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					  Hedgerow survey review by Barr                       1
    Ecology for Defra, Feb 2009

                                   Acton Scott
          Questionnaire completed? Yes
1 What is the title of your survey?   Acton Scott Heritage Project

2 Can you give a brief description    The hedgerow survey is being
  of the survey (in no more than      conducted to relate the present
  about 50 words)?                    field boundary pattern to historic
                                      maps in order to identify the
                                      characteristics of extant hedgerows
                                      that can be dated with some
                                      degree of certainty and to see if the
                                      hedgerow pattern pre-dates the
                                      medieval period

3 In which year(s) were data          The survey started in 2007 and will
  collected?                          continue in 2008 and possibly 2009

4 What was the geographical extent Acton Scott Parish (South
  of the survey (e.g. county, parish, Shropshire)
5 Which organisation was the lead    Shropshire Hills AONB
  partner?                           Partnership, The Old Post Office,
                                     Shrewsbury Road, Craven Arms,
                                     Shropshire SY7 9NZ Email:

6 Were there other key partners?     Archaeology Service, Shropshire
                                     County Council

7 Who carried out the survey work?

 (a) Professionals
 (b) Volunteers                      Yes
 (c) Other (specify)

8 Was help/advice sought from        The project is being run by the
  professionals? If so, what sort?   AONB‟s Landscape Conservation
                                     Officer. He is trained in historical
                                     ecology and landscape history

9 How much did the survey cost       A grant of £1000 has been secured
  (excluding in-kind/voluntary       to cover the cost of training for the
  contributions)?                    hedgerow and veteran tree surveys
10 What were the main reasons for   Mainly historical, but also having
   carrying out the survey          regard for biodiversity and raising
   (objectives)?                    public interest

11 Was the survey based on the      Partly
   'Standard Field Survey Handbook
   ' method?
12 Did the survey use any of the
   following (sampling) approaches?

   (a) Census
   (b) Random
   (c) Stratified
   (d) Grid                         Yes
   (d) Targeted
13 Did the survey include
   assessment of any of the
   (a) Woody spp.                   Yes
   (b) Ground flora
   (c) Hedgerow trees               Yes
   (d) Hedgerow management          Yes
   (e) Associated features          Yes
   (f) Adjacent land use
14 Were any of the following
   activities completed?
   (a) Mapping hedges               Yes
   (b) Measuring hedge length       Yes
   (c) Digitising                     Yes
15 Can you give an estimate of the    Survey not finished
   total length of hedgerow in your
   survey area?
16 Can you estimate how many          Survey not finished
   hedgerows were surveyed?

   (a) Whole field sides
   (b) Sections

17 Can you summarise the main         With only six months‟ work to date,
   results and/or conclusions?        it is too early to be able to provide
                                      this information
18 Can you list any                    A publication is proposed in due
   reports/publications arising from   course
   the survey?

19 Who holds copies of the survey      The database will be in Excel and
   data and in what form (e.g. type of ArcView formats. Copies will be
   database)?                          held by Shropshire Hills AONB
                                       Partnership and Shropshire County
20 Do you want to provide any other
                2                                3                                  4

Anglesey                         Bath & NE Somerset               Benson
Yes                              No                               Yes
East Anglesey Hedgerows          Field Boundaries Project 2003-   CONSERVATION PLAN FOR
Survey                           2005                             THE PARISH OF BENSON by
                                                                  BENSON ENVIRONMENT
                                                                  SURVEY TEAM

                                 see CD for details              Survey carried out as part of a
                                                                 wider study for the conservation
                                                                 plan for the parish of Benson.
                                                                 Parsih wa divided into five areas
                                                                 for ease of surveying & data
                                                                 collection. Permission was
                                                                 obtained from landowners for
                                                                 survey of any hedges which could
                                                                 not be surveyed from public
                                                                 roads/footpaths. The length of
                                                                 each hedge was walked and 30
                                                                 metre sections selected to record
                                                                 shrubs present and the number of
                                                                 trees by species. Hedge structure
                                                                 and dimensions also recorded.
                                                                 Associated features e.g. ditches,
                                                                 banks, floral margins, connectivity,
                                                                 gappiness and management
                                                                 recorded. 120 hedgerows in total
                                                                 surveyed by 15 volunteers. All data
                                                                 sent to CPRE to contribute to
                                                                 national hedgerow survey.
East Anglesey Hedgerows Survey was run in 2003 by IACC, with DEFRA and CCW funding. A large number of survey results were
                           2003                                  1989 - 1999

East Anglesey                                                     Parish (Benson)
David Cowley Biodiversity Officer,   Sally Pattison, S Glos Council     Benson Environment Survey
Isle of Anglesey CC Swyddog          Biodiversity Officer & Bath & NE   Team, (BEST) Secretary: Keith
Bioamrywiaeth, CS Ynys Mon           Somerset Council, Planning         Tibbs, 4 Church Road, Benson
Planning Service/ Gwasanaeth         Services, Trimbridge House, Trim   Wallingford OX10 6SF 01491
Cynllunio Llangefni, Ynys Mon/       Street, Bath BA1 2DP 01225         838689
Anglesey LL77 7TW 01248              477000

Defra and CCW funding


                                                                        Advice on survey methodology
                                                                        provided by CPRE. No
                                                                        professional help/advice

                                                                        Nil cost
This survey was carried out during   Part of survey for conservation
the summer of 2003 with the          plan for Agenda 21 and Oxford bio-
principal objective of gaining       diversity challenge
information on ancient / species-
rich hedgerows in eastern
Anglesey, roughly the area east of
a line from Amlwch to
Newborough. Specifically, the
survey was carried out to
determine: their extent their
condition their distribution

Yes                                  ?


                                      32 km

                               347                                      120


Of the 347 hedges sampled: 207        See website (details section 19
(60%) were above this threshold,      below)
and, of these, 56 (27%) had 7 or
more species and 28 (14%) had 9
or more. This last group includes
hedgerows of outstanding quality in
terms of both composition and
structure. Composition - More than
240 higher plant species were
recorded during the survey and 13
species of butterfly

Keith Tibbs (BEST secretary, as
above) holds hard copies of the
overall conservation plan & survey.
Results also posted on BEST
website. This is accessible on a
link from .
Select the link to B.E.S.T,
then click on "Our Report", then
"Terrains," then "Hedgerows".
               5                                     6

Bolton                             Brent
Yes                                Yes
Bolton Hedgerow Survey 2001        Brent Hedgerow Survey (BHS)

To collect information on Bolton   Survey of all the hedges and standard
hedgerows, evaluate the resource   trees on former agricultural hedgerows
and prepare a future course of     in the suburban / urban London
action                             Borough of Brent area. Mid-late 1980s

                              2000 mid-late 1980s

Bolton Metropolitan Borough        London Borough of Brent
Bolton Council, Tony Lomax,         Brent Council; Brent Group of London
01204-336105                        Wildlife Trust

Bolton Institute (now University)   London Natural History Society,
                                    Wembley History Society

Yes                                 Yes

Ecological assitance                Yes - various

Unknown                             Time, own resources and in-kind
to provide background information Survey of surviving agricultural hedges
for the emerging Unitary          in an urban area
Development Plan 2001
Biodiversity Action Plan 2000 &
Landscape Assessments

Unknown                           No


Yes                               Partly
Yes                               Partly
Yes                               Partly
Unknown                           Partly
Yes                               Partly
Yes                               Partly

Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes
              30 km (incl. FCP)

          670 520 (incl. FCP)

unknown       Yes

              Results have been published in a
              number of papers in The London
              Naturalist; The Local Historian; and in
W. 1985. Dating a hedgerow landscape
in Middlesex: Fryent Country Park.
London Naturalist 64: 7-22. WILLIAMS,
HEWLETT, G. 1985. Evidence for a
surviving Humphry Repton landscape:
Barnhills Park, Wembley. Transactions
of the London and Middlesex
Archaeological Society 36: 189-202.
HARRISON, T.G. 1987. Hedgerows
surviving in suburban Kingsbury.
London Naturalist 66: 35-39.
1988. Tracing old hedgerows in
suburban areas. The Local Historian
18: 65-68. WILLIAMS, L.R. and SMITH,
J. 1988. Hedgerows surviving in
Willesden. London Naturalist 67: 21-
23.WILLIAMS, L.R. 1989. Crataegus x
media Bechst. in Middlesex hedgerows.
Watsonia 17: 364-365. WILLIAMS, L.R.
1989. The survival of rural hedgerows in
a London Borough. London Naturalist
68: 25-33. WILLIAMS, L.R. 1994.
Changes in the hedgerow landscape of
Fryent Country Park, 1983-1993.
London Naturalist 73: 73-76.
WILLIAMS, L.R. 2004. Hedgerow
restoration at Fryent Country Park,
1983-2003. LondonNaturalist 83: 45-51.
Data is held on A4 sheets
                7                                   8                                  9

Bridgend                            Calderdale                            Canterbury
Yes                                 Yes                                   No
Bridgend Hedge Survey 1999          The Calderdale Hedge Hunt –     The Canterbury Hedgerow
                                    2006, a survey of the hedgerows Survey
                                    of Calderdale

A partnership between Bridgend      The extent, composition, condition
County Borough Council and the      and management of hedgerows
National Museum & Galleries of      was measured enabling the
Wales. The survey was of a          identification of important
stratified random sample of 200     hedgerows in a planning and
hedges in the Bridgend area to      conservation context. Key areas for
provide a basic assessment of the   conservation action were identified
hedgerow resource in the County     and a comparison was made
Borough of Bridgend                 between hedgerows in different
                                    parts of Calderdale. The project
                                    was volunteer led with about 25
                                    volunteers performing surveys

                            1999                                  2006

Bridgend (County Borough            Calderdale Metropolitan Borough
Council)                            Council
National Museum & Galleries of    Hugh Firman Countryside Service     BTCV Kent
Wales – contact Tim Rich (David   Calderdale Council Wesley Court
K. Clements was a contractor)     Halifax HX1 1UJ
                                  01422 393214

Bridgend County Borough Council Halifax Scientific Society
– Steve J. Moon, Robert J. Jones


Yes. Comparison with HEGS       Colin Barr provided training and
grades and Hedgerow Regulations advice
1997 was required

Approx £5,000                                                £2,000
To provide a basic assessment of To produce a baseline assessment
the hedgerow resource in the     of Calderdale‟s Hedgerows; To
County Borough of Bridgend       identify important hedgerows; to
                                 identify hedgerows in need of
                                 conservation action; to gain a
                                 greater understanding of the
                                 variations in hedgerow composition
                                 within Calderdale; to identify draft
                                 criteria to enable the best
                                 examples of hedgerows to be
                                 declared as SEGI‟s; to establish a
                                 network of trained and motivated
                                 hedgerow surveyors; to promote a
                                 greater understanding of the
                                 importance of hedgerows, their
                                 associated biodiversity and
                                 management needs to
                                 landowners/managers and the

Yes                               Yes


Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes

Yes                               Yes
                                        15.2 km

