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					                      E d u c a t i o n M i s s i o n 2 0 0 6 to Russia and Kazakhstan
                       October 8th to October 15, 2006 (Sunday to Sunday)

Enterprise Ireland, as part of its efforts to enhance the marketability of the Irish education sector, is organising
an Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan in October 2006, whose purpose is to allow Irish educational
practitioners the opportunity of meeting with the Russian and Kazakh educational agency community, potential
future students and in the case of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan and the ‘Center for
International Programs’ responsible for Kazakhstan’s state very attractive Bolashak scholarship programme.

The provisional schedule of the Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan is as follows:

Oct 8th                 Depart Ireland for Moscow
Oct 9th and 10th        Meetings with Russian Education Agencies – Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Moscow
Oct 10th (evening)      Education Mission Dinner hosted by H.E. Justin Harman, Irish Ambassador to Russia
Oct 11th                Transfer to Almaty, Kazakhstan (Almaty is Kazakhstan’s commercial capital)
Oct 11th                Evening Reception /Dinner for Almaty Education Agents and Invited Guests
Oct 12th                Full Day in Astana, Capital of Kazakhstan for meetings with Kazakhstan Ministry of
                        Education and Education Agents (Returning that evening to Almaty)
Oct 13th                Morning seminar with Almaty Education Agents
Oct 13th/14th           Irish Education Fair at Astana International Hotel, Almaty from 1200-1900 daily
Oct 15th                Depart Almaty for Ireland


Over the past several years, oil and gas rich Kazakhstan has been one of Asia’s fastest growing economies,
with average annual GDP growth of 10.26% since 2000. Kazakhstan’s oil sector produces over 1.2m barrels
per day, with reserves equivalent to those of Qatar. Kazakh gas reserves are on a par with countries such as
Kuwait and Canada. Kazakhstan is also rich in metals, minerals and commodities. Internationally, the country is
recognised as having the region’s most developed banking system and its vibrant economy has seen a
doubling in mobile phone subscribers over the past year, with 300,000 new subscribers added per month.
Kazakhstan has had rich educational history inherited from the USSR, however, today its educational
infrastructure has not yet reached a stage where it matches the needs of Kazakhstan’s diverse and growing
economy or the country’s societal needs. As well is being fashionable for young Kazakhs to study aboard, it is
also essential that they do, especially in countries with long traditions of academic excellence such as Ireland.
In annual comparative terms, Kazakh students go to the following countries to study, the majority of these
students are self financed

    Country / Region           No. Of Students p.a            Country / Region            No. of Students p.a.
United Kingdom                      5,000 Plus             Russia                              1,000 Plus
USA                              1,000 (approx)            China                              500 (approx)
Eastern Europe                         300                 Canada                                 300
Ireland                                150                 Australia                              100
Other Destinations                    1,500

                     Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                         Page 1
Kazakhstan – Bolashak Scholarship Programme

Kazakhstan’s revised Bolashak scholarship programme now sends up to 3,000 Kazakh students
aboard annually to study at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level. The scholarships are well
financed, and cover the cost of tuition, accommodation and living expenses. The scholarship
organizers will addition pay the receiving institution an additional 5% on top of the cost of fees, to
pay for student welfare costs. In 2005, over 600 Bolashak scholarship students went to study in the
UK. Ireland is currently in the process of ratifying its participation in the programme. Additionally,
several Irish educational institutions are individually in the process of joining the programme. The
Education Mission will feature a meeting for participants with the Ministry of Education of
Kazakhstan, where each participant will have the opportunity to present their institution to the
Bolashak programme organisers. Enterprise Ireland plans to invite the Bolashak programme
organisers to Ireland in Q4 2006, so this will be an excellent chance to make a first impression.

Astana and Almaty, Kazakshtan

Astana has been capital of Kazakhstan since the late 1990s and is a new city built out of the Central
Asian steppe. The city’s population has grown from 300,000 to 600,000 in 6 years and Astana is a
sea of new modern buildings and infrastructure. The Education Mission will specifically visit Astana
to meet Ministry of Education officials and the local education agency committee. Almaty, with a
population of 1.5 million is Kazakhstan’s commercial and banking capital and is a dynamic city set
against the beautiful backdrop of the Tien Shen Mountains, which is famous as a skiing and winter
sports destination. October is still a warm month in Almaty and education mission participants will
be able to enjoy the city as they overnight in Almaty for the duration of the Kazakhstan portion of
the mission, which it is also the location of the mission’s Irish Educational Fair.


