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									Water Modeling and GIS
      Merging GIS and Time

                Temporal Analyst

                Water Resources



                Training & Support

    Merging GIS and Time
    Time matters - yes, time is crucially important in almost all practical problems related to water,
    because water moves. Sometimes it flows in abundance into one area and creates floods.
    Sometimes it evaporates and creates droughts. It may move in pipes, in rivers, under the ground
    surface or in the ocean, but whatever the location, water moves over time in space.
    Standard GIS software is great for the geospatial data analysis and visualization. However,
    when time matters, you need another dimension in your software. DHI Software adds the 4th
    dimension to GIS. DHI’s geospatially enabled dynamic modeling software combines the power
    of the leading GIS software with the power of 20 years of research and development within
    numerical modeling technology.
    When time matters, DHI Software brings the 4th dimension to your GIS!

    Our Products                                   ESRI Partner for 10 Years                      Building Expertise
    For more than twenty years DHI                 DHI has been an ESRI Partner for 10            To invest in the best tools is one thing.
    has made the results of our science            years and has more experience with             To learn how to make best possible
    available to water professionals around        linking dynamic modeling software with         use of them is another.
    the globe as software products.                GIS than any other organization.               DHI Software Courses offer a systematic
    DHI Software constantly breaks new             DHI is a co-developer of the ArcHydro          way for anyone who wants to invest in
    ground and turns the latest science into       tools and continuously contributes to          expanded capabilities within water
    practical engineering tools.                   the development of ESRI data models            modeling.
    After twenty years of development our          and tools within water, wastewater,            Nobody is a better trainer than an
    product family covers a wider range of         water resources and marine science.            experienced practitioner, and the DHI
    water modeling needs than any similar                                                         people running the training courses are
    family.                                                                                       all highly experienced modelers who
    As a DHI Software user you know that                                                          know their tools and know how to adopt
    you can always find the tool to solve                                                         them in your part of the world in terms of
    your problem - and that this tool will                                                        regulatory and other local traditions and
    work conveniently together with all your                                                      requirements.
    other DHI Software tools - and with
    your preferred GIS software.
    You also know that your tools will
    continue to grow together with you in
    the future - and that your investment in
    software and in your professional
    development is protected by DHI.

    "DHI is ESRI's strategic partner
    within numerical modeling of water"
    Jack Dangermond, June 2001


New Release
Temporal Analyst for ArcGISTM
Manage, edit, analyze, visualize your time
series data within ArcGIS with this new
ArcGIS extension from DHI.
Temporal Analyst adds time to your GIS -
no matter which field you are working in.
See page 4 for more information.

                                             This Catalog
                                             focuses on those DHI Software products which are of particular relevance to GIS users.
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                                             of our latest DHI Software Product Catalog.
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                                                                                   Read about our 2D and
                                                                                   3D coastal and marine
                                                                                   software - and more - in
                                                                                   the latest DHI Software
                                                                                   Product Catalog.

                                                                                                               Friendly and competent
                                                                                                               technical support in your
                                                                                                               time zone...

 DHI Offices - January 2005
 See contact details on back cover

                                                                                 ... and in your language.


    Temporal Analyst for ArcGIS™
    Time Series Data Management and Analysis for ArcGIS

     Application Areas
     ►    Storage, management and visualization of
          temporal data in a spatial context
     ►    Multi-disciplinary data analyses and
          processing (hydrology, ecology, health,
          finance, etc)
     ►    Maps and reports of time series statistics
          and properties

    The traditional limitations of managing time-related data inside your
    GIS has often forced users to maintain a separate set of data and
    tools outside of their GIS workspace. However, DHI’s Temporal
    Analyst tool for GIS brings time series data management directly into
    ArcGIS. It is a unique and powerful ArcGIS extension for efficient and
    versatile storage, management, processing, plotting
    and analysis of virtually any time-related data inside your ArcGIS
    application. The Temporal Analyst tool for GIS effectively removes
    the barrier between GIS and fully dynamic data handling, modeling
    and monitoring.