                                 200                                   139

The survey of 200 hedges                The mean hedgerow density was
(3.04km in total length) has            0.95km/ km2; 47% of surveyed
produced a large amount of data         hedges were species rich;
which provides excellent                Hawthorn was present in 96% of
background information against          hedgerows and 63% were
which to put other hedges into          dominated by hawthorn; 13% of
context; The HEGS survey                hedges had recently introduced,
technique worked well, perhaps          non-native species in either the
with the exception of describing        hedge bottom or shrub layer, with
standard trees, and was generally       Indian balsam being the most
repeatable with a high degree of        frequently recorded species;
accuracy by independent                 Isolated hedgerow trees were
surveyors; In general the quality of    found in 60% of hedgerows
the Bridgend hedges was very            surveyed; 15 veteran hedgerow
good, with the majority being of        trees were recorded; 38 „Important‟
moderately high to very high            hedgerows were identified; Only 2
ecological value as assessed from       hedgerows were recorded as being
the HEGS grades, and c.70%              in favourable condition; Mean
potentially qualifying as „important‟   hedgerow density was significantly
under the Hedgerow Regulations          higher in the Coal Measures
(nationally the figure is thought to    Natural Area than the South
be only 20%); The structure,            Pennines, at 1.47 km/km2 and
composition, quality and type of        0.48 km/km2 respectively
hedgerow varied between
Bridgend Hedgerow Survey 1999   The Calderdale Hedge Hunt –
ISBN 0 7200 0480-2              2006 : A Survey of the Hedgerows
                                of Calderdale

Both Bridgend County Borough    Calderdale Council – Countryside
Council and the National Museum Service - Held on Hedgerow
hold hard copies                Surveys Database
This exciting project will run
through the summer of 2008 as
Kent BTCV and volunteers from all
over the district will be attempting
to find out what condition the
hedgerows of Canterbury are in.
Volunteers will be asked to give up
a couple of days to survey some of
the hedgerows in a specific km
squares that will be allocated to
them at the beginning of the
project. We are hoping to be able
to survey enough of the district to
extrapolate the results and
accurately estimate the length of
ancient and/or species rich
hedgerows. This information will
then be fed back to the Kent
Biodiversity Action Plan who will
use the information to help them
with the Habitat Action Plan for
              10                                    11                                   12

Cardiff                             Carmarthen                             Cerne Abbas
No                                  No                                     Yes
Cardiff Hedgerow Survey 1998        Carmarthen                             Cerne Abbas local hedgerow

                                    We have not carried out any
                                    survey work other than the surveys
                                    as part of applying the regs.
                                    However we have had major
                                    engineering project that pass
                                    through the county - pipelines
                                    where hedgerow affected have
                                    been surveyed to guide re-
                                    instatment. Hedgerows Surveys
                                    have been carried out as part of
                                    the ES/ EIA and I have checked
                                    these surveys =-they are not 100%
                                    accurate. I do not think this is the
                                    sort of info you are looking for but
                                    thought I would mention it.
                                    Several hundred hedgerows have
                                    been affected in one instance -
                                    along the route of a gas pipeline.

                             1998                                          1990s

County Borough of Bridgend
National Museum & Gallery,       Rosie Carmichael Rural           Dr J M Glayster, Picketts Farm,
Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP   Conservation Officer             Newlands Lane, Glanvilles
                                 Carmarthenshire County Council   Wootton, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9
                                 01267 224880 Mon - Wed           5QG

Cardiff County Council,
Countryside Council for Wales


            Probably for historical landscape
            public interest





Yes         Yes

See report
Several leaflets
"The Mid & West Dorset Branch of
the CPRE did not undertake any
hedgerow surveys, although we
did distribute the CPRE Action
Packs to some interested
individuals and local Councils.
Cerne Abbas formed a 'civic
group' who went out and surveyed
some local hedges."
                13                                14                                  15

Cheshire                          Chesterfield                       Chilterns
No                                Yes                                Yes
                                  Chesterfield Hedgerow Survey CHILTERNS AONB HEDGEROW

A survey of 40 parishes (18% of   A full hedgerow survey of the      Hedgerow surveys were part of a
Cheshire)                         Borough of Chesterfield is being   wider Land use Change Survey of
                                  carried out as part of the         the Chilterns AONB where the land
                                  Chesterfield Greenprint            use in 105 x 1km squares is
                                  (Chesterfield Local Biodiversity   surveyed from the ground every
                                  Action Plan) to provide baseline   year. Hedgerow surveys were
                                  data and to inform future          carried out in a number of the
                                  hedgerow conservation action in    same 1km survey squares by paid
                                  the Borough                        graduates with knowledge of
                                                                     botanical recording

                                  2006/7 to present (survey still    2006 & 2007

                                  Local Authority (Chesterfield      Chilterns AONB
                                  Borough) Area
Cheshire Landscape Trust   Anna Evans Biodiversity Action      TRACY ADAMS CHILTERNS
                           Officer Derbyshire Wildlife Trust   CONSERVATION BOARD THE
                           East Mill, Bridge Foot, Belper,     LODGE, 90 STATION ROAD,
                           Derbyshire, DE56 1XH Tel: 01773     CHINNOR, OXON, OX39 4HA
                           881188 E-Mail:             01844

                           Chesterfield Borough Council;       No
                           Contract Surveyor; Local

WI members                 Yes
                           Chesterfield Borough Council        PAID POST GRADUATES
                           Rangers, Derbyshire Wildlife
                           Trust Staff
                           Training and some surveys           YES TECHNICAL ADVICE FROM
                           carried out by experienced          COLIN BARR & ADVICE on
                           hedgerow surveyor on contract       organising and conducting a
                                                               survey and analysing the data from
                                                               one of our board members from
                                                               LOCAL UNIVERSITY

                                                     £8,000 Approx £10000 over 2 years –
                                                            ASSISTED by Defra grant
To collate baseline biodiversity   This was part of a wider Land use
data and to raise awareness of     Change Survey of the Chilterns
the biodiversity value of, and     AONB where 105 1km squares are
threats to, hedgerows              surveyed for land use from the
                                   ground every year. A no. of the
                                   selected squares were used in this
                                   survey and objectives were· To set
                                   a baseline of condition for future
                                   surveys.· To help set priorities in
                                   the AONB Management Plan 2008-
                                   2013.· To measure progress in
                                   achieving local Biodiversity Action
                                   Plan (BAP) targets for hedgerows
                                   in the Chilterns AONB.· To assist
                                   in the appropriate management of
                                   Chilterns hedgerows.· To increase
                                   awareness and understanding of
                                   hedgerows in the Chilterns

Yes                                Partly



Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes

Partly completed                   Yes
Partly completed                   Yes
                                         Partly completed                     Yes
                                         Estimate total length of up to       4045km in AONB
                                         200km based on desktop work


                                         Yes                                  Yes

55% cut and clipped ; 47% are            Difficult to do this at present as   From the 2006 & 2007 survey 117
alongside a public right of way; 31%     survey still ongoing. Some           of the 280 sections (42%) passed
overgrown and bushy undergrowth ;        analysis will be done over winter    all condition assessment criteria (5
12% connect to a woodland ; 11%          when results from this years         attributes) and can therefore be
mark a manor or estate boundary ;        surveys have been inputted and       said to be in good condition.· 109
8% connect to a pond ; 8% marked a       digitised                            (40%) passed on 4 out of 5
parish boundary ; 8% remnants of                                              attributes· 38 (14%) passed on 3
hedge ; 4% overgrown with no                                                  out of 5 attributes· 14 (5%) passed
undergrowth ; 2% laid ; Most                                                  on 2 out of 5 attributes· 2 (1%)
common species in each hedgerow:;                                             passed on 1 out of 5 attributes.
; Hawthorn - 95% ; Oak - 76% ; Elder                                          However this result has to be
- 71% ; Blackthorn - 69% ; Dog Rose                                           treated with a degree of caution as
- 66% ; Holly - 55% ; Hazel - 43% ;                                           the sample selection may exhibit
Ash - 39% ; Sycamore - 37% ; Beech                                            bias. It was a condition of the
- 14% ; Waverton was the parish that                                          funding that all landowners gave
had on average the most woody                                                 consent for the survey work.
species (species- rich) with an                                               Consequently, many of the
average of 8 per hedge; whilst North                                          landowners contacted were known
Rode had the highest number of                                                to the Conservation Board and it is
standard trees per hedgerow (23).                                             more likely that many of them carry
The least number of hedgerow trees                                            out sympathetic land management
are in Culcheth and Glazebury. NB:                                            already. Non-agricultural holdings
These are figures so far as some                                              were under-represented in the
parishes have only had a few                                                  survey, and it may be that hedges
hedgerows surveyed whilst others                                              on such holdings are at particular
have had a considerable number                                                risk of degradation in future years
surveyed, so this has to be taken into                                        due to to lack of management.
account. However, it is all very
interesting to see how our hedgerows
are managed!
Interim and final reports will be   A full, technical report and glossy
produced                            report from both years of the
                                    survey is due early 2008

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in        Chilterns Conservation Board &
Access Database, MAPINFO GIS        University of Reading Centre for
layers and in paper format.         Agri-Environment Research. To be
Contract surveyor in paper          passed to record centres in the
format.                             New Year (2008)
It is hoped to carry out further
surveys using paid surveyors and
also community groups in 2008
               16                             17                              18

Chipperfield Survey        Cornish Hedges                         Cotswolds
No                         Yes                                    No
A survey of hedgerows in   The Cornish Hedge Project              Cotswolds Hedgerow Project
Chipperfield Parish,

                           A pilot study to measure the
                           importance of Cornish Hedges in
                           their own right and not just when
                           they contain hedgerows. The
                           project will develop existing
                           methodologies (Defra and HIT) to
                           produce a methodology that is
                           consistent with the Defra guidance
                           but will also be relevant to Cornish
                           Hedges in their wider sense that
                           can be rolled out on a larger scale.

                           to start in 2008

                           Cornwall (County)
FWAG Jillie Dale, Resuggan     Bristol Regional Environmental
House, Restronquet, Falmouth,  Records Centre (BRERC)
Cornwall TR11 5SP 01326 373823

Cornish Hedge Group, Cornish
Hedge Research and Education


FWAG staff

Project Cost Estimate £8710
         To gain more baseline information
         about the value of Cornish Hedges
         to inform BAP work and for
         lobbying for funds and protection
         for Cornish Hedges

Partly   Yes

Yes      Yes

         Being developed

                                  Not yet

                                  Not yet

91% of hedges were species-rich   Not yet
Not yet

Not yet
Not yet
             19                            20                     21

CS Hedgerow Survey            CS series               Culmstock
No                            No                      No
CS Hedgerow Survey (England   CS Linear Module        Culmstock Parish
& Wales)

                        1996 1984, 1990, 1998, 2007

England & Wales               UK
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology   Centre for Ecology & Hydrology   Ian Clark, Dove Cottage,
                                                                  Cumstock, Devon, EX15 3JB

Numerous                         Numerous

Yes                              Yes
Partly   Partly

Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes

Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes

Yes      Yes
Yes      Yes
Yes   Yes

Yes   Yes
Yes   Yes
                22                           23                      24

Cumbria                         Deer Parks          Derby
No                              No                  Yes
Cumbria Hedgerow Survey         Deer Parks, North   Derby City Hedgerow
                                Blackdown Hills

A stratified random survey of                       Collection of base-line data related
Cumbria using the standard                          to original farmland/boundary
handbook                                            hedgerows and including species
                                                    complement and management. The
                                                    survey followed methodology
                                                    provided by CCW and NE and
                                                    funding supported by DEFRA. A
                                                    complete audit was achieved

2003, 2004 & 2008                                                                   2004

Cumbria (County)                                    Derby City Unitary Authority
CEH, Cumbria Wildlife Trust        Ian Clark, Thornton Deane    Derby City Council
                                   Borough Council, Belvedere
                                   Road taunton TA1 1HE

