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									                               NEWS FROM DORSET AGENDA 21
                                                       We work for sustainability in Dorset
                                                         SEPTEMBER 2007

  Welcome to the latest newsletter from Dorset Agenda 21.
  Welcome also to Perwina Whitmore our new chair. Perwina has a long-standing personal commitment to sustainable
  development. In order to have a better understanding of the theory and practice of sustainable development Perwina has spent
  the last two years studying part time for an MA in Sustainable Futures at Kingston University.
  Perwina spent a year working as Future Foundations Manager for Sustainability South West from 2003-2004, being responsible
  for promoting sustainable construction across the South West and increasing commitment to it across the public, private and
  voluntary sectors. She has worked for many years in the construction industry and currently works for the Borough of Poole as
  Capital Programme Manager. Perwina says, “I am keen to see Dorset embrace all aspects of sustainable development and want
  to be involved in making this happen.”
                                              FROM THE CHAIR - Perwina Whitmore
  It is hard to think of a time when there have been as many references to sustainable living in the general media as there are at the
  moment. As evidence of climate change becomes more apparent people everywhere need to seriously consider its impacts and
  We all need to take practical action to substantially reduce our carbon footprints and to live more sustainably - easy enough to say
  but not so easy to do! Making radical lifestyle changes is a challenge; however, I am absolutely convinced that there are small
  changes that we can all make now. DA21’s CCSL project is focussed on helping communities begin the process of change –
  more on this later in the newsletter. I would also like to draw your attention to the recently published ‘zerocarbonbritain’
  alternative energy strategy. This has been developed by the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales and provides suggested
  strategies for dealing with Britain’s future energy generation and use.                     The strategy is downloadable from and is well worth reading. I would be pleased to hear members’ views on this, or other
  sustainability issues. If you have any comments please contact us, email: , address: Dorset Agenda 21 PO
  Box 5789, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8ZR.

                                                                            COMMUNITY CHOICES FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING
There is a growing trend for our local groups to take the lead in           or ‘CCSL’ - DA21’s project with local communities
arranging visits to sites of interest. Usually they welcome other
                                                                            HELLO… to Paula Flanagan, CCSL Project Officer. Paula has
members of DA21, so do keep an eye on the events page of our
                                                                            joined DA21 as the new Community Choices for Sustainable
website to spot what is coming up (and please send details of any
                                                                            Living Officer.
events you are organising to our webmaster
                                                                                                 Paula, who is originally from Enniskillen in
so that he can include them.)
                                                                                                 Northern Ireland, has worked within the
But we are still planning some events centrally too!                                             Environmental Education field and more
                                                                                                 lately in Community Development in
                                                                                                 Ireland, the British Isles and the United
Come and see our latest information and share ideas about how
to help Dorset (and especially Dorchester) cut its carbon. If you
                                                                                                 She hopes that her experience of both
can spare an hour to help on the stall, please contact the office.
                                                                                                 community           development         and
                                                                                                 environmental education will assist
                                                                                                 groups not only to undertake the practical
We are having a guided tour of Prince Charles’ model village, led
                                                                                                 elements of sustainable living, but also
by Simon Conibear, Development Manager for the Duchy of
                                                                                                 assist them to build networks of learning
Cornwall. We have asked to look at what is sustainable about the
                                                                            and ideas for others locally and further a-field.
development, and we hope to learn about the eco-homes and the
                                                                            Paula is keen to meet as many as possible that have either
garden centre’s bio-mass boiler. Numbers are limited and there is
                                                                            started a group with the CCSL project or might be keen to do
a charge of £4.50 for DA21 members, £6.50 non-members. For
                                                                            so. The CCSL project is a joint project, with partners in Devon
more details, and to book a place, please contact the office (see
                                                                            and Somerset is funded by the Environmental Action Fund
p. 4) .
                                                                            from DEFRA and runs until March 2008.