     Temporal Analyst for GIS
     in brief                                                                                 ESRI ArcHydro Data Model
     • Data Views - the Temporal Analyst           • Produce Maps - the Temporal              DHI is a core member of the GIS
         extends the ArcMap™ table of                Analyst allows you to bring time         Water Resources Consortium.
         contents with an additional tab             series statistics to the map. You can,
                                                                                              This consortium has developed
         that presents a tree view of the            for instance, create average rainfall
                                                                                              the standard ESRI data model
         time series data from either a              maps, maximum water level maps,
                                                                                              for water resources called the
         geodatabase perspective, or from            exceedance frequency or duration
                                                                                              ArcHydro data model.
         a feature class perspective                 maps, etc
                                                   • Compatible and Flexible -
     • Data Storage - the Temporal                                                            More information on the ArcHydro
                                                     the Temporal Analyst is driven           data model - and downloads -
         Analyst stores time series data
                                                     by DHI’s MIKE Objects package,           are available on the website:
         in a geodatabase using DHI’s time
                                                     www.mikeobjects.com. You may use
         series data model or links directly                                                  www.crwr.utexas.edu/giswr/hydro
                                                     COM objects within MIKE Objects in
         to your own database or data files
                                                     your own code and still ensure
     • Data Access - the Temporal                    compatibility with the Temporal
         Analyst includes a number of data           Analyst and other DHI Software.
         bridges which make it easy to
         access data directly in various                                                      Language Versions
         formats, including MS EXCEL,
         ArcHydro, NWIS and DHI’s own
         dfs0 format
     • Data Analysis - the Temporal
         Analyst offers a suite of tools for
         data analysis and processing,                                                        Pricing                      €
         including basic statistics and
         arithmetics, time step resampling,                                                   Temporal Analyst           1,495
         gapfiling, distribution and CDF plots,
         duration curves, double mass and                                                     A basic version of the Temporal
         double scatter.                                                                      Analyst is available as freeware -
                                                     Use the Timeseries calculator for bulk   see www.dhisoftware.com/dhifreeware.
                                                     data processing and advanced

4                                                  www.dhisoftware.com
                                                                                WATER RESOURCES

Watershed Analyst™
Streamlined Floodplain and Stormwater Modeling

Application Areas
                                                                                  Watershed Analyst™ Functionality
►    Preparation of data from GIS databases
                                                                                  Setup Menu
►    Generate model input files and read model results
                                                                                  •   Model setup
►    Postprocessing of results                                                    •   Layer properties
                                                                                  •   Create model template files
                                                                                  •   Conform table
Watershed Analyst™ is an ESRI ArcGIS extension developed by PBS&J                 •   Generic edit tools
to support more efficient GIS-based floodplain and stormwater modeling.           •   Help
It comes with a wide range of tools which greatly ease modeling.
Watershed Analyst lets the user choose which major model                          Runoff Menu
to use, including: MIKE 11, SWMM, XP-SWMM, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS                       • Import SDTS DEMs
as well as user-defined equations.                                                • Merge raster data
                                                                                  • Identify sinks
                                                                                  • Fill sinks
                                                                                  • Burn streams into DEM
                                                                                  • Flow direction
                                                                                  • Flow accumulation
                                                                                  • Flow distance
                                                                                  • Stream network as feature
                                                                                  • Generate all watersheds
                                                                                  • Create watersheds from point layer
                                                                                  • Point area accumulation
                                                                                  • Rainfall distribution
                                                                                  • Assign rainfall to basin
                                                                                  • Assign basins to nodes
                                                                                  • Hydrological parameters

                                                                                  Calculator Menu
                                                                                  •   Calculate time of concentration
                                                                                  •   Calculate velocity
                                                                                  •   Calculate NFF flows
                                                                                  •   Calculate hydrology
                                                                                  •   Calculate culvert rating curves

                                                                                  Routing Menu
                                                                                  •   Shrink DRG extents
                                                                                  •   Network numbering
                                                                                  •   Assign roughness
                                                                                  •   Create scan lines
                                                                                  •   Edit cross-sections
                                                                                  •   Merge cross-sections into TIN
                                                                                  •   Basin storage
                                                                                  •   Reach storage

                                                                                  Result Menu
                                                                                  • Check model validity
Language Versions                                                                 • Execute model
                                                       Under ArcGIS 9.x,
                                                       Watershed Analyst          • Import model output
                                                       tools can be dropped       • View hydrographs
                                                       into Model Builder to      • View report
                                                       further automate model     • View profile
Pricing                     €                          development and model
                                                                                  • Create TIN from points
                                                       updates. Samples are
                                                       provided.                  • Generate water surface TIN
Watershed Analyst           1,700                                                 • Floodplains

