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					                    Operations and Programme Task Team

                Meeting 5; 27th April 2004 9am venue Joseph St


1.0   Previous minutes & Actions from them

2.0   Investment Programme

              Review of progress monitor sheet

              forecasts, spend to date

3.0   key Process review

              MDA progress
              blockages at this stage

4.0   Health and safety


5.0   Site operations

              anticpated starts
              Subcontract monitor

6.0   A.O.B

      D O N MTG ?
                                       Minutes for Operations and Programme Task Team

                                      Meeting 6; 19th May 2004 9am venue Joseph Street.

present;        Simon Hogg (Lovell)                                                  Simon Woodward (Lovell)
                Brain Crawshaw (keepmoat)                                            Karen Temple (BMBC Prop & proc)
                Ian Corner ( BMBC Prop & proc)                                       Paul Mulhern (Mears)
                Andy Grey (BMBC Prop & proc)                                         Cliff Kay (Mears)
                Neil Smith (Inspace)                                                 Amanda Reavill (BMBC Prop & proc)
                Steve Davis (Berneslai Homes)                                        David Hotchins (BMBC Prop & proc)

                John Lythe (Berneslai Homes)                                         Alison Rusdale (Berneslai homes)
                Anthony Newton (Keepmoat)                                            Alan Bowden (BMBC Prop & Proc)

     a copy of a proposed agenda was circulated

1.0 Previous minutes & Actions from them

     a review of the previous minutes took place actions still outstanding are as follows

     Minutes were passed as a true and accurate record, no matters arising.

2.0 Investment Programme

     Each contractor in turn gave a summary of the contractors progress reports;

     Lovell-Generally ok at present- first target cost package 7 to be agreed by 21st May 2004, start date 7th
     June 2004.
     Lovell-central heatings price agreed with Peter Chappell, letter of intent to be issued by 20th May 2004
     start on site 1st June 2004.
     Lovell- package 4a and 4b progressing as programme, (Gilroyd start/completion date was questioned by
     SD). Package 6 and 5 information is due, however currently delayed by MDA.

     Keepmoat- All ok at present, Kendray phase 1a currently erecting compound, start date 1st June 2004.
     Compound for Kendray phase 1b as above, start date 14th June 2004.
     Keepmoat-Kendray phase 2 more scope of works than previously envisaged, however shouldn't effect

   start on site, but budget cost will be delayed.
   Keepmoat- remaining schemes no problems anticipated with target dates, although Platts Common
   may be affected by performance of MDA.
   Keepmoat- Central heatings to start on site 1st June 2004, letter of intent to be issued for 1&2.

   Inspace- Works package 1 delays in receiving scope of works, has impacted on target cost submission.
   budget cost agreed on Tinker Lane and Hemmingfield.
   Work package 2 - will now be issued as package 2a and 2b this was acceptable with Barnsley, although the.
   submission date has slipped.
   Inspace- central heatings has been issued to PC as budget cost and negotiations are underway to start on
   site 1st June 2004.

   Mears-generally ok with early schemes, CK confirmed that some future packages have been broken down to
   enable early starts, as previously raised last meeting.
   Mears- Project 1 to meet start on site date, (BMBC P&P raised concerns over the budget/gmp being approved
   prior to start on site.
   Mears- Project 2 budget costs issued to JL, concern over cost due to significant major changes to elements
   of work now being identified.
   Mears- Project 3 budget due to be submitted 21st May 2004.
   Mears- Project 4 budget to be submitted 9th June 2004.
   Mears- remainder of projects delayed by performance of MDA.
   Mears- central heatings concern over rates issued in target costs by BMBC, tenants choice ongoing and
   will start on time.

3.0 key Process review

   SW raised concern along with several members of the group that MDA were stating the delays in receiving
   information were down to all parties, this isn't acceptable as the problems were solely MDA (IC agreed)
   CK added that Mears were now having to assist MDA with surveys due to poor performance/lack of resource
   MDA, CK to hold urgent meeting with MDA.
   IC raised that MDA were appointed by BMBC and had completed, and that all contractors could resource
   other parties.
   SW raised that the kitchen design are to meet the elemental requirements or to match the existing layouts
   with the dwellings, and the layouts were to be approved by IC
   A discussion took place round the table re:programmes typical programme periods, KT requested substantiation
   of the contractors periods. A post meeting was held immediately after to agree the periods.

4.0 Health and safety

   No matters arising.

5.0 Site operations

   SW (subcontract monitor) - raised that submitting 3no quotes would only be applicable to the initial schemes
   KT agreed.


   KT stated that pre-commencement meeting for project teams would take place with all contractors.

   9am on 23rd June 2004 at Joseph street office.

   Minutes from Post Meeting re Typical programme periods.


   KT,IC,AG,AR (BMBC)                                      NS (Inspace)
   SW,SMH (Lovell)                                         CK,PM (Mears)
   BC (Keepmoat)

   The following proposals were agreed as initial target periods and are to be reviewed 1st September 2004
   at 9am in Joseph Street office.

   Operation                                    Target period.

   Rewire only                                  4days
   Central heating only                         5days
   Bathroom only                                5days
   Bathroom only (shower)                       8days
   Kitchen only                                 12days
   Kitchen and Bathroom                         15days
   Bathroom/central heating/rewire              13days
   Kitchen and central heating                  12days
   Kitchen/bathroom/CH/rewire                   20days
   Enveloping                                   5weeks
   Ten point modernisation                      10weeks
   As above including G/F Floor                 12weeks
   Enveloping and internals                     7weeks

Prop & proc)

C Prop & proc)
 Prop & proc)

slai homes)
rop & Proc)












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