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					                  CST By-Laws
          To develop win-win relationships that build trust and continuously improves every
          aspect of our business performance and ultimately leads us to our goal of Zero
          Accidents/Environmental Incidents.

          To develop trust among team members that allows open and honest communication
          and facilitates the sharing of information and resources. (I.E. Programs, Processes,
          Best Practices, Training, Hiring, Accidents, Near misses).
          To develop Leadership and Direction and to serve as a resource to field operations.
          To develop consistent standards.
          To identify and resolve issues.
          To continually improve every aspect of our business performance.
          To strive to reach our goal of Zero Accidents/Environmental Incidents.

Apr-97    Voted against the Misc. Labor group joining the CST
Apr-97    Voted against other operators joining the CST
May-97    Voted in favor of GIS and PMI joining the CST
Jun-97    Voted in favor of sharing the CST Orientation with GIS & PMI
Jun-97    Voted in favor of adding recognition under share time
Jun-97    Voted in favor of keeping Dolphin up on the CST Information (Jimmy Benoit)
          Voted in favor of Greg Trahan and Sonny Hedges to be non-voting members of the
 Jul-97   CST
 Jul-97   Voted in favor of adding OSHA Update under share time
Jun-98    Voted in favor of keeping the E&I and ICP on the same team (CST)
          Voted in favor of having one team for the turn over committee as opposed to one E&I
 Jul-98   and one ICP

 Jul-98 Voted in favor of Bay being the mentoring company for ICP and SECO for the E&I

 Jul-98 Voted in favor of allowing one vote per company (Shell also gets one combined vote)
        Voted in favor of 2 seats per company (one for Safety and one for Operations) and one
 Jul-98 additional for the Secretary

 Jul-98 Voted in favor of Shell having 2 seats per division and 2 seats for HS&E (8 seats total)
 Jul-98 Voted in favor of having an alphabetical listing for meeting sponsorship
 Jul-98 Voted in favor of the facilitator providing the timekeeper
 Jul-98 Voted in favor of Cindy Matherne as the full time Scribe/Secretary
 Jul-98 Voted in favor of members requesting to bring a guest @ previous meeting
        Voted in favor of "Special Guest" being allowed if the facilitator and scriber are
 Jul-98 contacted in advance
 Jul-98 Voted in favor of hanging up ground rules and parking lot at all meetings

Oct-98 ICP Contractors voted in favor of sharing the cost of a scaffolding training program
 Jul-99 Voted in favor of Meetings continuing on a monthly basis.
        Voted in favor of allowing current members (that are not chosen as core contractors
May-00 next month), the chance to remain members of the CST.
May-02 Voted to start meeting every other month
May-02 Voted to perform field audits with Shell during the months we do not meet
May-02 Voted to have all our meetings in Laplace at the Holiday Inn.
May-02 Voted to have a guest speaker at each meeting provided by the host company.
May-03 Voted to meet monthly until 3rd quarter, will reassess at this time
                      CST Accomplishments:
Adopted Logo

New Employee Orientation
Short Service Employee Program
CST Web Site
Behavioral Based Safety Process
Fall Protection Guidelines
Electronic Near Miss/Best Practice Sharing
Scaffolding Guidelines & Training Program
Safe Hydro Testing Plan
15 Point Self Assessment Process
Offshore Critical Crane Lift Plan
Cable Demo Process
Rigging Certification - Train the Trainer
Pallet Usage Offshore Guidelines
JSEA Process including training module
HSE MS Process
Working on Energized Electrical Gear in Hazardous Classified
JSEA Audit Process
JSEA Train the Trainer Class
Sub Committee Guidelines
Field Audit Process

Train the trainer - audit workshop
Working w/ energized electrical equipment
Sub comity
Accident investigation
Field audit program
HSE alert library
Gas cutting/welding safety
CST web site : still working on it
          CST Meeting Minutes
                                CST meeting notes

We had around 25 attendees. The meeting followed our typical format, with two guest speakers.