                  Order your copy of Watershed Analyst today!                     software@dhi.dk                        5

    Integrated Water Resources Management and Planning

    Application Areas
    ►     Provide solution alternatives to water allocation and water
          shortage problems
    ►     Improve and optimize reservoir and hydropower operations
    ►     Explore conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water
    ►     Evaluate and improve irrigation performance
    ►     Solve multi-criteria optimization problems
    ►     Establish cost-effective measures for water quality

    MIKE BASIN is a versatile, GIS-based decision support tool for integrated
    water resources management and planning. It provides a simple, yet
    powerful framework for managers and stakeholders to address multi-
    sectoral allocation and environmental issues in river basins. Designed to
    investigate water sharing issues at international or interstate level, and
    between competing groups of water users, including the environment.

    MIKE BASIN in brief                      MIKE BASIN Features
                                                                                                  Pricing                     €
    • Minimal data requirements - all major • automatic catchment delineation from DEMs
      hydrological processes are included,   • priority algorithms for water allocation           MIKE BASIN BASIC            5,000
      but with process descriptions kept as  • very flexible simulation of reservoir operations
      simple as possible                                                                          MIKE BASIN extended 6,250
                                             • detailed hydropower simulations
    • Intuitive - simple processes and       • diversions and optional Muskingum routing          MIKE BASIN WQ               3,000
      process relationships can be explained
                                             • irrigation and crop demand calculations
      and easily demonstrated at public
      meetings                               • water supply simulations including trends          ► University discounts available
                                             • rainfall-runoff modeling
    • Fast simulation - each simulation                                                           ► Multi-copy discounts available
      takes seconds to complete, allowing    • broad scale water quality modeling                 ► The above prices are for stand-
      you to easily analyse many different   • point and diffuse loads                              alone licenses. Network licenses
      scenarios and alternatives in order to                                                        are available.
                                             • river water quality
        optimize your system, and to quickly
        answer questions on-the-fly
    • Dynamic - adds a new temporal                                                               Language Versions
        dimension to GIS. Thus, dynamic
        simulations can be viewed in GIS
        and saved as videos for public
    • ArcGIS based - river networks can
        be quickly generated from existing
        GIS data, edited with familiar GIS
        tools and the results can be visualized
        as overlays
    • Customization - object-oriented
        open-ended code allowing users to
        write their own Visual Basic rules.       MIKE BASIN Data Storage
                                                  MIKE BASIN utilizes a geodatabase,
                                                  which is based upon a data model that
                                                  preserves, but also extends ESRI’s
                                                  ArcHydro data model.

6                                          Order your copy of MIKE BASIN today!
                                                                                         WATER RESOURCES

River Modeling Unlimited

Application Areas
►      Flood analysis and alleviation design
►      Real-time flood forecasting
►      Dam break analysis
►      Optimization of reservoir and canal gate / structure operations
►      Ecological and water quality assessments in rivers and
                                                                                         GIS based flood mapping with MIKE 11 GIS
►      Sediment transport and river morphology studies
                                                                                                 MIKE 11 Integration
►      Salinity intrusion in rivers and estuaries
                                                                                                 MIKE 11 links seamlessly with other
MIKE 11 is the industry standard for simulating flow, water quality and sediment                 packages:
transport in estuaries, rivers, irrigation canals and other surface water bodies in              MIKE 21 - for combined 1D-2D
many regions. The reason is simple. It provides a wealth of capabilities that span               flood modeling (see MIKE FLOOD)
the entire range of applications - from basic routing to complex, fully dynamic                  MIKE SHE - for integrated surface
modeling. Yet it remains user-friendly and efficient.                                            water and groundwater modeling
                                                                                                 FEFLOW - for subsurface flow and
                                                                                                 mass transport
                                                                                                 MOUSE - for integrated urban
                                            MIKE 11 in brief                                     catchment modeling
                                                                                                 Watershed Analyst™ - for
                                            •   Proven - used in hundreds of
                                                                                                 GIS-based automated hydrology
                                                applications around the world. The
                                                                                                 and hydraulics.
                                                de facto standard in many countries.
                                                Approved by numerous government
                                                organizations and bodies
                                                                                                 Language Versions
                                            •   Extendable - modules available for
                                                virtually any type of river modeling
                                                you can envisage
                                            •   Efficient - most computational
                                                modules include features for auto-
                                                calibration sensitivity analysis and
                                                uncertainty assessment
                                            •   Affordable - fully configurable
                                                modular structure allows you to
                                                choose the package that best suits               Pricing                            €
                                                your project budget and simulation
                                                requirements                                     MIKE 11 HD75                           995
                                            •   User-friendly - a logical structure              MIKE 11 Studio                     5,995
                                                and workflow, flexible data input and            HD250 + SO
                                                manipulation features, and familiar
                                                graphical tools make it easy to learn,           MIKE 11 Professional               9,995
2D flood map output
                                                easy to use, easy to achieve results             HD450 + SO + RR
                                                quickly and easy to upgrade from                 MIKE 11 AD                         2,395
                                                HEC-RAS models.
                                                                                                 MIKE 11 ST                         2,395
                                            •   Persuasive - an impressive
                                                selection of data interpretation and             MIKE 11 ECOLab                     4,500
                                                visualization tools makes it easy to
                                                generate convincing presentations                ► Ask about other modules and packages
                                                for public dissemination of                      ► University discounts available
                                                information.                                     ► Multi-copy discounts available
                                                                                                 ► The above prices are for stand-alone
                                                                                                   licenses. Network licenses are available.