Cumbria Biodiversity Partnership                                Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and land

Yes                                                             Yes

Yes                                                             The majority of the survey was
                                                                completed by an ecologist. The
                                                                results gathered were felt to be more
                                                                accurate and consistent. Volunteers
                                                                assisted. Data inputting was
                                                                completed by the ecologist and
                                                                some volunteers. Mapping was
                                                                completed by the Trust.

c. £10,000                                                                                   £10,000
Address targets in Cumbria   To determine the extent, quality and
Hedgerow HAP                 condition of Hedgerows in the
                             Greenprint (BAP) for Derby; To
                             contribute to the wildlife alert map of
                             the city; To inform the planning
                             process with regard to Hedgerow
                             Regulations and BAP hedgerows; To
                             contribute to the national data base

Yes                          Yes


Yes                          Yes
Yes                          Yes
Yes                          Yes
Yes                          Yes
Yes                          Yes
Yes                          Yes

Yes                          Yes
Yes                          Yes
Yes                             Yes
                                187 km

Yes                             Yes

Due to be published in Spring   1. The study provided data with
2009                            regard to quantity, quality and
                                location of species-rich and non-
                                species rich hedgerows, wildlife site
                                hedgerows and wildlife corridors in
                                which hedgerows are a major
                                component; 2. 43% of hedgerows
                                were species-rich according to the
                                EN definition; 3. Trees were an
                                important contribution to many
                                hedgerows but 37% did not contain
                                trees. Veteran Trees were not
                                identified as a part of this survey but
                                such detail would have added value
                                to the results; 4. Very few new
                                hedgerows were being planted, ie 9
                                and only 3 of these were species
                                rich; 5. Associated features in the
                                form of ditches and grass verges
                                contributed little to the biodiversity of
                                the hedgerow corridor, most of the
                                species diversity being within the
                                hedgerow itself; 6. New development
                                successfully retained hedgerows in
                                most places but failed to protect
                                species-diversity and biodiversity
                                value as a result of a lack of
                                appropriate management. In some
                                cases the very close proximity of the
                                development or fencing will prevent
                                future management and therefore
                                substantially reduce the biodiversity
                                value of the wildlife corridor; 7. The
Interim Defra report

CEH, CWT               Derby City Council and Derbyshire
                       Wildlife Trust in electronic and hard
                25                                   26                                27

Devon                                Doncaster                          Dorset
Yes                                  Yes                                No
Devon Hedgerow Survey Project Doncaster historic hedgerows              Dorset County Boundary
                              survey                                    Survey

The project was funded through       Archival based research utilising all See Landscape Charcater
ALSF and aimed to survey a rough     available Enclosure, tithe, estate & Network News
total of 150 hedges in an 8 mile     miscellaneous plans to date
radius of 6 quarry sites in Devon.   existing field boundaries
The methodology used that            throughout the Doncaster borough
described in the Hedgerow Survey
Handbook 2nd ed with a random
sample of 9 hedges per km2
surveyed over 30m on both sides.

                             2007 2004-5

6 Devon Parishes: Brayford,          Doncaster Metropolitan Borough
Brixton, Burlescombe, Hennock,
Monkleigh, Sourton
FWAG Devon, Craig Hodgson          Doncaster BAP                       John Newbould, 3 Broomfield
Agriculture House Pynes Hill                                           Close, Sutton Poyntz,
Rydon Lane Exeter EX2 5ST                                              Weybourne, Dorset DT3 6RS
01392 364392,                                                          01305 837 3##

Devon Hedge Group Natural          No
England - supplied mapping data

                                   Jonathan Tesh - Trees and
                                   Hedgerows Officer

Ecologist was consulted on          DMBC Archive staff - Access to
adaptations to part B of the survey Archives website

                                   Melissa will have details of this
1) The project aimed to gather        To capture the full extent of the
current data on the extent and        plan based archival information to
quality of species rich hedgerows     attach to the digitised field
in Devon. 2) Raise landowner          boundaries already held in order to
awareness to the importance of        provide baseline info. for the
Devon's hedges and potential          purposes of the development
management under agri-                control function and to assist in
environment schemes. 3)               grant applications for hedgerow
Determine to what extent              reinstatement
traditional forms of management
(laying, coppicing) were being used
throughout the county.

Yes                                   No



149,520 km                             Approx. 2300km



1) 63% of surveyed hedges were
species-rich, this figure would have
been higher had it not been for the
high proportion of beech in the
hedges of north Devon. 2) 25% of
species-rich hedges were in
favourable condition, 19% of all
hedges in favourable condition
(using assessment in handbook¹,
inc nutrient enrichment), height of
canopy being the largest factor for
failure. 3) 35% of hedges would
benefit from a change in flail
technique, increasing cross-
sectional area. 4) Only 1.5% of
surveyed hedges showed sings of
traditional management in the last
0-2 years although discussions
with landowners revealed that they
would like to continue laying but
are unable to without grant support
(no capital programme under ELS,
HLS difficult to enter). 5)
Significant nutrient enrichment at
hedge bottom affected 30% of
hedges, cross-compliance 2m
margin may be able to reduce this
over time. 6) General good feeling
from landowners about the hedges
on their land.
End of project report disseminated
to funders and partner
organisations. "Devon Hedgerow
Survey Project", FWAG 2008.

FWAG - Microsoft Access
database, report; Natural England -
Microsoft Access database, report;
Devon Biodiversity Records Centre
- Microsoft Access database,
report; Devon County Council -
Microsoft Access database, report;
Local AONB's and National Parks -
                 28                                 29                            30

Durham                                 East Devon                 FEP
Yes                                    No                         Yes
Durham Hedgerow Survey 2006            The East Devon Biodiversity Farm Environmental Plan, Farm
                                       Hedgerow Survey             Environmental Record

Estimated the overall extent,                                     A FEP appraises the
composition and condition of                                      environmental value of land by
hedgerows and the number and                                      identifying „features‟ and
age profile of isolated trees across                              suggesting appropriate HLS
the Durham Biodiversity                                           Management options for an
Partnership Area to provide                                       Environmental Stewardship
baseline data for the Local BAP                                   application. It records the
                                                                  position, length, type, assesses
                                                                  the height, width, continuity, and
                                                                  erosion condition (of the bank) of
                                                                  a hedgerow. A Farm
                                                                  environmental record is a map
                                                                  drawn up by the applicant
                                                                  identifying hedgerows on their
                                                                  holding, and can be used for the
                                                                  Entry level Scheme and Higher
                                                                  Level Scheme part of the ES

                                2006                              2005 onw.

Biodiversity Action Plan Area                                     All England
Durham BAP)
Durham County Council              Natural england

Durham Biodiversity Partnership;   Defra, Local County Councils,
Durham Hedgerow Partnership        Land Agents, FWAG etc


                                   Land owners, land agents

                                   As above land agents, and staff at
                                   Natural England

£8k                                agent fees vary for customers
Estimated the overall extent,         To ensure applicant made an
composition and condition of          informed choice in choosing
hedgerows and the number and          options for entering into the
age profile of isolated trees         Environmental Stewardship
                                      Scheme, and as a record of
                                      features to assess whether the
                                      environmental objectives were
                                      being achieved within an ES

Yes                                   Yes


Yes                             Yes   Yes
Yes                             Yes
Yes                             Yes   Yes
Yes                             Yes   Yes
Yes                             Yes   Yes
Yes                                   Yes

Yes                                   Yes
Yes                                   Yes
Yes                                    Yes
9100 km                                183,419 km (see table)


The estimated hedgerow length in
Durham is 9100km, of which 9% is
remnant. Since the last survey in
1979, an estimated 21% of the
hedgerow resource has been
lost.Neglect is the biggest treat to
Durham‟s hedgerows (in the last
two years, 64% of hedges showed
no signs of management) and
many (83%) are in unfavourable
condition. Percent Gappiness and
canopy height at the base were the
main factors causing hedges to
fail. Thirty-five percent of
hedgerows are classed as species
rich (i.e. contained four or more
species per 30m section). The
most frequently occurring shrub
species were hawthorn, ash,
blackthorn and elder respectively.
Of the surveyed hedges only half
contained isolated hedgerow trees;
the most common tree species
were ash, sycamore and
pedunculate oak. The estimated
number of hedgerow trees in
Durham is 68,000; to maintain the
current isolated tree population,
580 trees per year need to be
recruited into the hedgerows.
Durham County Council (2007)     Natural England. Electronic
Durham Hedgerow Survey 2006.     reports
Durham County Council, Durham

Durham County Council & Defra.
Access Database & all survey
hedges digitised in ArcGIS
Recording form for this survey
                   31                                     32

Fryent                                  Glapwell
Yes                                     Yes
Fryent Country Park (FCP)               Glapwell Hedgerow Survey

A survey of hedges, hedgerows,          A full hedgerow survey of the
lengths, widths and standard trees      parish of Glapwell is being carried
surveyed at 10 year intervals (1983,    out as part of the Bolsover
1993, 2003). The 1983 survey included   Greenprint (Bolsover Local
more detailed information.              Biodiversity Action Plan) to provide
Extrapolations available for 1974 and   baseline data and to inform future
1961.                                   hedgerow conservation action in

1983, 1993, 2003                        2007 to present (survey still

Fryent Country Park (FCP)               Glapwell Parish
Barn Hill Conservation Group, Brent   Anna Evans Biodiversity Action
Council                               Officer Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
                                      East Mill, Bridge Foot, Belper,
                                      Derbyshire, DE56 1XH Tel: 01773
                                      881188 E-Mail:

London Natural History Society,       Pleasley Pit Nature Study Group;
Wembley History Society               Local Landowners

Yes                                   Yes

Yes - various                         Training carried out by experienced
                                      hedgerow surveyor

Time, own resources and in-kind                                   £2,000
To establish baseline and to continue   To collate baseline biodiversity
monitoring during a hedgerow            data
restoration programme

No                                      Yes

Yes                                     Yes

Partly                                  Yes
Partly                                  Yes
Partly                                  Yes
Partly                                  Yes
Partly                                  Yes
Partly                                  Yes

Yes                                     Partly
Yes                                     Partly
11-13 km                                  Unknown as survey only just

                                      70 It is estimated that up to 100
                                         hedgerows will be surveyed in total

Yes                                       Yes

Results have been published in a          Difficult to do this at present as
number of papers in The London            survey only just started. Analysis
Naturalist; The Local Historian; and in   will be done when survey results
Watsonia                                  have been inputted and digitised
WILLIAMS, L.R. and CUNNINGTON,             A survey report will be produced
W. 1985. Dating a hedgerow landscape
in Middlesex: Fryent Country Park.
London Naturalist 64: 7-22. WILLIAMS,
HEWLETT, G. 1985. Evidence for a
surviving Humphry Repton landscape:
Barnhills Park, Wembley. Transactions
of the London and Middlesex
Archaeological Society 36: 189-202.
HARRISON, T.G. 1987. Hedgerows
surviving in suburban Kingsbury.
London Naturalist 66: 35-39.
1988. Tracing old hedgerows in
suburban areas. The Local Historian
18: 65-68. WILLIAMS, L.R. and SMITH,
J. 1988. Hedgerows surviving in
Willesden. London Naturalist 67: 21-
23.WILLIAMS, L.R. 1989. Crataegus x
media Bechst. in Middlesex hedgerows.
Watsonia 17: 364-365. WILLIAMS, L.R.
1989. The survival of rural hedgerows in
a London Borough. London Naturalist
68: 25-33. WILLIAMS, L.R. 1994.
Changes in the hedgerow landscape of
Fryent Country Park, 1983-1993.
London Naturalist 73: 73-76.
WILLIAMS, L.R. 2004. Hedgerow
restoration at Fryent Country Park,
1983-2003. LondonNaturalist 83: 45-51.
Data is held as above; and by Barn Hill    Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in Access
Conservation Group for the FCP             Database, MAPINFO GIS layers
survey. The comparable data is held on     and in paper format
Excel spreadsheet
          33                    34                        35

