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					Classical Dance
Since there are few audio recordings in this category, this is a complete list of what is
held by the Music Library.


The sounds of Bharathanatyam / by Sudharani Raghupathy. New Delhi : Super Cassettes
Industries, p. 1990.
Music Media Center --- SCI 627

Bharathanatyam songs / by M.L. Vasanthakumari. Madras : Sangeetha,
[1983?]. Nataraja anjali -- Alarippu -- Jatiswaram -- Varnam -- Kasturi thilakam --
Krishna nee -- Nee maatale : Javali -- Thillana -- Mangalam.
Music Media Center --- SCI 510


Kathak, dance of India / Sitara Devi. Calcutta : HMV, p1990. Moordhang poornam
trotakam -- Parangaha -- Bhav-parangaha -- Tilwat -- Tarana -- Padakriya (tatkar) --
Dhamar -- Choutaldhrupad -- Jhaptal -- Roopak taal.
Sitara Devi, recitation ; Choube Maharaj, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SCI 411

Splendours of the Kathak Maestro Birju Maharaj : classical vocal &
instrumental. Calcutta : EMI, p1985.
Music Media Center --- SCI 405
Bhajan: Pragatey Brij Nandlal (Raga Misra Desi, Tala Dadra), Jhoola: Jhoolata Radhey
Nawal Kishore (Raga Misra Desh, Tala Roopak) -- Holi: Kanh khelyo kahan aisi Hori
guinyan, raga Misra gara, taal chanchar -- Dadra: Chhodo chhodo Bihari nari dekhen
sagari, (Raga Misra Pahadi, Tala Dadra) -- Thumri: Jagey ho kahin rayan, raga Bhairavi,
Teentaal -- Krishna vandana (invocation) -- Laya disha (weaving patterns of Teentaal on
tabla) -- Tarana (based on raga Kalavati, Teentaal) -- Parhant (reciting on boles, Teentaal)
-- Sanjini (improvisations of tatkar on anklebells)
Accompanying artists: Dinanath Misra, tabla ; Ram Lakhan Yadav, pakhawaj ; Mukesh
Bihari Sharma, sarod ; Hari Shankar, harmonium ; Mehmood Khan, Sarangi ; Pradeep,
effects ; Nirmal Biswas, sitar ; Aloke Nath Dey, flute.

Kathak, the art of Gopi Krishna. Calcutta : HMV, p1990. Sarswati vandana -- Thaat and
nikas -- Foot-work -- Indra-kop -- Tarana.
Music Media Center --- SCI 416

Le Mahabharata : musiques, chants et rythmes du Kathakali. France : Auvidis Ethnic,
p1993. Booklet includes English translations.
Music Media Center --- CD 8189
Music Video Recordings
Amir : an Afghan refugee musician's life in Peshawar, Pakistan / National Film and
Television School in association with the Royal Anthropological Institute ; directed and
edited by John Baily. [S.l.] : National Film and Television School, Royal
Anthropological Institute ; Watertown, MA : Documentary Educational Resources
[distributor], 1985.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- [[Limited Circulation]][Limited Circulation] 8539
Musician Amir Mohammad moved from Herat, Afghanistan to Peshawar, Pakistan in
1979 as a result of the Marxist regime and civil war in his homeland. Through him
viewers are introduced both to Afghan music and to the poverty and isolation faced by
refugees. In the accompanying booklet, ethnomusicologist John Baily discusses the
making of a documentary film as a form of research and fieldwork.

Anandalahari : (Waves of joy) / directed by Deben Bhattacharya ; produced by
Seabourne Enterprises (Film Productions) Ltd. Guilford, CT : Audio-Forum, c1973.
Music Media Center --- VC 262
Documents a festival featuring a gathering of Baul minstrels in West Bengal.

The Cosmic dance of Shiva / a co-production of WDR, Channel 4 London [and] Deben
Bhattacharya, Paris-Calcutta. Guilford, CT : Audio-Forum, c1992.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 6319
Celebrates various images of Shiva, the Hindu Lord of dance, as expressed in ritual dance.

Dances of India / produced by Dan Gallagher ; directed by Nick Havinga ; written by Sig
Moglen. Kent, CT : Creative Arts Television, 2000.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 9444
Classic dances of India performed in traditional costume by Nala Najan, leading
American dancer and teacher of Indian dance. Dances include a celebrated invocation "of
auspicious beginnings" from South India; a south Indian dance to a religious song; and a
North Indian dance of great antiquity that came from Hindu tradition but was adapted by
the Moslem culture and spread from Spain to China. The closing number, a court dance
taught to Najan by the prince of the court titled "Wounded deer," is a metaphor for non-

Dancing from Ceylon / producer, Clair Roskam ; director, Nick Havinga ; writer, Joseph
Hurley. [Kent, CT] : Creative Arts Television Archive, c1999.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 9287
Seven traditional dances performed by the Ceylon National Dancers. T.P. Amerasinghe,
Sir Lankan dance authority, offers commentary on each dance. Lucia Chase of the
American Ballet Theatre provides an introduction. Accompanying music is on historical
instruments including local drums and the conch shell.