The retainer pins were discussed heavily; Bay is leading an investigation on this. An alert will be f

Slits in the PFD are non-approved. All contractors are looking at the back up tool by Muskegon for

Are your workers seeing the same alerts we are distributing? It has been noted that Shell does man

Make sure incident findings and reviews reach the workers. Getting back to basics is a subject we
When working for operations, they tend to cut back on HSE efforts. Very inconsistent with Shell c
                                              CST Notes

We had 23 attendees. Representatives from Bay, TEST, Dynamic, GIS, P2S Seco, and MMR were

Spider bites are not as common as some people will have you believe. The problem is the dead tiss

Dave Brubaker introduced himself. He is new Engineering Projects manager. Safety is paramount

Gary Lopiccollo presentes a best practice dealing with loading and unloading trucks. He passed ou

Brett with GIS shared their near misses and safety alerts. Marine travel is mentioned.

As contractors and visitors to platforms, you do a favor by identifying hazards. You are a new set o

OSHA updates, nothing new in the last 2 months. Ronnie did pass out a paper on how to survive a

Shell discussed several incidents. The grating incident was discussed. Learnings, of course, JSA w

Back to Basic discussion was pretty productive. Focus on inspectors on the deck and outside wher

Rule breaking, why do we break rules. Rules are incorrect, not known, not shared. At times, the ro

Crane and Rigging training was discussed by Jeff Campbell, he is at RTC extension 504-728-1201, email Jeff at: Jeffrey.Camp
wo guest speakers.

 s. An alert will be forthcoming. An air compressor lifting skid was found to be cracked. Some pre slung loa

 ol by Muskegon for use. A need to reinforce our JSEA audit process, we are posting more information on the

 that Shell does many financial audits, but very few HSE audits.

 sics is a subject we will be exploring. A sub team of Jimmy Schwing, Mike Crews, Beau B4rown, Johnny Ha
 nsistent with Shell construction groups.
eco, and MMR were represented. Shell had eight representatives present. Dr. Bourgeois, email at: bmbmd@

blem is the dead tissue created when the poison is released. From here, the bacteria thrive on dead bacteria. T

Safety is paramount in his radar screen. His intentions are to present one Shell to you as contractors. Never h

rucks. He passed out a loading procedure they have, we will put on website to view. What about mixing at an

 You are a new set of eyes!

on how to survive and OSHA inspection.

gs, of course, JSA was inadequate. Several trades in the area, no communication on the hazards. Who will ta

ck and outside where the work is. The pause process is pretty basic during work day operations. JSA and job

red. At times, the routine way of doing the job does not follow the rules. A need to satisfy the boss causes pe

mail Jeff at: Everyone must take the awareness training by the on-line method or a purchased CD. Awarenes
cracked. Some pre slung loads are causing complacency. WE always need to insist that all loads are inspecte

sting more information on the CST website.

ws, Beau B4rown, Johnny Hamilton, Bobby S., Greg Lear, and Stanley with Test, will form a team to look int
ourgeois, email at:, began with a MRSA discussion. Shaving body hairs are potential entran

ria thrive on dead bacteria. The brown recluse is not real popular around here; they do not like humid environ

o you as contractors. Never hesitate to contact him, his contact information will be on the updated CST list. S

ew. What about mixing at an ergonomical correct level? Baskets with doors on them also are being discusse

 on the hazards. Who will take ownership of the site when several contractors are in the same area? A barric

day operations. JSA and job planning is also pretty basic. Our JSA audit process needs to be understood by o

 to satisfy the boss causes people to break rules. Everyone should ensure all rules are being complied with.

ethod or a purchased CD. Awareness training is about 10 hours, maybe only 6 hours, then the classroom is taken.   In addition to the aware
ist that all loads are inspected prior to lifting. A pre-rigging checklist is crucial.

, will form a team to look into the subject. More to come…………..New employee training is a back to basic
ody hairs are potential entrance sites for bacteria. Skin care, soaps, limit communal use, early medical assessm

hey do not like humid environments.

be on the updated CST list. Safety is not a proprietary item, intentions are to share with everyone. Field visits

them also are being discussed.

 e in the same area? A barricade should be owned by someone. The culture was at question on the location a

s needs to be understood by our inspectors. Bring the inspectors into JSA audit training. CST has an audit pr

 s are being complied with.

m is taken.   In addition to the awareness training, the basic and advanced training must be taken. After June 2004, the rigging training curric
ee training is a back to basic idea. Also require older experienced employees to come inshore for training.
nal use, early medical assessment, and limit exposure are all preventative methods. The best prevention is to e

e with everyone. Field visits are on his radar screen.