Glasgow        Gordano Valley             Hatherleigh
No             No                         Yes
               Survey of hedgerows in     Dormouse hedgerows,
               Gordano Valley, Somerset   Hatherleigh, West Devon

                                          The characteristics of 10 hedges in
                                          which nesting dormice were found
                                          were recorded on Locks Park
                                          Farm, Hatherleigh, Devon, in
                                          November 2007


                                          Locks Park Farm, Hatherleigh,
                                          Okehampton, Devon
Rob Wolton Natural England
Renslade House, Bonhay Road,
Exeter, EX4 3AW
.uk 01392 889799



Habitat for Greater Horseshoe   To determine the characteristics of
Bats                            hedgerows with dormice nests. To
                                find out where within hedgerows
                                dormice preferentially nest under
                                natural conditions

Yes                             Partly




      1.3 km

159                                      10


      The number of woody species per
      30m section was 8.8 (range 5 – 12,
      n=10). The average number of
      woody species, including creepers
      and bramble, at each of 275 cross-
      sections taken at 5m intervals
      along the lengths of the hedgerows
      was 4.5. All hedges were in
      favourable condition for all criteria.
      Hazel was the most frequent
      species (occurring in 63% of
      samples), followed by grey sallow
      (55%), blackthorn (51%), oak
      (35%) and hawthorn (25%). 56%
      of dormice nests (n=62) were in
      forks of trees or shrubs created by
      flailing, and 19% in bramble
      margins. Only 6% were in natural
      growth of trees or shrubs.
      Excluding bramble and rose, 60%
      (n=27) of nests were in blackthorn,
      13% in holly (n=6), 11% in sallow
      (n=5) & 9% in hawthorn (4). No
      nests were found in hazel and very
      few in oak. It is clear that dormice
      preferentially select blackthorn to
      nest in (p<0.001).
Not yet. Mammalia?

Rob Wolton (Excel)
A City-wide survey is currently in    The study site is a 30ha farm on
progress to assess the status of      the Culm Measures in northern
hedgerows in Glasgow. The results     Devon. The landscape is one of
will provide information on the       small, irregular pasture fields,
health, variety, conservation value   surrounded by ancient and species-
and extent of the hedgerow            rich hedgerows set on banks, with
network within the City. The data     many hedgerows trees and small
collected will be used in providing   woodlands.The ten hedges (out of
recommendations for hedgerow          24 in which dormice nests were
management, and will provide a        found) were selected as being
baseline of information against       representative of the landscape as
which future changes can be           well as containing dormice. They
monitored.                            ranged from annually cut classic
                                      shrubby hedgerows, through taller
                                      hedgerows cut on a 5- 6 year
                                      rotation, to young lines of
                                      trees.56% of nests were within 1m
                                      of ground or bank top, and 94%
                                      within 2m. There was no increase
                                      in nest abundance with increasing
                                      cross-sectional area of
                                      hedge.Dormouse nests were as
                                      frequent on the north side of
                                      hedges as the south, and east as
                36                           37                                    38

Herefordshire                Inkberrow                             Kirklees
No                           Yes                                   Yes
Damson Hedges in             A sample study of some hedges Kirklees Council Environment
Herefordshire                in the parish of Inkberrow    Unit Hedgerow Surveys

                             This study combined documentary       Using a GIS system we have been
                             evidence with species counts to       able to identify potential hedgerows
                             throw light on the history of         within the area and map them on
                             enclosure and to reveal any           Aerial photos. From the photos we
                             species rich hedges worth             have been able to conduct visual
                             preserving. Done as a sample          surveys on the structure of the
                             study to illustrate a booklet – see   hedgerows including recording the
                             18                                    shrub and tree species, the size,
                                                                   the structure and management and
                                                                   land use

2005/6                                                     1980 Over the period of summer 2004
                                                                until present, the latest being
                                                                August 2007 to November 2007

106 parishes within County   Inkberrow Worcs (part of parish)      Local Authority Area: Kirklees,
                                                                   specifically areas around local
                                                                   towns and villages of Kirkburton,
                                                                   Shepley and Farnley Tyas. Also
                                                                   includes Farnley Bank and parts of
                                                                   Green Side and Thurstonland.
                                                                   Hedgerows are a primary habitat in
                                                                   these areas
Shropshire Wildlife Trust, 193  booklet was written for              Jeff Keenlyside Kirklees
Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY2 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust        Environmental Unit 23 Estate
6AH                             Worcestershire Wildlife Trust        Buildings Railway Street
                                Lower Smite Farm Smite Hill          Huddersfield HD1 1JY 01484
                                Hindlip Worcester WR3 8SZ            223568
                                Telephone: 01905 754919 * Fax:       ENVIRONMENT.UNIT@KIRKLEE
                                01905 755868 Email:                  S.GOV.UK
                       * Website:
Herefordshire County Council                                         Denby Dale Parish

Yes - ecologist                                                      Yes
Yes                                                                  Yes
                                 W Johnson landscape historian       Students

Ecologists at Herefordshire      No at the time I knew as much       Yes, information on how to conduct
Council                          about hedgerow surveys as most      the surveys was given by an
                                                                     Environment Officer who had
                                                                     previous experience in hedgerow

                                 Nothing                             At the start of the initial surveys the
                                                                     Denby Dale Parish Environment
                                                                     Trust did receive a sum of around
                                                                     £1,500; however the survey work
                                                                     undertaken has been conducted by
Assess status of damson              This study combined documentary       The main objectives of the survey
hedgerows which have been            evidence with species counts to       work was to establish their
identified as especially important   throw light on the history of         structural and species diversity,
within the Herefordshire BAP         enclosure and to reveal any           management regimes and ground
                                     species rich hedges worth             flora present – ruderals, rough
                                     preserving. Done as a sample          grassland, woodland. Also the
                                     study to illustrate a booklet – see   opportunities to help manage
                                     18                                    hedgerows within Kirklees and
                                                                           inform the LDF of what priority
                                                                           habitats are important within
                                                                           Kirklees and the different localities
                                                                           of each

Yes - for 70 hedges surveyed in      No                                    Yes


Yes - damson                                                               Yes

Yes                                  Yes                                   Yes
                                     Yes                                   Yes

                                     Yes                                   Yes
                                     Yes                                   Yes
                                     5 km                                Not at present

                               235                                       Needs some analysis first. Some
                                                                         data complete


36% of hedgers surveyed were         Showed limitations of species       At present we are still analysing
found to be species-rich             count as method of hedge dating     the results of the hedgerow
                                     but in general old Saxon and        surveys. However the Denby Dale
                                     Tudor hedges had a bigger variety   surveys have been able to
                                     of species including some           characterise the ward according to
                                     woodland varieties                  the nature and density of
                                                                         hedgerows present
Leaflet: Damson Hedges in   „Hedge dating and Hedgerow         We have a report of the Denby
Herefordshire               Flora‟ published by Worcestershire Dale survey report on file
                            Nature Conservation Trust (now
                            Worcestershire Wildlife Trust)

                            Map and species counts in booklet The results of the surveys
                                                              undertaken are located on an
                                                              Access database within the unit.
                                                              These results are being mapped
                                                              onto a GIS layer (this work is
                                                              expected to continue over the
The surveys were targeted in the
wards where hedgerows are a
dominant feature in the landscape
– essentially rolling countryside
with a mosaic of woodlands,
hedgerows and pasture.
Hedgerows are much scarcer in
other wards where drystone walls
are more prevalent. These areas
are not considered a priority for
hedgerows but in the wards where
they do occur they will be
highlighted as forming part of the
ecological network in the LDF
                39                               40                      41

Lamberhurst                           Lodden Catchment   Maulden
Yes                                   No                 Yes
Pilot Assessment of Biological & Survey of thhedgerows in Maulden Parish Hedgerow
Historical Hedgerow Features in the River Lodden          Survey
Kent                             catchment, NE Hanmpshire

To assess the species-richness                           The survey examined the extent,
and distribution of hedegrows                            condition and ecological
within the parish of Lamberhurst,                        importance of hedgerows in
Kent. Surveys will be looking at                         Maulden Parish, Bedfordshire.
hedgerows, woody species and                             Species richness was compared to
ground flora, while also recording                       that found in a study of the same
historical boundary features like                        hedgerow network in 1975, and
coppice stools and ancient laid                          also examined the potential for
hedge trees.                                             enhancing habitat connectivity for
                                                         a local population of dormice

                               2006                                                   2007

Parish (Lamberhurst, Kent)                               Maulden (Parish)
Kent & Medway Biological Records                   Bedfordshire County Council
Centre, Tyland Barn, Sandling,                     County Hall, Cauldwell Street
Maidstone, Kent ME14 3BD 01622                     Bedford MK42 9AP Heather Webb
                                                   01234 228063

Defra                                              The Greensand Trust;
                                                   Bedfordshire FWAG; Bedfordshire
                                                   & Luton Biodiversity Recording and
                                                   Monitoring Centre

Yes                                1 ecologist     Yes
Yes                                10 volunteers   Yes

Technical support from KMBRC                       Yes; placement of dormouse tubes
Data Manager                                       in hedges. Checking the tubes had
                                                   to be conducted by someone
                                                   licenced to handle dormice

£5,000 Grant + £1,000 KMBRC                                                   £3,900
Ancientand/or species-rich               Identify ecologically important
Hedgerows National BAP targets -         hedgerows; Contribute to local
to identify areas of particular          BAP targets; Assess the current
importance; raise awreness of            and potential spread of a local
positive management to farmers;          dormouse population; Evaluate the
and the public and involve local         changes since1975 in hedgerow
communities                              species composition and

Yes                                Yes   Yes



Yes                                      Yes
Yes                                      Yes
Yes                                      Yes
Yes                                      Yes

Yes                                      Yes
Yes                                      Yes
Yes                                        Yes
22.2 km                                    34.75 km

                               148   222                                   154

Yes                                        Yes

1. An estimated 530 hedgerows in           38% of the hedgerows were found
the Parish; 2. 57% of surveyed             to be species rich, 8% of hedges in
were species-rich & 47% in                 favourable condition; In the last 30
favourable condition; 3. There was         years hazel, elder and blackthorn
an increase in species-rich from           appear to have expanded their
41% in 1995 survey to 59% in               range, elm, dog rose and white
2006 seurvey; 4. Over 90% of               bryony may have contracted their
surveyed were present in some              range and shifted northward, and
boundary form in 1840 Tithe maps           field rose, woody nightshade and
or 1860 OS 1st Edition maps; 5.            black bryony have almost
Hedges in Countrysie Stewardship           disappeared from the 40 sample
Scheme have higher % species-              sites surveyed; There is some
richness; 6. Over 1400 species             evidence of dormouse activity in
records were recorded and                  hedges leading from Maulden
available through KMBRC                    Wood, and situated across a road
                                           from Montague Wood in the parish
                                           of Haynes. This indicates that
                                           erecting a dormouse bridge over
                                           the road might help enhance
                                           habitat connectivity for the local
                                           dormouse population
Kent Local Hedgerow Survey           In preparation; will be posted on
Report                      in
                                     the new year

