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									                                  CURRICULUM VITAE
                                    Sergot JACOB
        PhD (Economics), completed (CERDI-CNRS and CEREGMIA, France)
                 MA (Management and Project Evaluation), Belgium
DES (Quantitative Applied Economics--Specialization: socio-economic Planning), Haiti
                   BSc (Agricultural Economics Engineering), Haiti

                                           Postal address:
                             8835, 14e Ave, Montréal, Québec H1Z 3M7
                                        Cell. +514 962 86 21
                                 E-mail :

                                          BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH
I’m a graduate in Economics and Rural development of the State University of Haiti. I also holds a DES
in Quantitative Applied Economic and Social Planning from the Centre de Techniques de Planification
et d’Économie Appliquée (CTPEA, Haiti), and a Master's degree (MA) in Management and Evaluation of
development projects and programs from the University of Antwerp (Belgium). I work in the field of the
economic and social development since several years where I began my career as an agro-economist
resident in a France-Haiti Co-operation Project (Projet d’appui institutionnel et de formation des cadres)
where my main responsibilities were to supply technical assistance in the analysis of the Haitian peasant
movement, the practices of management of the shops of agricultural inputs, and to propose training
contents in order to strengthen the management rural producers organizations, and they common
assets. I’ve also assisted professional producers’ organizations leaders in planning, managing and
monitoring projects. After completing my MA in Belgium, whose thesis make me awarded for the " Prize
of the Province of Antwerp for the Belgian International Co-operation in Development in 2000 ", I’ve
gone back to Haiti and worked as an independent consultant and university professor in applied
economics, project management and evaluation. I’ve published several studies and scientific articles on
public policies assessment, with preference for the evaluation of the micro-impact of structural
adjustment programs experienced in Haiti since the beginning of the 80s, the impact of structural
adjustment programs in the agricultural sector in Haiti, the Haitian experience of the agricultural trade
liberalization, HIV-AIDS, and rural development in Haiti. My main research domains are rural,
community and local development, evaluation of public policies (economic and social), managerial
economics, applied qualitative econometrics, measurement of social capital and human capital. I’ve
occupied several key positions in different private University in Haiti. As consultant, researcher and
project evaluator, I’m an experienced Development Economist with appropriate works in qualitative and
econometric analysis, data envelopment analysis (DEA) as well as socio economic and policy analysis
and proposal/grant writing. I’ve also designed and conducted surveys in poor urban and rural areas and
HIV/AIDS systems as well. Such surveys have covered individuals, households, private and public
organizations. My computer skills are in data analysis packages as SPSS, E-Views, STATA, DEA-Excel-
Solver, Microsoft project, etc.

I’ve also coordinated the programs of an Haitian NGO—Alliance pour la Survie et le Developpement de
l’Enfant—during 15 months. This NGO was created in 1988 under the auspice of the UNICEF and
became autonomous, and was recognized of public utility under Haitian laws, and has developed a
strong experience in HIV/AIDS prevention and communication. My main attributions within this
position emphasized all the phases of the projects cycle (identification, design, planning, management,

monitoring and evaluation). I’ve often lead negotiation process with the donors in order to fund
participatory development projects identified and designed for addressing the poverty issues in rural
and marginalized areas.

Member of Inter-Réseaux-Développement rural and Institut CEDIMES (Centre d’Études Internationales
des Mouvements Économiques et Sociaux, Paris), I was also a researcher in the Centre de Recherche en
Gestion et Économie du Développement (CREGED, Université Quisqueya), and also consultant for
several co-operation projects (Kellogg, FAFEN-InterAmerican Development Bank, etc.) and for
international institutions (of which the USAID, UNESCO, etc). I’m currently a researcher and an
independent consultant in evaluation of projects and in applied economy, and an associate professor of
Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Program Management courses for the Public Health, and Project
Management Masters’ Programs of the University Quisqueya, and for the Institut de la Francophonie
pour la Gestion dans la Caraibe (IFGCar) as well. I have founded and worked as consultant for the
Groupe d`études, de consultation et d’aide à la decision économique et stratégique, SA (Gecades SA)—
an independent consulting firm specialized in the help to the decision making process and the
evaluation of projects—which has developed strategic alliances with others firms (such as Datamétrie
which is specialized in the construction and the analysis of data sets, and representative in Haiti of the
software SAS) in order to offer targeted professional services addressing the precise needs of my

I have completed my PhD dissertation at the Laboratories CERDI-CNRS (Centre d’Études et de
Recherche en Développement International) and CEREGMIA (Centre d’Études et de Recherche en
Économie Gestion Modélisation et Informatique Appliquée) in France in the field of Micro-enonomics of
Development. One of the major issues of this research is the impact measurement of human capital on
agricultural productivity, and the modeling of the productive efficiency in the Haitian agriculture with a
special emphasis to cultural, institutional and social capital. It also show empirical evidence of income
diversification strategies in the rural Haiti.