Discovering the music of India / Barr Films ; directed by Bernard Wilets.
Music Media Center --- VC 355
Music advisor, T. Viswanathan ; narrator and dance, S. Lakshmi ; musicians, T.
Viswanathan, V. Thyagarajan, T. Ranganathan, Kumari Viswanathan, Nikhil Banerjee,
Mahapurush Misra, Roma Banerjee.
Describes the two main types of Indian music, the Karnatic of the south and the
Hindustani of the north, dating back more than three thousand years. Demonstrates the
use of a wide variety of simple and complex instruments. Points out several ways in
which Indian music differs from Western music. Includes a traditional Indian dance
showing the importance of the art of gesture.

Free to sing? : the music of Suman Chatterjee / [presented by] Epic Actors' Workshop &
Choir ; a documentary by Sudipto Chatterjee. [S.l. : s.n., 1996?]
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- Limited Circulation 6547
Suman Chatterjee is a Bengali political singer from Calcutta whose political stance,
critical of the right as well as the left, has made him a persecuted and an immensely
popular singer at the same time. This film which contains interviews with Suman and
citizens of Calcutta, poets, journalists, artists, intellectuals and fellow musicians is also
generously interlaced with song sequences and scenes from Calcutta.

Hindustani slide : Indian classical guitar / director, Abhjit Dasgupta. Sparta, NJ :
Vestapol Productions [production company ; Cambridge, MA : Rounder Records,
distributor], c1995.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 7032
Dhun set to Raga Kirwani -- Raga: Gurjari Todi -- Raga: Charukeshi.
Debashish Bhattacharya performs North India's classical music, often called Hindustani,
on an "Indianized" guitar called the dev veena. He is accompanied by tabla master,
Kumar Bose and Sutapa Bhattacharya on the tambura. They perform three ragas in this
live performance.

Indian classical music / Central Independent Television ; Here and Now
presentation. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1994.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 6933
Compilation of performances featuring Ali Akbar Khan, Alla Rakha, Amjad Khan,
Harisprasad Chaurasia, and Ravi Shankar.

Jesus and the fisherman : songs and drums of Sri Lanka. London : Sussex Tapes ;
Guilford, CT : [distributed by] Audio-Forum, 1992.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 7034
Passion play, pasan and work songs by the fishermen of Duwa, Negombo, Eravur.

The JVC video anthology of world music and dance. Tokyo : JVC, Victor Company of
Japan [production company], 1988 ; Cambridge, MA : Rounder Records [distributor],
Lilly A-V Reference --- 1989
v. 11-13. India -- v. 14. Pakistan/Bangladesh -- v. 15. Sri Lanka/Nepal/Bhutan

A Musical tradition in Banaras / Madison : Center for South Asian Studies, [199-?]
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 6196
Centered around the activities and approach to music of Panchu Maharaj, a classical
drummer and musical instructor at Banaras Hindu University. Includes late-night practice
session where Indian music is played in the casual atmosphere in which it is most
frequently heard.

Painted ballad of India / [produced and directed] by Deben Bhattacharya. London :
Sussex Tapes ; Guilford, CT : [distributed by] Audio-Forum, c1992.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 6320
Shows painters working on horizontal and vertical scrolls, following the singer/painter as
he presents the tale depicted on the scroll.

Raga / by Deben Bhattacharya. Guildford, Ct : [Distributed by] Audio-Forum, 1992.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 6213
Illustrates the complex Raga system of music and its foundation on simple folk songs and
Hindu religious chants. Includes a performance of the devotional morning Raga Sindh
Bhairavi, played by sitarist Halim Jaffer Khan.

Ravi Shankar : the man and his music. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, c1994.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- Limited Circulation 4747

Tales of Pabuji : a Rajasthani tradition / produced by Bhopo Productions. New York, NY :
Filmakers Library, 1996.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- Limited Circulation 6427
A documentary of an ancient storytelling tradition which is still ongoing in northwestern
India. It tells the epic of Lord Pabuji whose exploits have been recounted for over 600
years in the state of Rajasthan. The storyteller or Bhopo stands in front of an immense
brilliantly painted mural called a pard, containing all the characters and events of the
legend. He plays on his homemade fiddle, dances, and chants episodes of the epic to his
village audience.

There'll always be stars in the sky : the Indian film music phenomenon / Harcourt Films ;
producer-director, Jeremy Marre.Published: [Newton, N.J.?] : Shanachie Records, c1992.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 10516
Music Media Center --- VC 239
Behind the scenes of India's Hollywood to meet star actors (Raj Kapoor), star singers
(Lata Mangeshkar), top musical directors (Kalyanji Anandji) and others in recording
sessions, on shooting sets, in posh residences and in the teeming streets.

