Internet Safety A Practical Guide for Parents

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					   Internet Safety
A Practical Guide for

 Mifflin County School District
       November 8, 2007
    What is Social Networking?
•   Members have profiles
•   May contain personal information
•   Used to connect with others
•   Often includes a blog, pictures, songs, videos,
    and messages.
•   Teens gather with friends online
•   Most are not there to meet strangers
•   Most ignore adults
•   Most go online to do good things
Instant Messaging and Texting
•AIM or AOL Instant Messenger is a tool used by people all over the world to
send messages back and forth instantaneously.
•User A sends a message and User B can see the message and respond back
with little to no time lapse.
•Unlike e-mailing, instant messaging allows users to see their respondent’s
status (such as away, or unable to answer).
• A “Buddy List” shows the status of all of the users buddies or friends. From the
Buddy List, a user can see all the profiles of his/her buddies.
• Also from a buddy list, a user can block or warn buddies. If someone whom the
user does not want to talk to, or does not know tries to contact them, they can
block the other user, and all correspondence from that user will be automatically
•The user can also change their personal settings to block any user who is not
on their buddy list. In this way, they can block anyone they do not know.
Surrahbeth: “Hey girl!”

Sammibabi08: “Hey girl!”

Surrahbeth: “What are you up to?”

Sammibabi08: “Not too much. What about you?”

Surrahbeth: “None of your business, just kidding!”

Sammibabi08: “Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
and peeing my pants”
Surrahbeth: “Sorry, I could not resist!”

Sammibabi08: “You are gonna love this. Do you
know Zach?”

Surrahbeth: “I’ve never seen him face to face.”

Sammibabi08: “Well, he’s texting me!”

Surrahbeth: “Oh, no, not this again!”

Sammibabi08: “I know. Anyway, I said, “Let’s just be
Surrahbeth: “Put your mind in gear before
opening your mouth! He might be good for you!”

Sammibabi08: “What do you mean by that?”

Surrahbeth: “I don’t know. He might be a good
significant other?”

Sammibabi08: “Sitting in chair snickering! I see
what you mean though.”

Surrahbeth: “Anyway, get on with it!”

Sammibabi08: “He’s a cutie! A definite work of art!”
Surrahbeth: “I heard! From a friend of a friend!”

Sammibabi08: “Anyway, on a totally unrelated

Surrahbeth: “This ought to be good.”

Sammibabi08: “Whatever! Calculus homework?”

Surrahbeth: “Help!”

Sammibabi08: “There ought to be a law against it!”
       Inappropriate Content
• Offensive, sexual, or
  violent content
• Due Diligence
• Increasingly difficult to
• Appropriate
  responses to the
       Inappropriate Sharing

• Students may post:
  –   Inappropriately
  –   Unsafely
  –   Irresponsibly
  –   Provocatively
  –   Illicit or illegal
• Students will post
  outside of school!
 Threats and Cyber-bullying

• Students may post
• Threats that impact
  attendance or
  academics are a
  school concern
• Credible threats
  may be a criminal
     Fraud and Identity Theft

• Students may put
  their families and
  friends at risk
• Students are at risk
• Fraud
• Theft
• Identity Theft

                                Cyber Security
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 10:23 AM
Subject: The Juniata Valley Bank Online Multiple Password Failure

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We recently have discovered that multiple computers have attempted to log into your The Juniata Valley Bank Online Banking account, and
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We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

In order to confirm your Online Bank records, we may require some specific information from you.

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The Juniata Valley Bank Security Team
    Stalkers and Predators
• Most serious
  consequence of
• Predators do hunt
  children through
  online social
• Students can protect
Know who you are dealing with
 Download security patches and use
the most current versions of software.
Install and use Anti Virus Software
 that scans your email for viruses.
Do not open file attachments that you
weren’t expecting, even from people
             you know.
Install a fire wall especially if you have
   DSL, a cable modem or if you are
   always connected to the internet.
  Use strong passwords that contain
 letters and numbers and don’t share
these passwords or save them in a file.

                  Do not set your
                  browser to remember
Back up important files onto
     removable discs.
Turn off software features you
          don’t use.

              Examples- File and
              printer sharing
Check your security settings
       twice a year.
Don’t be intimidated by children
 who know more than you do.
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