                                                    www.dhisoftware.com                                                                       7

    Flood Modeling in 1D and 2D

     Application Areas
    ►    Flood modeling involving river-flood plain
    ►    Modeling of river embankment failures
    ►    Detailed dam break studies
    ►    Flood modeling for estuaries
    ►    Production of flood scenario animations

    MIKE FLOOD is a unique modeling tool that combines the strengths of
    two well-proven 1D and 2D modeling tools into one comprehensive flood
    modeling package. With MIKE FLOOD you can leverage your investment
    in MIKE 11 river models and expand your capabilities to more detailed 2D
    modeling of flood plains. Or you can rapidly establish 2D flood models
    from digital elevation data and then refine your model by adding hydraulic
    structures from the unique arsenal of MIKE 11 structures.                                    MIKE FLOOD simulation results illustrated using ArcScene.

                                                                                                                MIKE FLOOD Features
                                                                                                                MIKE FLOOD includes a wide range
                                                                                                                of relevant tools for floodplain and
                                                                                                                storm surge analysis:
                                                                                                                • a comprehensive hydraulic
                                                  Interaction tool for 1D - 2D .                                    structures package for modeling
                                                                                                                    of culverts, bridges, weirs, etc
                                                                                                                • flood hazard mapping and result
                                                          MIKE FLOOD in brief
                                                                                                                    animation tools
    Language Versions                                     • Advanced - unmatched capabilities for               • dam and embankment failure tools
                                                              detailed flood modeling
                                                                                                                    analysis tools
                                                          • Efficient - prepare your first model in             • efficient and stable handling of
                                                              hours, based on DEM data or existing
                                                                                                                    flooding and drying (inundation
                                                                                                                    and recession)
                                                          • Accepted - by US Federal Emergency                  • a smooth and robust coupling of
                                                              Management Agency (FEMA) for use in
    Pricing                             €                                                                           the 1D and 2D numerical engines
                                                              the National Flood Insurance Program
                                                                                                                • GIS integration for geospatial
    MIKE FLOOD ELP                      4,300             • Compatible - reuse existing MIKE 11
    MIKE 11 HD75                                              and MIKE 21 models directly
    MIKE 21 HD/PP 25,000                                                                                        • extensive time series data analysis
                                                          • Supported - comes with a 12-month
    MIKE FLOOD Studio                  14,995                 free hotline support and free updates.
    MIKE 11 HD250 +                                                                                             • supercritical flow solutions
    MIKE 21 HD/PP 80,000
    MIKE FLOOD                         18,995
    MIKE 11 HD450 +
    MIKE 21 HD/PP 80,000

    ► Ask about upgrade prices from MIKE 11
      or MIKE 21
    ► University discounts available
    ► Multi-copy discounts available
    ► The above prices are for stand-alone
      licenses. Network licenses are available.                Simulation of the flooding following a dam breach.