at question on the location also. The incident evolved from dropping items below the grating, so grating was

raining. CST has an audit process on the website. Remember that the way to prove the success of the JSA w

June 2004, the rigging training curriculumn must be approved by Shell. Grandfathering last for 4 years, or until their API expires. At any po
come inshore for training.
s. The best prevention is to ensure that you are not going to get the bacteria. Recommend each person get th

w the grating, so grating was removed. For several days people worked in the area and no one stopped the jo

ove the success of the JSA will be on the job, at the work site. Mentoring with older personnel is an idea to in

, or until their API expires. At any point in time the awareness training is still required. The only crane operator training valid is at RTC, som
commend each person get their own scrub brush and a bar of soap. Protection of broken barriers in the body

rea and no one stopped the job. Our investigations methods are being reviewed and internally criticized. Bot

lder personnel is an idea to include.

perator training valid is at RTC, some Crane Tech training is ok from Je 2004 to July 04, but we have broken ties with them. We use Energy
f broken barriers in the body is very important, clean wounds immediately. During treatment it is very rare th

and internally criticized. Bottom line, open hole 12” or 12’, is it safe to be working at this point?

oken ties with them. We use Energy Cranes at RTC since December of 2005. Shell has only 2 right now that are approved as rigger traine
ng treatment it is very rare that a person cannot work. Incubation time is usually 48 hours. Within 24 hours o

ng at this point?

ow that are approved as rigger trainers: H&P, and another outfit in Wyoming. To schedule any training discussed contact Gwen at 504-728-
48 hours. Within 24 hours of the suspected MRSA contamination, and no skin damaging event, not attributa

discussed contact Gwen at 504-728-1200, or email at: We need to upd
damaging event, not attributal to work.
                         CST Agenda
Sponsor:                             MMR
Contact:        Jim Schackelford             225-756-5090
Place:          Quality Inn - Laplace (Formerly Holiday Inn)
Time:           8 - Noon
8:00 - 8:10     Introductions                                       All
                Review Today's Agenda                            Facilitator
8:10- 9:00      Share Time/ Meet Dave                          Dave Brubaker
                Back to Basic report out                         Greg Lear
                Best Practices/Incidents                            All
                OHSA Update                                      Ronnie C.

9:00 - 9:45     MRSA                                           Dr. Bourgeois

9:45 - 10:00    Break - Networking

10:00- 10:30    Managing Rule Breaking                         Dup and Denny

10:30- 11:30    Rigger training                                Jeff Campbell

11:30- 11:45    Host team discussion                                All

11:45 - 11:55   Today's and Pending Action Items               Jimmy Schwing

11:55           Next Months Agenda/Sponsor                     Jimmy Schwing
                             CST Action Items
    Get with Jim Shackelford
    to post the HUET Medical
    Questionnaire on the CST
1   Website                        Jimmy Schwing   Sept 03

    Marine Platform
    Information Sheets
    available password
    protected for the CST
2   online                             Lee F       Jun-03        When Available

    email (share time) alerts to
3   Cindy prior to meeting           Everyone      Mar-03    Every Meeting - Reminder
    Each company to bring
    one field person to our
4   meeting                          Everyone      Mar-03    Every Meeting - Reminder
    Each company to bring
    one best practice (idea or
    item) for one of the topics
5   on the agenda                    Everyone      Mar-03    Every Meeting - Reminder
2003 Focus List

Sunday drill process - Fall Protection

2003 Focus
Glove program - March 6th
Orientation Book -Cost Program
BBS cards
SSE 6-months or less w/company -wavier
Fall Program
Training Requirements - Documentation            Focus 2003
Hazard Recognition/Near miss tracking            1. How will these impact us as contractors
FRC - requirements                               2. They will roll out the new standards
Helicopter training                              3. Process needed to communicate these down
MMS - all washed up video training               Onboarding process will start next month
Marine transportation standard                      Training records available in the field for spe
Crane lifting operations API                     Non-essential will go home if Shell goes on Red
SSQ - Questions
background checks

Isolated work activity
Fitness for duty
Temporary Equipment Procedure
Competency Assurance for all HSE critical jobs
Sub contractors
Stop work authority
On boarding processes
Hours of service
Driving standard - App. G
2005 Focus List

