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									           Infocomm Career Guide


   You are about to enter a world filled with
   creation and innovation. In this infocomm
world are passionately driven individuals whom
we would like to call ‘Infocomm Players’. If you
are starting to visualise suits and ties, then you
     are definitely in for a pleasant surprise.

 The Infocomm Players featured in this guide
 have voluntarily come forward to show you
 why it pays to play in the infocomm world.
                                            (Keyword – Pay.)

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 •   45 From Bytes to Bucks • 48 Incoming! • 49 Where Did Everyone Go? • 50 Infocomm’s Most Wanted
                              • 58 We Want You! • 59 A Future in Infocomm

    Before you turn the page, think about what working life has in
                            store for you.

    If you are looking for a job that satisfies your desire to create
       and innovate, then be prepared to discover how being an
    Infocomm Player can satisfy more than what you expect out
                               of a career.



Hold on to your dreams – because this is an industry that needs
your ideas to create the future. In the infocomm world, you will
be able to integrate work and interests to create digital marvels
                           around you.


 Rewards are aplenty in the life of an Infocomm Player.
As an infocomm professional, you get to turn bytes into
bucks while enjoying exposure to the latest technologies
          in your quest to innovate and create.




       An Infocomm Player’s best friends are his dreams and the
       infocomm technologies he uses. Through infocomm, you
         will be able to conjure limitless possibilities in shaping
                the future of any business and way of life.


The world presents us with unlimited opportunities to communicate and improve our
working and living environments. Through infocomm, we are able to revolutionise and
transform the way we live, work, learn and play.

Sooner than it would take for you to finish reading this page, countless bits and bytes of
information would have whizzed past you to arrive at your e-mail inboxes, PDAs, mobile
phones and other infocomm devices (unless someone got an address or number wrong,
of course).

Infocomm is at its forefront of innovation, arming individuals with technologies that turn
raw ideas into multi-billion dollar innovations that rock the world. Facebook, Google,
Youtube and Microsoft have been there and done just that. Will you be next?


 Singapore’s infocomm sector is one of the key                            industries, the use of infocomm has increasingly gained
 contributors to its vibrant economy. The infocomm                        traction and importance in sectors such as Finance,
 industry achieved overall revenue growth of 13.8%                        Entertainment, Security and Healthcare.
 to reach $ 51.68 billion in 20071.
                                                                          The skillsets of infocomm professionals are
 Byte by byte, the world is constantly evolving, with the                 evolving. There is increasing demand for infocomm
 infocomm industry spearheading the advancement of                        professionals with business and management skills
 technologies – creating billion-dollar businesses and                    over and above handling technical responsibilities.
 organisations that reinvent and revolutionise our lives.                 Those who possess strong technical skills and industry
                                                                          domain knowledge will be much sought after. The next
 Through infocomm, one can achieve a multitude of                         generation of infocomm professionals must be able to
 possibilities – as illustrated through real-life examples                create and deliver innovative products, services and
 of companies that have transformed the world. With the                   solutions primed to the needs of different business
 various opportunities that infocomm has to offer,                        environments, and drive the economic competitiveness
 a good idea could be expanded into a multi-million                       of the industry sectors.
 dollar business. Great, innovative, culture-shaping tools
 are created everyday with infocomm to spawn multi-                       The industry needs the right players to push this field of
 billion dollar industries that shape our everyday lives.                 innovation beyond the next level of excellence, and into
                                                                          the future.
 This marked growth of 13.8% in the infocomm
 industry’s overall revenue is a testament to the major                   Turn the pages to see that flying data and invisible
 role that infocomm plays as a key contributor to                         information can do more than just create the latest
 Singapore’s economy.                                                     gadgets. Prepare yourself for integration into the vast
                                                                          playing field of the infocomm world.
 Apart from transforming the way we live, work, learn
 and play through the telecommunications and IT                           The future is infocomm. Be  plyer.


                  Source: IDA, Annual Survey on Infocomm Industry, 2007
 PICK! In considering a course of study or career of choice, one
       question we may all be too familiar with is, “What role
       can I play in this industry?”

       In the case of the infocomm industry, more and more
       sectors such as healthcare, finance and tourism have
       found infocomm applications to be impactful in
       streamlining and improving various businesses and
       their operational processes.

       Charting all the various and widespread uses of
       infocomm in specific industries may be too complex
       a task, but here are some examples of key sectors that
       have integrated infocomm applications as essential tools
       to improve their businesses.


                                                                          FINANCIAL IT CONsULTANCIEs
                                                                          Such consultancies assist financial institutions in
                                                                          developing their financial systems. Most of these
                                                                          institutions are developing their infocomm expertise
GAMEs DEvELOPMENT AND PUbLIsHING                                          in-house to help businesses understand the impact
                                                                          and importance of infocomm.
This increasingly popular sector finds its Infocomm Players
redefining the way we use technology for purposes of                      These new and dynamic consultancies cover
entertainment. Jobs in this sector are commonly divided                   several specialist areas within the finance industry,
into two major categories – Games Development and                         such as Project Risk Management, Infrastructure
Product Marketing.                                                        Management and Computer Forensics.