Name                                      JACOB
First name                                Sergot
Place of birth                            Port-Salut (HAITI)
Nationality                               Haitian (HAITI)—Permanent resident in Canada since
                                          June 2006.
Marital status                            married
Languages : (1-excellent, 5- basic)
                                            Language                  Reading     Speaking      Writing
                                            French                       1            1            1
                                            English                      1            2            2
                                            Spanish                      4            5            5
                                            Caribbean Creole             2            1            2

− Member of The Inter-Réseaux  Rural Development (Paris).
− Consultant and founding member of GACADES SA (a Group for helping economic and
  strategic decisions based in Port-au-Prince with a set of strategic alliances with other firms
− Membre de l’Institut CEDIMES - Centre d’Etudes Internationales des Mouvements
  Economiques et Sociaux (Paris).
− Professor of Health Outcomes and Cost effectiveness Analysis of Health project and
  programs (collaboratively with Cornell University, NY) at the Master of Public Health

  Program (University of Quisqueya, Port-au-Prince)
− Professor of Projects Analysis and Evaluation at the Institut de la Francophonie pour la
  Gestion dans la Caraïbe.

September 2005 to March 2008
PhD (Economics) completed (CERDI/CNRS and CEREGMIA, France) Université d’Auvergne -
Faculté d’Économie et de Gestion (Clermont I) & Université française des Antilles et de la
Guyane (UAG) - Faculté de Droit et d'Economie de la Martinique.
Laboratoires : CERDI-CNRS (Centre d’Études et de Recherches en Développement
International - Université d’Auvergne, Clermont I) and CEREGMIA (Centre d’Études et de
Recherche en Économie, Gestion, Modélisation et Informatique Appliquée, UAG).

MA Management & Projects Evaluation,
Institute of Development Policy and Management (IDPM)
University of Antwerp, Antwerp, BELGIUM (Distinction)

DES Quantitative Applied Economics (Specialization: socio-economic Planning)
Center of Planning Techniques and Applied Economics (CTPEA), Port-au-Prince, HAITI.

BSc (Agricultural Engineering--Specialization: Agricultural Economics & Rural Development),
Faculty of Agronomy & Veterinary Medicine, State University of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, HAITI.

1991 and 1992
Certificates of end of secondary school (First and second parts). Lycée Philippe Guerrier, Les

Development Economics, Health Economics, Agricultural Economics, Economics of Education,
Applied Econometrics, Project management and Evaluation, Data Envelopment Analysis

Laureate of the “Antwerp Provincial Prize for Development Co-operation 2000” for the best
Master’s thesis in Development Studies and project Evaluation of the year 2000, Antwerp
University, Antwerp, Belgium.

Master’s fellowship of the Federal Belgian government.

    Capital Humain, Productivité agricole et Rationalité des Agriculteurs : Une Étude
       Empirique avec Application de l’Approche ’’ Data Envelopment Analysis ’’ sur Données
       d’Haïti. PhD dissertation in miro-economics of Development (France).

      Ajustement structurel en Haïti—Évaluation et Étude d’impacts. Requirements of
       Master’s degree. Antwerp University, Antwerp, Belgium.

      ‘Descriptive and econometric approaches of the basic education effects on the farms
       production and productivity at the “Vallée de l'Artibonite", Haiti’, Requirements of the
       “DES” in planning economics, CTPEA, Port-au-Prince.

      Relationship between farmer education level and farm production at the “Vallée de
       l'Artibonite", Haiti’, Requirements of B.Sc. degree in Economics agricultural
       engineering, FAMV, State University of HAITI.

    La Stratégie Nationale d’Action - Éducation Pour Tous. Strategic Document de for the
     Education Sector (Haiti) prepared collaboratively with Joël Jean Pierre, Réginald Paul,
     Walter Gédéus, and Reine Leroy, under contract with UNESCO with financial support
     of the World Bank. Document validated at a National Forum held in Port-au-Prince on
     may 22th, 2007.