8                                           Order your copy of MIKE FLOOD today!
                                                                                          WATER RESOURCES

MIKE GeoModel
Geological Modeling and Interpretation in ArcGIS™

  Application Areas
 ► Visualization and interpretation of borehole logs
   and surface stratigraphy
 ► Building geological and hydrogeological
   conceptual models                                                                            Interpretation Tools
 ► Aquifer vulnerability mapping and management                                                 •   Display borehole data points on
   of natural resources                                                                             a map and digitize multiple vertical
 ► Data preprocessing and preparation for                                                           cross-section locations (including
   groundwater models                                                                               a costumizable buffer zone defining
                                                                                                    the boreholes included in the cross-
MIKE GeoModel is an ArcGIS extension for interpretation, visualization and                      •   Display a vertical cross-section
presentation of borehole geology and geophysical databases. Now you can easily                      with geological profiles of all
and quickly create, interpret and manage geological models for your area of                         selected boreholes, including
interest using thousands of borehole data points and hundreds of cross-sections.                    supporting information like water
                                                                                                    levels and water quality
                                                                                                •   Define and digitize geological
MIKE GeoModel in brief                                  Database Links                              structures in terms of layers and
MIKE GeoModel lets you build geological mod-            While other geological                      lenses and manipulate these
els step by step:                                       interpretation tools force you to           objects in vertical cross-section
1. Link MIKE GeoModel to your geological data           work with a predefined data                 views or in horizontal map views
2. Define geological profiles                           structure, MIKE GeoModel
                                                                                                •   Produce 3D geological models
3. Define and digitize geological units (layers/        comes with predefined live-links
                                                                                                    described in terms of stacked digital
   lenses)                                              to a number of popular geological
                                                                                                    elevation models for each layer
4. Create 3D geological models and use them             database structures, and allows
                                                                                                    represented as either discrete points
   in your further work, such as groundwater            you to easily configure the MIKE
                                                                                                    or raster grids
   modeling.                                            GeoModel database to suit your
                                                        existing database (currently            •   Intelligent, on-the-fly error
                                                        supports MS-Access™ and SQL-                checking to ensure consistent
                                                        Server™ database formats).                  interpretations between intersecting
                                                                                                    cross-sections and to prevent
                                                                                                    intersecting geological structures.

                                                                                                Data Storage
                                                                                                • Your geological models are stored
                                                                                                    internally in a geological model
                                                                                                    database, and you can easily export
                                                                                                    these data to commonly used data
                                                                                                    formats, including ASCII files, ESRI
                                                                                                    shape files, MapInfo tab files, Surfer
                                                                                                    grid files, and more.

                                                                                                    Language Versions
                                   Horizontal view of profile lines, and boreholes.

                                                                                                    Pricing                      €
                                                                                                    GeoModel                     2,995

                                                                            Vertical profile.

                                                   www.dhisoftware.com                                                                       9

     Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Modeling

     Application Areas

     ►     Aquifer vulnerability mapping
     ►     Conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water
     ►     Impact studies for changes in land use and climate
     ►     Surface water impact from groundwater withdrawal
     ►     Wetland management and restoration
     ►     Floodplain studies
     ►     Irrigation management
     ►     Detailed soil / water studies
     ►     Detailed dynamic shallow water /groundwater studies

     MIKE SHE is much more than just a user interface for a groundwater
     model! MIKE SHE is a complete modeling framework that allows you
     to add the hydrological cycle to your groundwater model. Or you can
     simulate any of the hydrological processes independently of one
     another - with unprecedented flexibility. The intuitive user interface
     allows you to quickly set up your conceptual model - completely
     independent of your numerical model. The data-centered approach
     allows you to even explore the sensitivity of your results to the
     structure of your model. Finally, powerful presentation tools will make         MIKE SHE Links
     your results understandable and convincing.
                                                                                     MIKE SHE links seamlessly and fully
                                                                                     dynamically with other DHI Software
                                                                                     products, including:
     MIKE SHE in brief
                                                                                     MIKE 11 - for rivers, channels and
     • Unique - simulates all major processes in the land phase of the               floodplains
         hydrological cycle
     • Flexible - applicable on spatial and temporal scales that fit your            MOUSE - for urban drainage and
         project needs                                                               sewage systems

     • Efficient - simple and advanced process descriptions can be
         combined to maximize computation efficiency
     • Data-friendly - links to your original data (including GIS data)
         to minimize data errors and data duplication and to maximize                Language Versions
     • Accepted - proven track record in hundreds of consulting and
         research projects around the world.