Subject                                    Date completed
JSEA subteam
Competency standards
Global Process- Shell
Medication/Prescription drugs/ Phil Auld
Stop Work Authority
Safety Awards
Feedback from field
ULL offerrings
Air Float vendor
Inspector qualifications
Risk Matrix
 impact us as contractors
ut the new standards
ed to communicate these down to the field level
ess will start next month
ds available in the field for specialty task we are providing
  go home if Shell goes on Red Alert
          CST Member Listing
       Name                Company          Phone              Fax                     e-mail
                               Hosting List
Crowson, Ronnie          Bay             (985) 631-4600   (985) 631-3055
Hamilton, Johnny         Bay             (985) 631-4600   (985) 631-4685
Henderson, Dan           Bay             (985) 518-2866          
Jimmy Gilbert            Bay             (504) 525-9696   (504) 566-9380
                         Bay            Nov '05
Grammer, Kyle            CMC             (985) 868-1950   (985) 868-1970
Matherne, Cindy          CMC             (985) 868-1950   (985) 868-1970
                         CMC            Jan '06
Holmes, Jeff             Dynamic         (337) 369-6004   (337) 364-3585
Lopiccolo, Gary          Dynamic         (337) 369-6004   (337) 365-8537
                         Dynamic Ind.   Mar '06
Callais, Eric            GIS             (985) 475-5238   (985) 475-7014
Pregeant, Clyde          GIS             (985) 475-5238   (985) 475-7014
Monier, Rhett            GIS             (985) 475-5239   (985) 475-7946
                         GIS            May '06
Hedges, Sonny            GNOIEC          (504) 469-7787   (504) 469-7588
Jim Shackelford          MMR             (225) 268-9140   (225) 756-5391
John Cassagne            MMR             (225) 756-5090   (225) 756-5391
Donnie Thibodeaux        MMR             (225) 756-5090   (225) 756-5391
Kevin Correjolles        MMR             (225) 756-5090   (225) 756-5391
Mercer, Kevin            MMR             (337) 367-5494   (504) 367-6762
Thibodaux, Donnie        MMR             (504) 394-5448   (504) 394-5444
                         MMR            May '05
Carter, John             OSFI            (985) 868-1438   (985) 868-0711
Zeringue, Ken            OSFI            (985) 868-1438   (985) 868-0711
Pipkin, Jim              P2S                                     
Rooney, Mike             P2S              504-834-8100     504-828-4664
Fred Kareokososky        P2S Seco        (504) 394-7490   (504) 392-5176
Richard Bailey           P2S Seco        (504) 834-8100   (504) 828-4664
Brown, Beau              Shell           (504) 728-7411   (504) 728-4573
Lear, Greg               Shell           (504) 728-4682   (504) 728-6092
Prestwood, Mike          Shell           (504) 728-0845   (504) 728-6092
Rogers, Mike             Shell           (504) 728-0749   (504) 728-6092
Schwing, Jimmy           Shell           (504) 728-7595    504-728-6092    Jimmy.Schwing@Shell.Com
Duplantis, W. A. "Dup"   Shell           (504) 728-7614          
Fontenette, Sr. Lee   Shell   (504) 728-4833   (504) 728-8268
Daniel Dupre          Shell   (504) 728-7011   (504) 728-6092
Norman, Dale          Shell   (504) 728-0849   (504) 728-0467
     Team "O" Purpose       Team Leader   DATE ENTERED       DUE DATE
Rescue Plans              Jimmy Schwing      Sep-03           Done                   504-728-7595
       Team Members          Company        Phone #           FAX #
Crowson, Ronnie         Bay               (985) 631-4600   (985) 631-3055
Buvens, Mathew          MMR                  756-5090         756-5391
Callais, Eric           GIS               (985) 475-5238   (985) 475-7014
Allen, Randy            Shell
Lopiccolo, Gary         Dynamic           (337) 369-6004   (337) 365-8537
CST Open Bin Listing
                                                                  Date                    Date Urgency
                              Topic                                         By Whom
                                                                 Entered                 Started Rating 2nd Vote (#)

Safety Incentives/Scorecards - Are they really helpful? More
discussions and feedback is needed on the current program        Jan-00                           1.25        1
(Chip). How Urgent is this? Is SOI willing to make changes any
time soon? If not, this may get a 3 Urgency Rating.
Greg T. will invite Debbie Cortez to come talk to us about
"Pretieum" services offered.                                               Greg Trahan            2.5
Sub Contractor Approval Process
Employee Recriuting/Retaining

Urgency Rating: 1 - 5 (1 being a hot item)
                       Web Site Listings
Safety Presentations (Over 250) and other great tools for safety projects.
              sign up for some e-mail 2200+ links for e-mail, ftp, diary of safety events with
 links world wide. Another extensive resource listing
 with descriptions. Good place!              Safety Meeting Talks online - Free           Medication Listing including side effects and precautions.