    Comprendre les causes du maigre bilan des Programmes d’Ajustement Structurel en
     Haïti.     AlterPresse.      Thursday,      june       1rst. Available      at :

      Centre de Formation de l’ANIMH : Programme Pédagogique et Pistes pour un Dispositif
       Institutionnel et de Management. In collaboration with Jean-Armand Mondélis and
       Christian Robert Hilaire. Port-au-Prince : Association Nationale des Institutions de
       Microfinance d’Haïti. Under contract executed by the firm GECADES-SA® between July
       and November 2006.

      Bilan des financements et des réalisations (du CCI dans le Secteur de l’Éducation),
       Période : juin 2004-decembre 2005. In collaboration with Julien Daboué (UNESCO) and
       Réginald PAUL (Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale). Port-au-Prince : Ministère de
       l’Éducation Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports.

      Systèmes de production et processus décisionnels au sein des exploitations paysannes à
       Furcy : une analyse sur la rationalité des comportements agriculteurs. Port-au-Prince :
       Quisqueya University, BDI/UGP.

    Réformes néo-libérales en Haïti : cohérence, impacts sur l’économie paysanne, et
     perspectives de développement. Paper presented at the international conference on the

       « Impacts économiques et politiques de la mondialisation dans la Caraibe » held in
       Port-au-Prince, Haïti. 1rst – 3 September 2004 and organized by the CREGED
       (Université Quisqueya), the CEDIMES (Paris), the Association haïtienne des
       économistes (AHE), and the AFEIEAL (Latin America). Available online at : www.ahe-       and         at      :

      Sida et Développement rural en Haïti. Grain de sel. No.27. pp.4-5. Paris : Inter-
       Réseaux/Développement rural. Contribution for GECADES, SA.

      Libéralisation, déclin de l’agriculture et pauvreté paysanne en Haïti : Les effets pervers du
       Laissez-faire-kapitalismus. Nouvelles images d’Haïti. Paris : Collectif Haïti de France.
       Available online at : - 20k, and at www.collectif-

      Etude de faisabilité du Projet d’ouverture d’une filière supplémentaire de cycle court en
       Gestion des Ressources Humaines. Port-au-Prince : Universite Quisqueya.

      Agricultural market liberalization, the Haitian experience, (Liberalization of the
       agricultural market, Competition of the imported with the domestic agricultural
       product, Crisis in the peasant economy, and the Emergence of new rural development
       actors ; Lessons, Costs, issues of the Haitian experience), Paper written for the
       participation to the First European forum on the co-operation to local and rural
       development, organized by the Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
       (CTA- ACP-UE) et l’Inter-Réseaux à Montpellier (France), september 4 – 6, 2002,
       (available both in French and English on the world wide web: http://forum.inter- ).

      « Impact des ajusments structurels sur le sector agricole en Haïti ». In Question agraire
       et mondialisation. L’Harnattan, Paris-Montréal and the Centre Tricontinental, Louvain-
       La-Neuve., Alternatives Sud, Vol. IX (2002)--4: 99-117, edited by the Centre
       Tricontinental, Louvain-la-Neuve, permission of reproduction or translation will be
       asked to, (abstract available at : ).

      « Le cas d’Haïti—L’impact agricole de la libéralisation des marches ». Lire Haiti 1(2) :42-
       48. Port-au-Prince : Université Caraïbe.

      « Une analyse économétrique des determinants de la production de banana Plantain
       dans la Plaine de l’Arcahaie (HAITI)’. IPGD-Infos. pp. 6-12. Antwerp University.
       Antwerp (Belgium).

      Étude des modalités de gestion des boutiques d’intrants agricoles et proposition d’un
       contenu de formation. Port-au-Prince : Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, Natural

       Resources and Rural Development/Institutional support and formation Project
       (Haitian-French Co-operation) – PAIFC.

Papers in progress
    Human Capital, Culture, Markets Access and Productive Inefficiency in a Diversified
      Open Economy—Empirical Evidence from Rural Haiti. Accepted for Sir Arthur Lewis
      Memorial Conference, September 25-26, 2008. Faculty of Social Sciences of the
      University of the West Indies (St Augustine Campus), in collaboration with the
      Department of Economics and the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic
      Studies. St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago.