With a population of 143 million, Russia is the pre-eminent economy in Eastern Europe in terms of its size,
inherent wealth and the development of its consumer markets. The country has a burgeoning middle class
which has a high propensity to spend, which is one of the key factors behind Russia’s current retail boom.
Money from the oil and gas sector has peculated into all sectors of the economy and Russia as a nation runs a
massive budget surplus and is paying of its national debt at a blistering pace (it currently stands at 14% of
GDP). At 90%, Russia has the highest mobile phone penetration rate in Eastern Europe. Russia remains the
world’s 4th largest oil producer and its largest producer of natural gas. The modern Russia bears no
resemblance to the stereotyped view of 1990s Russia that sometimes persists in Ireland, and is today a very
strong market for the Irish university, IT, independent college and English language learning sector.

Education in Russia

The children of Russia’s growing middle class and that of its ruling elite grow, up in a country that places an
extremely high value on educational attainment. Many of Russia’s universities and educational establishment
are of a very high academic standard and continue to attract students from aboard, however most have not yet
re-orientated their learning proposition to meet the needs of a modern and diverse economy. Unfortunately,
the preponderance of facilitated cheating in Russian universities remains high and many Russian and foreign
employers prefer to accept Russian candidates with foreign education qualifications, as such validation can be
more easily relied upon. As a growing internationally orientated economy, Russians recognise the value of good
English language skills and such courses are in high demand both in general terms, but also in respect of
tailored and specialist English language programmes aboard.


Moscow, with an official population over 9.7 million (unofficially 16 million) is Europe’s largest city and has a
burgeoning middle class, which in the past number of years has fuelled a citywide retail boom and a mobile
phone penetration rate approaching 125%. Europe’s two largest shopping malls are now in Moscow and IKEA
(which has two Moscow stores,) notes that the average customer spend per visit in Moscow is the same as in
IKEA’s Stockholm and Paris stores. As a city, Moscow has the world’s biggest collection of USD billionaires and
over 30,000 Muscovites declared incomes to the tax authorities in 2005 in excess of USD 1m. Moscow is clearly
a rich city and one with a strong appetite for foreign educational services.
                     Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                      Page 2
The core Trade Mission programme is as follows:

      Date                            Morning/Afternoon                                            Evening

Sunday,                         Arrive to Moscow from Ireland
October 8th          Participants travelling on the designated Education                Check-in Marriot Courtyard Hotel
                         Mission Flight will be met at the airport and                     Welcome Briefing At 1900
                                   transferred to city centre                                  Evening at Leisure

Monday,                  All Day Meetings with Russian Education Agents
October 9th                                0900-1800                                           Evening at Leisure
                                Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Moscow

Tuesday,                 All Day Meetings with Russian Education Agents               2000-2200 Education Mission Dinner
October 10th                               0900-1800                                Hosted by HE Ambassador Justin Harman
                                Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Moscow

Wednesday,                                 Transfer to Almaty                         Arrival in Almaty in late afternoon.
October 11th        Participants Travelling on the Designated Education Mission       Check-in Astana International Hotel
                     Flight will be transfered to Moscow’s Domodedevo Airport                       (Almaty)
                            and Transferred from Almaty Airport to Hotel            Evening Reception / Dinner with Almaty
                                                                                            Education Community

Thursday,           Transfer and flight to Astana for meetings with the Ministry
October 12th         of Education of Kazakshtan, the Center for International        Return to Almaty by plane and transfer
                     Programs (Bolashak Programme) and Astana Education                    Astana International Hotel

Friday,               Morning Seminar / Round Table with Almaty Education                      Evening at Leisure
October 13                                 Agencies

                                      Afternoon (1200-1900)

                    Irish Education Fair in Astana International Hotel (Almaty)

Saturday,           Irish Education Fair at Astana International Hotel (Almaty)                Evening at Leisure
October 14

Sunday,                    Depart Almaty in Morning for Flight to Ireland
October 15th
                     Partciipants on the designated flight will be transferred to
                                             the Airport

                                            Mission Ends

Participation Fee

The participation fee for Enterprise Ireland clients is €400 plus VAT. EI client companies may, in addition to
this, request a tailor-made individual schedule of meetings with education agents in Moscow for an additional
fee of €950. Details of what the fees include are attached.

                    Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                                Page 3


Mindful of the high cost of accommodation in Moscow, which is one of the world’s most expensive city’s for
business travellers, Enterprise Ireland has blocked booked rooms in the centrally located Marriott Courtyard in Moscow for participants. The hotel is a 4 Star facility
and is also the location of the meeting rooms Enterprise Ireland has booked for Education Mission participants.
A room only charge of USD 270 (Euro 213.50) is applicable for the nights of October 8, 9 and 10th.