                                                                                    Pricing                              €

                                                                                    MIKE SHE Studio                     2,995
                                                                                    MIKE SHE Professional               3,995
                                                                                    MIKE SHE Enterprise                 9,995

                                                                                    ► Ask about other modules and packages
                                                                                    ► University discounts available
                                                                                    ► Multi-copy discounts available
                                                                                    ► The above prices are for stand-alone
                                                                                    ► Network licenses are available.

10                                             Order your copy of MIKE SHE today!
                                                                      WATER RESOURCES

Decision Support for Real-time Flood Forecasting

Application Areas
►     Real-time flood forecasting and warning
►     Decision support and scenario analysis

MIKE FLOOD WATCH integrates real-time data and forecast
modeling tools seamlessly in a resilient and robust environment
that encompasses sophisticated – yet easy to use – tools for
data management, monitoring, forecast modeling, decision
support and dissemination. It is well suited for use during
extreme weather conditions when decision makers need to
establish an effective overview of the situation and obtain
timely answers to their questions.

► User-friendly client-server solution – produces
  comprehensive and highly visual forecast information
  in GIS
► Data import – a complete range of real-time data,
  including meteorological forecasts, radar imagery
  and telemetry data. This can be used as input to
  hydrological and hydraulic forecasting models
► Robust and resilient system, including a data
  hierarchy that ensures robustness to poor or missing            ► Event management – based on user-defined
  data                                                              data events the system can initiate subsequent
                                                                    responses ranging from simple warnings to more
► Model management – execution of different
                                                                    comprehensive event handling
  model types from different model suppliers, including
                                                                  ► Dissemination management - information can be
► Flexible scenario management – for instance                       disseminated to a variety of sources, including
  optimization of hydraulic structure operation                     email, fax, web and telemetry databases as well
  strategies or comparative assessments of expected                 as SMS for mobile phones
  flood inundation
► Task management – allows the user to configure,                 ► User access management - access can be
  monitor and control system tasks                                  defined according to the needs and know-how
                                                                    of each user/group of users. Makes it possible
                                                                    for the targeted information to reach the right
                                                                    people at the right time.

                                                                                Language Versions

                                                                                Pricing                            €

                                                                                MIKE FLOOD WATCH 6.995
                                                                               MIKE FLOOD WATCH requires technical
                                                                               assistance from DHI for configuration and
                                                                               integration with SCADA, etc. The price is
                                                                               exclusive of this assistance.

                                       www.dhisoftware.com/mikefloodwatch                                                  11

     Modeling and GIS for Water Distribution Systems
     and Wastewater Collection Systems

      Application Areas
      ► Collection system (CS) and Water Distribution (WD) system
        data management
      ► Stormwater modeling - flooding, water quantity and quality
      ► Wastewater modeling - CSOs, SSOs, RDI and much more
      ► Water distribution network modeling - quantity and quality

     MIKE URBAN combines DHI’s 20-year tradition of leadership in simulation
     engines with ESRI’s world leading GIS technology. The result is a tool set
     that defines a new industry standard in usability, productivity and pure pleasure.

      MIKE URBAN in brief                     GIS and modeling - one package
      • Complete - fully integrated           MIKE URBAN is a complete urban
         GIS and modeling - does not          water modeling system. It combines:
         require extra GIS or CAD             • feature-rich GIS functionality
         seats                                   powered by ESRI’s ArcObjects™
      • Comprehensive - the most                 components
         advanced and well-proven             • the most popular and widely-
         numerical engines                       accepted simulation engines for
      • Open - documented data                   sewers and water networks, and
         models - no proprietary data         • powerful and convenient tools for
         file formats                            importing, entering, analysing and
      • Supported - local support in             visualizing your data.
         all time zones and all major
         languages.                                                                       Export data directly for viewing in ArcScene™.
                                              In addition, MIKE URBAN uses
                                              ESRI’s Geodatabase for storage of
                                              all network and catchment data,
                                              allowing you to view and edit your          MIKE URBAN Model Manager
                                              data with ArcMap™ or any other
                                              compatible application.                      MIKE URBAN Model Manager

                                                                                          ► A GIS-based model data management
                                                                                            package for collection system networks
                                                                                            and distribution system networks
                                                                                          ► A complete stormwater and wastewater
                                                                                            modeling package powered by SWMM5
                                                                                          ► A complete water distribution network
                                                                                            modeling package powered by EPANET