Understanding Kuchipudi / produced by Suvik Communications for Darpana
Communications. Ahmedabad, India : Darpana Communications, 1998.
Lilly A-V Video cassette --- 10656
Explores the solo dance tradition of Andhra Pradesh known as Kuchipudi devised by
Vedantam Lakshminarayana Shastri in the present century. It examines the three sources
of his solo repertoire: temple, concert and narrative traditional dances. Temple and
concert dances were practised by temple dancers of Andhra, while narrative traditional
dances were to be found in the repertoires of both temple dancers and Brahman male
performances in villages.
North Indian Classical Music - Instrumental
Rhythms on pakhawaj, 38 varieties = Pakhavaja para vibhinna 38 tala / Arjun
Shejwal. Bombay : CBS, p1990. Presents thapiyas (thekas) for a number of talas
(rhythmic cycles) used in the dhrupad style, preceded by recitation.

Rudra Veena
Raga Ahir Bhairav ; Raga Malkauns / Ustad Z.M. Dagar. Bombay : CBS,
p1985. Accompaniment: Arjun Shejwal, pakhavaj.
Music Media Center --- SCI 596

The best of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma : santoor. Calcutta : HMV, p1988. 1. Raga Gujri
Todi ; Raga Mishra Kirwani ; Raga Madhuvanti ; Raga Mishra Khamaj -- 2. Raga
Rageshwari ; Raga Mishra Kafi ; Raga Sohni ; Raga Mishra Tilang ; Dogri folk tune.
Music Media Center --- SCI 530

Ram Narayan. New Delhi : Living Media India, p1991. Raga Marwa, Mishra Des, and
Mishra Bhairavi. Accompaniment: Subhash Chandra, tabla.

Sarangi / Ustad Sultan Khan. Bombay : CBS, p1988. Raga Vachaspati and Bhairav,
and Pahadi dhun
Music Media Center --- SCI 564

Soulful sarangi / Dhruba Ghosh. Bombay : Magnasound, p1989. Raga Shree, Kajri in
Tilak kamod, Raga Bihag, Raga Bahar. Accompaniment: Nayan Ghosh, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SCI 565

Classical instrumental / Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Calcutta : HMV, p1989. Raga
Lankadahan Sarang, Raga Maligaura. Accompaniment: Swapan Chaudhuri,
Music Media Center --- SCI 570

Reverie : sarod / Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. Calcutta : Concord Records, p1989.   Raga
Saraswati kalyan -- Raga Khamaj. Accompaniment: Sabir Khan, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SCI 472

Padmabhushan Nikhil Banerjee in concerts : instrumental classical. Calcutta : His
Master's Voice, p1988. Raga Khamaj, Ragamala, Raga Mishra Shivranjani.
Accompaniment: Swapan Chowdhury (disc one) and Anindo Chatterjee (disc two), tabla.
Music Media Center --- LPI 214
Pandit Ravi Shankar in concert. Calcutta : HMV, p1991. Raga
Parameshwari. Accompaniment: Zakir Hussain, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SCI 505

Raga Miyan ki Malhar ; Raga Jogkauns / Budhaditya Mukherjee. Bombay : Rhythm
House, p1989. Accompaniment: Anindo Chatterjee, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SCI 499

Surbahar / Pandit Chandrashekhar Naringrekar. Bombay : CBS, p1989. Raga
Malkauns, Raga Marwa.

Tabla lahara / Shamta Prasad. Calcutta : Concord Records, p1989. Teen taal, 16 beats --
Brahma taal, 14 beats -- Deep Chandi (jath) taal, 7 beats.
Music Media Center --- SCI 492

Ustad Allarakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain together / Bombay : Magnasound, p1990.
Music Media Center --- SCI 607
North Indian Classical - Vocal Music
Hindustani classical / Dagar Brothers (Nasir Mionuddin, Nasir Aminuddin). Dum Dum,
India : His Master's Voice, [198-]. Raga Darbari Kanada, Raga
Adana. Accompaniment: V.S. Patwardhan, pakhawaj.
Music Media Center --- LPI 267

Ram Chatur Malik : classical vocal. New Delhi : All India Radio, p1990. Raga Bhoopali,
Raga Shuddha Basant, Thumri Khamaj. Accompaniment: Ram Aashish, pakhawaj ;
Inder Lal, sarangi.
Music Media Center --- LPI 56

Umakant & Ramakant Gundecha : dhrupad. New Delhi : Living Media India,
p1992. Raga Shyam Kalyan, Raga Jaijaiwanti. Accompaniment: Manik Munde,
Music Media Center --- SCI 825

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi : [vocal : live in London, October 1993]. India : Navras,
p1994. Raga Hindol, Raga Jogia, Raga Deshkar, Raga Bhairavi. Accompaniment:
Shashikant Muley, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SC 239