FORMAL NOTICE OF AGM Sat 13 October, 2 p.m. at                              Please contact Paula at
Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Culliford Road, Dorchester                      A quick round up of some the Community Choices groups –
Your chance to hear what DA21 achieved in 2006-07 and to hear               some may be in your area, so contact Paula to get in touch
about our plans for the future. We are recruiting for new trustees,         with them or to find out what they are doing.
and would love to hear from you if you are interested. We need              Bridport Renewable Energy Group
nominations by Wed 26 September please.                                     Corscome and Halstock Renewable Energy Group
                                                                   Page 1
Purbeck Environment Group                                                  Christian Aid's 'Cut the Carbon' walk comes to Dorset in
Sherborne Wind Energy Group                                                September. There will be 18 walkers, 8 of whom are from
Sturminster Climate Change Group                                           partners in the global 'South' and can speak at first hand about
Weymouth CCSL Group                                                        the effects of climate change. The march in Dorset will be
Lyme Regis “Lyme Green Group”                                              arriving at Shaftesbury on Wednesday 19th September, then
Thanks to all who completed the recent questionnaire, which is an          at Blandford on 20th, Wimborne on 21st and Bournemouth
important evaluation for the CCSL project. If you have yet to send         (just in time for the Labour Party conference!) on 22nd. There
it in, please do so as soon as possible, or if you would like to fill      will be a welcome for the walkers in each place, and an event
one out, contact Paula.                                                    to meet and hear from them. For more information contact
                                                                           Elizabeth Perry. Tel: 01935 850849. Email eperry@christian-
And here’s a flavour of what some of the groups are doing. Do
come along to an event near you or to our regional event!
Weymouth CCSL Group. Energy Advice Centre Update:                          DORSET WILDLIFE TRUST 30th September, Bournemouth
Sun 9 Sept: stall on Weymouth sea front to publicise opening of            Dorset Wildlife Trust is organising a showcase event on
energy advice centre in the middle of September. Check DA21                climate change in Bournemouth Square on Sunday 30th
website for official opening details.                                      September. For more information please contact Joy
Purbeck Environment Action Team Next PEAT meeting is on                    Wallis from Dorset Wildlife Trust on 01305 264620 or
Tues 11 September at Corfe Castle Town Hall at New          
members welcome; contact Beryl 01929 550138. (see also p.3)
Sturminster Newton Climate Change Group:                                   CONSULTATIONS
September 20th at 7pm “An Inconvenient Truth” at the Exchange              Are you managing to keep up with the flow of policy and
in Sturminster Newton. Charge of £2.                                       consultations coming from government and local government
Lyme Regis – Lyme Green Group:                                             on sustainability issues?! Here’s a couple to help you.
Visit by the Low Carbon Lifestyle Sailing Tour on the 9th October
in the Marine Theatre £3.00 . Visit for        White Paper on Energy
information. To coincide with this visit the group is producing a          You can access the Energy White Paper at
Fair Trade “Lyme Green” Bag and are showing “An Inconvenient     
Truth” later in October. Check DA21 webpage for more details.              One section where consultation is taking place is on nuclear
Meeting the CO2-Operative Challenge                                        power. It's important that as many people as possible make
Regional networking event for all Community Choices for                    their views known – please put your 5p worth in on
Sustainable Living groups. Sat 20th October at the Genesis                 sustainability.
Project. Workshops to include Transition Towns, Funding and      
Community Renewables. Paula will be organising car sharing, so             power2007/page39554.html This closes on Oct 10th.
please let her know as soon as possible if you would like to go.           Weymouth and Portland Community Plan 2007-2016
                                                                           See or ring 01305
GRAND RECYCLING AND FUND-RAISING EVENT                                     838364 for this consultation paper. Out of 31 themes, only 3
(aka jumble sale!) November, in or near Dorchester                         mention sustainability or climate change (nos. 6,7 & 8 under
                                                                           ‘Environment’). This is your chance to help raise these up the
Would you like to find a new home for your attractive bric a brac,         priority ladder. The very simple form only takes 5 minutes to fill
unwanted gifts, classic and not-so-classic clothes, or books? Do           in! You can even vote for your themes by text! This one
you have cakes, jams, or garden produce to donate? And we’d be             closes on Sept 25th.
glad of YOU too if you can spare an hour! Anne Bonete of the
county WI and the Climate Coalition is helping us run a jumble
sale in aid of both DA21 and the Coalition. Please contact Hugh
at DA21 office with offers of help or goods, or even if you can just       IN HOUSE NEWS
put up a poster. Thanks!                                                   DA21 has been joined by three new staff. As well as Paula
                                                                           (page 1) we also welcome Hugh Wheadon, Administrator and
                                                                           Richard Bradford, Development Officer at DA21.