                                                                                          MIKE URBAN Model Manager is a powerful
                                                                                          GIS and time series data management package
                                                                                          as well as a complete modeling environment,
                                                                                          including the latest versions of two of the most
                                                                                          widely respected public domain modeling
                                                                                          SWMM5 - the fully dynamic stormwater and
                                                                                          waste-water network modeling package
                                                                                          developed by US EPA.
                                                                                          EPANET - the world standard for modeling
                                                                                          of hydraulics and water quality in distribution

12                                                     www.dhisoftware.com

Collection System (CS) Modules
All modules are based on DHI’s world renowned
MOUSE engines - with unrivalled numerical stability and
• Accepted - de facto standard in countries on all
  continents, available in many languages and with
  local support in over 25 countries
• Advanced - fully dynamic modeling of branched and
  looped networks
• Flexible - wide range of runoff models and boundary
  data options
• Comprehensive - includes modules for virtually any                             Photo: Houston Chronicle.
  kind of urban drainage system modeling that you can

                                                                                                Model Integration
                                                                                                MIKE URBAN CS links seamlessly
CS - Pipeflow                                   CS - Rainfall-Runoff                            and fully dynamically with other DHI
Simulates the flow in pipe and channel          Includes several rainfall-runoff models         Software products, including:
networks. It has a wide range of network        like Time-Area, Kinematic Wave, Linear          MIKE 11 - for integrated catchment
components and flow processes such as:          Reservoir and UHM as well as an RDII            modeling
Flexible cross-sections (including              module for the generation of continous
                                                distributed time series of inflow:              MIKE 21 - for combined 1D-2D
standard pipe shapes), circular                                                                 modeling of urban flooding or water
manholes, detention basins, overflow            CS - Control                                    quality in coastal areas
weirs, orifices, pump operations, flow          Includes advanced real-time control
regulators, etc.                                (RTC) simulations.                              MIKE SHE - for integrated surface
                                                                                                water/groundwater modeling
CS-Pipeflow simulates subcritical as            CS - Pollution Transport
                                                                                                WEST - for integrated modeling of
well as critical flow conditions, partially     Includes pollution transport and
                                                                                                sewer systems and treatment plants
full, full and pressurised pipes.               dispersion including sediment transport
CS-Pipeflow includes a long-term                CS - Biological Processes
simulation tool for simulation of               Includes Simulation of chemical and              Language Versions
extended periods and a unique                   biological processes in sanitary systems
automatic pipe design tool, which finds         and combined systems.
optimal pipe dimensions based on
dynamic simulations.

                                                                                                 Price Examples                       €
Water Distribution (WD) Modules
                                                                                                 MIKE URBAN Model
All modules are based on DHI extentions
to the worldwide standard EPANET engine
and DHI’s powerful simulation engine for                                                         Entry (50 pipes)                    2,000
transient flows.                                                                                 City (5000 pipes)                   7,000

WD - Tools                                                                                       CS - Pipeflow
A collection of add-on tools, which                                                              Entry (50 pipes)                    1,000
significantly enhance the water distribution                                                     City (5000 pipes)                   7,000
part of MIKE URBAN Model Manager.
                                                                                                 WD - Tools
WD tools include:                                                                                                                     250
                                                                                                 Entry (50 pipes)
• Automatic calibration of water distribution     MIKE URBAN Decision                            City (5000 pipes)
  network models                                  Support
• Advanced fire-flow analysis                     MIKE URBAN CS and WD can be                   ► Prices may vary for local language versions
                                                  integrated with SCADA systems for             ► Ask about other modules and packages for
• Advanced control simulation options                                                             your specific purpose
                                                  operational online modeling.
WD - Water Hammer                                                                               ► University discounts available
                                                  The online module provides modeling
Fast and accurate simulations of transient        in real time (software sensors),              ► Multi-copy discounts available
flows and pressures in pressurized pipe           analysis of historical events and             ► The above prices are for stand-alone
networks.                                         prediction of the future system behavior.       licenses. Network licenses are available.