Tarana : flights of melody. New Delhi : Living Media, 1994- Four cassettes: Rajan &
Sajan Mishra -- Veena Sahasrabuddhe -- Ulhas Kashalkar -- Padma Talwalkar.
Music Media Center --- SC 212

A doyen of Patiala Gharana : vocal classical / Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. New Delhi :
All India Radio, p1988. Raga Jaunpuri, Raga Bhoopali.
Music Media Center --- LPI 305

Gangubai Hangal. Hubli : Academy of Performing Arts, 1988. Recorded 1934-
1987. Four cassettes: v. 1. Selections from 78 rpms. Maluha kedar -- v. 2. Nata Malhar,
Bhairavi, Maru Bihag -- v. 3. Madhuvanti. Basant. Prabhat Bhairav -- v. 4. Hindol.
Alaiya Bilawal. Durga -- v. 5. Kaushi Kanada. Chakradhar.
Music Media Center --- SCI 744

Memorable evenings with Ustad Amir Khan Saheb. Calcutta : HMV, p1989. Four
cassettes: 1. Raga Bairagi, Raga Charukeshi, Raga Puriya, Raga Madhu Kauns -- 2: Raga
Shuddha Kalyan, Raga Bageshri -- 3: Raga Miyan Malhar, Raga Ramdasi Malhar -- 4:
Raga Jog, Raga Darbari
Music Media Center --- SCI 516

Padmavati Shaligram : classical vocal. Calcutta : Gramophone Co. of India 1994. Raga
Desi, Raga Pilu, Raga Bhairavi. Accompaniment: Abdul Kedar, sarangi; Vasant
Kankapur, harmonium; Mammulal Sangaonkar & G.N. Parvatkar, tabla.
Music Media Center --- SC 207
South Indian Classical Music - Instrumental
Dikshitar masterpieces, Vol. 3 / N. Ravikiran.
Music Media Center: CD8836 v. 3
Note: This is one disc in a series of four, of recordings of the works of Muttusvami
Diksitar (1775-1835). The other discs are by U. Srinivas (v. 1), Sudha Raghunathan (v.
3), and the Hyderabad Brothers (v. 4).

Immortal music of T.R. Mahalingam. Madras : Bharat Film Distributors, p1987.
Tulasibilva, Kedaragaula, Adi ; Evarilmate, Kamboji, Adi ; Mivallagunadhosha, Kapi,
Kandachapu / Thyagarajar -- Ragam, thanam pallavi, ragam, Behag, Kanachapu --
Manaviyala, Nalinikanti, Adi / Thyagarajar -- Raghuvamasasuda, Kanthanakuthookalam,
Adi / Patnam Subramania Iyer -- Santhamulekha, Sama, Adi / Thyagarajar -- Magudi
Accompaniments: L. Subramaniam, violin ; Trichy Sankaran, mridangam.
Music Media Center --- SCI 77

Mandolin : Karnatic classical-instrumental / U. Srinivas. Madras : Master Recording Co.,
Gajavadana, Sreeranjani, Adi / Papanasam Sivan -- Deva Deva, Mayamalava gowla,
Rupakam / Swathithirunal -- Alaipayude, Kanada, Adi / Uthukkadu Venkata Subbaiyer --
Dorakuna, Bilahari, Adi / Thyagaraja -- Bhagyadalakshmi, Sree, Adi / Purandara Dasa.
Accompaniments: A. Kanyakumari, violin ; Valangaiman A. Shanmugasundaram, thavil ;
E.M. Subrahmanyam, ghatam.
Music Media Center --- SCI 71

Karukurichi P. Arunachalam : classical live concert. Madras : Indian Record
Manufacturing Co., p1991.
Sabapathikku, Aabhogi, Rupakam -- Pranamamyaham, Gowla, Adi -- Siva Kameswarim,
Kalyani, Adi -- Nee vantty dhaivamu, Bhairavi, Adi -- Thiruppugazh.
Music Media Center --- SCI 724

Percussion ensemble
Chanda melam by Chithalai M. Rama Marar & party. Madras : AVM Music Service,
c1982. Music by types of percussion instruments from Kerala; Karnatic school.

