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Dakhleh Oasis Tour


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									                                Dakhleh Oasis Tour
The Dakhleh Trust proposes to arrange a tour to the Oasis in November 2006 to see the
work of the Dakhleh Oasis Project. The other Western desert oases of Bahariya, Farafra
and Kharga will be visited en route but the main object will be to visit the sites where the
DOP is active. The group will spend four nights in the dig house at Ain el-Gindi where
they will be able to meet members of the team and see the work at first hand. They will
be accompanied on site visits by the Director of the Project, Professor A. J. Mills. The
tour leader will be John Ruffle, chairman of the Dakhleh Trust.

The sites which it is planned to visit in Dakhleh include the temple at Deir el-Haggar, the
towns of Amheida and Kellis, the tomb of Kitinis at Beshendi, the temple of Amun-
Nakht at ‘Ain Birbiyeh and the mediaeval town of al-Qasr. There will also be
opportunity to see the site of ‘Ain Asil, the ancient capital of the oasis, which has been
excavated by French archaeologists. The excursion to Kharga Oasis will include a visit to
the Kharga Museum where objects from Dakhleh are on display, and to the Christian
cemetery of Bagawat.


Day 1 London >Cairo, overnight at Novotel, Cairo Airport
Day 2 Drive to Bahariya, overnight at the International Hot Springs Hotel
      Local sightseeing in the afternoon
Day 3 Drive to Dakhleh, picnic lunch in the White Desert en route ,
      check in to Dakhleh Oasis Project dig house for two nights
Day 4 Sightseeing in Dakhleh
Day 5 Drive to Kharga Oasis, visit Dusht, overnight at Kharga Oasis Hotel
Day 6 Kharga Museum and sites, return to Dakhleh
      check in to Dakhleh Oasis Project dig house for two nights.
Day 7 Sight-seeing in Dakhleh
Day 8 am, Visit al-Qasr, pm drive to Farafra, overnight at Badawiya Hotel
Day 9 Drive to Cairo, overnight at Novotel, Cairo Airport
Day 10 Cairo > London

The tour will use scheduled flights and land arrangements will be with the Cairo based
company, Eastmar. Transport will be in an air-conditioned coach. We shall use the five-
star Novotel at Cairo Airport at the beginning and end of the tour. Other nights will be
half board in local hotels or full board in the dig house. The cost includes visas,
admission charges, and tipping. Passengers will be expected to make their own
arrangements for insurance.

The tour departs on 18th November, returning on 27th November. The cost will be £1250.
Supporters of the Dakhleh Trust will have priority booking until 1st September.
For further information and a booking form please write to
John Ruffle, Rockcliffe House, Kirk Merrington, Co. Durham, DL16 7HP.
or e-mail       John@jruffle.plus.com

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