Commanding an estimated global worth of more than                         Tips nd Tricks: Excellent communication skills.
US $10 billion2 and with extensive gains in momentum                      As a consultant, you will find yourself in constant
and popularity, the digital gaming industry is definitely one             interaction with your clients. This role also requires
sector that is not showing any signs of letting up.                       you to be able to effectively solve problems,
                                                                          so thinking out-of-the-box can give you that
With internet solutions made increasingly available to                    competitive edge.
end-users, industry trends, such as the growing popularity
of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
(MMORPGs), are sure to propel this sector further in growth.

Tips nd Tricks: Got technical skills? A business mind?
Then you will definitely find a place in this industry. Whether
it is a role in marketing or in games development, it pays to
be as dynamic as the games you will be working with!


                          Source: GRADAsia IT, Where do IT graduates work?, 2008
Software Developers are responsible for creating customised
applications for client businesses. These applications and
systems bear great potential in improving various aspects           HEALTHCArE
of business processes and procedures.
                                                                    IT networks can do wonders to improve the
Through infocomm, businesses can function more easily               various organisational and operational processes
by having, for example, a central system to digitally manage        that healthcare organisations face.
internal records or a management system to synchronise
business operations by tabulating information in the fraction       Imagine having patients’ medical records
of a second.                                                        conveniently stored away digitally, or doctors being
                                                                    able to improve their competencies in providing
Tips nd Tricks: The field of software development holds            prompt and accurate diagnoses. The healthcare
many possibilities for the bold. Whether it is programming          sector is truly one that stands to benefit –
a solution, testing an IT system or even training junior IT         all through the possibilities of infocomm.
professionals, you may just find a comfortable niche for yourself
in this accommodating realm of software development.                Tips nd Tricks: In this industry, healthcare
                                                                    professionals deliver support in terms of hardware
                                                                    and software applications. Whether it is about
                                                                    getting the right equipment to support IT networks
                                                                    or engineering a system to streamline operational
                                                                    processes, infocomm professionals are bound to
                                                                    find a suitable calling for their expertise here.


                                                             IT CONsULTANCIEs
                                                             The rising popularity of IT usage across various
                                                             industries has resulted in a growing demand for IT
                                                             Consultancies. These are specialised agencies that
sECUrITy                                                     provide businesses with an array of services, such
                                                             as troubleshooting or implementing an IT system.
The infocomm world is fast becoming an increasingly
complex environment, especially with the pervasive
                                                             Whether you are implementing IT systems or
qualities of the Internet. Geographical boundaries are
                                                             managing IT projects, this sector requires a firm
constantly being redefined as billions of users gain
                                                             balance of technological know-how and good
the convenience to access information anytime and
                                                             communication skills.

                                                             Tips nd Tricks: IT Consultants work closely with
This wonderful ability also surfaces new risks and
                                                             their clients. Whether you find yourself managing
dangers to business networks – ultimately spawning
                                                             a project or being directly involved in the implementation
the need for equally high-tech measures of security.
                                                             of an IT system, you should not only be well-versed in
Enter infocomm security to save the day!
                                                             the technological expertise, but also be equipped with
                                                             good communication skills to effectively execute your
Tips nd Tricks: Playing cops and robbers in the
                                                             role as a consultant.
infocomm world? IT experts in this realm of business
are required to be highly proficient in their IT skills to
ensure the security and stability of digital security


  HI rT CHy
         [sTArTING P
            Exmples: Applications Programmer, Sales Executive,
            IT Support Analyst, Network Administrator
            Description: The Entrant begins his or her infocomm journey by
            exploring the many possibilities that lie ahead. Often working in
            a group or team to execute exciting projects, there will be plenty
            of opportunities for you to specialise in specific IT disciplines at
            the entry level.

            Your career potential in the infocomm world is huge.
            With the relevant competencies and industry-ready infocomm
            skills, you will be able to secure your desired technical or
            management position.


                                                                     NT TrACK]
[TECHNICAL                                                    sPECIALIsT
                                                              Exmples: Project Manager, Account Manager
  sPECIALIsT                                                  Description: At the first level of management,
  Exmples: Network Engineer, System Analyst                  the IT Management Specialist oversees the
  Description: Beginning his journey down the path of         development of crucial projects that involve IT
  technical mastery, the Technical Specialist deals with      teams in the development and implementation
  many complexities that the digital world offers.            of clients’ IT system solutions.

  The Specialist needs a good amount of skills to             MANAGEMENT
  overcome the challenges in his digital environment,         Exmples: Applications Manager,
  and every problem solved brings him closer to being         Operations Manager
  an IT Expert.                                               Description: A step above the managerial ladder,
                                                              this Infocomm Player reports directly to the senior
  ExPErT                                                      management. Commanding a credible amount of
  Exmples: Consultant, Solutions Architect                   authority in the infocomm world, the IT Manager is
  Description: Having come this far on his road to            responsible for overseeing the operations of an entire
  IT mastery, the Expert is an Infocomm Player that           function of a major organisation. This makes him or
  is recognised as a leader in his respective field.          her the organisation’s key representative in specialised
  The expert is not only capable of delivering efficient      IT matters.
  solutions to any IT problem, but is also a valued
  asset in shaping the competitive edge that many             sENIOr MANAGEMENT
  organisations and businesses seek.                          Exmples: Chief Information Officer,
                                                              Chief Technology Officer
  GUrU                                                        Description: The Senior IT Manager calls the shots
  Description: At this level, an IT Guru possesses            when it comes to making major decisions in the
  comprehensive IT expertise in his specific field within     infocomm world. At the top rung of the managerial
  the infocomm world. Through such a mastery of the           chain, the senior manager is often the most highly-
  digital world, IT Gurus can spark many wonders              ranked in position and takes centrestage in the
  such as setting their own rates for their consulting        international arena.
  services or create their own IT firms, such as
  Microsoft and Google.