      Faire face à la pauvreté : Comment le capital social permet de compenser les déficits en
       actifs des petits producteurs agricoles en Haïti—Une analyse empirique.

      Measuring and explaining inefficiency in the Haitian agriculture—Empirical evidence
       from Artibonite, Sud and Ouest

      Coping with poverty in a subsistence agriculture—Social capital and Income
       diversification among the poorest cultivators in Haiti : An empirical analysis.

      Transferts de fonds privés pour le milieu rural haïtien—Altruisme ou Intérêts
       personnels ?.

      Rendement de l’éducation des agriculteurs—Évidence empirique sur données d’Haïti.

      Stratégies paysannes de gestion de la subsistance en Haiti—Les déterminants socio-
       économiques des revenus non agricoles.

      The determinants of religious participation in rural Haiti—Does the secularization
       hypothesis work?

Unpublished manuscripts
2004 (January)
    Sida et Développement rural en Haïti : Quels rôles pour les organisations paysannes
       dans la prévention de la pandémie?

      Education et productivité agricole—Une application { la Vallée de l’Artibonite (Haïti).
       Working paper #2, in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste ANTENORD, Interdisciplinary
       Consultative Group, Port-au-Prince.

      ‘Relationship between farm surface and productivity: An empirical explanation of the
       diseconomies of scale in Agriculture’, JV Group, Working paper #1 (in collaboration
       with Nemours VINCENT, FAMV).

     Mesurer les coûts de la Stratégie Nationale d’Action—Éducation Pour Tous. Round of
       conference presented—under contract with Unesco—for the external Donors (march
       2007), the national private business sector (march 2007) and at the National Forum on
       the Stratégie Nationale d’Action—Éducation (mai 2007).

       L’autre facette de la Mondialisation. Communication presented at the CREGED Lectures
        (Université Quisquéya) (mai).

     L’expérience haïtienne de libéralisation des marchés : Impacts sur les secteurs agricole et
      agroalimentaire, et perspectives pour le monde rural. Presentation at the joint
      conference held at the École Normale Supérieure (Université d’Etat d’Haiti) on july 16,
      2004. Port-au-Prince : Roneo.

 Training in Micro-enterprises management
     Gestion des petites et micro-entreprises : Outils et méthodes. Port-au-Prince : Projet
        Fonds d’Appui pour la Formation des Entreprises (FAFEN) – Banque Inter-américaine
        de Développement (BID).

       Gestion des petites et micro-entreprises rurales, Cadre légal & Aspects fiscaux et
        douaniers du nouveau code d’investissements. Port-au-Prince : Projet Fonds d’Appui
        pour la Formation des Entreprises (FAFEN) – Banque Inter-américaine de
        Développement (BID).

 Training in Project management
     Outils et méthodes de collecte de données, Le cadre logique, et le suivi dans la gestion de
        projets de solidarité internationale. Technical note prepared for the project managers of
        the NGO sector operating in Haiti within the workshop-seminar on La Gestion de
        projets en solidarité internationale : Outils et démarche méthodologique. Ronéo. Port-au-
        Prince : Institut Biofroce Développement (France) – Université Quisqueya (Haïti). 2-12

       Le Cadre Logique, Technical note elaborated for the personnel training program of the
        National Credit Bank (BNC), Gecades -Datamétrie, Pot-au-Prince.

   Period                  Position                        Detailed tasks assigned and responsibilities
2006--2007    Consultant for UNESCO within the          1. Adapt “Costing Model” developed by the World
              national team of preparation of the       Bank within the Fast Track Initiative to the Haitian

                 National Strategy of Education for         educational reality;
                 All and the first Education project        2. establish the costs of the National Strategy of
                 For All. 1                                 Action-Education For All (SNA-EPT) for Haiti from
                                                            2007 at 2015 ; and
                                                            3. Establish the costs of the first project of
                                                            implementation of the EPT financed by the World
                                                            Bank and The Caribbean Development Bank.

