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Hotline                 (852) 36122911                                                                               Source              : Hong Kong           Fax: (852) 81675691

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                                                                                                  Explorer Pass Package
                                                                                         Laguna Holiday Club, Central Marketing 7th Floor
                                                                                Thai Wah Tower I, 21/15 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn,
                                                                                                      Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Issue By:

Purchaser Surname:                                                  Name: Mr

Spouse Surname:                                                     Name: Mrs

Marital staus              Married             Living together as a couple        Single                 Joint monthly in come?       HK$25,000           Above HK$50,000

Nationality :                                                       Business:                            Mobile:

Telephone# :Home                                                    Fax:                                 E-mail:
Explorer Pass Package Accommodations:
Accommodations are for a 4 Days / 3 Nights One Bedroom Suite at chosen location under Laguna Holiday Club Properties & subject to room availability.

Phuket :                  Phuket Couples GTW Promo 4D/3N

For your Suite Reservations, please call (852)36122911 or email Travel dates are valid 6 months of your credit card's purchased date and subject to LHC Terms & Conditions
and Room Availability
Preferred Arrival Date, if known:            Check In Date                                 Flight No.:               Airport Pick up service :           Yes           No
                                             Check Out Date                                                          Remarks:

Method of Payment:
I authorize Laguna Holiday Club to charge my credit card the following amount:                                                                          Currency: Thai Baht

THB                                  5,999

Paid By:                   Master Card                  Visa         American Express                    JCB/Dinners              Others

"I permit LHC Phuket to charge to my credit card no.
Name as appears on this card:
Expiration Date:

Customer's Agreement to Method of Payment : Signature
To qualify for this special offer you must meet the terms and conditions stated below:

         1 The LHC Explorer Pass is designed for couples aged 28 to 65, married or living together for more than 1 year with a combined monthly income of over US$3,500.
         2 Excluded from this offer are Laguna Holiday Club members, previous participants in this LHC Explorer promotion program, employees of Laguna Resorts & Hotels
            and/or groups (2 or more affiliated couples) traveling together.
         3 The accommodation will be in a Suite accommodating a maximum occupancy of 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old, free of charge. Check-in after 3:00 pm. Check-out at 12:00 noon.
         4 The LHC Explorer Pass is valid for 6 months and travel must be completed within this period. The LHC Explorer Pass can be used at any time, except during peak season
            periods such as Songkran, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. LHC reserves the right to change the offer without prior notice at any time.
         5 All bookings are subject to LHC unit availability and LHC accepts no responsibility whatsoever to the Explorer Pass applicant if the booking is unable to be confirmed.
            If a confirmed booking is cancelled: 14 days or less prior to arrival date, the LHC Explorer Pass becomes invalid; 15 days or more prior to arrival date, the LHC Explorer Pass remains valid.
            There will be a charge of USD 10 for any changes to the reservation once it has been confirmed.
         6 The recipient(s) of the LHC Explorer Pass agrees to attend a pre-assigned 90-minute presentation about the benefits of membership in the Laguna Holiday Club.
            The couple must attend the presentation together and be able to understand one of the languages we offer for the presentation. Should the recipient(s)
            not attend the presentation during their stay, they agree to pay the actual value of the package. Presentation will not be available the day of arrival or departure.
         7 This package is prepaid and non-refundable. The LHC Explorer Pass is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit in part or full and is not valid
            in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Airfares, meals and incidentals such as phone calls, transfers cost where not stated and
            gratuities are not included and are the responsibilities of the guest.
         8 A reservation can only be processed if the application form is completely and accurately filled out. The user of the LHC Explorer Pass confirms by his/her signature that
            the information given on the application form is accurate and that false information supplied may result in liability for full payment of the actual value of the package.
         9 The purchaser of the LHC Explorer Pass agrees to hold LHC harmless in respect of any matter relating to the use of or entitlement of the promoted packages including, but not limited to,
            uncontrollable events such as bad weather, illness, and death or injury, and shall not be entitled to make any claim or demand for any other remedy including compensation or damages from LHC.

            Customer Agrees to Package Details and accepts the Terms and Conditions stated above:

            Signature :