   AL s
 sUs   Infocomm can improve the world around
       us. Behind these countless possibilities are
       dedicated Infocomm Players that strive to
       change and innovate everyday living.

       Would you like to put a face to these brilliant
       minds? Turn the pages to take a closer look and
       you will realise that they are probably not your
       usual bunch of working professionals.



PrOFILE: Jack Tan, 32
         Is a diehard multi-tasker
         (Thanks to his mobile)


             Jack had his doubts about a career in the infocomm
             world. Being more of a sporty type, how did he
             manage to shrug off the misconception of a geek-
             dominated IT world?

             Wht ws it like t the eginning of your
             infocomm journey?

             Just like any other growing kid, computer games and
             television played a big part in shaping my interests.
             However, I believe the person who ‘sealed the deal’
             was my dad, who was from the IT industry.

             Previously working in an American software company,
             my dad taught me bits of what he knew about
             programming and hands-on work with hardware.


Making my decision to pursue a degree in Computer         It is common to think about geeks when it comes
Science was definitely a challenge, but what I realised   to the IT world, but where I work, the people are
was that, compared to other industries, the infocomm      so driven and passionate about their jobs that you
world is rife with opportunities, especially since        cannot help but be motivated too! We not only work
technology is increasingly indispensable to almost all    hard, but play hard as well!
industries today.
                                                          Wht is the truth out infocomm?
Wht is the infocomm world like to you?
                                                          The truth is, now is a good time to be considering
My current job at Accenture has taught me one             a career or an education in IT. With our country being
thing about the industry – it is far from boring!         so supportive, the hardware and infrastructure are all
                                                          set to go. The only thing missing is a much needed
My role requires me to hone my management                 ‘push’ in the right direction.
expertise, such as time, resource and issues
management and negotiation skills. My position also       You can also see this as the ‘software’ to drive the
offers me the opportunity to work with companies          entire process of change, but essentially what the
in various sectors. This diversity is really something    industry needs is more talent to consolidate their
I enjoy. I doubt I would have had such good career        ideas to bring the future of living closer to all of us.
exposure doing another job!                               The industry is waiting for you, so come on board!


 NExT sTOP –
            With the infocomm world blooming and everyone riding on the IT
            wave, what can possibly stop travel junkies such as Linda from going
            where the wind blows? Read on to see how this successful career
            woman’s passion for infocomm drives her to continuously push
            beyond any boundary!

            Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

            Others have always been surprised to know this, but I was never
            from an infocomm background! I only began to develop an interest
            in infocomm during an internship experience which happened after I
            completed my GCE ‘A’ Levels.

            Back then, as a clinical assistant, I was fortunate to have
            discovered many simple computer programs that could help create
            a paperless administrative work environment. Using electronic
            spreadsheets to replace stacks of paper was a powerful example
            that made me see how IT could potentially improve any business!
            It was from this experience that I decided to pursue a degree in
            Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Nanyang Technological


PrOFILE: Linda Poh, 32
         senior Manager
         Travels far and wide on
         the information highway


 Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                    I work with foreign-based team members, all through
                                                            online channels such as the internet or telephone
 Ten years ago, I started off in Accenture as an            conferences. Such examples are true testaments
 analyst. This was an important role that helped me         to how the infocomm world engages infocomm
 to better understand what my clients look out for          professionals on a global scale!
 when they consider engaging IT solutions to improve
 their businesses.                                          Wht is the truth out infocomm?

 As an IT consultant, I got the chance to work on both      Whether I am at home or my workplace, I have
 local and international projects that took me to places    personally witnessed how infocomm has brought
 such as Sydney to work on the implementation of            many improvements to the way we live. From the
 computer systems that enhance the way people live.         latest in wireless communication to the various types
 One memorable example would be a Digital Television        of handheld devices available – everyone is,
 project that allows viewers the ease of surfing channels   in one way or another, wired to the world!
 through a simple to use and informative interface.
                                                            Infocomm makes the world smaller by allowing us to
 Today, as a Senior Manager, I do not always have           transcend borders. Embrace the future. Anyone with
 to travel abroad to work with an on-site team of           a dream can play a big part in bringing about change
 infocomm professionals. With the world being               and improvement, all through infocomm!
 increasingly integrated through infocomm technology,


PrOFILE: Tan sing yong, 36
         Information Technology
         barclays Capital services Limited
         Is convinced that the whole world is
         a big puzzle waiting to be solved

         AbOUT THIs
                      Sing Yong loves puzzles. In fact, he loves them so
                      much that he approaches work-related situations
                      with as much enthusiasm as he would with his
                      favourite trinkets.

                      Wht ws it like t the eginning of your
                      infocomm journey?

