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   Kiosk Retail
Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising

               “70% of brand purchase decisions are made
               inside the store” POPAI’s Consumer Buying Habits Study in 1995
      According to analyst firm Gartner, augmented reality is in the top 10 disruptive technologies
      for 2008-2012. Global leader in the market Total Immersion has developed D’Fusion®, a
      powerfull solution covering a wide range of users from theme park attractions and special
      events to mainstream applications running at home.

  1.                                                 The Concept
      Improve your communication and POS-advertising strategy with the interactive kiosk
      implemented by Total Immersion. Within a massive deployment in retail, this revolutionary
      visual communication system will enhances your brand awareness and market share,
      by delivering a groundbreaking brand experience to consumers just before the act of
      Total Immersion Kiosk Application offers a brand new kind of interactive Point-Of-Sale
      advertising merging digital signage and augmented reality.
      Once in the shop end users just have to touch the product to access a never seen before
      augmented reality experience.

          K’nex Brand Experience: Assembled toy is displayed and animated in 3D

              “…people become personally attached to the
              product within the first 30 seconds of contact…”
              James Wolf, ScienceDaily (Jan. 12, 2009)

Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising

  2.                                           Explanations

      How does it all work?
      The interactive kiosk is composed of a video camera or webcam, a LCD screen and a
      standard PC hosting Total Immersion special software. The structure of the kiosk can be
      customized with your graphic identity. The user puts your product in front of it to start an
      experience focusing on your brand.

              “…simply touching the product for a few seconds
              created an attachment that led people to pay
              more for the item…” James Wolf, ScienceDaily (Jan. 12, 2009)

      About D’Fusion
      The software D’Fusion Studio is a state-of-the-art solution to develop compelling
      augmented reality applications with a high level of quality, using simple coding and
      secure content to protect your customer’s image brand. D’Fusion® is composed of two
      main modules:
      D’Fusion Augmented Reality for animating and rendering 3D objects and D’Fusion
      Computer Vision for calibration and tracking of 2D/3D objects.

      Create the application once with D’Fusion® and run it on any kind of platform you
      D’Fusion Pro (for professional applications like on stage event, kiosk, exhibition,
      convention, etc),
      D’Fusion@Home® (for web and desktop),
      D’Fusion Mobile (for mobile applications).
                                                                                              Design Tool

                                          D’Fusion Studio
                                         •D’Fusion Augmented Reality
                                         •D’Fusion Computer Vision

        D’Fusion Pro                        D’Fusion@Home®             D’Fusion Mobile

Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising

     Basically, building an augmented reality application is the combination of two main
     1.Tracking a moving target (the support of augmented reality)
     2. Rendering the 2D/3D objects in the real time video stream

                                                                Video camera
                                         Booklet or flyer
                                                                LCD screen

                                                                Computer inside
                                                                the kiosk structure:
                                                                Hardware +
                                                                D’Fusion® Software

     With D’Fusion® you can immerse users with sophisticated game play featuring high
     quality 3D graphics. You can integrate videos, sounds, human interactions (finger
     pointing for example).

      What kind of campaign
      The interactive kiosk allows you to develop an image through brand campaigns where
      your product is centre stage and consumers become actors. Just imagine your
      product in stores; the customer picks it up and shows it to the kiosk screen. He can
      see himself holding the product. Suddenly, the product comes to live as 3D animated
      graphics appear on the surface of the product. Product reviews, custom viewpoints,
      configurations and animations are played according to the user actions. Interaction
      with 3D object is possible, giving this experience a magical touch!

                                                              Sosro Brand Experience:
                                                              product presentation with
                                                              customer involvement

Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising

  3.                                                           Benefits

      Benefits for the brand:
      Innovative solution where end users get closer to the brand just before act
      of buying
      Tightens relationship between product/brand and customer
      Shoppers just have to take your product in their hand to use the kiosk.
      Strong differentiator with store brand
      Innovative interactivity and consumer involvement never been seen before in POS-
      Dynamic content to meet customer needs in every act of buying
      Changeable content supports each kind of campaign: lottery, face tracking games,
      product information, advice…
      Detailed statistics
      Possibility to track all kind of interactions per product, per location, time spent
      living the experience and which viewpoints of the product are of main interest.

