme on Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC) and Central Asian
Regional Environment Action Plan (REAP).

5. WSSD Preparation Partnership

The four key agencies (ADB, ESCAP, UNDP and UNEP) in the region have agreed
and confirmed to assist in the preparations for WSSD on equal partnership basis. A
Steering Committee and a Task Force with senior representative from all Agencies
has been established. The three Agencies have designated a senior staff to the
Task Force (TF). The UNEP office at AIT, Bangkok will serve as the focal point and
Secretariat for the three agencies. This agreement will be communicated to all
concerned governments, sub-regional, regional and global concerned agencies
bearing logos of the three agencies. The Task Force is charged with responsibility
for both substantive as well as logistical arrangements.

6. Sub-regional/Regional preparations

At the sub-regional level, the process of WSSD preparation will involve preparation of
subregional paper, and consultations with stakeholders and intergovernmental
agencies on priority issues concerning environment and development. It is agreed
that a substantive paper for each of the sub-regions will be prepared following the
strategy paper prepared by TF. The report will build on, as much as possible, with
national level preparations. The report is proposed to be included the following:
review of Agenda 21; analysis of priority issues under the 4 clusters i.e. poverty and
rural development, urban and industrial development, natural resource management,
and financing, institutional and governance; translate the agreed International
Development Goals (IDG) at the regional, subregional and national levels for setting
targets; and implementation mechanism addressing institutional framework,
governance and financing mechanism. The report would be discussed and reviewed
in the consultation meetings with stakeholders and intergovernmental agencies. A
regional synthesis paper will be prepared for a common position on the Asia and the
Pacific. The systhesis paper will also be discussed and reviewed at the regional
consultation meetings with stakeholders and intergovernmental agencies.

          7. Proposed activities/Schedule (May-December 2001)

       Activity                          Time             Comments
1.0   Preparatory Secretarial
1.1   Partnership                        Feb/March        Concept paper, discussion and establish the Task
                                         2001             Force (TF) with ToR
1.2   Secretariat                        May 2001         Establish a secretariat, inform national-global
                                                          agencies and contact donors
1.3   Information dissemination          May 2001         Press Release, Web site
2.0   Subregional
2.1   Consultant                         June 2001        ToR, Roster, selection for each subregion
2.2   Draft Report                       July 2001        Based on a common and agreed guideline
2.3   Consultations                      July/Oct. 2001   Organized in two different levels:

      (North East Asia, South Pacific,                    Day 1- Roundtable Meeting
      Central Asia, South Asia,                           (NGOs, private sector, industrial groups, women
      South East Asia)                                    groups, youth groups, finance institutions)

                                                          Day 2 - Intergovernmental Meeting
                                                          (Selected stakeholders representative)

2.4   Final Subregional Report           October 2001     Incorporating comments of the consultations
3.0   Regional
3.1   Consultant                         Sep/Oct. 2001    ToR, Roster, Selection
3.2   Draft Report                       Nov. 2001        Consolidate from the 5 Subregional Reports without
                                                          altering the notion expressed in the Subregional
                                                          Reports and from the reports of 2 Roundtable

3.3   Consultations                       27-29 Nov.      Organized in two different levels:
                                                          Day 1- Roundtable Meeting
                                                          (Subregional Consultants, Chairmen of past
                                                          subregional roundtables, and sub-regional partners)

                                                          Day 2 - Intergovernmental Meeting (Representatives
                                                          from government and selected stakeholders from
                                                          roundtable meeting)

3.4   Final Regional Report              Dec. 2001        Incorporating comments of the consultations
4.0   Global
4.1   DESA                                                Establish contact with focal point and report every
                                                          two weeks
4.2   CSD                                                 Establish contact with focal point and report every
                                                          two weeks
4.3   Other region                                        Establish contact with focal point and obtain

8. Detailed Activities/Time Table

                    Activity                                         2001
                                        April   May   June   July   August   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec
   1.0 Subregional Report
   1.1 Consultant
   1.2 Draft report
   1.3 Consultations
       Day 1 Roundtable
       Day 2 Intergovernmental
      North East Asia (26-28 July)

    South Pacific (5-7 September)
    Central Asia (19-21 September)
    South Asia (27-29 September)
    South East Asia (17-19 October)
   1.4 Revision and Compilation
   1.5 Final Report
   2.0 Regional Report
   2.1 Consultant
   2.2 Draft report
   2.3 Consultations (27-29 Novemver)
   2.4 Revision and Compilation
   2.5 Final Report

9. Budgeta

                                                                                                          Total Cost
                           Items                                  Quantity             Cost/Unit
                                                                                                            (US $)
1. Sub-regional Preparations

Regional Consultant for Subregional report
                                                                       5                   20K                100K
Subregional Consultation                                               5                   50K                250K
Sub-regional Preparations Sub-Total                                                                           350K

2. Regional Preparations
Regional Consultant for integrated regional
                                                                       1                   20K                 20K
draft report
Regional Roundtable (Day 1) + Regional
                                                                       1                   80K                 80K
Intergovernmental Consultation (Day 2)
Regional Preparations Sub-Total                                                                               100K

3. Secretariat Cost
Reporting and Printing Cost                                                                                     30K
Communication Cost                                                                                              30K
Interpreter/Translation Cost                                                                                    5K
Staff support                                                                                                   45K
Secretariat Cost Sub-Total                                                                                     110K

 Total (1+2+3)                                                                                                 560K
4. Contingencies                                                                                               20K
Grand Total (1+2+3+4)                                                                                          580K

  Additional Direct and Indirect Cost to the three partner agencies are not included in the above
proposed budget.


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