                      Growing up as a kid, two of my favourite hobbies
                      were sketching and problem solving. I guess when
                      you put these two together, it was only natural for
                      me to have developed an interest for computer
                      games, which combine both graphic appeal and
                      the chance to solve a situation or problem.


Television programmes and documentaries about                  The truth is, with IT as a tool, all that is left is for
computers and electronics always caught my                     individuals like myself to think creatively and derive the
attention, as I think of machines as more complex              best way to solve an issue.
types of puzzles. That was when I decided that
perhaps, studies in infocomm could help me pursue              Wht is the truth out infocomm?
this ‘bigger hobby’. After completing my Diploma in IT
and Bachelor of Science in Computing, I felt that I had        At the end of the day, we either work for money or
what it takes to join the industry.                            for passion. The diversity and dynamism that comes
                                                               from working with technology allows an individual to
Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                        do both.

My work revolves around providing software and                 I would encourage students to take a look at their
hardware solutions for my company. Being in the                surroundings and ask themselves, “Have you ever
finance sector, it is pretty obvious that the reliability of   wondered how it works?” Well, would you like to
our systems is a crucial factor – especially since we deal     know? These days, with the availability of IT courses
primarily with money. Nonetheless, I am glad to say that       and programmes, it is a lot easier to find out. Go for it,
I have managed to ‘cash in’ on my passion for solving          you will not be disappointed!
problems, and I view every work-related challenge as
a puzzle that is just waiting to be solved.


TrEK    Before you start wondering about what Pei Cheng does as an IT Project Manager,
        perhaps a closer look at her beginnings might uncover an interesting fact!

        Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

        A lot of people are genuinely surprised when I tell them that I was never an infocomm
        student. I graduated from the National University of Singapore majoring in Chemical
        Engineering. When people ask me why the sudden jump into an industry that I have
        no experience in, I tell them I would rather work with a computer than a boiler!

        Although I was familiar with the common perception of everything IT-related being
        technical or involving hardware configuration, setup and programming, I took up
        the role as an Analyst in an infocomm company nonetheless.

        I had no clue what all the technical talk meant! My boss even asked me to try my
        hand at programming once – thank goodness, my employers realised that my
        talent lay elsewhere!


PrOFILE: Tan Pei Cheng, 32
         IT Project Manager
         barclays Capital services Limited
         Jungle – 0, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) System – 1


 Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                       Wht is the truth out infocomm?

 This is the part that gets interesting. I realised that not   This is a dynamic industry that requires creativity
 many people out there recognise the need for soft             as a key factor. Often, looking at the various
 skills in such a technical industry.                          requirements of my customers, I feel that delivering
                                                               efficient solutions is all about thinking out-of-the-box,
 Think about it: in a world of ‘tech’ talk, who could          and finding new ways to suit varying needs under the
 better relate user needs to the tech guys, and vice           triple constraint of schedule, quality and cost.
 versa? That is precisely what my job as a Business
 Analyst is all about. Through it all, I am glad that my       To me, the infocomm world is one that will not stay
 former and current employers have given me various            stagnant. Technology has to advance! Can you
 opportunities to hone my skills in this IT world.             imagine living life the same way, without the latest
                                                               gadgets and devices, for a decade or even two?
 My current job as an IT Project Manager with Barclays
 Capital requires me to manage on-going projects and           The infocomm world is not fuelled by technology
 organise the necessary talent and resources to deliver        alone. It is fuelled by ideas and innovations –
 IT solutions to our customers. Such co-ordination             that is why I strongly encourage everyone out there to
 is essential to our operations and I really appreciate        contribute to the constantly changing world we live in,
 being able to be creative when I need to think of             through the use of infocomm!
 different ways to meet varying business needs.


PrOFILE: Hooi Ka Mei, 38
         solutions Department
         National Healthcare Group
         Gives a new meaning to being off road

          TO HEr!
              While she was a student in secondary school, a career in IT was heavily
              associated with dull and boring technical work. So why did she choose
              to pursue her interests in infocomm nonetheless?

              Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

              In the earlier days, not everyone had a computer at home,
              so everything to do with ‘high-tech’ equipment shown on TV
              shows was cool!

              That does sound a tad bit geeky to say, but hey – I developed an
              interest nonetheless. I pursued that interest in Secondary three by
              taking up a short IT course, where I learnt a bit of programming.


Of course, that was not the only thing I learnt from       reliable access to information. This means when
the course. As much as I can remember, it covered          a patient transfers to another hospital, the system will
a broad scope including software programming               provide the respective doctors with the same set of
and hardware. I guess it is no surprise that               information electronically, eliminating the hassle of
I moved on to pursue both a diploma and a degree           manually retrieving printed documents.
in Information Technology! I was very keen to apply
what I had learnt to make the management of                Wht is the truth out infocomm?
businesses easier and more flexible.
                                                           To me, one truth that sets infocomm apart from the
Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                    other possible career paths is the potential for creative
                                                           input into one’s work. At that time, I strongly felt that
In two words – it is alive! It amazes me to know how       I could use this fascination for creation as a driving
new technologies are made available to the world           force in my career – and here I am!
every day. I mentioned an interest in creating solutions
to improve and reinvent business processes –               If you possess a passion to create things, then
and guess what? That is precisely what my job at           I strongly recommend you to pursue this interest.
National Healthcare Group is all about.                    You will find that the ability to create can be very fulfilling!

