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					                    2 July 2009

    Local                        Local 43
                      Tentative Agreement Reached

  Update on
  Bargaining           A   tentative agreement was reached
                           between the Union and the
                       Employer at conciliation on June 24,
                                                                July 3, 2009:
                                                                12:00 noon - Information Meeting
   between             2009. After careful deliberation,
  NSGEU and                                                     1:00 pm - Information Meeting
                       your bargaining committee
Canadian Blood         recommends that you vote in favor        12:00 noon to 4:00 pm - voting by
   Services            of the tentative agreement.                                   secret ballot
                       Information meetings and voting          Location: CBS, LERT Room, 4th Floor
                       will be held on July 3, 2009. All
                       Local 43 members will receive            If you have any questions, please
                       a copy of the Highlights of the          contact any member of your
                       Tentative Agreement. Some of             bargaining committee or the NSGEU
                       the agreement highlights include         Labour Resource Centre at 424-
                       the continuation of matching             4063 (toll free 1-877-556-7438) or
                       the wage increase with NSGEU             email us at inquiry@nsgeu.ca.
                       members at the CDHA, and many
                       improvements such as overtime            Bargaining Committee
    Nova Scotia        provision enhancements (after an
    Government         employee works 4 hours of overtime       Carolyn Barrett
    and General        in a day she/he will be compensated      Carolyn.Barrett@blood.ca
Employees Union        at double time including the first       474-8293
                       4 hours of overtime), retirement
              100      allowance, improvements to jury/         Lisa Carver
Eileen Stubbs Ave      court leave, family illness leave        Lisa.Carver@blood.ca
   Dartmouth, NS       and bereavement. Although we             474-8304
          B3B 1Y6      were unable to achieve some of our
        424-4063       proposals tabled to address the          April Laidlaw
1-877-556-7438         consolidation news, we were able to      April.Laidlaw@blood.ca
    www.nsgeu.ca       achieve substantial improvements in      474-8270
                       the existing severance package.
                       On July 3, 2009, you will be asked       Tina Webber
                       to vote by secret ballot to accept the   Chief Negotiator
                       tentative agreement. If you reject       424-4063
                       the tentative agreement you will also
                       be authorizing the Union to conduct
                       a strike.
 NSGEU Local 43 and Canadian Blood Services

           Highlights of the
Tentative Agreement
                     July, 2009

             di ng
       mm en
  e co      An  ce
R         t
     c ep
      Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union
                   100 Eileen Stubbs Avenue
                    Dartmouth NS B3B 1Y6
                 424-4063 or 1-877-556-7438
                              Term of Agreement

 Four (4) year Agreement – January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2011.

 Provisions effective date of ratification except wages and overtime or unless
  specified otherwise.

                   Wages – General Economic Adjustments

 Employees (including those with PIO status) continue to receive the same
  wage increases as employees at the Capital District Health Authority (CDHA).

 The Employer agreed to eliminate the existing salary differentials. The
  Employer agreed to language that if the Medical Laboratory Technologists at
  CDHA receive additional salary adjustments then Local 43 classifications
  requiring MLT qualifications will receive the same adjustment.

The increases to date are:

April 1, 2008        2.1% increase for Laboratory Technologist, Senior
                     Laboratory Technologist, Charge Technologist, Staff
                     Development Officer.

November 1, 2008     2.9% increase for all classifications.

April 1, 2009        2.1% increase for Laboratory Technologist, Senior
                     Laboratory Technologist, Charge Technologists,
                     Biomedical Technologist, Equipment Specialist, Staff
                     Development Officer.

The CDHA/NSGEU contract expires on October 31, 2009 so future increases are
subject to settlement between NSGEU and CDHA.

                             Retirement Allowance

 Employees with more than 15 years of service, who retire in accordance with
  the pension plan, are entitled to an allowance equal to 1 week for each year
  of service to a maximum of 20 weeks pay. It is prorated for part-time

                 Hours of Work and Overtime Compensation

 Employer shall make every effort not to change existing shift schedules and
  agree to develop new schedules with mutual agreement with employees.
  Shifts for full-time employees shall not be less than 6 hours and not greater
  than 10 hours exclusive of unpaid meal periods and includes of rest periods.
  Part-time schedules shall not be less than 4 hours and not greater than 10
  hours. Employer shall not change schedules within the 2 week confirmed
  period just to avoid overtime.

 All alternative hours of work shall be in writing and include the hours of
  work. The current arrangements will be in writing.

 Rest periods shall be prorated for scheduled shifts greater than 7.5 hours.
  Shifts less than 7.5 entitled to one 15 minute rest period. Employees shall
  receive an additional 15 minute rest period for each subsequent 3 hours
  beyond their shift of 7.5 or more.

 Full time employees, who work in excess of 4 consecutive hours beyond their
  scheduled shift of 7.5 or more, shall be compensated 2 X including the first 4
  hours of overtime.

 Part time, temporary and casual employees shall receive 1.5 X for work in
  excess of a scheduled shift 7.5 hours or more, and should they work 4
  consecutive hours beyond the scheduled shift, they will be compensated 2 X
  including the first 4 hours of overtime.