KMBRC - hard, paper copy +           Currently the biodiversity co-
'Recorder' database; "Kent Local     ordinator. Once the study is
Hedgerow Survey 2006"; Report        complete at the end of December,
Copies sent to individuals/farmers   the database will be housed with
involved in survey.                  the local record centre
                 42                                       43

Medway                                   Merthyr Tydfil
Yes                                      No
Medway Valley Countryside                Merthyr Tydfil Hedgerow Survey
Partnership Hedgerow survey

To determine the distribution,
character, condition and importance of
species rich and ancient hedgerows
within Kent

                                 2008                                1999

Kent (County)                            County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil
Medway Valley Countryside         National Museum & Gallery,
Partnership 3 Lock Cottages Lock  Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP
Lane Sandling Maidstone ME14 3AU
01622 683695

Kent BAP partnership                 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
                                     Council, Countryside Council for

From Defra re. extent of hedgerows   Yes
under environmental stewardship

Estimated to be c £7000 if it goes
1. To determine the distribution,
character, condition and importance of
species rich and ancient hedgerows
within the Kentish landscape; 2. To
raise awareness of the importance of
hedgerows as a wildlife habitat to the
wider public; 3. To collect key results
following an adapted Kent & Medway
Biological Records Centre (KMBRC)
survey methodology (see Appendix A)
and store these data at KMBRC; 4.To
provide a sampling framework so the
survey method can be rolled out by
other partners on a county wide basis.
5.To deliver the HAP objectives for
hedgerows in Kent i.e.:Ensure no net
loss of ancient &/or species-rich
hedgerows in Kent.; Raise awareness
to the legislative requirements of
farmers and local authorities in
protecting ancient &/or species-rich
hedgerows; Determine the extent and
condition of ancient &/or species-rich
hedgerows in Kent; Publish and
promote the extent and condition of
ancient &/or species-rich hedgerows
in Kent, developing short, medium and
long-term targets to ensure their
preservation; Provide farmers and
landowners practical guides on
hedgerow planting.

Partly                                    No - HEGS

Yes                                       Yes
Yes                                       Yes

Yes                                       Yes
Yes                                       Yes


Yes                                       Yes

See report
MVCP & Kent & Medway Biological
Records Centre (KMBRC)
MVCP are the HAP lead for
hedgerows in Kent. We need to
conduct this survey to provide
adequate base-line data for assessing
the condition of species rich and
ancient hedgerows in the county.
                44                                    45                                46

N Devon                               N Somerset                            NICS
Yes                                   Yes                                   No
North Devon AONB Hedgerow             North Somerset District               N Ireland Countryside
Condition Survey                                                            Survey

The purpose of the study was to       A sub group of about 5 or 6
address the extent and condition of   members of the North Somerset
hedgerows within the North Devon.     Parish Wildlife Wardens (a purely
Volunteers were sent to 16 farms      local voluntary group who aim to
to assess 10 hedges each and a        raise awareness of biodiversity and
desk-top study was alsoe              wildlife issues in their local
conducted.                            communities through organised
                                      events, talks and walks, undertook
                                      a survey of one hedge every two
                                      weeks over the summer period, I
                                      believe mainly over 2005, and
                                      submitted the data to the Bristol
                                      Regional Environmental Records
                                      Centre. The hedgerows selected
                                      were ad hoc in that they were
                                      hedgerows where permission could
                                      be sought and granted

                              2006 If I remember correctly 2005

AONB (N Devon)                        North Somerset District               N Ireland
North Devon AONB, Railway           North Somerset Wildlife Wardens    Uni Ulster
Terrace, East the Water, Bideford
EX39 4BB, 01237 423655,

Leader+                             North Somerset Council also         Yes
                                    contributed the time of the
                                    Biodiversity Officer post to attend
                                    some of the these surveys. The
                                    surveys were undertaken to
                                    contribute to baseline information
                                    for the Boundary and Linear
                                    Features Habitat Action Plan in the
                                    North Somerset Biodiversity Action
                                    Plan – Action for Nature

Yes                                 Yes (Wildlife Wardens)

Biodiversity Officer for Northern   One of the volunteers happened to Yes
Devon Coast + Countryside           be a retired botanist of Long
Service                             Ashton Research Statopm, Dr.
                                    Terry Smith, who led and guided
                                    the other members of the group
                                    who were not botanists. North
                                    Somerset Council‟s Biodiversity
                                    Officer also attended some of the
                                    The survey did not incur any direct
                                    costs. Participants contributed
                                    freely of their time and the cost of
                                    getting to the site. North Somerset
                                    Council contributed travel
                                    expenses for the biodiversity
Biodiversity; landcsape; public   To obtain some baseline records
interest                          (albeit only a very small number),
                                  but also to obtain a „flavour‟ of the
                                  types of woody species to be found
                                  in hedgerows in various locations
                                  in North Somerset

Partly                            Yes


Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes
Yes                               Yes

100+                                  10?


Av height 2-3 m (bank makes up        It is relatively easy to do the hedge
third of ht); Over half were stock-   surveying once permission has
prrof; Over half had continuous       been obtained. Some quite
shrub layer; Over half had no trees   interesting species were found,
due to heavy planting(??); two-       both plant and animal. Some
thirds hedges had fences; half        landowners were quite interested
hedges mecahnically cutr; 3-5         to see the results. It was
speccies was the average number       sometimes not easy to motivate
found in each hedge.                  potential surveyors. Since I don‟t
                                      drive I was dependent on others for
                                      transport. Some veteran trees were
                                      found and recorded. Whenever
                                      possible the results were submitted
                                      to the Bristol Regional
                                      Environmental Records Centre
North Devon AONB Hedge Survey I did have extensive
Analysis Report (internal use only). correspondence with the group
                                     commissioned to revise the
                                     DEFRA manual

ND AONB: excel and Map Info        Bristol Regional Environmental
(GIS)                              Records Centre
                 47                              48

Norfolk                          North Merseyside
Yes                              Yes
Norfolk Hedgerow Survey          North Merseyside Phase 1
                                 habitat surveys

                                 This series of Phase 1 habitat
                                 surveys was commissioned by
                                 Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens
                                 and Sefton Councils in association
                                 with Merseyside Environmental
                                 Advisory service. These were
                                 complete Phase 1 surveys and, in
                                 each case, inclusion of hedgerows
                                 was specified when the survey
                                 contracts were drawn up. The
                                 specific inclusion of hedgerows
                                 was done, primarily, in view of the
                                 1997 hedgerow regulations

1996-2004 (core survey)           Liverpool 2006, Sefton 1999-2000,
Additional records have continued Knowsley 1996-1998 and St
to trickle in                     Helens 1999-2000

Norfolk County                   Local authority areas (Liverpool,
                                 Sefton, Knowsley and St Helens)
Dr Gerry Barnes                     Richard Burkmar (LBAP
                                    uk Merseyside Environmental
                                    Advisory Service 0151 9342809
                                    Bryant House Liverpool Road
                                    North Maghull Merseyside L31

Prof Tom Williamson School of       Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley and St
History University of East Anglia   Helens local authorities
Norwich NR4 7YJ

Yes                                 Yes

All volunteers were trained by Dr
Barnes and Prof Williamson

£2,000 (approximately               Don't know
General biodiversity, landscape,   General biodiversity and habitat
historical                         inventory purposes

No                                 No



Yes                                Yes

Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Ongoing                          Yes
16,500 km                        437 km

15,000 units                                                  2550

Yes                              features in MapInfo table

Please see pp. 129-142 of:       Code Type Length (kilometres)
Barnes, G. and Williamson, T.    J2.1.1 Intact species-rich native
(2006). Hedgerow History:        hedge 2.3 J2.1.2 Intact species-
Ecology, History and Landscape   poor native hedge 334.2 J2.2
Character. Macclesfield:         Defunct hedge 1.8 J2.2.2 Defunct
Windgather Press Ltd             species-poor hedge 45.7 J2.3.1
                                 Native species-rich hedge & trees
                                 3.3 J2.3.2 Species-poor hedge &
                                 trees 50.3
Barnes, G. and Williamson, T.
(2006). Hedgerow History:
Ecology, History and Landscape
Character. Macclesfield:
Windgather Press Ltd

Data are currently held by         Merseyside Environmental
University of East Anglia.         Advisory Service. MapInfo table
However, once the digitisation
process is complete, the data and
GIS layers will be shared with the
Norfolk Biological Records Centre
                49                                    50

Oldham                              Oxfordshire (1)
Yes                                 No
Hedgerow Survey Report, Oldham (Various)
Borough, Greater Manchester

Ecology Services UK Ltd was commissioned by the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Project and the Oldham Biodiversity Group to
                              2006 Various

Borough of Oldham                   Various parishes
Eirwen Hopwood Oldham                CPRE Oxfordshire
Countryside Service Holgate Street
Waterhead Oldham OL4 2JW

Oldham BAP Group and GM              Oxfordshire Nature Conservation
Biodiveristy Project                 Forum


£5.5k approx
Baseline survey as part of a wider
farmland birds project as well as the
above points.

Yes                                     No - standard CPRE method

Yes                                     Yes
Yes                                     Restricted
Yes                                     Restricted
Yes                                     Restricted
Yes                                     Restricted


                  51                               52                            53

Oxfordshire (2)                       Powerstock/Kincombe         Quantocks
Yes                                   No                          Yes
CPRE Oxfordshire Hedgerow             Powerstock/Kincombe Area,   A Restoration Plan for the
Survey                                Dorset                      Beech Hedgebanks of the
                                                                  Quantock Hills

For 30 years the County branch                                    A survey of the beech hedgebanks
has co-ordinated surveys by its                                   of the Quantock Hills. Condition,
members and other                                                 past management etc, with
volunteersthroughout Oxfordshire.                                 prioritised restoration plan
Over one third of all parishes have
been completely or partially

1975 to present and ongoing                                                                    2005

County (Oxfordshire)                                              Quantock Hills AONB
CPRE Oxfordshire. Alan Spicer, 15 Carolyn Steel, DERC, Library HQ   Quantock Hills AONB Service, Iain
Hill Close, Charlebury, Oxford OX7 Collinton Park, Dorchester DT1   Porter, Development Officer
3SY         1XJ                              Quantock Office Castle Street
(honorary hedgerow consultant)                                      Nether Stowey Bridgwater, TA5
                                                                    1LN 01278 733642, 07771 678641

Cherwell District Council; South                                    Previous RDS, now Natural
Oxfordshire District Council; The                                   England
Wychwood Project (see Q18);
Oxford Brookes Uni; Natural
england (Southern Region)


From A Spicer (former senior
lecturere in Biol Sciences, OBU)
on design of original survey. Dr P
Wallace - design of revised Hedge
Survey Pack and database.