What I do requires me to manage teams that run             With more courses and programmes available to
system applications from a software perspective. I am      students these days, it is really getting easier for
here to ensure the proper allocation of resources and      students to explore different possibilities and learn
talents to the projects that we undertake.                 something new, like infocomm!

A good example of how infocomm has improved the
Healthcare sector is the Electronic Medical Records
(EMR) System. This system provides caregivers with


        ArTIsAN   Kah Ling’s hands-on approach to life goes beyond his
                  pastime of carving traditional Chinese seals. Read on to
                  see how he adopts the very same attitude of immaculate
                  perfection towards the hardware he works with.

                  Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm

                  I distinctly remember developing an interest in infocomm
                  after attending a career talk in secondary school. That
                  was really a long time ago, but I will never forget how that
                  talk sparked an interest in me. I then proceeded to take up
                  studies in Computer Science in Junior College.

                  I have always loved tinkering with gadgets, from the
                  simplest mechanical devices to the most complex
                  computer processing hardware. I guess this is how
                  I cultivated my interest for electronics and computers!


PrOFILE: Teo Kah Ling, 41
         Technical Architecture Department
         National Healthcare Group
         Has a knack for crafting everything to perfection

 Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                Wht is the truth out infocomm?

 My current role in the National Healthcare Group’s     Everything in our lives is paperless. This is a good
 Technical Architecture Department requires me          sign as our world is leveraging infocomm effectively.
 to oversee the running of hardware systems that
 support internal network applications such as the      Take for example, the Radio Frequency Identity (RFID)
 Computerised Clinician Order Entry (CCOE) and          system. Currently, this helps caregivers track the
 Electronic Medical Records Exchange (EMRX).            movement of patients within wards, but who knows?
                                                        Improvements may even be made to allow the
 From providing doctors with instant access to          card-sized device to take temperatures or pulse
 medical records, to the computerised prescription of   readings in the future!
 appropriate medicines, these applications make life
 a lot easier for caregivers!                           There is no running away from change, especially with
                                                        the widespread use of infocomm in our everyday lives.
 Where do I come in? Well, behind the software is the   I encourage anyone with an interest to take advantage
 hardware. My team and I are responsible not only       of the availability of the courses and programmes
 for the maintenance of hardware systems, but also      widely available today. With such a strong national
 for exploring newer and better ways to house and       focus on infocomm, I am jealous that I did not get
 support these systems and applications.                such opportunities before!


PrOFILE: Michelle Gwee, 28
         systems Engineer
         IT services Division
         singapore Airlines (sIA) Limited
         Dreams of being able to do everything at once   page


    wAy OF LIFE!
        Upon meeting Michelle for the first time, one cannot be blamed for
        mistaking her for one of SIA’s pretty air stewardesses! However,
        her role as a Systems Engineer does more than bring a smile to the
        faces of everyone travelling abroad!

        Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

        I have always thought of the infocomm industry as being highly
        dynamic and fast-paced. However, I used to hear about infocomm
        executives leading very dull after-work lives! Rumours about having
        to program endlessly into the night also worried me, but I kept my
        passion for infocomm nonetheless!


I have been very keen in learning how to utilise the     Wht is the truth out infocomm?
right technologies to improve business processes.
Having such a strong interest supported my               Technology allows us to become increasingly
decision to major in Information Systems at both         mobile and connected at the same time. With rapid
the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at the National       developments to wireless and mobile technologies,
University of Singapore.                                 more companies are looking to improve their services
                                                         through customer-centric information systems.
Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                  The future of living is only getting better each day!

At times, it is true that long hours are required of     With all this talk about increased IT convergence in
professionals in the industry, but one cannot deny       the future, what I would really hope is for handheld
the prevalence of such requirements in other sectors     devices to be able to stream larger amounts of
as well.                                                 information to users at a lower cost. For example,
                                                         watching videos on YouTube or connecting with your
I suppose successfully managing such demands lies        friends on Facebook real-time, all on your mobile
more in one’s ability to strike a balance between work   devices! It would also be great to have useful and
and personal life.                                       concise information readily available when you need
                                                         it. It really excites me to think about the endless
As a Systems Engineer at SIA, my job requires me         amount of improvements that can be achieved to
to track different technologies and explore new and      ease our way of life.
innovative ways for our organisation to deliver value-
added services to passengers.                            Through infocomm, anyone can play a part in
                                                         improving the future!
Through infocomm, the potential for further
improvement is really something that is left purely
to our imagination!

     EvEry DAy   Do not let the job title fool you! Before you start trying to decipher what it
                 means to be a systems architect or what an integrated network is, allow
                 Siew Loong to explain how his job grants him access to new innovations
                 and technologies that change the way we live.

                 Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

                 I have always found computers fascinating. However, I never would have
                 thought that I would end up in an infocomm company! I see myself as a
                 dynamic person, so the idea of being in a very ‘technical’ vocation was
                 then very unappealing to me.

                 However, I began to understand the meaning of ‘you will never know until
                 you try’! I have had quite a lot of exposure to different job responsibilities
                 within the telecommunications industry. I have to admit that I have been very
                 lucky to be able to experience such a diverse portfolio of work.