Sarasvati Veena
Dr. Emani Shankar Shastri : veena concert. Bangalore : Dakshina Musical Industries,
Paahi Gananayaka, Visharada, Adi / Emani Shankar Shastri -- Jagire, Yaman, Thrishra
nada / Tulasidas -- Thillana -- Vedaghosha -- Namashivaya, Shankara bharanam, Adi /
Emani Shankar Shastri -- Vaddante, Panthuvarali, Rupaka / Kshithragnar.
Accompaniments: Palghat Raghu, mrudangam ; Krishnamurthy, ghatam.
Music Media Center --- SCI 70

T.N. Seshagopalan : veena. Madras : Master Recording Co., p1990.
Kanja dalaya, Kamalamanohari, Adi / Muthuswamy Dikshitar -- Sujana jeevana, Kamas,
Rupakam / Thyagaraja -- Janani ninuvina, Reethigowla, Chapu / Subbaraya Sastry -- Sri
Kanthimathim, Dehi simharavam (Hemavathi), Adi / Muthuswamy Dikshitar --
Nirupamana, Behag, Rupakam / "Poochi" Srinivasa Iyengar. Accompaniment:
Srimushnam V. Raja Rao, mridangam ; E.M. Subrahmanyam, ghatam.
Music Media Center --- SCI 384

Saxophone : Karnatic classical instrumental / Kadri Gopalnath. Madras : Master
Recording Co., p1989.
Paripahima, Subhapantuvarali, Adi / Mysore Vasudechar -- Pakkala nilabadi,
Kharaharapriya, Misra chapu / Thyagaraja -- Rara Rajeeva, Mohana, Adi / Mysore
Vasudevachar -- Chinnanchirukiliye, Ragamalika, Tisra Adi / Subramanya Bharathiyar.
Music Media Center --- SCI 65

Violin : classical instrumental / T.N. Krishnan, Vijikrishnan. Madras : Indian Record
Manufacturing Co., p1988.
Accompaniment: T.V. Gopalakrishnan, mridangam ; T.H. Vinayakaram,
Music Media Center --- SCI 525
South Indian Classical Music - Vocal
Karnatak vocal

Sunadavinodini-ragam ; Mysore Vasudevachar's Devaadhideva / by Dr. M.
Balamuralikrishna. Madras, India : Sangeetha, p1990. Sung in
Telugu. Accompaniment: M.S. Anantharaman, violin ; K.V. Prasad, mridangam ; P.
Sundaram, ghatam.
Music Media Center --- SCI 486

Vocal / by Maharajapuram Santhanam. Madras : Sangeetha, [1983?]
Compositions in Tamil and Telugu. Abhista varadha, Hamsadhvani, Adi -- Dinamani
vamsa, Hari Kambodhi, Adi -- Nadaloludai, Kalyanavasantham, Rupakam / Thyagaraja --
Nidhisala, Kalyani, Misra chapu / Thyagaraja -- Vilayaada, Shanmugapriya, Adi / T.N.
Balu. Accompaniment: vocal support, Maharajapuram Srinivasan ; violin, M.
Chandrasekaran ; mridangam, Tanjore Upendran ; ghatam, K. Nagaraja Rao.
Music Media Center --- SCI 30

Concert album / by M.S. Subbulakshmi, accompanied by Radha Viswanathan in the
singing, V.V. Subramaniam, violin, T.K. Murthy, mridangam, V. Nagarajan, kanjira, T.H.
Vinayakram, ghatam. Dum Dum, India : Odeon, 1970.
Music Media Center --- LPI 260
Regional Music by Language
Asamiya caha majadura lokagita : Assamese Jhumair songs. Dum Dum, India : His
Master's Voice, p1984. Assamese folk-songs, sung by tea plantation labourers.
Music Media Center --- LPI 151

Ramayana caupaiyam : Sunder Kand / Anup Jalota. Bombay : Tips, [1984?] Recitation
of verses on Rama, selected from Tulsidas's famous Ramacaritamanas.. Seven cassettes.
Lilly A-V Sound cassette --- 294.592 T917, R165, 1984

Baul gan & Lalan giti
Lalana giti / Suphiya Manoyara ; katha o sura, Lalana Šah. [Dhaka?] : Ipsha, 1982.
Music Media Center --- LPI 122

Purnadasa Baula = Bengali songs / Purnadas Baul. Published: Dum Dum, India : His
Master's Voice, p1983.
Music Media Center --- LPI 117

Devotional music, Hindu
Aradhanara gana : Brahmasamgita-samkalana : Bengali devotional songs / Ašokatarua
Bandyopadhyaya. Dum Dum, India : His Master's Voice, p1984. Devotional songs of
the Brahmo Samaj.
Music Media Center --- LPI 67

Gour-Gouridas lila-kirtan : geeti alekhya, Bengali devotional / script, editing, direction,
Swami Shivananda Giri Maharaj ; [sung by] Madhabi Brahma ; produced by Lila
Goswami.Calcutta, India : Bharati, p1984. Songs in praise of Chaitanya, 1486-1534, and
his associate Gauridasa.
Music Media Center --- LPI 38

General and miscellaneous
Bengal : traditional folk music = Bengale : musique traditionnelle populaire. France :
Auvidis, p1998. Includes Baul, Bhatiyali, bhajan, kirtan, and flute music.
Music Media Center --- CD 6392

Nazrul giti
Šreshtha Najarula-giti. Dhaka : H.R.C., [1983?]
Music Media Center --- SCI 339