Banking and Finance

 Farm Credit Administration -

 Federal Housing Finance Board -

 Federal Reserve Bulletin -

 Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) -

 The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) -

 Thrift Savings Plan -

 U. S. Department of Commerce -

 U.S. Treasury -

Electrical Power

 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division -

 North American Electric Reliability Council -
 Energy Information Administration -

 Federal Energy Management Program -

 Public Power Institute -

 Tennessee Valley Authority -

 TVA: Electricity for All -

 TVA River Information -

 U.S. Department of Energy - Computer Incident Advisory Capability -

 U.S. EPA Energy Star Program -

Emergency Services

 Criminal Justice Sourebook -

 Center for Disease Control -

 CDC - disease/agent specific information -

 FEMA National Flood Insurance Program -

 Integrated Risk Information System -

 International Critical Incident Stress Foundation -
 NATA: 1996 National Air Toxics Assessment Activities -
 National Securit -
 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission -
 Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances -
 Office of Program Planning and Evaluation -
 Police Center -
 Public Agency Training -
 Rapid Response Information System -
 Small Business Gateway -
 Superfund Health and Safety -
 U.K. Resilience -
 U. S. Federal Emergency Management Agency -

Government Services

 Central Intelligence Agency -

 Consumer Product Safety Commission -

 Conservation and Research Center -
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency -

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) -

EPA Chemical Registry System -

EPA Medical Waste -

EPA Mercury Web Site -

Federal Bureau of Investigation -

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission -

Federal Technology Service -

Federal Trade Commission -

Food and Drug Administration -

General Services Administration -

Integrated Risk Information System -

National Infrastructure Protection Center -

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) -

New Chemicals Progra -

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission -

OPPTS Chemical Library -

Ozone Depletion -

Rapid Response Information System -

State Government -

U.S. Agency for International Development -

U.S. Customs Service -

U.S. Department of Commerce -

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -

U.S. Federal Government Agencies -

 The White House -

Oil and Gas Production and Storage

 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division -

 Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office -

 Commom Ground Alliance -
 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Employment -
 EPA's Pollution Prevention Home Page (OPPT) -
 EPA Chemical Registry System -
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 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission -
 Hazardous Waste Combustion -
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Computer Security Institute -

Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse -

Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility -

High Technology Crime Investigation Association -

ICAT Metabase - CVE Vulnerability Search Engine -

Internet Fraud and Complaint Center -

National Computer System Security and Privacy Board -

Purdue University - Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology -

SANS Institute Computer Virus Alerts and Warnings -

U.S. Department of Justice - Computer Crime and Imtellectual Property Section -

ty -






chnology -

operty Section -
CST Safety Performance Discussion - What would help us to work safer througout our entire
company?             Pre Job Visits:
Try to get operations more involved up front for projects.
This is hard with the SOI cut backs. Projects need to be evaluation to determine which
projects warrant this.
Digital pictures can continue to be used to pass field info to others not in the field. Does SOI
need more of this?
Safety groups need to be involved up from at the Pre Job Meetings.

Core Contractor Process improved quality of Contractors
Sell throughout SOI- Get more participation from SOI

Post Job Visits:
Emphasis on post project feedback by majors - meet more with the contractor.
Trying to make it mandatory to hold Post Job Meetings.
Smaller jobs seem to slip through.
Does not always have to be a formal meeting.
The information from the meeting will be given to everyone in the meeting and sent to
Lessons learned should be shared at the CST meeting each month (Production and
Operation will be cut out), the mechanical end of the project will be shared.
Standard benchmarks will be measured for the Post Job Meetings, (i.e. Production,
Operation, Safety, Quality, etc.). This is done now but not shared.