                 From sourcing locations for our central offices to being a project manager
                 and even handling distribution networks, my job has helped me understand
                 the truth about the infocomm industry.


PrOFILE: Chong siew Loong, 35
         Assistant vice-President
         Architecture and strategy
         starHub Integrated Networks
         Not Afraid of Tigers in the Woods


 Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                      Wht is the truth out infocomm?

 This is a really exciting industry! Although I had initial   Take yourself back to the days where 56kb dial-up
 concerns about not being able to sustain a very              internet connections were common. Compare that
 ‘technical’ role, the infocomm world is full of              to the high-speed cable services that are widely
 innovations and new technologies that keep me                available today. When I think of such examples,
 on my toes every day!                                        I constantly imagine myself as a driver with a new car.
                                                              I just cannot stop driving!
 Currently, my role at StarHub allows me to explore the
 various new technologies that are globally available.        I am confident that such future innovations will
 From cable, broadband to wireless and from music             continue to amaze and leave us yearning for ‘newer
 downloads to mobile TV, the list just goes on and on.        cars’! Who knows, perhaps in the near future,
                                                              our surrounding environments may just look like
 In a nutshell, I am always on the lookout for more ways      something out of a science fiction film!
 to increase the value of StarHub’s service to its users.
                                                              You will not know the possibilities until you take on an
 It always amazes me how technology constantly                infocomm career!
 provides us with ways to improve our quality of life.
 With such a wealth of innovative technologies available
 to us, I can only ask myself, “Is there something else
 we can offer beyond the Internet?”

 This is one journey that never ends!


PrOFILE: Ng soon Leng, 36
         Assistant vice President
         International business Development
         starHub Integrated Networks
         Can’t Wait for his Next Diving Trip


        DEEP!   Soon Leng is as serious about his career as he is with his favourite
                pastime, scuba diving. Try having a chat with him and see how he
                takes his professional aspirations deeper than the bluest seas.

                Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

                Prior to joining StarHub, I was a Project Manager in the Oil and Gas
                industry. You are probably wondering what being on an offshore
                platform has to do with anything infocomm-related. Well, infocomm
                is a very important tool that businesses use for communicating
                their information! In the case of the Oil and Gas industry, the
                offshore platforms could be a good 12 hours away from mainland
                by boat, so maintaining a good infocomm infrastructure is vital to
                the success of running offshore operations. In fact, such infocomm
                infrastructures function as lifelines for these offshore platforms.

                Apart from the technical aspects of my job, I have always loved the
                ocean view from the platform! When you look at the horizon and see
                the beauty of sunset and sunrise, it really gets you thinking about
                how much there is to explore in this world.


Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                    Wht is the truth out infocomm?

My current job requires me to liaise with foreign          It is an exciting truth of infinite possibilities. Infocomm
carriers and to establish partnerships and links           is more than just wires and complex technologies.
between StarHub and these carriers. Ultimately, what       Infocomm shapes and influences our very way of life.
this means for our customers is that there is better
connectivity between them and the rest of the world!       Take for example, the digitisation of money.
                                                           Today, hardly anyone goes about his or her daily
This job takes me around the globe to meet with            life with a huge stack of notes. Our money is
individuals from all walks of life. It exposes me to       stored digitally on a computer server in a data
different ideas, fresh viewpoints and innovative           centre. Through the infocomm infrastructure, we
ways of doing business. The experience is very             are able to use the internet, credit cards, ATM cards
similar to the thrill I get from diving. Every dive is     and cash cards to access money from anywhere.
different and exhilarating.                                Innovations such as these are good examples of how
                                                           infocomm has made a difference to our lives!
As for the industry itself, I am in constant awe of the
new innovations that pop up every day. It is truly         It is amazing how much infocomm technology has
amazing how infocomm has impacted our way of life!         influenced our way of life, even creating a new culture
This feeling of wonder drives me further to explore the    of living. Look around, observe what infocomm has
possibilities of the future through the use of infocomm.   done to improve your world and think about what may
                                                           come next.


        bU CKs
          Take a closer look at some of
          the popular occupations in the
          infocomm world.


ENTRANT                              SPECIALIST (TECHNICAL)               SPECIALIST (MANAGEMENT)
Exmple: Applications                Exmple: Network Engineer,           Exmple: Project Manager,
Programmer, Network                  Systems Analyst, Software            Account Manager, Sales Manager,
Administrator, Sales Executive,      Engineer, Technical Support          Business Development Manager,
3D Animator, Web Developer           Engineer, Systems Infrastructure     Security Audit Manager
Slry Rnge: $ 3,500 - $ 5,500                                           Slry Rnge: $ 6,000 - $ 10,000
                                     Slry Rnge: $ 4,500 - $ 8,000
Requirements: Diploma/Degree.                                             Requirements: Degree.
A keen willingness to explore        Requirements: Diploma/Degree.        Good communication skills,
the vast and opportune world         A healthy amount of curiosity        good leadership qualities and
of infocomm.                         to explore various infocomm          a keen understanding of your
                                     applications with a good technical   choice industry.
Profile: Welcome to the real
world! If you are looking to hone                                         Profile: You are getting closer!
your expertise as an Infocomm        Profile: A step ahead, and a         Here is where you get to put your
Player, this is just the place for   step closer towards professional     organisational skills to the test!
you. From troubleshooting user       nirvana! Here is where you get to    Manage projects and direct
problems to coordinating business    be creative. Show your boss just     your team towards greater
procedures, be ready for a good      who has the better ideas, and        innovations for
amount of industry exposure!         innovate new programs to improve     future generations!
                                     the way people live!