Printing, postage costs only                                                                 £10,000
To raise public and governmental    Landscape / Historic
awareness of the historical,
landscape and wildlife importance
of hedges and to promote their

No                                  Partly

at parish level

Yes                                 Yes
Yes                                 Yes

Yes                                 Yes
Yes                                 Yes
Yes                                 Yes
                                    37.2 km



Although in many intenseively       Boundaries date from a number of
farmed regions up to 80% of         periods & were established for a
19Century hedges have been          variety of functions.; Majority of
removed, parts of the County,       beech hedgerows likely to have
esepcially within the Cotswolds     been established on existing
and Chiltern Parishes have          boundaries during 18th & 19th
retained many species-rich          century as part of estate
hedhges, probably remnants of the   enhancements with beech chosen
former hunting Forests.             partly because it was available in
                                    large quantities from local
                                    nurseries and partly because it
                                    was regarded as suitable
                                    ornamental and formal for the
                                    aggrandisment of estate
                                    boundaries and productive
                                    farmland claimed from the
                                    farmland; Strong interest from
                                    most landowners to undertake
                                    programme of restoration and
                                    renewal of beech hedgebanks.
                                    However it is clear that this work
                                    has little financial benefit to
                                    farmers and landowners and will
                                    require significant inputs of grant
                                    funding; Beech hedgebanks length
                                    is less than previously thought,
                                    however they are clearly a
                                    prominent force in the landscape
                                    and a major contributor to the
                                    natural beauty of the Quantock
1. D Porter & A B Spicer (1985)      A Restoration Plan for the Beech
Hedges in our Countrytside. A        Hedgebanks of the Quantock Hills.
booklet published by CPRE            Land Use Consultants (2005).
Oxfordshire; 2. A B Spicer (1989)
Hedgerow remnants of the Former
Wychwood Forest, W Oxfordshire
(53 pp). Unpublished report to the
Nature Conservancy Council; 3.
Several individual Oxfordshire
Parish Surveys published by local

CPRE Oxfordshire Branch Office.      Quantock Hills AONB Service.
                                     Hardcopy, electronic (pdf) & GIS
The report to the NCC was a key
initiative in the foramtion of the
'Wychwood Project' - a programme
(1997 to present) of landscape
restoration and community action
in W Oxfordhsire.
                54                                    55                                     56

Redcar                                Rotherham                              S Derbyshire
Yes                                   Yes                                    Yes
Heritage Hedgerows of Redcar          Rotherham Ancient and Species Ticknall and Ingleby Hedgerow
and Cleveland                         Rich Hedgerow Project         survey (South Derbyshire)

A Heritage Lottery Fund project       The main objective of the Project      A hedgerow survey was carried out
locating hedgerows of heritage and    was to provide data to enable the      in the parishes of Ingleby and
biodiversity importance to gather     preparation of a hedgerow register.    Ticknall in South Derbyshire.
baseline data on the extent of such   Secondary objectives of the project    Students carried out the surveys
hedgerows for the Tees Valley         were to enable the training and        as part of their independent
BAP. The survey involved              support of volunteers to undertake     studies using the adopted DEFRA
volunteers and local communities      survey work in accordance with the     methodology
in historical research, surveying,    Defra Hedgerow Survey Handbook
and data dissemination, and           and its associated recording forms,
provided numerous events to raise     and furthermore to promote
awareness of the importance of        Rotherham‟s BAP and its ancient
hedgerows amongst the general         and species-rich hedgerow
public                                resource.

2006 & 2007                           2006 – although the project is to be                                   2006
                                      continued in 2008

Redcar and Cleveland Borough          Rotherham                              Ticknall and Ingleby Parishes
Project co-ordinated by Jessica Rotherham Metropolitan Borough       Debbie Court, Biodiversity Project
Harrison, The Wildflower Ark,   Council                              Officer, Lowland Derbyshire
Nature‟s World, Ladgate Lane,                                        Biodiversity Partnership c/o
Acklam, Middlesbrough, TS% 7YN.                                      Derbyshire County Council Shand
Tel: 01642 576611. Email:                                            House, Dale Road South Matlock                                            Derbyshire DE4 3RY tel 01629

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust/Tees   The Rotherham Biodiversity         Derby University; National Trust
Valley Biodiversity Partnership   Forum; Defra (funding partner)     (major landholder in parish);
                                                                     Church Commissioners (major
                                                                     landholder in parish); Local

Yes                               Yes
                                  RMBC staff                         University students (trained)

Survey was carried out in line with Training was provided by Yorkshire Students were trained by
(though a simplified version to     Naturalist Union                   experienced hedge surveyors
allow as much baseline data to be
gathered as possible) the DEFRA
Hedgerow Survey Handbook

                          £49,000 The survey work has been           Nothing – all carried out voluntarily
                                  undertaken by volunteers           and within other project work
Very little known about the extent To meet targets in the Rotherham   Baseline information for LBAP
of hedgerows of heritage (including BAP
ancient) and/or biodiversity
(including species-richness) value
in the Lower Tees Valley. Previous
survey in the borough of Stockton-
on-Tees (also carried out by The
Wildflower Ark) located some
ancient hedgerows, indicating that
there could be a good number in
R&C (a borough not farmed to
such intensity and with an older
landscape history).

Partly                            Yes                                 Yes


Yes                               Yes                                 Yes
Yes                               Yes                                 Yes
Yes                               Yes                                 Yes
Yes                               Yes                                 Yes
Yes                               Yes                                 Yes
Yes                               Yes                                 Yes

Yes                               No                                  Yes
                                  No                                  Yes
Yes                                  No                                   Yes
                                     Not yet                              372 km


                                     89 new surveys through this          Yes
                                     project in 2006
Over 1450 hedgerows were             Results will be analysed following   Students have not sent in their
surveyed and a third of these were further survey work in 2008            final report yet
species-rich. It was not possible to
define any as ancient due to the
absence of suitable historical
documentation. Only 182
hedgerows were visited at the
optimal time of year for recording
ground flora and 162 of these had
woodland ground flora. Ground
flora was also recorded in other
hedgerows at other times of the
year, giving a total of 470
hedgerows with woodland ground
flora. The main conclusion was
that, contrary to popular belief,
there are numerous hedgerows of
heritage and biodiversity value
present in the borough, but that
many of these are in need of
management – coppicing and/or
layering and/or gapping-up as
many are gappy and overgrown.
„Heritage Hedgerows of Redcar          Report and Hedgerow Register will Two BSC independent studies
and Cleveland‟ (unpublished –          be available following further
available to download from our         survey work in 2008

Data (written report and GIS           Rotherham Biological Records         Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity
shapefile/database) disseminated       Centre will hold the results. The    Partnership in MAPINFO GIS
to DEFRA, Natural England (NE          results will be input to the Defra   layers and excel spreadsheet
Office), Tees Valley Wildlife Trust,   Hedgerow database
Redcar and Cleveland Council,
Tree Council, FWAG (NE Office).
               57                            58                         59

Scotland                     Sheffield/S Yorks                 Shropshire
No                           Yes                               No
A register of species-rich   Implementation of Hedgerows     Hedgerows for
hedgerows in Scotland        Regulations 1997. Monitoring    dormice
                             Report from Sheffield Peak
                             District & South Yorkshire CPRE
                             Branch Area

                             Presents the results of work on
                             monitoring the operation and
                             impact of the Hedgerow
                             Regulations 1997 in the Peak
                             District & South Yorkshire


                             Peak District & South Yorkshire
Dr Jane MacKintosh, SNH, 2       CPRE Peak District and South
Anderson Place, Edinburgh, EH6   Yorskhire, The Stables, 22a
5NP                              Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield S10
                                 3EF, 0114 2665822,


Yes                              Yes

                                 £0 (travel expenses and paper)
      Planning aspects of Hedgerow
      Regs - how local authorities were
      performing their duties

No    No - CPRE Hedgerow Pack


>5 km



24 hedgerow removal notifications
were submitted to local authorities
affecting 45 hedges. 32 hedges
were approved for removal with 10
involving re-instatement of lengths
removed. 13 hedges received
protection (or 28% of total notified).
Barnsley MBC protected the least
amount of hedgerow (2%) whilst
Doncaster MBC protected 85% of
its notified hedges in the same
Unbound report available at CPRE
PDSY Office

Hard copy only.
Ongoing   CPRE PDSY Office
            60                             61                             62

Solway                        South Devon AONB            South Dorset
No                            No                          Yes
Solway Coast AONB Hedgerow South Devon AONB: A sample     South Dorset Hedges
Survey                     survey of its hedges in 2002

                                                          Golden Cap Estate Hedgerow
                                                          Survey for National Trust, including
                                                          veteran trees, verges etc. Field by
                                                          field survey. Osmington parish
                                                          survey – only from public footpaths
                                                          and minor roads. Studland Parish
                                                          Surveys (National Trust) Field by
                                                          field survey

                       2004                          2002 Golden Cap (2005 = 179 hedges)
                                                          (2007 a further 30+ hedges using
                                                          new forms); Osmington = 79
                                                          hedges (2004). Studland at least
                                                          50 hedges. (2006)
AONB                          AONB (South Hams)           Parishes all in ANOB: Golden Cap
                                                          (Symondsbury, St Gabriels,
AONB Partnership   AONB Unit                       John Newbould 3 Brookmead
                                                   Close, Sutton Poyntz, Weymouth
                                                   DT3 6RS 01305 837384

                   Devon County Council, South     National Trust (Wessex Region);
                   Hams District Council and the   Dorset Environmental Records
                   Countryside Agency.             Centre

Yes                Yes                             Yes

Yes                CEH had involvement             No only access permissions

                                                   Golden Cap = 15 days field work,
                                                   Osmington 12 days field work,
                                                   Studland 5 days field work plus
                                                   report writing ( all voluntary) and
                                                   processing time DERC staff
                 1. Provide baseline data about the   National Trust at request of
                 character and condition of hedges    Regional Archaeologist/ inform
                 in the South Hams which will allow   stewardship applications/ checking
                 the measurement of future            boundaries for incursions/ inform
                 changes and trends; 2. Record the    on fencing condition etc.
                 current status of hedges as
                 landscape features and wildlife
                 habitats; 3. Provide robust data
                 which will inform the development
                 of policies in the AONB
                 Management Plan and particularly
                 the development of hedge
                 restoration and management
                 programmes; 4. Develop a
                 methodology which can be
                 expanded to cover the whole of

Yes (modified)   Partly - started before methodology Yes

Yes              Yes
Yes              Yes

Yes              Yes                                  Yes
Yes              Yes                                  Yes
Yes                                                   Yes
Yes                                                   Yes
Yes                                                   Yes
Yes                                                   Yes

                         4060 km

                   130                                    176

Yes                      Yes

29% species-rich         There are 4060 km of hedge in the       The Golden Cap and Studland
                         AONB. The density of hedges on          hedges were mainly in ancient
                         average is 12.4km length of             countryside with many old ash and
                         hedgerow in every 1 square km of        field maple coppice stools. The
                         land area. Only 37% of the hedges       Osmington Parish Survey was
                         fit the category of "species rich" in   mainly post enclosure act field
                         the Biodiversity Plan (ie by having     margins. Golden Cap and
                         5 or more woody species per             Osmington have been published in
                         hedge section). 64% of                  the Proceedings of The Dorset
                         hedgebanks appeared to be in            Natural History and Archaeological
                         good or intermediate condition,         Society. Where possible both
                         while 36% appeared to be in poor        hedges and verges have been
                         or derelict condition; 60% of           allocated a NVC community.
                         hedges had no trees at all; The         Species rich verges can be
                         hedgerow wild flower mix was            identified but are quite scarce.
                         dominated by the group of species       Some work is in progress on
                         (nettles, cleavers, brambles, hedge     capturing bird data for Golden Cap
                         bedstraw, campion etc) that             and that is on going
                         reflects high soil nutrient levels
Proceedings of the Dorset Natural
History and Archaeological Society
126 (2004); Proceedings of the
Dorset Natural History and
Archaeological Society 127 (2005)