 An employee who is called back shall receive 2 X if they work in excess of 7.5

 Pyramiding will now apply to weekend and shift premiums. There will be no
  pyramiding of overtime for the same hours - employee receives the higher
  overtime rate or premium.

 On call, holidays and weekends, will be scheduled on an equitable basis. The
  parties will meet through Labour Management to determine an equitable
  system for calling in employees who are not on call.

 Overtime required at the end of a shift will be offered on an equitable basis
  to employees currently on shift. Where 2 or more employees have worked no
  or equivalent overtime in the current pay period, the employee with the most
  seniority shall be offered the overtime first.

 If part-time employees shift is cancelled within the 2 week confirmed period,
  she/he shall be paid for the shift (currently only paid 4 hours).

 Weekend shift premium will begin at 0001 Saturday instead of 0700

 Holiday Overtime Premium - Full time employee now also entitled to time off
  for all hours worked in excess of 7.5 hours in addition to the 2X.

 New 6 hour rest interval after call back. Where employee does not receive
  the rest period, she/he shall be compensated for 1.5X.

                            Job Security Provisions

Only regular employees are covered by Article 15 and the Memorandum of
Understanding on Consolidation

Memorandum of Agreement - Consolidation

A New Memorandum of Understanding will amend the Memorandum of
Understanding on Consolidation. It is effective until October 31, 2011 and will
be extended in the event consolidation not concluded or new building not
complete. It provides for:

No-claw back of Severance

 Employees in receipt of severance allowance who secure employment with
  any Public Sector Employer following layoff will not be required to reimburse
  CBS their severance.

Voluntary Lay-off Option

 Before lay-off notices are issued, the Employer may invite requests for
  voluntary lay-offs from all regular employees in the bargaining unit. The
  Employer will determine the number of voluntary lay-off options. The
  voluntary lay-off severance is 3 weeks for each year of service to a maximum
  of 52 weeks. Employees who accept this offer will resign their position for
  the severance payment and not receive 60 calendar days notice of lay-off.

 The Employer shall consider voluntary lay-off requests from employees who
  are eligible to retire in accordance with the pension plan. Employees who
  take this option will resign and therefore not be entitled to retirement
  allowance. When they do retire, they will not be entitled to retiree health

 If more voluntary lay-off options are made they shall be offered by order of
 Employees will sign a letter of intent that will be irrevocable 30 calendar days
  from the date of signing of the letter.

Severance for Laid Off Employees

 Laid off employees entitled to severance of 3 weeks for each year of service
  to a maximum of 70 weeks and a minimum of 24 weeks (currently no
  minimum severance). Employees are also entitled to 60 calendar day’s notice
  of lay-off.

 Employees are not required to accept a lower paying position, temporary
  position, or to displace another employee. They will be entitled to this
  severance. As well, if there are vacancies in the employees same
  classification, they are offered by order of seniority. The least senior
  employee shall be placed in the vacancy if more senior employees do not
  want the vacancy. In this case the more senior employees who declined the
  position will be entitled to this severance.

Part-time Employees

 The severance shall be pro-rated for regular part-time employees based on
  number of regular hours worked divided by 1950 hours multiplied by 3
  weeks regular pay. The same minimums and maximums apply.

Health Benefits

 Laid off employees may continue their health benefit plan (except LTD) for 3
  months provided they pay both the employee and employer premiums.

                              Other Improvements

Acting Pay Provisions

 Lead assistant duties increased to 80 cents per hour.

 Employees shall receive a new $1.00 premium to conduct training on SOP’s
  and COPs.

Registration/Licensing Fees

 Employer can deduct the annual NSCMLT and CSMLS fees from the
  employee’s pay. Fees are deducted from January to Oct pays and submitted
  for the Nov. deadline.

Vacation Pay for Part-time Employees

 Part-time and temporary employees may receive their vacation pay annually
  in the first pay in November.

Bereavement Leave

 Family relationships for 5 consecutive working days expanded to include
  fiancé, step-brother/sister, grandparent, sister/brother-in-law,
  daughter/son-in-law. Relative permanently residing with employee moved
  to 5 days from 1 day.

Jury/Court Duty Leave

 Employee subpoenaed as a witness in a court action shall be granted leave
  with pay. An unpaid leave of absence without pay will be granted to an
  employee who has to attend court for private reasons.

Leave for Family Illness

 Now includes leave for employee’s parent regardless if they live with the

Clarification of “day”

 Several articles were clarified as to whether it is “calendar” or “working” day.
  As well, some articles changed from days and weeks to 7.5 and 37.5 hours.


 Employee called back to work reimbursed taxi fare to maximum of $24 (up
  from $22). If employee uses own vehicle entitled to kilometer allowance as
  per CBS travel policy (currently 39 cents) to maximum of $24.

 Employee who works past 10:30 pm entitled to taxi fare to a maximum of
  $24 (up from $22).

Sick Leave

 Temporary employees after 1 year of continuous employment now covered
  under sick leave policy.

Layoff and Recall - Article 15

 The process has been improved for clarity and improved overall. Before lay-
  offs notices are issued, if there are permanent vacancies, they will be offered
  to employees whose positions will be eliminated by order of seniority. Where
  there is no interest the least senior employee will be placed in the vacancy.
  The vacancy must be in the employee’s same classification.