Patriotic songs
Ekati phulake bancabo bale : Svadhina Bamla Betara Kendra theke pracarita
muktiyuddhera gana / [samgita paricalaka Samara Dasa]. [Dhaka] : Bamladeša
Muktiyoddha Kalyana Trashta prayojita, [1987?] Revolutionary Bengali songs broadcast
over the clandestine radio station during the 1971 Bangladesh freedom struggle.
Music Media Center --- LPI 140

Deša, bhasha, bhalobasa : Amara Ekusé 1986 / Bamla Ekademira nibedana ; surabinyasa
o paricalana Samara Dasa. Dhaka, Bangladesh : Culture Dept., Bangla Academy, 1986.
"My pride, my love : a tribute to the martyrs of the language movement of 1952.
Orchestra based on music from the language movement to the war of liberation 1971."
Music Media Center --- SCI 422

Abrtti : Bengali recitations / Pradipa Ghosha ; yantranushanga parikalpana o paricalana,
Dilipa Raya. Dum Dum, India : His Master's Voice, p1983.
Recitation, with music, of Bengali poems by Satyendranath Datta, 1882-1922 and
Dwijendra Lal Roy, 1864-1913.
Music Media Center --- LPI 118

Popular and film music
Kišorakumara : Bengali modern songs / Kishore Kumar. Calcutta : Megaphone,
p1982. "Bengali film & modern songs"
Music Media Center --- LPI 68

Rabindra Sangit
Songs of Rabindranath / Hemant Mukherjee. Dum Dum, India : Columbia :
Manufactured & distributed by the Gramophone Co. of India, [1966?]
Music Media Center --- LPI 98

Women's songs
Samajera gana / [katha o sura, Anoyarauddina Khana ; sampadana, Sigama Huda].
Dhaka : Bamladeša Jatiya Mahila Ainajibi Samiti, [1987?] "Inspiring Bengali songs on
social theme; for popularising laws and privileges of women."
Music Media Center --- SCI 583

Devara beimana : Bhojpuri lok geet / Kamla Srivastva, Asha Misra ; music, Sohan
Lal. Calcutta, India : INRECO, 1983.
Music Media Center --- LPI 171

Sonalanum bedalum : Gujarati lokagito / gitasangita sankalana, Kešava
Rathoda. Bombay : Sterling Recordings, p1991.
Music Media Center --- SCI 718

Devotional Music, Hindu
Bhajans / Pandit D.V. Paluskar. Bombay : CBS, p1988.
Music Media Center --- LPI 200

Ganesh / Shruti Sadolikar ... [et al.]. New Delhi : Living Media India,
p1991. Devotional songs on Ganeša, Hindu deity.
Music Media Center --- SCI 804

Ramadeva Biraha Parti ka programa = Ramdev Birha Party programme. Bhaskar Folk
Music, [1984?] Biraha, a form of folk-music from northern India, on the theme of
separation in love.
Music Media Center --- SCI 174

Šarvilaka ; Dušmana ; Karamôvali : natya-gita-sangita. Nai Dilli : Rashtriya Natya
Vidyalaya Ranga Mandala, [1990?] Adapted from stories in Sanskrit, Russian, and Urdu.
Music Media Center --- SC 226

Ghazals (See Urdu)

Marriage songs
Vivaha gita = Marriage songs. [Bombay?] : Bhaskar Folk Music, 1983?
Music Media Center --- SCI 161

Popular and film music
Bollywood flashback / Bally Sagoo. [S.l.] : Columbia, p1994.
Music Media Center --- CD 5812

Kumar Garg presents main haseena tanu [sound recording] : a musical album / music,
Shreerang Aras ; lyrics, Shyam Anuragi ; director, Savita-Pravin ; producer, Kumar
Garg. Mumbai : Toshee Music Co., p1998.
Music Media Center --- SC 268

Monsoon wedding : a Mira Nair film / music, Mychael Danna. Mumbai, India :
Universal Music India, p2002. Sung by Mohd. Rafi, Sukhwinder Singh and various other
artists.   Sung in Hindi and Panjabi.
Music Media Center --- CD 9033

"Sold out" : Asha Bhosle in concert. Calcutta, India : Concord Records, p1984.
Music Media Center --- LPI 195

Women's songs
Toro bandhana = Todo bandhan. Nai Dilli : Jagori, [p1991?]. Hindi songs on women's
Music Media Center --- SCI 694

Bulanda irade [sound recording] = Buland irade. Nai Dilli : Jagori, [p1991?]. Hindi songs
on women's issues.
Music Media Center --- SCI 712

Šraddhañjali : Maithilakokila Vidyapati / gita, Vidyapati ; dhunem, Šarada Sinha. [Dum
Dum, India] : Odeon, [1983?]. Songs by the most famous Maithili poet, Vidyapati
Thakura (15th cent).
Music Media Center --- SCI 293