      Benefits for final customer:
      ‘Never Seen Before’ experience in stores
      Product which gives emotion
      Customer receives emotions through your product.
      Easy access to brand image / message
      Most intuitive “game play”: customer just has to show the product to the kiosk to
      access your campaign.

      Benefits for store:
      24 - 7 animation in the store ensures turn-over increase.
      Profitable Innovative Experience
      Free profitable innovative animation in store.
      Self operation
      Kiosk is designed to work without any operator for more than 12 hours a day
      including switch on/off.

              “…shoppers always make their ultimate decision in
              the store. So the potential for in-store stimuli to
              influence that ultimate decision is always there.”
              Managing Director, Content, In-Store Marketing Institute

Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising

  4.                                     Campaign process
                                 Total Immersion provides turn-key campaign:

     Step 1: Proof of Concept                       100 Kiosks

     Phase 1: Campaign basement
     Work with the client to develop the augmented reality scenario:
      Scope out the project, document key dates/timings, goals, deliverables, messaging, etc
      Communicate directly with all suppliers (marketing agency, hardware vendor, logistics, etc)
      Agree on execution plan
      Develop scenario(s) storyboards
      Confirm scenario(s)
     Phase 2: Content creation
     3D artist develop assets for the customized solution:
      Sound effects, video files and other assets are sourced
      3D content and animation are created
      Validation of the content
     Phase 3: Programming
     Engineers customize the solution through D’Fusion® scripting –
     where the interactivity of the user experience is developed:
      Scenario and game play development
      Test and optimise for Kiosk 0
      Validation of final result on Kiosk 0
     Phase 4: Replication & deployment
      Kiosk 0 delivered to hardware vendor - TI will supply 2 days of setup support
      100 Replicas of Kiosk 0, initial support by TI
      Deploy 100 Kiosks to retails stores
     Phase 5: Campaign execution
      Support: TI phone support for any technical issues during activity
      Collate, summarise and present statistics to brand
     Middle size campaign schedule

                                     1st week   2nd week   3rd week   4th week   5th week   6th week
     Phase 1:
     Campaign basement
     Phase 2:
     Content creation
     Phase 3:
     Phase 4:
     Replication & deployment
     Phase 5:
     Campaign execution

Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising


     Step 2: General Deployment               500/1000 Kiosks

     Phase 6: Global Deployment
      Increase kiosks to 500/1000
      Possibility to purchase kiosks and deploy on a rotational basis
      Develop more scenarios for more brands
      Replicate in specific countries Europe
      Collate, summarize and present statistics to brand

     Different kiosk type for different usage
     HD kiosk: large screen (up to 60” and more)
     Standalone kiosk build for high definition display – design for product launch, …

     SD kiosk: For screen up to 32”
     Standalone kiosk build for simple definition display – designed for large campaign

     Desktop kiosk: For 20” and 24” screen
     Desktop kiosk build for retail use - designed for low cost campaign

Datasheet Kiosk Retail POS-Advertising

  5.                        More about Total Immersion
     10 years ago Total Immersion brought to market the first commercially accessible
     augmented reality software. Since then the company has developed, through its unique
     platform D’Fusion®, an innovative technology enabling compelling user experience.
     Today, Total Immersion is the global leader in augmented reality and delivers turnkey solutions
     for all kind of market segments (web marketing, entertainment, retail, publishing).
     Among Total Immersion’s clients are prestigious companies such as :
     Fox, Paramount, Six Flags, Topps, L’Oréal, Vodafone, SAP Intel, Nissan, Microsoft…
     The company supports a network of more than 50 partners worldwide.

     Total Immersion is recognized:
     To be the largest provider of augmented reality solutions in the world
       More than 100 projects delivered in 2008
       Experience in many market segments: themed entertainment, consumer products,
       events, publishing, advertising & promotion
       Worldwide network of direct and indirect sales channels
       Subsidiaries in Los Angeles, London and Hong-Kong (Headquarters in Paris)

     To develop the strongest AR technology in the market:
       Compatible with PC, Mac and Mobile
       Secured content and deployment
       Open API and configurable platform
       Most robust 2D and 3D tracking in the AR field with efficient face tracking
       Dedicated R&D efforts – more than 30% of the total workforce

     To deliver the most sophisticated online solutions in the market:
       Marker-less tracking technology enabling the use of existing materials as support
       Finger pointing detection and multi-target tracking
       Compatible with social medias (Facebook, You Tube, etc)
       Most optimized bandwidth solution

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