2005--2006       Consultant for USAID in support to         1. Support the management process of the ICF in the
                 the Coordination of the CCI                sector of Education ; and
                 (Interim    Framework      of    Co-       2. Strengthen the Sectoral Table of Education,
                 operation) and to the Sectoral Table       Youth, Sports and civic Services.
2005--2007       Co-ordinator of the Master program         − Responsible of the academic and administrative
                 in project Management           and          monitoring of the teaching activities ;
                 Researcher       (University      of       − Identifying and submitting to the dean the
                 Quisqueya, Haiti)                            teachers elected for each session ;
                                                            − Evaluate the session of teaching.
                                                            − Teach collaboratively with the Weill Medical
                                                              College of Cornell University the course Health
                                                              Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness analysis
                                                              intended for the students of the Master in Public
                                                              Health of Ichorta Training Program of the Faculty
                                                              of Science of Health.

2004-- 2005      Co-ordinator of the mid term               1. Responsible of the academic and administrative
                 program in Management sciences                monitoring of the teaching activities ;
                 and the License program of tourism         2. Identifying and submitting to the dean the
                 management        at    Quisqueya             teachers elected for each session ;
                 University.                                3. Evaluate the session of teaching;
                                                            4. Teach collaboratively with the Weill Medical
                                                               College of Cornell University the course Health
                                                               Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness analysis
                                                               intended for the students of the Master in
                                                               Public Health of Ichorta Training Program of
                                                               the Faculty of Science of Health.

2002 –2003       Programs and Projects co-ordinator         1.   Formulation of rural development project to
                 for the NGO Alliance pour la survie             address the basic needs of health and to
                 et le développement de l`enfant (a              promote access to sustainable livelihoods and
                 public-private alliance of national             credit in poor communities in Haiti;
                 and     international   institutions       2.   Managing, monitoring and assessing the
                 created under the initiative of the             projects of social mobilization, preventing
                 United        Nations      Children             STD/AIDS,       strengthening   women     and
                 Emergency Fund, UNICEF, in 1988),               community empowerment, BCC ;
                 Haiti                                      3.   Participate in the arrangements for financing
                                                                 the projects ;

 1 This mandate gave place with various public lectures for the businesses private sector, the community of the
 international donors (on March 1, 2007), the Haitian Government (on April 13, 2007), the Franco-Haitian Chamber
 of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (on May 15, 2007) and of the participants in the National Forum of May 22, 2007
 on the topic “ Measuring the costs of the National Strategy of Education For All”.

                                                          4. Manage all the phases of the project cycle and
                                                             writing the reports for the financiers;
                                                          5. Develop news approaches to work with the
                                                             rural poor communities in Haiti ;
                                                          6. Prepare the projects reports and other
                                                             documentation support to the projects
                                                             implementation       for     achievement   and
                                                             measurement of impact.

2003          Director of the final dissertation          1.   Help the students in writing terminal
              program, Faculty of management                   dissertation paper, choosing appropriate
              sciences      and       Accounting,              methodology;
              Université Caraibe, Haiti                   2.   monitor and assess the research activities of the
                                                               of the students.

2002 – 2003   Programs coordinator at the Centre          1. Responsible for the management of the
              Universitaire Maurice Laroche,                 different     BSc.     programmes       (Projects
              Port-au-Prince, Haïti.                         Management, NGOs Management, Finance,
                                                             Business Administration, Accounting Sciences) ;
                                                          2. Responsible of the academic and administrative
                                                             monitoring of the teaching activities ;
                                                          3. Identifying and submitting to the director the
                                                             teachers elected for each session ;
                                                          4. Evaluate the session of teaching.

1999          Engineer agro-economist of the              1.   Giving a technical support in the researches
              Haitian Ministry of Agriculture                  conducted for analyzing the grassroots
              affected to the Institutional support            organizations movement;
              & formation Project (Haitian-               2.   Assessing the management system of the
              French Cooperation), (PAIFC).                    agricultural inputs stores & Proposal of training
                                                          3.   Assist the responsible of the Producers
                                                               organization component of the project in
                                                               planning, managing and monitoring of the
                                                               projects activities in the field.

