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									 Town of Madison Title:
   Police Dept.         Credit Card use, Gas Card use and Purchases

 Effective Date:            Number:                  No. Pages:     Special Instructions: None
 February 1, 2006                 060                      4
 Reference: Purchase Notification form, 052-         Distribution: All Personnel
 Uniform, 052 Uniform Requirements &
 Specifications, Card use form
 Reevaluation Date: February 2007                    Index as: Credit Card use, Gas Card, Purchase Orders

I.      Purpose
        The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for the purchase of goods and
        services and employee reimbursements necessary for the operation of the Town of
        Madison Police Department.

II.     Policy
        The Town of Madison Police Department will manage its funds and keep accounting
        records in compliance with applicable laws and Town policies.

III.    Definitions
           Department Credit               “Credit Card” means the MasterCard issued to the Chief
           Card:                           of Police, Administrative Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant

            Department Gas Card:           “Gas Card” means the BP Business Plus Fleet gas card
                                           issued and assigned to individual officers

            Purchase Order:                A numerical form issued by the Chief of Police
                                           authorizing the purchase and payment of goods and

IV.     Procedure
           A.     Town of Madison Purchase Order Policy (adopted April 7, 2003)
                  Purchase orders are required for all purchases over $1,500.00 which were not
              included in the budget. Each department head maintains a purchase order book.
              Purchase orders are pre-numbered and used in numerical sequence. A copy of the
              purchase order is required to be forwarded to the accounting department.
                  Prices and other items are included on the purchase orders whenever possible.
              The department head must approve all purchase orders prior to the item being
              purchased/ordered. The Town Board must approve all purchases and contracts
              over $1,500.00, which are not included in the budget.
                  Competitive bids are required and bid copies are retained on purchases over
              $15,000.00, as required by state statute. The Town Board must approve the bid
              award. Purchases between $5,000.00 and $15,000.00 must be posted, as required
              by state statute.
                  Purchase of goods and services are under budgetary control.
                  Purchases under $1,500.00 do not require a purchase order. Each department
              head maintains and invoice approval stamp, which includes the vendor number,

   account number, description and department head initials. Invoices are stamped
   on the face of the invoice when approved.
       Paid invoices are attached to a copy of the check to prevent double payment.
   Invoices are filed in check number order by accounts payable batch.

B. Authorization
        1. The Administrative Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant are authorized to
           utilize the Petty Cash Fund for emergency expenses related to the
           purchase of goods and services for the department.
        2. The Administrative Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant are authorized to use
           the Credit Card to purchase goods and services for the department up to
           $100.00 without approval from the Chief of Police.
        3. The Administrative Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant are authorized to have
           the department billed for goods and services for the department up to
           $100.00 without approval from the Chief of Police.
        4. The Administrative Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant are authorized to
           approve expenses related to approved training.
        5. The Chief of Police shall approve expenses over $100.00.
        6. All employees are authorized to have the department billed for items that
           are approved by policy 052 and be debited to their uniform allowance
              a. Bills shall be forwarded to the Chief of Police upon receipt.
              b. If an officer goes over on their uniform allowance arrangements
                 shall be made with the Accounting Department for the officer to
                 pay for the item(s).

C. Tax exempt status
   Normally the department will not pay tax. A tax-exempt form will be provided to
   the employee if required. This tax-exempt form will be returned to the
   employee’s direct supervisor.

D. Use of Credit Card
        1. The Chief of Police, Administrative Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant are
            issued a department Credit Card.
        2. The following procedures will be used when purchasing items utilizing
            the Credit Card.
              a. A receipt is required for all purchases, returns or any activity on
                  the Credit Card.
              b. If a receipt is not immediately available when the purchase, return
                  or other activity was made (i.e. purchase made via telephone) a
                  Credit Card Purchase form shall be completed and forwarded to
                  the Chief of Police immediately.
              c. When the receipt is received it will be forwarded to the Chief of
                  Police as soon as possible.

