Environmental Disasters

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					                                 Environmental Disasters
                                      Mrs. B. Smith
                      List prepared by J. Rowland, Media specialist
                                        May 2009

Online Databases:

Student Resource Center Gold (type in specific disaster – eg. Chernobyl) You will find
excellent factual information on almost any environmental disaster. There are credible
facts here but no pictures. .

Ebscohost – Student Research Center (Excellent resource for credible articles) again type
in the disaster and you will get a superb list. Get the password needed for home use from
the media center.

World Book Encyclopedia 8-12 this is a reputable encyclopedia – it has overview articles
and pictures of most of the "classic environmental disasters") Get the password needed
for home use from the media center. Click on the grey button until the encyclopedia
search bar opens.

General Web links

Major Environmental Disasters (assorted links Bhopal, Love Canal, Exxon spill,
Hiroshima, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island) click on folders and topics will display

Natural Environmental Disaster Information and Exchange (European organization –
must register to use free resources) Links to many resources

Top 10 natural and anthropogenic disasters (assorted information)


Three Mile Island

Exxon Valdez oil spill many links on this page

Tri Color

Amoco Cadiz

Sea Empress
scroll down for links see p. 6 environmental
Piper Alpha

Chlorine Spill – Graniteville SC


Hiroshima check the links at the bottom
of the page

Great London Smog
Student resource Center has a wonderful article
European BSE Crisis (Mad Cow Disease)

Baia Mare Cyanide Spill
x.html to view click on “view document as html”

Bangladesh Arsenic Crisis

Seveso Italian Dioxin Crisis

Chemistry of Wars:


Napalm - used in several wars

Chemical Warfare

Sept. 11 Environmental Impacts