DORSET CLIMATE CHANGE                                                      Hugh joined us in May as the new part-time administrator.
COALITION                                                                  After growing up in Dorset Hugh moved to London in the
                                                                           1980s to study philosophy and later art history and critical
The Coalition now has 9 full member                                        theory. Always a believer in the idea of sustainable living and
organisations and several others                                           in the eighties he played an active role in anti-nuclear
supporting it. DA21 currently provides                                     campaigning. Later, Hugh worked as a volunteer for Friends of
the chair and secretariat. The Coalition aims to help people in            the Earth, mainly assisting their National Land Use
Dorset recognise the urgency of tackling climate change, and               Researcher. He then moved on to manage a successful
inspire them to take action. Coalition members are involved in             independent bookshop in South London, which won the
some upcoming events to raise the issue – please give them your            Independent newspaper's Best Bookshop Award in 2006.
support if you can.
                                                                           At the end of 2006, Hugh returned to Dorset, in the hope of
CHRISTIAN AID ‘Cut the Carbon’ WALK 19th – 22nd Sept                       pursuing a more creative, sustainable and outdoor life. Hugh is
                                                                           in the DA21 office three mornings per week and offers support

                                                                  Page 2
to the manager and officers and provides information to DA21             their knowledge. The speakers covered the different types of
members and the public.                                                  systems available, how they work and how they can be
                                                                         installed, from DIY to full professional installation. There was
Richard’s interest in the environment
                                                                         also information about grants and what other help is available.
reaches way back into the mid-1970’s,
                                                                         On display were examples of different types of solar panel, i.e.
when he gained a degree in Botany
                                                                         flat plate collectors, and evacuated tube systems.
and followed this up with a diploma in
Landscape Architecture. His first
                                                                                                        LYME REGIS RISING SEAS
‘proper’ job was the ecologist based at
                                                                                                        FESTIVAL May 2007 The
Wytch Farm oilfield in Purbeck,
                                                                                                        DA21 stall was a great success
followed by 15 years with English
                                                                                                        at Rising Seas Festival. For
Nature in Somerset. Here he spent six
                                                                                                        three days DA21 staff and 4
years working on the Severn Estuary
                                                                                                        volunteers     handed       out
and the old county of Avon, and then
                                                                                                        information and tip sheets on
moved to work on the Somerset
                                                                         the full range of CCSL issues and answered many questions.
Levels and Moors where he spent
                                                                         Displays included new posters on Climate Change and its
another six years trying to keep the peace between conservation,
                                                                         local consequences. There was also a fun, kettle-filling game
farming and drainage interests! In 2000, Richard found he was
                                                                         invented by Sally which attracted interest especially from
enjoying the Somerset Levels so much that he spent the next five
                                                                         young festival-goers and participants.
years as the Levels and Moors Officer for Somerset County
Council, helping the local communities to have their say about the
                                                                         VISIT TO NEW EARTH SOLUTIONS, POOLE July 2007
management of these internationally important wetlands. For the
                                                                         This visit was organised by Purbeck Environment Action Team
last two years, Richard has been working as a freelance project          (the DA21 CCSL group in Purbeck). Many thanks to Beryl Ezzard
manager and his clients currently include the Farming and Wildlife       for this report.
Advisory Group, and several Drainage Boards in Somerset.                 A group of seven met at the “White House” office briefed by
                                                                         Brett Spiller, Development Manager, and then the Technical
HAVE YOUR SAY DA21 is currently preparing a new Strategy to              Manager of New Earth Solutions took us around the state of
guide its development. Last year, trustees adopted a vision for          the art technology “advanced new earth composting facility.”