EXPERT                                          MANAGEMENT                                     SENIOR MANAGEMENT
Exmple: Business Process                       Exmple: Application Manager,                  Exmple: Chief Information
Consultant, Enterprise Architect,               IT Outsourcing Manager,                        Officer, Chief Technology Officer,
Technical Solution Architect,                   Operation Manager, Account                     Chief Architect, IT Director,
Applications Architect, Security                Director, IT Manager,                          Programme Director
Architect                                       Sales Director
                                                                                               Typicl Annul Pckge:
Slry Rnge: $ 7,000 - $ 14,000                Typicl Annul Pckge:                        You name the price!
                                                $ 120,000 - $ 300,000
Requirements: Degree.                                                                          Requirements: Masters/Degree.
Polished technical know-how                     Requirements: Degree.                          Strong business acumen,
and concise understanding of                    Good organisational and                        leadership skills, charisma and
technological/industry trends.                  communication skills,                          decisiveness.
                                                superb technical
Profile: Welcome to the                                                                        Profile: King for a day? How
finer side of life. This is                                                                    about the rest of your career?
where you use your                              Profile: Almost at                             On this level, you will find
expertise to truly                                                                             yourself reaping the benefits
                                                the top! You call
                                                                                               of digital innovation, like the
build yourself up                               the shots when
                                                                                               founders of multi-national
as an expert in                                 it comes to                                    IT companies such as
the industry!                                   running your                                   Google and Microsoft.
Provide IT                                      organisation’s                                 Before you get
support and                                     operations                                     over-excited, do
solutions to                                    and                                            remember that the
clients by                                      processes.                                     attractive job does come
developing technical                            You are not                                    with ‘attractive’
architecture and                                quite at the top                               responsibilities! You oversee
designing systems                                                                              the IT functions of your
                                                though, so do not
                                                                                               organisation by providing
or applications.                                get caught
                                                                                               strategic direction,
                                                with your feet on                              solutions, policies and
                                                the desk!                                      procedures, ultimately
                                                                                               ensuring operational

                                                                                               but do not slack off!

                            Sources: Kelly Services, Salary Handbook, 2008/2009
                                       Hudson, IT and Telecommunications Salary Information, 2008
                                       Robert Walters Singapore, Information Technology Salary Guide, 2008
Recent survey findings show that infocomm professionals
constitute about 4.8% of the total employed labour force in
Singapore. Consider the various job opportunities available today!

56% of infocomm professionals work in infocomm       THE TOP FIvE JObs IN DEMAND3:
organisations such as telecommunications and
                                                     Softwre Development

software companies, while the rest hail from
end-user organisations from the healthcare,
finance and retail sectors.
                                                     Sles & Mrketing (infocomm)

                                                     Infrstructure Support

        End-user                       Infocomm
      orgnistions                  orgnistions   Project Mngement

                                                     Eduction nd Trining (infocomm)

The survey also shows a rise in the number of jobs
in demand available within the infocomm world. At
the time the survey was conducted, infocomm jobs
in demand amounted to a favourable 4,700 positions
– more than twice the number in 2006!

Source: IDA, Annual Infocomm Manpower Survey, 2007
   EvEr GO?
 Keen to know what the job market is                                   THE TOP FIvE JOb CATEGOrIEs THAT
 like? Start planning your future as an                                INFOCOMM PrOFEssIONALs wOrK IN4:
 Infocomm Player.                                                      Infrstructure Support

 We see a growth in the employment of competent
 infocomm professionals who are able to combine
                                                                       Sles nd Mrketing (infocomm)

 technical know-how with domain knowledge and
 soft skills to efficiently support vendor and client
                                                                       Softwre Development
 Among the vast number of categories available in the
 infocomm world, Infrastructure Support, Infocomm Sales
 and Marketing and Software Development emerge as
                                                                       Project Mngement

 the top three job categories with the highest number of
 infocomm manpower employed.

                                                                       CIOs, CTOs nd IT Mngers


                  Source: IDA, Annual Infocomm Manpower Survey, 2007
 wA    If all this talk about industries and technologies
       is beginning to interest you, then how about
       hearing from individuals who know what it is
       like to be in an infocomm course?

       Flip through the next couple of pages to see how
       infocomm has opened up a world of opportunities
       to two of the industry’s rising starlets.



PrOFILE: Geraldine Kwang, 22
         National Infocomm scholar
         Marketing Intern
         Microsoft singapore
         Loves letting the paint run wild


        As AN

            Perfecting a traditional art form can be quite a challenge to most of
            her peers, but see how this infocomm starlet turns her technological
            expertise into magnificent works of art.

            Wht ws it like t the eginning of your infocomm journey?

            When I was considering an infocomm-related career, I thought
            infocomm was very technical in nature. In fact, when I first took up
            computing in National Junior College, I was faced with discouragement
            from my classmates and seniors, who said that computing was a
            difficult subject. Infocomm requires one to be a fast thinker, so I took
            this on as a challenge and furthered my studies in Information Systems
            at the National University of Singapore.