Dorset Environmental Records
Centre (Recorder 6); John
Newbould and National Trust
[Info obtained from AONB minutes        I have provided Hedgerow Training
on website] The pilot survey was        Days both here in Dorset and in
tremendously useful in working          Yorkshire on at least seven
through the methodology and it          occasions. I have specific
turned up some useful material. It      handbooks written to assist this
did have its limitations however:       process. The average volunteer
because the sample size was quite       finds the recording forms too
small, there were insufficient data     complex from the 2007 Hedgerow
sets to draw statistically sound        Handbook and we are having
conclusions from some of the            difficulty in recruiting volunteers.
measures; because the survey was        Personally I just get on with it as
undertaken in mid-summer when           written. Having worked for the
hedge growth was at its most            Health Service for 40 years, you
vigorous, it was difficult to           learn to! It would help considerably
undertake a proper assessment of        if the database used was attached
the condition of the hedgebanks         to Recorder 6, which is the defacto
under all the vegetation at that time   Record Centre standard. This
of year; the task of processing the     would certainly speed up
data (the sophisticated "number         availability to Natural England
crunching" by computer to check         /Defra computer systems
statistical reliability) was to have
been undertaken free of charge on
behalf of the project by the Centre
for Ecology and Hydrology but
delays and re-organisation there
have held this critical work up.
               63                               64                         65

Stockton-on-Tees                    Studham-Whipsnade   Suffolk
Yes                                 No                  Yes
Ancient Hedgerows of Stockton- Studham-Whipsnade        Suffolk Hedgerow Survey
on-Tees                        Hedgerow Study

A pilot survey to establish the                         To survey by means of a minimum
extent and character of hedgerows                       30 m samples every landscape
of biodiversity importance in the                       hedgerow in Suffolk to record the
borough of Stockton-on-Tees in                          species richness of trees and
the Lower Tees Valley. The survey                       bushes, the structure of the
collected basic species and                             hedgerow and the landscape
hedgerow feature information.                           connections on both sides. To
                                                        number every hedgerow, record its
                                                        mid point grid reference and plot on
                                                        1;5000 maps every such hedgerow
                                                        with a colour coding to show its
                                                        species richness. To encourage
                                                        community voluntary working on the
                                                        heritage and inheritance of the
                                                        hedgerows for the benefit and use by
                                                        the community, parish councils and
                                                        landowners and farmers.

                             2005                       1998 onwards and still ongoing in
                                                        2008 through to 2010 leaf fall

Borough (Stockton-on-Tees)          Parish?             County - Suffolk
The Wildflower Ark (contact        Bedfordshire County Council,     Suffolk Hedgerow Survey. Ambleside
Jessica Harrison), Nature's World, County Hall, Cauldwell Street,   Cottage Valley Farm Road. Melton
Ladgate Lane, Acklam,              Bedford MK42 9AP                 Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1LJ
Middlesbrough, TS5 7YN. Tel:
01642 576611 Email:

Stockton-on-Tees Borough                                            Suffolk Coastal District Council.
Council, Tees Archaeology, Tees                                     Suffolk Biological Records Centre
Valley Wildlife Trust

Yes                                                                 Yes
Yes                                                                 Yes

n/a                                                                 Yes, mainly species identification and
                                                                    computing science

                          £40,000                                   £5,000 pa
Lack of data on hedgerows of       Rio Earth Summit indicators, County
biodiversity importance anywhere   BAP priority, District Council LA/21
in the Lower Tees Valley. Raise    priority, landscape habitat, support
awareness of the importance of     for farmers and landowners,
hedgerows and their place in       generation of community enterprise
landscape history                  and awareness.

Yes                                Partly



Yes                                Yes

Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes
Yes                                Yes

Yes                                Yes
No                                     14,400 km

                                500                                    44,213

Yes                                    Yes

Although the survey only collected     I am calculating a running average
base-line data (excluding data on      set of statistics mainly relating to the
species-richness), it established      "average" parish in regards to
that, contrary to popular belief,      species richness, field boundaries
there are many hedgerows in the        with no hedgerow and the "average"
borough that are of biodiversity       number of landscape hedgerow per
importance, with a wide range of       parish. The figures are continually
woody species recorded. The            changing slightly as the statistics
borough is predominantly arable        build but as at 26 July 2008 : 4 or
(out with the urban area) and the      less species per hedgerow 17.8%;
hedgerows were often gappy and         5,6 and 7 species 31.7%; 8 and more
suffering from spray drift, and thus   species 50.4%; no hedgerow less
there is a need to raise awareness     than 2%; Av No of hedgerows per
of the benefit of hedgerows to         parish 179
biodiversity amongst
farmers/landowners. It was only
possible to date a few hedgerows
in the parish of Longnewton, to the
late 1600s, as there is very little
historical documentation still in
'Ancient Hedgerows in Stockton',    None
available to download from

The Wildflower Ark hold the         Suffolk Biological Records Centre on
master copy of the database         computer GIS database
generated from the survey, in
ArcView GIS. Copies of the
database are also held at Natural
England, DEFRA, and Stockton-on-
Tees Borough Council
In answer to your q3 on the
spreadsheet the entry should read
1998 onwards, not 1998 to 20 - We
have 100 surveys completed, audited
and being entered by SBRC - We
have another 250 surveys ongoing at
various stages of progress - We
have 45 parishes thinking about it,
recruiting coordinator and surveyor
volunteers - We have a further 79
parishes that have so far not shown
interest. These parishes will be the
subject of our winter 2008 strategy to
get volunteers to our training
sessions on 9 and 16 may 2009 - We
trained 221 volunteers at 3 sessions
in 2008 from 51 parishes. - Currently
our estimate is that we have a total of
some 2500 volunteers spread over
the last 10 years, some 1200 to 1500
at any one time. - The number of
landowners who deny access is very
low, say 15-20 in all, mostly landed
estates, which would be less than 1-
2%. - We pay particular attention to 3
and 6 metre buffer strips even on
field boundaries with no hedgerows. -
It is very noticeable that where during
the war there were airstrips, many
trees seem to be absent and US
station commanders were known to
have them cut down to protect their
low flying returning aircraft.
              66                                  67                                    68

Sussex                           SW Glos etc                            Tannery Park
Yes                              Yes                                    Yes
Sussex Hedgerow Inventory        The Field Boundaries Project           Tannery Park Hedgerow survey

Continuing project. Survey all   A long term census survey              A hedgerow survey was carried out
hedgerows in stratified (no      covering two local authorities. Run    at the Tannery Park site in the
adjacent, no urban, within EN    by the local authority with external   Woodhouse area of Sheffield,
Character Areas), random         funding for project officers (four     during a community events day on
(MSExcel random number),         people at least over the years).       the site. The site was split into 13
quarter km squares in Sussex.    Survey carried out by volunteers       short hedge sections and surveyed
Survey methodology as per 1997   on a parish by parish basis            using the HEGS methodology, with
Hedgerows Regulations                                                   a standard survey form being filled
                                                                        in for each section. Ecological
                                                                        grades were then calculated for
                                                                        each of the hedge sections. A
                                                                        species list was also compiled for
                                                                        the hedgerows on site.

2003 onw.                        1996 onwards                                                         2007

East & West Sussex               Local Authority (South             Local inter-city park
                                 Gloucestershire, Bath & North East
Peter Challis Sussex Hedgerow        Bath & North East Somerset         Sheffield Wildlife Trust 37 Stafford
Inventory Project Sussex             Council Trimbridge House Trim      road Sheffield S2 2SF
Biodiversity Record Centre Sussex    Street Bath BA1 2DP Sally
Wildlife Trust, Woods Mill,          Pattison 01454 862215
HENFIELD, BN5 9SD. tel: 01273
497553                               Sue Murthagh 01225 477618  

Sussex Hedgerow HAP Working          South Gloucestershire Council   No
Group incl: Sussex Wildlife Trust,   Bristol Regional Environmental
West Sussex County Council, East     Record Centre Mendip Hills AONB
Sussex County Council, NE,           FWAG
FWAG, South Downs Joint
Committee, Biodiversity Officer

Casual                                                                  Yes
Mainly                               Yes                                Yes
                                                                        Local residents

methodology tested by                From project partners for some     The HEGS methodology booklet
professional surveyors and           training events and planning the   was used as guidelines
botanical recorders                  survey methodology.

circa £1,000, 2003 - 2007; £6,000 £50,000 HLF plus lots of other
grant 2007 - 2008; 2008 onwards - ongoing smaller grants
importance of database to              Hedgerow regulations; BAP targets
measure extent, species-richness       – both to clarify the targets
and base for future comparison;        (i.e.what have we got?) and to
identify suitable areas for            meet targets; Heritage; Planning
monitoring; identify important         pressure
areas for prioritising conservation;
identify areas for improving habitat

                                       No                                  Yes



                                       Yes                                 Yes
                                       Yes                                 Yes
                                       Yes                                 Yes
                                       Yes                                 Yes

                                      Roughly 5,000-8,000km                0.25km



report will be completed by end       BRERC Hedgerow GIS table now         The hedgerows were all given
February ‟08. (Indications are that   contains 8966 hedgerows. This        grades from –4 (low ecological
m/km2 are higher than national        equates to 1,607 km or 999 miles     value) to +1 (high ecological
average; species-richness lower       in length. Over 65,000 individual    value), with 11 out of the 13
than expected but more than 50%       records of species have been         sections gaining grades higher
spp-rich. Best areas in Weald.        generated from the                   than –2 and therefore being of
More hedgerows than expected in                                            conservation importance. The
Coastal Plain)                                                             majority of the hedgerows within
                                                                           this site were very tall hedge
                                                                           sections with the dominant species
                                                                           present consisting of hawthorn
                                                                           (Crategus monogyna) and elder
                                                                           (Sambucus nigra).The survey
                                                                           showed that these hedgerows
                                                                           should therefore be managed to
                                                                           preserve their importance.
to follow                         Mostly in-house stuff; Booklet on    Tannery Park: Hedgerow survey,
                                  hedges and walls – heritage,         October 2007
                                  memories aural history, recipes
                                  etc.; Why not walk? – trails along
                                  nice hedgerows x2; Educational
                                  CD ROM for Primary Schools

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre BRERC - record centre (digitised Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Paper
- MS Access - Arcview             and paper). Also held by local      format
                                  authority on a disk (some originals
                                  on computer). Parish maps sent to
                                  some of the completed parishes –
                                  some on the web
Also trying to encourage local        ancient woodland (as defined by
parishes to conduct full parish       hedgerow regulations), 58% are
hedgerow surveys with support         recorded as having mature trees,
from Biodiversity Record Centre -     32% have ditches and 34% have
2 completed, many in hand.            banks associated with them, 58%
Further information readily           of hedges are gappy and 12% are
available to anyone interested;       derelict. For just the 3yr HLF
also see                              funded bit of the survey: 23   parishes totally completed. 2,000
dgerows.htm                           people involved and 6,500
                                      volunteer hours. 250 trained
                                      hedgerow surveyors. Hedgelaying
                                      training and hedge planting.
                                      Hedgerow fortnight in 2004 with
                                      projects across the region and
                                      1,000 people involved. Has led on
                                      to a dormouse project.
                69                                 70                                71

Teignbridge                        Upper Thames Hedgerow Survey       W Cambridgeshire
No                                 No                                 Yes
Teignbridge                        Upper Thames Hedgerow              West Cambridgeshire Hundreds
                                   Survey                             Hedgerow Surveys

