; Standard Operating Procedure
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Standard Operating Procedure


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									                                           SOP Self Improvement Reporting
                                                            Revision No. 6
                                            Revised Date: January 16, 2004
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    Standard Operating Procedure

BP Global Contract Laboratory Network


              Prepared For:

                      GCLN Team

   BP Global Contract Laboratory Network
                                                                                SOP Self Improvement Reporting
                                                                                                 Revision No. 6
                                                                                 Revised Date: January 16, 2004
                                                                                                 Page No. 2 of 4

                                     1.0 Self Improvement Reporting

1.1 Purpose - The purpose of this SOP is to define the system of self-improvement through addressing a
problem or conflict that may arise between BP, Alliance Partners/consultants, and Global Contract
Laboratory Network (GCLN) laboratories. Responsibilities for initiating the process of problem
resolution are outlined and defined in this document. The goals of Self Improvement Reporting (SIR) are
to promote expeditious resolution of issues while ensuring better communication among GCLN members,
to assist GCLN members address and enhance their internal quality assurance system through access to
lessons learned throughout the GCLN, to learn from past problems or conflicts, promote excellence, and to
maintain the lowest overall cost to the Global Contract Laboratory Network.

1.2 Applicability - This SOP is applicable to parties participating in the GCLN. This SOP is designed to
work with existing internal quality assurance systems within these groups to establish better
communication, instill quality into the GCLN as a whole, and address BP 's requirements.

1.3 Definitions -

                 AP - Alliance Partner and/or consultant
                 GCLN - Global Contract Laboratory Network
                 GCLN Laboratory - laboratory under contract with the GCLN
                 PM - Project Manager (Consultant, Laboratory, or BP, but not necessarily the POC)
                 POC - Point of Contact
                 SIR - Self Improvement Reporting
                 Initiator - The party that initiated the SIR process
                 Respondent - The party that responds to an open SIR issue

1.4 Procedures and Responsibilities

For any significant or reoccurring issue, or an issue impacting the contract between BP, alliance
partners/consultants and the GCLN laboratories, the GCLN SIR Tracking Report shall be utilized. The
following is an outline of the SIR process:

    1.   The initiator calls the respondent to notify them of an issue/incident/inquiry.
    2.   Both parties agree on an appropriate response date (issue/inquiry response date).
    3.   The initiator provides the GCLN archivist either by e-mail, fax, or telephone with the current
         status information for the incident. This should be summarized on the attached SIR word
         document. The GCLN archivist will assign the SIR a number and will assist, if necessary, with the
         resolution of the issue. This process is described in more detail in the following steps.
    4.   The GCLN archivist forwards a copy of the SIR Tracking Report for the incident in question to all
         parties (those parties being the initiator, the respondent, the POC of parties involved, and the BP
         GCLN Manager).
    5.   During issue resolution, the initiator and respondent track their involvement in the resolution
         process by means of notes, phone-logs, or internal tracking, while the POCs review and monitor
         the process. The initiator's POC provides the GCLN archivist with any relevant phone logs, notes,
         etc., collected by either initiator or respondent that are deemed essential for resolution
         documentation. It is the responsibility of the initiator’s POC to ensure that the process is
         conducted in an efficient and expedient manner.
    6.   The respondent communicates their findings/recommendations/actions to the initiator and GCLN
         archivist, by the agreed date. The GCLN archivist enters their response into the SIR Tracking
         Report and sends an updated copy of the GCLN SIR Tracking Report for the incident in question
                                                                                SOP Self Improvement Reporting
                                                                                                 Revision No. 6
                                                                                 Revised Date: January 16, 2004
                                                                                                 Page No. 3 of 4

       to all parties, including the POCs of the respondent and initiator. It is the responsibility of the
       respondent’s POC to ensure the complete and expedient implementation of any operational,
       training or other changes determined necessary during issue resolution. If the respondent’s initial
       response does not provide full resolution to the initiator, then unresolved issues are discussed with
       the POCs, and a new response date is agreed upon and the process returns to step 3. This process
       may be repeated as many times as necessary to reach satisfactory issue resolution. Upon incident
       resolution proceed to step 7.
    7. If resolution cannot be reached between the two parties, the GCLN committee is asked to review
       the issue, and provide guidance to the parties involved. In such an event, it is the responsibility of
       the GCLN Manager to ensure timely issue resolution.
    8. The GCLN archivist provides the GCLN committee with the complete SIR Tracking Report at
       each GCLN committee meeting along with a summary of reported issues or trends.

1.5 Documentation (SIR Tracking Report)

The interaction between the initiator and respondent is described in Section 1.4, above. The following
describes the SIR Tracking Report column definitions and the information to be completed:

Incident No. - these will be consecutive numbers as assigned by the GCLN archivist
BP Amoco S/S# - relevant Service Station or Site numbers
AP/Consultant’s Project # - the alliance partner's/consultant’s project number
Lab Sample ID # - the unique laboratory sample numbers
Date Collected - sample collection date(s)
Report Date - the date(s) sample results were reported (fax, e-mail, hard copy)
Parameter Name - name(s) of the analytes in question
Sample Matrix - Sample type - e.g. soil, ground water, surface water, waste, drinking water, etc.
Methods - relevant method numbers – e.g. 8021, 8260, 8270, etc.
Initiator - the name, telephone number/e-mail, and organization of the person initiating the GCLN SIR
Issue/Necessary Correction/ Request - the initiator shall write a short synopsis of the issue or correction
Initiator Date - date of the initiator’s initial contact with the respondent
Response Date - date agreed upon by initiator and respondent by which time a response must be generated
Respondent - the name, telephone number, and organization of the person responding to the GCLN SIR
Findings/Recommendations/Actions - the respondent shall write their findings and any recommendations
Comments - this column may be used for any additional comments by the initiator, the respondent or the
POC/PM, as identified by their initials
Reference - reserved for a respondent’s internal incident tracking number or previous incident number
Corrections Received - this should be completed by the initiator after he or she has received a satisfactory
response or action
Attachments – document identifiers for relevant initiator or respondent documents or attachments should
be noted here

   1. All columns must contain an entry. If column is not applicable, N/A should be indicated in the
                                                                              SOP Self Improvement Reporting
                                                                                               Revision No. 6
                                                                               Revised Date: January 16, 2004
                                                                                               Page No. 4 of 4

1.6 Contact Information - See Attachment A

1.7 QA/QC

The Archivist will, on a quarterly reporting cycle, forward compiled SIR Tracking Reports to each
POC/PM and the GCLN Manager.

The GCLN Manager and POCs shall evaluate the GCLN SIR Tracking Reports at the quarterly GCLN

                                             Revision Log

Revision No. 1 -        Final revisions to SOP – Initial issue
Revision No. 2 –        Revised STL e-mails and telephone numbers
                        Revised Anthony Nievera e-mail address
Revision No. 3 –        Revised Andra Puris e-mail address
                        Revised header info Date of Issue to Revised Date
Revision No. 4 -        Added West information
Revision No. 5 -        Revised Matthew Owens e-mail address; added name, Telephone #, Organization
                        to Originator and Respondent lines in SIR Reporting Form.
Revision No. 6 -        Updated SOP

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