Dorset, which is being updated but still forms the basis of the new      Because of the legislation regarding landfill increasingly
Strategy. The adopted Vision is that “By 2015, people living in          becoming more expensive for local authorities, this company
Dorset and the organisations based there, will be living and             has designed, developed and built an amazing system to
working in a way that minimises their impact on the planet.              recycle household black bag waste as well as green and
They will be more aware of where the things they use and eat             kitchen waste. Two differing types of compost are produced.
come from, which will help them to make choices that are                 The black bag waste residue after composting is only used for
more environmentally friendly.”                                          landfill cover and filler. The green/kitchen compost is perfect
DA21 has a limited amount of resources to take forward this work         for gardens and general use.
and we would like to hear your views on what part you would like         Refuse trucks drive into the enclosed buildings to dump the
to play. There will be a workshop on the morning of the AGM,             waste. It is sorted and shredded for processing with other
Saturday 13 October, to explore the emerging strategy. If you            “secret” ingredients. We were asked not to take photographs
would like to know more, and / or to take part, please email             inside the composting halls, all hush hush! The perfect, or contact him at the office (see p. 4).            environment for aerobic micro-organisms to reduce the waste
                                                                         to produce high quality compost, is monitored and controlled
FUTURE EVENTS IN THE PIPELINE                                            by wireless computers. We saw the custom built Compost
We plan to hold some more seminars and / or indoor events this           Turner, a huge machine, that turns the compost regularly. Full
winter. Ideas that have been suggested are … A SEMINAR ON                enclosure of the process ensures control of all emissions and
LOW ENERGY LIGHTING …. A SEMINAR ON GREEN AND                            odours and significantly reduces processing time.
ETHICAL INVESTMENT … A CHILDREN’s WORKSHOP                               The whole visit was fascinating and totally absorbing. I for one,
MAKING ECO-FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Please let the                      felt very positive about the future with New Earth Solutions
office know which of these would interest you.                           recycling, reducing and reusing our waste. Many thanks go to
DA21 NEWSGROUP A good way to share news and ideas with                   New        Earth     Solutions.     Visits    contact      email
other green-minded people in Dorset is to join our internet     (Brett).
newsgroup. With one message you can reach the members with
news of an upcoming event, start a discussion, or ask for advice.
If you’d like to join, please send a message to Derek Fawell,            SUSTAINABILITY NEWS – DORSET                                                        DA21 has received a small grant from Capacity Builders to
                                                                         help us develop a network of voluntary and community
RECENT DA21 ACTIVITIES                                                   organisations in Dorset working for any aspect of sustainability
                                                                         (you can see some of them listed on our website at
SOLAR POWER WATER HEATING SEMINAR Seventy-five                 
people attended this event. Speakers were Jim Shearman and               We will be holding a network launch event in Dorchester on
Richard Toft from Bridport, Alan Seviour from Ace Plumbing at            Wed 24 October. If you know of any organisations you think
Shaftesbury and Christian Dalley from Dorset Trading Standards.          we should invite, please contact Sally at the office (see p. 4) .
DA 21 members who have installed solar systems also shared
                                                                Page 3
BOOK REVIEWS, with thanks to Hugh Wheadon                                    is equivalent to 23 litres of oil” to show that it is not only in our
                                                                             way of life but also in our way of death that we have an
The soundbite “carbon footprint” counterintuitively but powerfully
                                                                             environmental impact!
stands in for the greenhouse gases we cause to be emitted into the
atmosphere by our way of life. The questions how big should our
unipedal impression be? how much control over its size do we have
and how can we reduce it? are at the heart of these three stylistically      VIENNA WITHOUT (AIRPORT) TEARS by Rachelle Smith
different books.                                                             When I was asked by an American friend to meet her in Vienna
                                                                             this summer, I said yes before I thought about how I was going to
‘Funny Weather – Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About                    get there.
Climate Change but Probably Should Find Out’ –Kate Evans
(Myriad Editions), £6.99                                                     I had made two flights already this year and was feeling guilty. On
‘Funny Weather’ is an accessible graphic introduction to climate             both occasions the experience had been unpleasant, all that
change structured around dialogues between three central                     queuing and hanging around, the total illogicality of the security
protagonists: a schoolgirl, a fat businessman and a scientist. They          requests, take your boots off on the way out, keep them on on the
explore the scientific, economic and political dimensions of global          way back…… And I like travelling by train, I had been to Lille,
warming and its environmental and social consequences through a              Paris and Antwerp by Eurostar and down to Avignon, I had even
densely texted illustrated journey with a final chapter entitled “what       crossed America by train so I reckoned I could try this out.
are we going to do?”.                                                        So I went to the website and followed the easy
Funny Weather effectively uses the cartoon format to pack in a great         instructions for booking tickets and away I went. First I booked a
deal of information about climate change with wit and dark humour. It        return ticket from London to Koln (Cologne) on the Eurostar
is a thoughtful book in which the climate change discourse is clarified      website. This cost me £80 return and entails changing at Brussels
through simplified but not simplistic arguments. It can provide a quick      on to the fast German express train, the Thalys. I then booked a
and accessible introduction to climate change, both for adults and for       night sleeper to Vienna on another website (79 Euros) and on a
older schoolchildren.                                                        third website a return sleeper from Prague to Cologne (89 Euros).