                                          Order your copy of MIKE URBAN today!                                                                  13

 MIKE Marine GIS
     Data Manager for Coastal and Marine Modeling Projects

      Application Areas
     ►    Representation and analysis of coastal
          and ocean data with ArcGIS™
     ►    Joint analysis and comparison of model
          related data with measurements and other
          real-world data
     ►    Effective utilization of data for investigation
          of problems and presentation of solutions
          to coastal projects

     MIKE Marine GIS is DHI’s new generation of GIS-based tools for
     coastal and marine applications. With transparent access to marine
     model results and other marine feature types, the analytical potential
     of GIS for marine applications can now take a considerable step
     ahead. This makes it easier for marine GIS users to create spatial
     data tailored to specific needs and at the same time allow access to
     model result data through GIS applications.

                                                          MIKE Marine GIS in brief
                                                          MIKE Marine GIS is an ArcGIS
                                                          extension for coastal and marine
                                                          modelers and surveyors. It is a
                                                          powerful tool for the management of
                                                          relevant data related to, for instance,
                                                          monitoring of the morphological
                                                          evolution in the coastal zone. For
                                                          example in connection with the
                                                          evaluation of the impact of shore
                                                          protection schemes, ports or other
                                                          coastal engineering works.
                                                          MIKE Marine GIS is typically used for:
                                                          • Storing data used in coastal
                                                             engineering applications in a
                                                             project-based data structure.
                                                             This makes it easy for engineers
      MIKE Marine GIS Features                               and managers to quickly obtain an
      MIKE Marine GIS relies on a                            overview of the data that are
      geodatabase built from a data model                    available and where they are
      that fully implements and extends the                  located.
      Arc Marine data model.
      It includes specialized modules for                 • Accessing the stored data as well
      importing, analyzing and visualizing                   as obtaining additional information
      data used in coastal engineering within                and knowledge about the coastal
      ArcGIS™.                                               zone using facilities available in
                                                             MIKE GIS. This includes displaying
      • Time Series Manager for time                         the topography and bathymetry,         Language Versions
          series of measurements, etc                        shoreline classification (colour
      • Surface Manager for 2D model                         coded), transects from surveys,
          data (bathymetries, result files, etc)             calculation of accretion and erosion
                                                             from shoreline data, photographs
      • Survey Manager for survey data                       and time series data from DHI’s
          (x, y, z coordinates)                              Temporal Analyst toolbox and
      • Transect Manager for creating                                                               Pricing             €
          profiles from survey data
                                                                                                    MIKE Marine GIS     3,000
      • Coastline Manager for creating
          analysis of coastline evolution.


Building Expertise
Can you think of any better investment than one that increases
your professional skills?
Whether you are an expert modeler, an experienced coastal, urban or water
resources engineer or perhaps a manager, DHI Software Courses can help
you enhance your skills and be more efficient in your job.
DHI Software Courses are run by the people who developed the software
and wrote the manuals. Who else would you want to learn from?

                                             Real-time control        Decision support                  Need a quick introduction?
                                                                                                        Learn about the DHI Software tools.
                                     Morphology             Water Quality                               Attend one of the interactive webinars -
                                                                                                        web-based seminars covering the basic
                                                                                                        features of the various tools.
                      Sediment transport     Pollutant transport
                                                                                                        It’s easy to join - simply go to
                Pre- and                                                                                www.dhisoftware.com/webinar
             postprocessing                                                                             select a presentation and register !

DHI Software Courses in brief
• Systematic - start with the basics
   and add more advanced modules
   as and when you need the skills
• Flexible - enroll for the standard
   courses or let us tailor courses
   specifically for yourself or for your
• Accepted - our courses comply with
   the procedures of IACET and entitle
   you to CEUs (Continuing Education
• Multilingual - courses are conducted
   in English, Spanish, German, French,
   Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish,
   Danish, Norwegian - and other
   languages, as required.

                                                                 Workshops                                     Short courses
                                                                 Short, intensive workshops are                Cost-effective short courses,
                                                                 designed for managers so that                 typically of 2 to 3 days’ duration,
                                                                 they can determine the possibilities          are designed to maximize your
                                                                 and limitations of DHI Software               productivity as a user of the
                                                                 tools. These also address the                 different products and modules.
                                                                 resource requirements involved                The short courses are modular
                                                                 when establishing in-house                    and allow you to build your
                                                                 modeling capabilities.                        expertise so as to match the
                                                                                                               requirements of your job.

                                  See course listing on: www.dhisoftware.com/courses                                                                 15
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