Appendix E2

					                                                                                         Appendix E2

1. Tourism What’s It Worth
   • 4,480 jobs are related to tourism in Weymouth and Portland

   Local Economy
   • 478,000 holiday ‘staying’ visitors
   • 1,240,000 day trip visits
   • Tourism direct contribution to the local economy is £189,000,000
   • Gross Value Added (indirect or induced income from tourism) £105,047,000

2. Holiday Brochure

   There is considerable misconception about the WPBC holiday brochure in that it costs the council
   expenditure. The holiday brochure budget (only a title) actually includes more than just designing
   and printing a brochure it’s actually the Borough’s main advertising and promotional budget.

   The tourism publicity service consisted of one member of staff with the following responsibilities.
   • Management of the annual holiday brochure (25%)*
   • Management of the destination advertising (25%)*
   • Coordination of holiday exhibitions (1%)
   • Management of the ‘visit’ website (10%)
   • Support other council services in the production of promotional and advertising material (25%)
   • Distribution of promotional material (1%)
   • Copy writing and image management (3%)
   • Work within the Dorset Tourism Partnership (Destination Dorset) on joint marketing activity.

   We currently produce 95,000 (circa) brochures containing 151 accommodation providers and 40
   attractions. The brochure contains only assessed accommodation only.

   We currently outsource the following elements of the brochure:

   •   Printing of the brochure (quotations for printing costs are done annually to ensure value for
       money and to keep production costs to a minimum)
   •   Distribution and Postage of the brochure is outsourced to a specialist distribution company,
       Carrier Direct, who carry out this task for the majority of local authorities
   •   Advertising is mainly outsourced to marketing agencies who, through bulk purchasing, obtain
       discounts not available to individual local authorities. Some joint marketing activity is undertaken
       with Destination Dorset.

   The two main elements not currently outsourced are:

   •   Editorial, image collation and copy writing (this is done in-house for continuity of message
       and image)
   •   Brochure design (this has been done in-house by Information Services Graphic Artists. Some
       quotes have been obtained earlier in the year to evaluate value for money)
   •   The brochure income also generates our advertising and promotion budget of £36,313, which is
       used to promote Weymouth and Portland in national newspapers, magazines, website adverts
       and links on external websites (£32,000); undertake joint overseas marketing with Destination
       Dorset (£3,000) and to contribute to the coordination of national holiday exhibitions (£500).
       Without the brochure income these activities would not take place.
                                                                                          Appendix E2
Salaries                    £10,275
Superannuation              £1,438
                                         Post salary and associated costs (50%)       All these are
NI Salaried Staff           £688
                                                                                      production costs that
Claimed Car Allowances      £442                                                      include staff cost,
Outside Printing            £23,246      External Printing cost (i.e.                 design and printing
Printing Recharges          £434         Internal charges for advertising forms
Postage                     £41,267      External postage cost (postage and           Distribution of
                                         distributions)                               brochure costs
National Press              £36,313      This cost code is for advertising the        This budget is taken
                                         destination, make a contribution to          from the income
                                         Destination Dorset for exhibitions (£500)    from the advertising
                                         and overseas marketing (£3,000)              and is not part of
                                                                                      the production costs
Payroll Recharge            £65
Accountancy Recharge        £23
Creditors Recharge          £26          Internal Recharges                           All these are internal
Personnel Recharges         £249         (Publicity recharge is for graphic design)   staff recharge costs
Publicity Recharge          £11,003
Debt Recovery Recharge      £137
Total Expenditure           £125,606

Sales                       (£3,711)     Sales of brochures at the TIC (£1 each)
                                                                                      Income generated
Fees & Charges              (£121,289)   Advertising income
Total Income                (£125,000)
Balance                     £606

        Salary, printing etc       £36,523         Personnel, design and printing cost
        Internal Recharges         £11,503         Staff/Service support recharges
        Total                      £48, 026        Total Production cost
        Distribution Cost          £41,267         Total Postage/Distribution
        Total                      £89,293         Total Brochure costs
        Income                     -£125,000
        Balance                    -£35,707        Sum left after all costs
        Marketing and Promotion    £36,313         Partnership and direct marketing spend

3. Opportunities
     • 2012 – ‘window of opportunity - presence of the worlds media (not just for the sport)
     • London Boat Show and British Marine Federation
     • Inward Investment
     • Regeneration
     • Community involvement and engagement
     • Place Making – what we want to be? – What is our new brand and image?

4. Future
      • There is a need to invest in technology and ensure our systems are ‘fit for purpose’ and take
          advantage of cost effective communication (website, email, Facebook, Twitter etc)
      • Tourism must be delivered in partnership in the future due to resources - Destination Dorset
          the new private and public sector tourism partnership
      • Implementation of the strategic tourism marketing plan
      • Potential future arrangements for cluster working
                                                                                                     Appendix E2

                        General internet search                                             77%

                                     Brochures                                        60%

                           Previous experience                                       58%

         Recommendations from friends or family                                      56%

                           Ads - On the internet                               45%

                        Television programmes                             40%

                      Special offers/ promotions                         35%

                  Newspaper/ magazine articles                       33%

                                   Guide books                       32%

                           Ads - In a newspaper                     31%

                                   Ads - On TV                      30%

                            Ads - In a magazine                     30%

                          Tourist Board website                    26%

           Travel agent advice/ recommendation           9%

                             Ads - On the radio         7%

                              Ads - On a poster         6%

                                                   0%        20%     40%         60%        80%   100%

Brochures widely used

–   Influenced by older market, who use a combination of internet & brochures
–   Exception is Functionals, who are more inclined to use a Tourist Board website
–   Tourist Board website more valued by the older age groups

•   Recommendations important for the younger age groups

•   More leading edge segments (Style Hounds & Cosmos) more inclined to notice adverts on

Internet becoming important media channel

–   61% of households have internet access
–   73% of individuals access the internet
–   Especially for the Style Hounds and Cosmopolitans who are noticing adverts
–   Increasing visibility of search results will be beneficial