E. Use of Gas Card
        1. The use of the Gas Card shall not be used to purchase anything other
           than gas.
        2. Primary location to gas squad cars is the BP/Amoco/Stop N Go location
           at 2050 Fish Hatchery Road. The department realizes discounts on fuel
           by BP/Amoco/Stop N Go. The availability of fuel is 24 hours, even
            when the store is closed. Officers attending out-of-town training or
            other department-approved events may use any other BP available to
            them for fueling.
         3. Upon receiving your card, sign the back of it on the signature strip using
            your legal signature.
         4. To use the card
              a. After pulling up to the pump, insert your Gas Card into the card
                  reader as instructed.
              b. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN (Personal
                  Identification Number). Enter the PIN using the keypad and press
                  the ENTER key.
              c. You will be prompted to enter the odometer reading on your squad.
                  Using the keypad, enter the odometer mileage and press ENTER.
              d. You will be prompted to enter the vehicle ID number. This is the
                  last 4-digits of the vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
                  Use the keypad to enter the number and press ENTER.
              e. Fuel your vehicle by following the instructions on screen. Make
                  sure you are using the correct fuel; our fleet uses unleaded gasoline
                  with 87 octane.
              f. If prompted "CAR WASH Y/N?" press N and ENTER. We have
                  car wash tickets available to you through a supervisor. If you said
                  "Yes" to the car wash prompt, it would cost full price. We have a
                  substantial discount with Olympic Car Wash.
              g. The pump will print a receipt. Take the receipt and keep it
                  yourself to have proof you paid for your fuel if needed. You may
                  then destroy the receipt. The department does not retain them.
              h. Replace the pump handle, replace the gas cap, and shut the gas
                  door on the squad.

F. Authorized Employee Expenses
        1. Registration fees
           The department will request training vendors bill the department and
           these bills will be paid on the Town’s normal accounts payable cycle.
        2. Hotel
             a. The department’s Training Coordinator will coordinate with the
                 employee in reserving and paying for the hotel prior the employees
                 arrival. The department will not give the Credit Card to an
                 employee whose name does not appear on the card.
             b. The employee may pay for the hotel room on their personal credit
                 card and submit the bill to the Chief of Police for reimbursement.
        3. Meal per-diem
             a. Reimbursement rate for individual meals:
                      a. Breakfast: $5.00
                      b. Lunch: $9.00
                      c. Dinner: $15.00
             b. An officer may request a check for meal per diem prior to
                 attending training for training courses of two (2) weeks or more in
                 length. A Time/Expense Documentation form must be submitted
                 at least two weeks prior to leaving for the check to be approved
                 and issued.

                     c. The employee may request reimbursement after the training by
                         completing a Time/Expense Documentation form and forwarding
                         to their direct supervisor.
                4. Mileage
                     a. Normally personal vehicles will not be used for department
                     b. A supervisor shall authorize the use of a personal vehicle for
                         department travel only when necessary.
                     c. Without supervisory approval, mileage reimbursement requests
                         may be denied.
                     d. Mileage will be paid at the current IRS rates (2005 is $0.405).
                     e. Mileage reimbursement requests will be forwarded to the Chief of
                         Police through the employee’s direct supervisor.
                5. Other approved expenses
                   The employee’s direct supervisor must pre-approve other expenses.
                   Reimbursement requests will be forwarded to the employee’s direct
                   supervisor utilizing the Time/Expense Documentation form with
                   additional justification attached if needed.

       G. Non-allowable Employee Expense
          The department will not reimburse certain expenses such as, personal
          entertainment, alcohol, expenses of a spouse/significant other or child, and
          telephone use.
       H. Reimbursement requests
          All reimbursement requests will be forwarded to the employee’s direct supervisor,
          the supervisor will forward the request to the Chief of Police for payment in the
          next accounts payable billing cycle. All requests will be made utilizing the
          Time/Expense Documentation form.
       I. Petty Cash
          The Chief of Police shall administer the Petty Cash fund. This fund is kept in a
          secured location in the Chief’s office. Expenditures from the fund shall require a
          receipt whenever possible. The fund is authorized to have a balance of $100.00
          and is replenished by the submission of expenses on the accounts payable billing
          cycle. The only authorized personnel to access the Petty Cash Fund are
          department supervisors.
       J. Purchase orders
          The Chief of Police will issue all purchase orders as needed.
       K. Tolls
          The department has an I-Pass available for department vehicles for travel into
          Illinois. The I-Pass is kept in the Administrative Sergeant’s office and shall be
          requested from a supervisor when travel into Illinois is required. The I-Pass shall
          be returned to the Administrative Sergeant or other supervisor upon return.
       L. Receipts
          Receipts are not required for meal per diem. Receipts are required for all other
          expenses including, but not limited to; hotels, rental cars, air fare, etc.

                                 Scott T. Gregory
                                 Chief of Police

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