            During my school days, I always enjoyed a great sense of satisfaction
            when I was able to complete my coursework. This was a great
            motivating factor that I could not find from the other subjects!


My studies in Information Systems gave me                   Wht is the truth out infocomm?
a broader and practical understanding of infocomm.
It is a multi-disciplinary course that combines the         To me, infocomm-related processes are intricate. I do
essence of computing and business.                          not expect everyone to see it as an art, but I would
                                                            really encourage any interested individual to pick up
Through this course, I not only learnt the technicalities   a book or take up a short course. You will never know
of computer science and implementation of Information       until you try!
Systems. I was also exposed to management skills that
could enhance the competitiveness of an organisation.       It is true that a lot of other industries offer promising
                                                            career opportunities. However, be it healthcare,
Wht is the infocomm world like to you?                     manufacturing, logistics, finance or retail, the widespread
                                                            use of technology and computers has made infocomm
The infocomm world requires practitioners to be on          an integral part of modern business processes.
their toes, and it is imperative for one to be versatile
and learn fast. It may seem intimidating to some, but       If you are looking for an industry that offers a wide
these are the very qualities required of professionals in   scope of career options, infocomm is definitely your
all other industries!                                       best choice!

When you think about the prevalence of computers
in our lives, you will truly begin to see the amazing
potential that infocomm has. The infocomm world is
an ever-growing globe of vast opportunities!


 A techie, by definition, can be a rather unpopular
 type of person to have around – especially due to
                                                               It does sound geeky, but having IT-related activities
                                                               as a pastime definitely drives my passion further,
 their technical jargon and dissimilarities from ‘normal’      especially when I decided to pursue higher learning
 culture. 26-year-old James Tan, however, shows us             in programming and development.
 how being a techie has allowed him a big piece of the
 global pie.                                                   Wht is the infocomm world like to you?

 Wht ws it like t the eginning of your                     Being involved in infocomm for about seven to eight
 infocomm journey?                                             years now, I have to say that I have had plenty of
                                                               pleasant surprises!
 I have been quite a techie since I was young.
 Always wanting to find out how things work and having         For instance, who would have thought that being in
 a fascination for computers and games, I jumped at            IT would take me around the world? I am fortunate to
 the chance to join the IT Club in secondary school.           be able to travel to places like Milan, Zurich, Vienna,
                                                               and Rotterdam during my course of work. My first
 Being a techie did have its perks though! I was the IT        experience working overseas was with Oracle in
 expert among my friends, and I would often help solve         Beijing. I did not have many opportunities to travel
 their IT-related problems. Be it building new computer        when I was younger, but here I am, waiting to start my
 systems or solving trivial software issues, I felt right in   career as a developer with Novell in Germany!
 my element. Solving computer-related problems has
 always been a hobby to me.


PrOFILE: James Tan, 26
         National Infocomm scholar
         Open source Developer
         Proud to be a Techie

 What about working from home? I bet this is a perk             Wht is the truth out infocomm?
 that every one of us would love to have. Not to boast,
 but this is what I have been doing since I returned from       Like many other industries, infocomm requires immense
 Europe. Of course, this does not mean being a loafer,          focus and dedication.
 but it would be nice to enjoy the comforts of home
 while working on your projects!                                Most people may not see the creative aspects and
                                                                sense of professional freedom in vocations such as
 Another perk from being in the infocomm industry is            programming and development. I guess this is due to
 that I get to work with individuals from all over the world.   the fact that the technicalities behind the hardware give
 Come to think of it, several of my friends in the same         one the impression that infocomm is highly complex
 industry are currently working on projects and they are        and boring.
 based in the Middle East and Europe.
                                                                Infocomm is not just a stand-alone industry with a rigid
 This is truly a global industry!                               career path. Apart from having the chance to travel around
                                                                the world, I feel that a career in infocomm allows you
                                                                exposure to a multitude of industry and career options.

                                                                As long as technology continues to develop, the world
                                                                is yours to innovate and improve!

 “Singapore continues to produce highly competent infocomm professionals who are ready to deliver top-of-the-line
 solutions to the world’s arena. I have confidence in the country’s educational institutions and their ability to not only
 prepare, but arm future practitioners with the knowledge to further improve the way we live. On behalf of Novell,
 I am glad to say that the global IT industry invites more of such internationally-groomed talent to bring change and
 innovation to the face of our industry.”

 Maarten Koster
 President, Novell Asia Pacific.


wA U!
  To sustain Singapore’s status as a leader and innovator in the
  infocomm world, we want talents who can continuously bring
  fresh ideas to enable us to take digital living to the next height
  of excellence.

  We want individuals who dare to dream and innovate.

  We want Infocomm Players who embrace and use infocomm
  technology to transform the way we live, work, learn and play.

        F OC                                        IN

          You have seen the possibilities of infocomm and read
          what competent infocomm professionals have to say.

          Now, the time has come for you to step into the
          dynamic and exciting world of infocomm. We have
          included a separate booklet to help you choose an
          infocomm course.

          Through infocomm, the future takes place, today.

          Check out the exciting world of infocomm at




Printed and published in July 2008.
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