We have up-to-date air photos      10 farms surveyed, visually        Survey of networks of hedgerows
(2006). We tend to assume that all                                    in identified project area that
our hedges are cracking good ones                                     includes several isolated SSSIs,
that will meet Hedge Reg                                              with a view to engaging
standards, because nearly all                                         landowners in beneficial
hedges in Devon are really old and                                    management to increase habitat
species rich, most are bat flight                                     connectivity between woodlands
paths and/or have dormice and/or
are in cirl bunting breeding
territories, etc. (We can see that
they are good as we walk/drive
around; I think all of our Hedge
Reg apps have come back as
Important; planning app species
surveys keep turning up bats,
dormice, etc)

                                                                 2008 2006 & 2008

                                                                      Parishes (11): Bourn, Longstowe,
                                                                      Arrington, Croydon, Hatley,
                                                                      Gamlingay, Waresley, Gransden,
                                                                      Kingsto, Wimpole, Eversden
Mary de Lemos Biodiversity Officer David Redhead, Brown Hairstreak   The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire,
Policy and Heritage Team           Champion, Upper Thames Branch,    Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire
Planning, Design and Property      Butterfly Conservation.           & Peterborough - Martin Baker,
Management Services Teignbridge                                      Conservation Manager, The Manor
District Council Forde House                                         House, Broad Street, Great
Brunel Road Newton Abbot Devon,                                      Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23
TQ12 4XX Tel: 01626 215794 Fax:                                      6DH 01954 713508
01626 215760 Email:                                        

                                                                     National Trust; Private landowners
                                                                     & tenant farmers; FWAG


                                                                     Lead by Wildlife Trust conservation

                                                                     £10k approx
Assess ELS benefits to butterflies Biodiversity & landscape ecology -
(Brown hairstreak) via hedge       identify important habitat linkages
management                         between ancient woodlands &
                                   opportunities for enhancement of
                                   habitat linkages for specific
                                   species (Barbastelle Bat) & more
                                   general biodiversity.

No - largely visual inspection     Yes



                                          165km (2006)

                                          350 (2006)

This survey indicates the                 2006 results only so far. 165 Km
hedgerow options in ELS are               of hedgerows surveyed of which
having little beneficial effect. It can   24Km were deemed to be of high
be calculated from the results that       quality. Opportunities for
less than 20% of hedgerows                hedgerow enhancement and
previously annually flailed both top      identification of priority links formed
and sides are now receiving more          part of the preparation of the West
relaxed treatment to the benefit of       Cambridgeshire Hundreds
wildlife and the environment. The         Landscape & Ecology Masterplan
hedgerow options in ELS should            document.
be reviewed along with the other
options. This review should be
based on the results of surveys
designed to assess the current
effectiveness of the options. The
simplest and most effective and
balanced solution may be just to
raise the points total needed to
achieve ELS status.
Consideration should be given to
actively promoting reduced
hedgerow flailing on the grounds
of decreasing energy & fuel
consumption and as a direct result
reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
The West Cambridgeshire
Hundreds: Landscape &
Conservation Masterplan

Wildlife Trust: Mapinfo GIS dataset
2008 survey results to follow
                72                                   73                               74

W Sedgemoor                         Wakefield                          Warwickshire
Yes                                 Yes                                Yes
Brown Hairstreak Egg survey         Wakefield Hedgerow Survey          The Warwickshire Hedgerow

Survey carried out in December,     Collation of Phase I survey data   To record & survey all hedgerows
now every 5 years, on all reserve (mapping using MapInfo) with         in Warwickshire. To involve groups
hedges to find eggs of brown        some ground truthing               and individuals. To encourage
hairstreak butterfly. Involves                                         access for young or disadvantaged
walking along set transect routes,                                     people into the countryside.
inspecting blackthorn in hedges for
eggs and recording amount of
eggs found per hedge section

Most recent survey completed on Based on 1990 Phase I survey,          2000 onw annually
17th December 2007. Historical    project carried out in 2003
data from 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999,
2001, 2002

Hedges that border West             Unitary District (Wakefield)       Warwickshire
Sedgemoor SSSI (RSPB West
Sedgemoor Reserve)
RSPB West Sedgemoor Reserve,          Work carried out by volunteer for   CPRE Warwickshire, 41A Smith
Becky Thorpe                          English Nature - Natural England,   Street, Warwick. CV34 4JA 01926              Bullring House, Northgate,          494597
Dewlands Farm Redhill Curry           Wakefield, WF1 3BJ - Contact
Rivel Langport Somerset TA10          Tim Kohler, 01924 334510            uk
0PH Tel 01458 252820

                                      Wakefield District Council          Warks Wildlife Trust; Warks
                                                                          County Council; WIs

Yes                                   Yes                                 Yes

Staff at RSPB reserve aided           Project supervised by English       Chris Britt has been very helpful
volunteers and provided a brief       Nature Conservation Officer         with training
identification session prior to the

Only cost volunteer and staff time All done though voluntary work, but                                  £1,500
in hours (2 hours x 12 people = 24 using English Nature's offices and
hours)                             equipment
To aid future management of       General biodiversity, and to       Protection and conservation re
hedges in terms of flailing and   support hedgerow legislation and   planning applications. Raise public
laying hedges                     influence developing Wakefield     interest in hedges/landscape
                                  LDF/UDP                            features. Raise profile of CPRE.
                                                                     Increase awareness of countryside
                                                                     for young people.

No                                No                                 Yes



Yes                                                                  Yes
Yes                                                                  Yes

Yes                               Yes                                Yes
Yes                               Yes                                Yes
Yes                                     Yes                                   Yes
Approximately 9 km                      Lengths not included in report but    450 km
                                        could be calculated

                                  74                                          c. 400


Results -116 eggs found on most         Report identified 15 3x3km            We are currently waiting for our
current survey. Surveys prior to        squares within the district, mapped   partners (WWT + WCC) to input
this have also resulted in around       the hedgerows and provided a          data and report. N.B. there are still
100 or more eggs being found.           SWOT analysis                         problems access8ing the Defra
Conclusions - Winter flailing                                                 database.
management may be reduced in
areas where many eggs found.
Summer flailing is carried out in the
first week of August, prior to the
egg laying time period of brown
hairstreak, which is from mid to late
August and into September, by
which time there are new shoots of
blackthorn as a result of the
summer flail, suitable for the
butterfly to lay eggs on.
RSPB reserve annual reports and                                          None so far excpet limited reports
management plans                                                         from WCC & the Wildlife Trust.

Reserve office and in the form of    Natural England - Digital maps of   Wcc & WCT. (Original paper forms
annual records in CMS. Record        hedgerows, Report; Wakefield        and some on databse).
will probably be sent to butterfly   MDC - Report
conservation also
                 75                               76                                 77

Worcestershire                     Wroughton                         Wychavon
Yes                                Yes                               No
A survey of some                   Wroughton Hedgerow Survey         Wychavon
Worcestershire hedges

A survey was carried out of 42     Parish wide survey to map every   Just to let you know why I haven't
hedges in Worcestershire as a      hedgerow                          returned the completed
data collection exercise for a                                       questionnaire:We don't carry out
university ecology course. 3 areas                                   "pro-active" surveys of hedgerows.
with different rock types (Keuper                                    The only time I carry out "surveys"
Marl, Lias Clay and Triassic                                         on hedgerows is when they are
sandstone) and therefor possibly                                     threatened either as a result of a
different plant associations were                                    planning proposal or when I
chosen and the same number of                                        receive a Hedgerow Removal
hedges on each rock type was                                         Notice under the Hedgerow
surveyed                                                             Regulations.

                             1998 2005-7

Countywide to cover 3 rock types   Wroughton Parish
None – this was a data collection   Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Tom      Susanne Hiscock Landscape &
exercise for an undergraduate       Cairns Elm Tree Court Long Street Natural Heritage Officer Wychavon
ecology course at UEA               Devizes SN10 1NT 01380 725670 District Council Civic Centre,
                                                                      Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore,
                                                                      Worcs. WR10 1PT Tel: 01386

Ecology student

From UEA tutor and guidance on      Setting up survey and running
statistical methods. Wendy          training sessions
Johnson – landscape historian

Nil                                                            £4,000
ecological statistics for multivariate General biodiversity mapping in
analysis - recorded percentage         advance of potential urban
cover of shrub species, height,        extensions
management, ditches, hedgerow
trees and rock type



About 3 km

One aim of this survey was to       Awaiting Map to be produced –
devise a statistically acceptable   use as the basis for a “Vision for
method of measuring percentage      Wroughton” (Parish Plan) project if
cover of the various species in a   further funding available on
hedge taking the species records    Urban/Rural fringe
beyond the Hooper method which
recorded only presence or
absence. The results showed there
were some differences in the
characteristics of hedges on
different rock types
Raw data on spread sheet held by Wiltshire and Swindon Biological
Dr. Martin Johnson, school of    Records Centre
Environmental Science, UEA
                 78                              79

Yorks E Riding                 Yorkshire Dales
No                             Yes
East Riding District Council   Hedgerows in the Yorkshire
                               dales National Park, An
                               assessment of Hedgerows
                               considered to be important
                               within the scope of the
                               Hedgerow regulations 1997
                               Took data from a phase 1 survey
                               of the Yorkshire part of the national
                               park and put it onto a GIS system
                               (Mapinfo). Then compared data
                               with the OS 1st edition map to find
                               hedgerow present circa 1850-56.
                               Once the old hedgerows had been
                               identified, a trawl of all local
                               records offices was carried out to
                               identify hedgerows that fulfilled the
                               historic criteria to be considered
                               important within the scope of the
                               Regulations (i.e map based
                               evidence before 1845).


                               The Yorkshire part of the YDNPA
North & East Yorkshire Ecological   Phillip Hibbs, Conservation Officer,
Data Centre. Review of hedges in    Yorkshire Dales National Park
SINC sites - Contact Simon          Authority, Colvend, Hebden Road,
Pickles NEYEDC 01904 641631         Grassington, Skipton, North
                                    Yorkshire, BD23 5LB. Direct dial,
                                    01756 751607. email

                                    Carried out under guidance of
                                    Middlesex University

                                    Help was sought from other
                                    colleagues at YDNPA, Defra and
                                    the University

                                    Officer time
To identify hedgerows considered
to be important under the
Regulations, prevent their removal,
raise the profile of hedgerows and
encourage restoration


110 km

41 out of 79 parishes surveyed had
hedgerows present with a total
length of 110.9Km. Mainly
distributed in 3 main areas around
Bishopdale, Malhamdale and
Thornton in Lonsdale, with a
scattering along Wharfedale and
lower Swaledale. The top 5
parishes contain just under 50% of
the total hedgerows, with the top 2
Newbiggin in Bishopdale and
Thornton in Lonsdale containing
just under 30% of the total. The
Craven part of the park has a
density of 72.8m of hedgerow per
Km2, whilst Richmondshire has a
density of 70.3m of hedgerow per
Km2. 67% of the hedgerows,
72.5Km are considered to be
important under the historic criteria
of the Regulations
MSc dissertation; Leaflet available
to the Public, Hedgerows, A guide
to their management and
restoration for Farmers and

YDNPA, (Mapinfo tables, copies of
historic maps, word documents of
dissertation and leaflet.)
You are more than welcome to
have access to any of the above
information, or if you would like to
discuss further please feel free to
contact me. Had volunteers carry
out survey of woody and herb layer
of hedgerows this summer
however I have haven‟t had time to
analyse the results and the returns
have been poor

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