1998--1999    Responsible of Pedagogic affairs of         1.   Responsible of all the academic and
              ITHAT (Institut Technologique                    administrative    aspects   of   the   studies
              d’Agriculture et d'Horticulture                  programmes ;
              Tropicales), Port-au-Prince                 2.   Monitor and evaluate the courses and the
                                                               teaching sessions ;
                                                          3.   Recruit – in collaboration with the CEO – the

 2003-2007 Professor of Managerial Economics and Projects Evaluation. Master program of
               Projects Management, Quisqueya University
               (Help the students to apply the theoretical fundamentals and the tools of economics
               decisions sciences to manage enterprises and improve the managerial effectiveness ;
               Illustrate the problems that the applied economics analysis can solve ; Initiate the
               participants to the decision making and in the forecasting techniques in enterprise ;
               Develop the conceptual aspects and enhance the capacity of participants in analyzing

               and choosing rational choices; Teach and apply the projects evaluation methods in the
               Haitian context)

2001-2005      Professor of Applied Economics, Applied Statistics, and Projects Evaluation at the
               Centre Universitaire Maurice Laroche
               (Help the students to o apply the theoretical fundamentals and the tools of economics
               decisions sciences to manage enterprises and improve the effectiveness in business
               administration ; Develop the conceptual aspects and enhance the capacity of analyzing
               and choosing rational choices; Teach the projects evaluation methods.

2001—2002      Academic Advisor for the Maurice Laroche University Center. (Giving academic
               advices to the director of the programmes ; Assist the academic staff in they
               majors responsibilities)

    Health Outcomes and Cost effectiveness Analysis of Health project and programs
     (collaboratively with Cornell University, NY) (Master of Public Health)
    Managerial Economics (undergraduate and Master)
    Development Economics (Undergraduate)
    Project Management (Undergraduate and post-graduate)
    Applied statistics (Undergraduate)
    Rural economics
    Cost-Benefit analysis (undergraduate and Master)
    Project Evaluation (undergraduate and Master)

(Masters’ Programs : A selection)
M.A. in Economics : Marc Yonel Philippe : La Pauvreté en Haïti : Perceptions subjectives et
évaluations objectives. Faculté des sciences économiques et administratives. Quisqueya

    Master in Project Management : Jean Frandy. Quisqueya University collaboratively with
      The Francophone Agency for Co-Opreation (AUF);
    Master in Project Management : Vanneur Pierre. Quisqueya University collaboratively
      with The Francophone Agency for Co-Opreation (AUF);
    Master in Project Management : Jean Roosevelt Juliotte. Quisqueya University
      collaboratively with The Francophone Agency for Co-Opreation (AUF);

M.A. in Economics : Ecclésiaste Pierre : La relation production-inflation en Haïti de 1970 à 2004 :
Une analyse empirique.

2006 (Mars)

I’ve coordinated at Montana Hotel (Haiti) a specialized seminar in Development Economics
within a partnership between the Université Quisqueya and the Université des Antilles et de la

Ms-Windows, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Lotus123, TSP2, SPSS3, Econometric-Views, Stata, Super-
Project, Data3.0, Ms Project.

1. 2006-2007, UNESCO
2. 2006, Haitian Ministry of Economy (Designing The Programme intégré de prise en charge
    et de rehabilitation des enfants de rue)
3. 2005-2006, USAID
4. University of Quisqueya, Bureau de Développement Institutionnel/Unité de Gestion de
    Projets. 2005.
5. Haitian Ministry of Culture and Communication. 2005.
6. Projet Fonds d’appui { la formation des entreprises (FAFEN)-Banque Interaméricaine de
    Développement. 2003. Independent national Consultant.
7. Université Caraïbe. 2003. (Direction du programme d`Elaboration de Mémoire des
    étudiants Gestionnaires d`entreprises arrivés en fin de cycle de formation et animation des
    séminaires-ateliers y relatifs : Méthodologie de la Recherche, Techniques d`enquêtes,
    Méthodes d`analyse des données) ;
8. Centre Universitaire Maurice Laroche (CUML). 2002. (Montage d`un projet de
    réhabilitation et d`agrandissement et de réhabilitation de la bibliothèque du Centre) ; 2001.
    (Révision et adaptation du programme de licence en Gestion de Projets).
9. Groupes d`Etudes, de consultation et d`Aide à la Décision Économique et Stratégique
    (GECADES, SA®). 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
10. Kellogg Projet – BDI/Quisqueya University. 2004, 2005
11. Projet Fonds d’appui pour la formation des entreprises (FAFEN). 2003.
12. GECADES SA® 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
13. Quisqueya University. 2003. 2004, 2005
14. Datamétrie. 2003. (training of the BNC staff : Topic : Tools and et techniques for designing,
    planning, managing and assessing projects within customer relationship management and
    statistical package training) ;
15. Centre Universitaire Maurice Laroche (CUML). 2001 & 2002.

2 Time Series Processor
3 Statistical Package for the Social Sciences


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