Mopla songs : Malayalam basic. Dum Dum, India : His Master's Voice, p1984. Songs,
traditional and modern, of the Moplahs from Kerala.
Music Media Center --- LPI 94

Dandayaca kolivara : koligite / sangita, Vinoda Kumara ; gita, Viththala Umapa, Ara Di.
Kale, Parasa Gayakavada. Bombay : Swaranand Electronics, p1991. Fishermen's folk
songs from Maharashtra.
Music Media Center --- SCI 719

Natyabahara : Marathi stage songs / Prabhakara Karekara. Dum Dum, India : His
Master's Voice, p1984.
Music Media Center --- LPI 215

Folk songs : Nepalese songs [Kathmandu : s.n., 1984?]
Music Media Center --- SCI 779

Nam jagu pulangu neva mye, Nepala bhasha mye : Nepal bhasha songs. [Kathmandu :
s.n., 1984?]
Music Media Center --- SCI 773

Krushnanjali : Oriya songs / music, Prafulla Kar ; produced by Bhima Bhoi Memorial
Trust.Calcutta : His Master's Voice, p1984.
Devotional songs offered to Bhima Bhoi, 1852-1895, blind Oriya poet of the Alekha cult.
Music Media Center --- LPI 89

Shabad gurbani / Darshan Singh Ji. New Delhi : Amrit Vani Audio-Visual Studio ;
Middex, U.K. : Marketed by ABC Music Shop, [1990?]
Sikh hymns, sung in Panjabi.
Music Media Center --- CD 1474

Persian (See alsoUrdu, since some collections of principally Urdu recordings feature
Persian songs as well.)
Jami / Sabri Brothers. Germany : Piranha, p1996.
Music Media Center --- CD 8367

Salam ey Nakhoda : music from South Persia. Obertrubach, Germany : Mariposa,
p1999. Bandarneshinan Ensemble ; Mahmoud Jahan, vocals. Recorded in Iran.
Music Media Center --- CD 7470

Persian traditional music / Parisa. Parisa, vocals. Sung in Persian.
Music Media Center --- SC 259

Laylá-Majnun badalah / Qamru Jan. Pishawar : Sher Baz Khan Miyuzik Santar, [1985?]
Folk-song about the legendary love story of Laylá and Majnun from Arabia.
Music Media Center --- SCI 788

Ghumara : Ghoomar : Rajasthana ke pratinidhi loka nrtya gita. Jodhapura : Vina
Cassettes, [p1999?]
Folk dance songs, sung in Rajasthani.
Music Media Center --- SC 281

Desert melodies : melodious tunes on traditional folk instruments. Jaipur : Oriental
Audio Visual Electronics, c1998.
Music Media Center --- CD 7736

Songs & rhythms of Sri Lanka. Colombo : N. Wickramasooriya & Co.,
[1987?]. Sinhalese classical songs and instrumental music.
Music Media Center --- SCI 677

Folk Songs
Kalattumetu nattuppu_rap patalkal [sound recording] = Kalathumedu folk songs /
icaiyamaittup patiyavarkal, Puspava_nam Kuppucami, A_nita Kuppucami. Chennai :
Vani Recording Co., p1996.
Music Media Center --- SC 274

Karical kuyil patalkal / icaiyamaittu patiyavar Karical Kirusnacami ; a_rimukavurai,
Piralaya_n. [Tirunelveli?] : Tami_lnatu Mu_rpokku E_luttalar Cankam, Nellai Mavatta
Ku_lu, [1990?]-
Folk songs from Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu; music scored and sung by Karical
Kirusnacami. Accompaniment: Teventira_n, pi_n_nani icai; Canmukanata_n, tavil.
Music Media Center --- SC 203

Devotional Music, Christian
Christian devotional songs : Tamil basic / lyrics & music, M. Rathinam. Calcutta :
INRECO, 1983.
Title on container: Easter Kumar presents Christian carols.
Music Media Center --- LPI 83

Devotional Music, Hindu
Bhakthi manjaree : devotional songs / D.K. Pattammal & group. Madras : MRS
Recording Co., 1994. Music Media Center --- SC 235
Accompaniments: Kalpana Kishore, violin; I. Sivakumar, mrindagam; T.H.V. Uma
Shankar, ghatam.