In Astana, for the nights of October 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th (4 Nights) we have booked the Astana International
Hotel (which despite the name is in Almaty, not Astana). The
hotel is also the location for meetings with education agents and the Irish Education Fair. The cost of a single
room is 22,500 Kazakh Tenge (Euro 150) per night plus VAT of 15%, but including breakfast

Please note Enterprise Ireland, Moscow will book the hotel rooms in both locations following the confirmation of
your participation in the Education Mission



Participants will require TWO visas for this Education Mission, one single entry/exit visa for Russia and
one single entry/exit visas for Kazakhstan. While, the Russian visa can be processed at the Russian
Embassy in Dublin, a Kazakhstan visa must be applied for and received by post (sending your passport)
without an invitation through the Kazakhstan Embassy in London. Because Visas are required for both
countries, no last minute changes to the person or persons travelling can be accommodated.

Kazakhstan Visa


    1.   Downloading a Visa Application Form from the Kazakhstan Embassy Website at ;
    2.   Information about documents and photos to be sent with your application and passport is available on
         the website at ;
    3.   The cost of a single entry/exit business visa is 33 GBP, and you will additionally have to provide 9
         international postal coupons for return postage ;
    4.   It will take approximately one week to process your Kazakhstan visa, please apply for this visa the
         moment you confirm your attendance on the Education Mission ;

Russian Visa

Should you wish to participate on the Education Mission, you will need to send your full passport details to my
colleague Tatiana Kartseva by September 19th at the very latest to be
sure of receiving a Russian business visa. Full passport details includes: full name, date of birth, place of birth,
passport number, issue date and expiry date. The earlier you can process your Russian visa in Dublin, the
cheaper the cost of visa issuance.


                     Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                         Page 4

Enterprise Ireland has designated the following flights for Education Mission, and due to the high cost of travel
in the region, we strongly recommend that you book these flights as your earliest possible convenience.

A number of flights must be booked separately. Details of the flights and the Trade Misson have been given to
Neenan Travel’s office in Enterprise Ireland’s HQ in Glasnevin, and participants may find it easier to book their
flight by contacting Sue Whittaker by email or by telephone 01 6079916, stating
that the flights are for the Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan

Flight One             Dublin-Moscow and Almaty Dublin

KL 3152         08OCT DUBLIN – AMSTERDAM              Depart 0610 Arrive 0845
KL 903          08OCT AMSTERDAM – MOSCOW SHEREMETYEVO Depart 0935 Arrive 1450
KL 410          15OCT ALMATY – AMSTERDAM              Depart 0715 Arrive 1040
KL 3155         15OCT AMSTERDAM – DUBLIN              Depart 1250 Arrive 1325

As of July 25th - FARE EUR 991.94 INCL TAXES

Flight Two             Moscow – Almaty

UN 255    11OCT MOSCOW DOMODEDOVO – ALMATY                             Depart 0930     Arrive1550

As of July 25th - FARE EUR 174.72 INCL TAXES

Flight Three           Almaty-Astana-Almaty

Air Astana – Either Boeing 737 or Airbus 320
4L 851              12OCT ALMATY – ASTANA                              Depart 0740      Arrive 0925
Returning same day
4L 954              12OCT ASTANA – ALMATY                              Depart 2115             Arrive 2255

As of July 25th - FARE EUR 324.45 INCL TAXES

Please note that Moscow has three International Airports, Shermetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukova. Our
designated flights fly into Shermeteyevo and flies out of Domodedevo Airport.

Next Steps

If you are interested in participating, please complete and return the attached Booking Form by
September 11, 2006 to my colleague Irene Sadleir in our Group Promotions Department in Dublin. Her
contact details are as follows: Tel: (01) 2066403; Fax: 01-206 6497; e-mail: Irene.Sadleir@enterprise- Spaces on this mission have to be limited and applications will be accepted on a first come-
first served basis.

If you have any questions about the format, structure and logistical aspect of the trip, please
contact email my colleague Zac Maenpaa

We hope you’ll join the Mission. Maria, Tatiana, Zac and I, look forward to working with you to get the most out
of it for you.