                                                                             It sounds complicated but it wasn’t and obviously if I’d been
‘How to Live a Low-Carbon Life – the Individual’s Guide to                   returning from the same city as I arrived in it would have been
Stopping Climate Change’ – Chris Goodall (Earthscan), £14.99                 simpler.
Chris Goodall’s book is for the serious reader looking for an in-depth
read about how emissions are generated and how to reduce one’s               For the Eurostar part of the journey you get sent proper tickets in
contribution to climate change. It is well researched and backed up          the post, for the others, you have to print out the tickets from your
with an abundance of facts and figures. Its clear and thought through        own email. But really that is all pretty similar to booking on-line for
arguments would make it a good book for the sceptic to read.                 air flights and you can do it by phone if you prefer.
Goodall considers issues such as energy consumption and                      The journey itself worked like a dream. I turned up at Waterloo in
consumer choices in great detail to the point of offering advice when        good time, an hour before the train left, security checks were
not to watch the television to avoid the highest levels of emissions.        civilised and easy. I had plenty of good books with me but spent
The underlying thesis of the book is that consumption of fossil fuels        the journey talking to my Belgian neighbour, a single mother who
must be reduced to slow climate change, and that although                    had trained late in life to be an English teacher and was returning
governments have claimed they are introducing measures to achieve            from a course in London. The buffet sold perfectly edible
this they are clearly failing and therefore the only hope is if each         vegetarian food too! Time in Brussels for a cup of coffee in a
individual changes her/his way of life. At best, he argues, world            pleasant café in the station before the train to Cologne.
leaders’ words are grand but their actions always feeble. As he
points out, with regard to air travel, Tony Blair failed to demonstrate      Would I recommend train travel again? Most definitely. Apart from
even a willingness to bring about change. Goodall claims that the            being much less damaging to the environment than flying, you will
ultimate responsibility rests on us…                                         also see more of the country you are visiting. You can walk
If the arguments in this book are correct, the only morally responsible      around more easily than on a plane and on the whole the food is
position is to act on one’s own because no institution or market             better ( although this is not guaranteed). The usual objection to
mechanism has any prospect of effective reduction of fossil fuel use.        train travel is that it is much more expensive than the plane and
The question is, will enough people change their lives quickly enough        that it takes longer. But actually my journey cost me about £180.
before time runs out?                                                        Obviously it took longer but much of it was at night and there
                                                                             were absolutely no delays at any point. I left London at midday
‘The New Green Consumer Guide’ - Julia Hailes                                on the Saturday and arrived in Vienna on Sunday morning – if I’d
(Simon & Schuster) at £14.99                                                 flown, the only probable difference is that I’d have been able to
Whether Goodall is right or not ‘The New Green Consumer Guide’ is            go out for a meal on the Saturday night. But I wouldn’t have had
a must for the bookshelf of anyone who wants to help slow climate            that beautiful ride along the Rhine……….
change through the way they consume. It is the descendant of the             (you can read more about Rachelle’s experiences of Euro train
innovative Green Consumer Guide. Hailes has produced a lively and
                                                                             travel on our website,
colourful cornucopia of information and advice for the modern
consumer concerned with minimising environmental impact through
their choices. The format is clear and the layout engaging.
Information is provided on everything from food miles to lavatory
paper; from nappies to coffins. After each section weblinks for further       For further information about Dorset Agenda 21 please contact
research are listed. It is not only packed with useful, practical                    Sally Cooke, P O Box 5789, Dorchester DT2 8ZR
guidelines but is also sprinkled with pertinent, if sometimes shocking,             01305 213721.
information: In the chapter entitled GREEN DEATH she asks us                 Huge thank you to everyone for their contributions and please
whether we knew that “the energy consumed in cremating one body              keep them coming - Amanda.
                                                                    Page 4

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