Nallura_n kavaticcintu / Po_n Cuntaralinkam. [Jaffna?] : Relikulop Veliyitu,
[1987?]. Sung in Tamil. Hymn in a folk metrical form to Murugan, Hindu deity,
enshrined at Nallur, Sri Lanka.
Music Media Center --- SCI 506

Šri Camayapura Mariyamma_n suprapatam & Amma_n patalkal [sound recording] = [Sri
Samayapura Mariyamman suprabatham & Amman songs] / El. Ar. Isvari ; lyrics, V.R.
Varadarajan ; music, L. Krishnan. Madras : Indian Record Manufacturing Co., p1987.
Hymns to Mariyamma (Hindu deity).
Music Media Center --- SCI 759

Devotional Music, Muslim
Islamiya Patalkal = Muslim songs : Muslim devotional, Tamil basic / A.T. Sheriff ; music,
Babjon. Calcutta : INRECO, 1983.
Music Media Center --- LPI 84

Divya prema : Telugu films. Dum Dum, India : His Master's Voice, p1983. Selected
Telugu moving-picture songs, 1951-1971.
Music Media Center --- LPI 95

Devotional music, Islamic
The music of Islam : recorded in Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen,
Pakistan, Qatar, and Iran. Tucson, Ariz. : Celestial Harmonies, p1998.
This is a 15 volume series - volume 13 is music of Pakistan, recorded mostly in Lahore.
Music Media Center --- CD 7582

Folk music
Vakya, daheja aura garibi / šayara, Šauqa Vazira Gañjavi ; myuzika, Umara _K_hana =
Vaqi‘ah jahez aur _g_haribi / sha’ir, Shauq Vazir Ganjvi ; sangit ’Umar
_K_han. Dadari, Gajiyabada : Šišaudiya Ilaiktroniksa, p1994. Urdu folk songs.
Music Media Center --- SC 206

Great ghazals of Mehdi Hassan. Calcutta : HMV, p1993.
Music Media Center --- SC 192

Kalam-e-asatiza : ghazals / Begum Akhtar ; [music, Khayyaam]. Dum Dum, India : His
Master's Voice, c1975.
Music Media Center --- LPI 53

The Khazana Concert : ghazals. [Bombay] : Music India, 1982.
Vol. 1. Bhupinder & Mitali Mukherjee -- Vol. 2. Pankaj Udhas & Penaaz Masani -- Vol.
3. Ahmed-Mohd Hussain & Talat Aziz -- Vol. 4. Nina-Rajendra & Mehta & A. Hariharan
-- Vol. 5. Vatsala Mehra & Anup Jalota -- Vol. 6. Sudha & Vijay Singh.
Music Media Center --- LPI 37

Meraj-e-ghazel : Urdu modern / music, Ghulam Ali. Dum Dum, India : His Master's
Voice, 1983. Ghulam Ali and Asha Bhosle, singers.
Music Media Center --- LPI 24

The best of Mehdi Hassan : ghazals / music, Mehdi Hassan. Bombay : Music India,
Music Media Center --- LPI 18

Aqeedat ke phool, in memory of Shankar Qawwal : Urdu, Muslim religious / Shankar
Shambhu Qawwal. Dum Dum, India : Angel, p1984. Muslim songs, Kawwali style,
performed by the group formed by Ramkumar Shankar (d. 1984) and Shambhu.
Music Media Center --- LPI 52

Pakistan : the music of the Qawal = La musique des Qawal / Sabri Brothers. [France] :
Ivry-sur-Seine, p1990. Sung in Urdu.
Music Media Center --- CD 6258

Pakistan / Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Paris : Ocora Radio France ; [France] : Harmonia
Mundi distribution, p1997. Five compact discs. Sung principally in Urdu, Panjabi, and
Music Media Center --- CD 6150

Akbar Qawwal : Islamic. Calcutta : Berry Music House, p1985.
Music Media Center --- SC 190

Multiple languages and collections
Chants soufis du Pakistan [Songs of the Sufis of Pakistan] / Abida Parveen. Paris :
Maison des Cultures du Monde, p1995. Sung in Urdu, Punjabi, Old Hindustani, and
Saraiki. Program notes in French by Pierre Bois, translated into by English by Judith
Crews. Lyrics translated into French and English by Dr. Ramatullah.
Music Media Center --- CD 3348
East Indian music in the West Indies. Cambridge, MA : Rounder, p1999.
"A panorama of traditional Asian and newly created creolized East Indian music,
Trinidadian 'local classical' tan singing, Hindu devotional and wedding songs, Muslim
tassa drumming, Madrasi funeral drumming, and a unique excerpt from a Kali ceremony
on Guadeloupe"-- Container. Vocal works sung in various languages, including Hindi,
Bhojpuri, and Tamil.
Music Media Center --- CD 8435

Naco disko masala : nôn-stôpa Hindi, Konkani pôpa sôngja / sangita, Babuša. Bombay :
T-Star Cassette Co., p1989- Popular songs sung in Hindi, Konkani, and Marathi.
Music Media Center --- SCI 417

Songs of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and the Andamans. Folkways Records,
1960. Recordings of the music of ethnic minorities from these regions, principally
Library Service Center Sound disc --- R251

Wedding songs of Uttar Pradesh / music director, lead vocal, Shubha Mudgal. New
Delhi : Living Media India, 1994.
Sung in Braj, Awadhi, and Khari boli (Hindi).
Music Media Center --- SC 216