Kind regards,

Mike Hogan

Manager - Enterprise Ireland
Russia, Kazakhstan and CIS.
                     Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                      Page 5

   1. The Participation Fee of €400 (plus 21% VAT) includes:

          Cost of meeting facilities in Moscow and Almaty/Astana and participation in the Irish
           Education Fair in Almaty and all organisational expenses;
          Business briefing at 1900 on Sunday, October with materials on the Education Mission;
          Education Mission Dinner hosted by Irish Ambassador Justin Harman and Enterprise Ireland. Each
           participant is entitled to a maximum of three places;
          Evening Reception/Dinner for Almaty Education Agents;
          Local advertising Almaty to promote the visit to the local student market;
          Meeting with Ministry of Education in Astana and Astana educational agents;
          Organisational and logistical support in Russia and Ireland;
          Airport Transfers for designated flights;

       Additional Costs:

           The participation fee does not cover:

          Setting up Moscow educational agent meetings and other pre-mission market research to
           enable appointments to be set up. If you need Enterprise Ireland’s help in preparing your
           programme of meetings in Moscow, the cost for setting up a full programme will be an
           additional Euro 950.00 plus VAT;
          Hotel Accommodation: EI has block-booked rooms at the following hotels during the curse of the
           Education Mission:

               Marriot Courtyard, Moscow City Centre
      on the nights of Oct 8, 9 and
               10th at a discounted rate of USD270/€213.50 per night (excluding Tax)

               Astana International Hotel, Almaty, Kazakshtan
      on the nights of October 11th, 12th, 13th
               and 14t at a single room rate of 22,500 Kazakh Tenge (Euro 150) per night plus VAT
               of 15%, but including breakfast

               On confirmation of your participation we will make a booking on your behalf with the hotel. You
               are of course free to stay at other hotels, however all on the ground transport provided by
               Enterprise Ireland will be organised from the hotels above.

          The cost of flights or transportation to Moscow, Almaty and Astana;
          On-the ground expenses, i.e. meals, taxis etc. ;
          Interpreters (please notify EI if you need us to book these for you);
          Other miscellaneous costs;

   2. Cancellation Policy

   In the event that you cancel your participation in the mission the following charges will apply:

   Participation Fees:             No charge if cancellation is before      September 11, 2006
                                   50% charge if cancellation is before     September 25, 2006
                                   100% charge if cancellation is after     October 3, 2006

   Individual Itinerary Fees:      No charge if cancellation is prior to    September 25, 2006
                                   100% charge after this time

                    Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                        Page 6
                                    Education Mission 2006
                                     Russia a n d K a z a k h s t a n

                     Sunday, October 8th, 2006 to Sunday, October 15th, 2006

                                            Booking Form


         Executive Travelling:    ________________________________

         Title:      ____________________________________________

         Company Name:          ___________________________________

         Address: ____________________________________________



         Area Code: _____Tel No:__________Fax No:______________

                                               YES          NO
I will participate                                         

Please complete and return to: Ms Irene Sadleir
                                  Group Promotions Department,
                                  Enterprise Ireland,
                                  Merrion Hall
                                  Dublin 4

Tel: (01) 2066403
Fax: (01) 206 6497

                      Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th    Page 7
                                                 Page 2


Please summarise any particular or speciality curses that you will be promoting on the Mission.

Please state your objectives in participating on this Mission. Indicate order of priority 1 to 5

        Sourcing New Students                                                                      
        Maintenance of Relationship with Exiting Education Agencies                                
        Establish Relationship with New Education Agencies                                         
        Establish or Build Relationship with Russian / Kazakh Education Institutions               
        Other (please specify)                                                                     


What was the value of Russia, Kazakhstan or CIS in terms of inbound students to your institution in:

        (a)      2004
        (b)      2005
        (c)      2006 (est.)

How do you currently service the Russian and Kazakh Education Market:

        (a)      Existing Relationship with a Russian / Kazakh Education Agency                    
        (b)      Direct Marketing from Ireland                                                     
        (c)      In-country Representative or Representative office                                
        (d)      Not Currently Servicing the Market                                                

Briefly describe the goals you hope to achieve by your participation in the Education Mission


                   Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                  Page 8
Page 3

Programme of Meetings in Moscow

I am organising my own meetings with Russian Education Agencies

YES/NO _____________

I require Enterprise Ireland to set up my programme of meetings with Russian Education Agents at a cost
of Euro 950 plus VAT

YES/NO _____________

Please enclose at least 30 copies of product/company literature to assist in setting up appointments and
send them by courier (preferably DHL) to:

Tatiana Kartseva,
Enterprise Ireland,
C/o Commercial Section,
Embassy of Ireland,
Grokholski Pereulok 5,
129010 Moscow

Telephone: +7-495-937 5943

Your company literature should arrive no later than September 15th, 2006. Otherwise, Enterprise
Ireland cannot guarantee that there will be enough time to set up a full programme of meetings.

To avoid any delays, please also send the same literature by e-mail to

                    Education Mission to Russia and Kazakhstan Oct 8-15th                     Page 9