Shell - Keep crews busy year round:
SOI allocates repairs according to return - World Wide
                                                          PMI Medical Directory
    Geographic Area              Primary Care Treatment                Emergency Treatment                    Emergency Evacuations
Mobile Bay, AL          Providence Family Physicians           Providence Emergency Hospital     West Jefferson Medi-Vac (800) 382-4006
                        5100 Higgins Rd.                       6801 Airport Blvd.                USCG (504) 589-6225
                        Mobile, AL 36619                       Mobile, AL 36608                  West Jefferson Medi-Vac (800) 382-4006
                        (334) 661-4454                         (334) 633-1900
New Orleans, LA         West Bank Surgical Clinic              West Jefferson Hospital           PHI (504) 534-2631
                        4475 Westbank Exp.                     1101 Medical Ctr. Blvd            USCG (504) 393-6033
                        Marrero, LA 70072                      Marrero, LA 70072                 PHI (504) 534-2631
                        (504) 347-8471                         (504) 564-3346                    USCG (504) 393-6033
Venice, LA              Dr. Lagaglio                           West Jefferson Hospital           Air Med (800) 259-1111
                        133 West Cran Dr.                      1101 Medical Ctr. Blvd            Air Log (504) 395-6191
                        Buras, LA 70041                        Marrero, LA 70072                 PHI (504) 631-2131 USCG (504) 589-6225
                        (504) 657-5424                         (504) 564-3346                    Air Med (800) 259-1111
Fourchon, LA            Lafourche Services                     Our Lady of The Sea               Air Log (504) 395-6191
                        2510 N. Alex Plaisance                 200 West 134th Place              PHI (504) 631-2131 USCG (504) 589-6225
                        Golden Meadow, LA 70357                Cutoff, LA 70345                  Air Med (800) 259-1111
                        (504) 475-6555                         (504) 632-6401                    USCG (504) 589-6225
Morgan City, LA         Bourgeois Medical                      Lakewood Medical                  Air Med (800) 259-1111 USCG (504) 589-6225
                        1201 Kenneth Dr.                       1125 Marguerite St.               Air Med (800) 259-1111 USCG (504) 589-6225
                        Morgan City, LA 70380                  Morgan City, LA 70380             USCG (409) 766-5621
                        (504) 384-3355                         (504) 384-2200                    (504) 589-6225
Lafayette, LA           Occup. Medical Center Dr. Ray Boyer    Our Lady of Lourds                USCG (512) 939-6393
                        3305 W. Pinhook                        611 St. Landry St.                (800) 874-2143
                        Lafayette, LA 70508                    Lafayette, LA 70502               (504) 589-6225
                        (318) 233-4480                         (318) 289-2000
IntraCoastal City, LA   Dr. Howard Alleman                     Abbeville General
                        304A N. Hospital Dr.                   118 N. Hospital Dr.
                        Abbeville, LA 70510                    Abbeville, LA 70510
                        (318) 893-1506                         (318) 893-5466
Cameron, LA             South Cameron Memorial Hospital        South Cameron or
                        5360 W. Creole Hwy.                    Lake Area Medical Ctr.
                        Cameron, LA 70631                      4200 Nelson Rd.
                        (318) 542-4111                         Lake Charles, LA 70605
                                                               (318) 494-3000
Galveston, TX           University of Texas Med. Center        University of Texas Med. Center
                        301 University Blvd.                   301 University Blvd.
                        Galveston, TX 77555                    Galveston, TX 77555
                        (800) 335-0065                         (800) 335-0065
Corpus Christi, TX      Doctors Center                         Columbia Bay Area Hospital
                        4637 Spid Dr.                          7101 S. Padre Dr.
                        Corpus Christi, TX                     CorpusChristi,TX 78412
                        78412                                  (512) 985-1200
                        (512) 852-6824
   Team "I" Purpose    Team Leader     DATE ENTERED      DUE DATE
CBI on Pallet useage
offshore               Dallas Hebert     8/25/1999

    Team Members        Company          Phone #          FAX #
Greg Lear              SOI                728-4682       728-6092
Buddy Walker           EIU             (318) 837-9172 (318) 837-4022
Cindy Matherne         CMC                868-1950       868-1970
                       % COMPLETED           Comments

                           0%                 DONE

                      Team Members Internet E Mail Address